Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Eminem

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    Everyone knows he’s a rap god, but what do you REALLY know about Eminem? Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Eminem. For this list, we took a look at lesser known facts and stories from Slim Shady’s past, such as his love for the Beastie Boys, the lawsuits he’s faced, connections to Elton John or his love for comic books. Did you learn something new about this emcee? Let us know in the comments!

    00:44 #10: Slept Through His Oscar Win
    01:31 #9: He shut down Weird Al
    02:17 #8: High School Dropout
    02:59 #7: Beastie Boys
    03:45 #6: Sued By His Mother
    04:35 #5: Chuck E. Cheese
    05:20 #4: Comic Book Fan
    06:02 #3, #2 & #1: ?

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Comments: 2 353

    SLIM SHADY 3 hours ago


    that's a fact

  • Em&Em
    Em&Em 5 hours ago


  • Mike 767
    Mike 767 18 hours ago

    In the talko vid of 20 things you didn't know about Eminem it said his mom had him at age 15

  • PlayBoi Khalil
    PlayBoi Khalil 21 hour ago

    i swear watchmojo does an eminem vid every 2 months for the views cause he brings like 1-5 mill views per vid

  • Jack White
    Jack White 1 day ago

    For number 10 I heard he stayed home from the Oscars because his daughter was sick and didn't want to leave her alone with the baby sitter

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper 1 day ago

    If you want to checkout my Soundcloud

  • Joey Kirk
    Joey Kirk 1 day ago


  • Shyrel Bowens
    Shyrel Bowens 1 day ago

    Number 12: his dad is Chinese food

  • Mickael Leclerc
    Mickael Leclerc 2 days ago


    ju. b nnn. b

  • Amanda Farrar
    Amanda Farrar 2 days ago

    lil wane SUCK'S

  • Oxiclean Bleach
    Oxiclean Bleach 2 days ago

    "Ten things you didn't know about Eminem."
    Test me bitch.
    Edit: So, what happened to me not knowing?

  • Ashton Poritz
    Ashton Poritz 2 days ago

    Eminem is the only good rapper that knows how to use hand signals.

  • Ashley RHG
    Ashley RHG 2 days ago

    I have so much respect for Eminem always and forever. :) <3

  • Rock Hudson's
    Rock Hudson's 2 days ago

    First Elton with PAC then Shady

  • Rock Hudson's
    Rock Hudson's 2 days ago

    truly an amazing rapper

  • TopFacts
    TopFacts 2 days ago

    I feel like Elton John is Hollywood's Dr Phil!

  • Laura Vittadini Wallace

    Bullies are such fucking PUSSIES. Eminem's mother is obviously not as evil as he makes her out to be. If that happened to my son, I'd end up being sentenced to fucking life in prison.

  • Goth Moth
    Goth Moth 2 days ago

    duh to most of this

  • Incredible Mike
    Incredible Mike 2 days ago

    I knew all of these

  • M-IRL
    M-IRL 3 days ago

    1.he is overrated

  • T Norris
    T Norris 3 days ago


  • nik leb
    nik leb 3 days ago

    I knew everything of that before

  • HoueyHD
    HoueyHD 3 days ago

    u forgot the fact that he was gay

  • Favor Chukwu
    Favor Chukwu 3 days ago

    #6: he grew a beard

  • Potato Sauce
    Potato Sauce 3 days ago

    A lot of these were no brainers

  • nanashi
    nanashi 3 days ago

    I still wonder how watchmojo does not get a copyright strike

  • Tony Gutierrez
    Tony Gutierrez 4 days ago


    • The 92
      The 92 3 days ago

      Tony Gutierrez you sure it not for a project or a prank?

    • Tony Gutierrez
      Tony Gutierrez 3 days ago

      The 92 it's on his instagram

    • The 92
      The 92 3 days ago

      Tony Gutierrez Link?

  • The  Pursuer
    The Pursuer 4 days ago

    I love eminem

  • kellyEm Oh
    kellyEm Oh 4 days ago

    I miss when he was on drugs... his best songs came from that. His "my fault" days lol

    • The 92
      The 92 3 days ago

      kellyEm Oh that was right in his sslp days, and I wouldn't say he was better on drugs. Example? Encore.

  • Angel Carmona
    Angel Carmona 4 days ago

    Bet ill know all these ....

  • deathhearts productions

    me at 5:07
    *spits out none exciting drink*

  • DopeFilmProductions

    Is "stroke" not the sample for berzerk

  • Yanis Taki
    Yanis Taki 4 days ago

    Cleaning out my closet wasn't on the fucking sslp it was in the eminem show

  • Yanis Taki
    Yanis Taki 4 days ago

    Kinda knew all of these

  • Yanis Taki
    Yanis Taki 4 days ago

    Did you know he likes spaghetti

  • Stoopid Head
    Stoopid Head 4 days ago

    This list was lame

  • Corey Post
    Corey Post 4 days ago

    Seems Like The Writer Of This List Is Just Getting Into Eminem

  • JUSSIxx
    JUSSIxx 4 days ago

    Can you do Top 10 things you didnt know about The Notorious B.I.G?

  • Willy The Foot
    Willy The Foot 4 days ago

    Hahaha pls stop with the bullshit, i ain even looking the rest of the video.. He slept through his Oscar win for best original song?? Lmao, a lot of people also say he stayed home with Hailie playing with her, nobody can know this for sure cause he personally never said that, so stop making up shit and hoping is true

    • The 92
      The 92 4 days ago

      Willy The Foot you're right he never said he fell asleep. I don't understand their bull either

    • Willy The Foot
      Willy The Foot 4 days ago

      Yeah, he did, but he never said he slept through it, this right here is straight bullshit

    • The 92
      The 92 4 days ago

      Willy The Foot He has stated though that he chose not to go cause he thought there 0% chance of winning, although long time collegue Luis Resto did attend and accepted the award on behalf of Eminem

  • Almogozi
    Almogozi 4 days ago

    And his English vocabulary is phenomenal

  • Eliab Mark
    Eliab Mark 4 days ago

    eminem is da bomb

  • Destiney hough
    Destiney hough 4 days ago

    was I the only one that rapped to all the songs and barley payed attention to the facts

  • Foebane72
    Foebane72 5 days ago

    What a disgusting man.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 days ago

    I knew everything I am a crazy Eminem fan I have no life

  • Javonte Brown
    Javonte Brown 5 days ago

    did they do this list all ready

  • ice Seth
    ice Seth 5 days ago

    i knew all the facts

  • Aditya Kansara
    Aditya Kansara 5 days ago

    Rap is my religion and Eminem is my god

  • McShugg
    McShugg 5 days ago

    Um...bullshit. Eminem has cited the inspiration for his rap career as NWA

    • The 92
      The 92 5 days ago

      McShugg LL Cool J made him want to rap, he said so himself

  • thebeausoleilXO
    thebeausoleilXO 5 days ago

    these aren't exactly secrets..but you know a bunch of useless facts when he freaking lives up the road lol

  • Mom's Spaghetti
    Mom's Spaghetti 5 days ago

    I love Eminem ;-;

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Stans where y'all at? #EminemTillMyDyingDays

  • the foxy llama
    the foxy llama 5 days ago

    I knew every single one of these, and I'm sure many others did as well

    For shits sake, I used to google "eminem facts"

  • Nick Rees
    Nick Rees 5 days ago

    Everyone that really likes Eminem knows he failed grade 9 3 times but he got As in English and failed everything else and he hated math

  • Asyraaf Shazree
    Asyraaf Shazree 5 days ago

    he was sued because of my name is because he said "I just found out my moms does more dope than I do" and I googled it. YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! you are telling me things like. ok imagine a computer alright. you went to a class and they teach you this " this is a mouse, this is the monitor, this is the screen" you are telling Eminem's fan the basic things about Eminem. and you didn't even get one of it right. but I get it you need to upload videos that's what you do. but please at least Google it

  • Jan-Alexander Lillja

    he was watching cartoons with his daughter when he won his oscar

  • Vulcan
    Vulcan 5 days ago

    best rappper ever

    • Devin Rochester
      Devin Rochester 3 days ago

      150 Dream Team I think he's the best in technical ability.

    • Vulcan
      Vulcan 4 days ago

      150 Dream Team everyone has an opinion

    • 150 Dream Team
      150 Dream Team 4 days ago

      Vulcan no

  • FUBAR 2020
    FUBAR 2020 5 days ago

    It takes a royal cunt to sue her own son for 10 million dollars for slander.

  • Ône Shot Man
    Ône Shot Man 5 days ago

    I knew 8 out of 10

  • Russell Westbrook The G.O.A.T

    I knew all except 9 and 10

  • LewisDaBlackLeeuw23

    Hallie is 21?! I saw her photos and...

    *jaw dropped*

  • Shaun Hall
    Shaun Hall 5 days ago

    This with captions on xD

  • Jenny Oviedo-Liquet

    Most of what watchmojo said I already knew about Eminem

  • Manas Tiwari
    Manas Tiwari 5 days ago

    I knew 7 of these

  • kj tm
    kj tm 5 days ago

    how many likes for the beat rapper of all time

    DUBSTHEONE _ 5 days ago

    oh and heres another fact 97 bonnie and clyde was originally called just the two of us and was on another beat

  • Romuald Rosemain
    Romuald Rosemain 5 days ago

    I knew about Elton John helping him out and his coma, he talks about it in Brain Damage

    • The 92
      The 92 5 days ago

      Romuald Rosemain Eminem and Elton John became good friends only after they sung Stan together at the Grammys, way after brain damage

  • felipe garcia
    felipe garcia 5 days ago

    After the encore album I lose hope in eminem.

    KRYPTIC 5 days ago

    the intro was cool i like it but when it went to the girl and the fat dude not really

  • majoros simon
    majoros simon 5 days ago

    Censoring Em's music is like censoring boobs in porn

  • Ritvik C
    Ritvik C 5 days ago

    Pfft the real stans know all of these

  • Tickaninny Pcg
    Tickaninny Pcg 5 days ago

    so they talk about songs from the sslp but play songs from the eminem show instead? ok

  • doubllechief
    doubllechief 5 days ago

    My question is what happened to him? He released three of the greatest hip-hop albums ever and three of the most mediocre ones...

  • AdamWestisthebest
    AdamWestisthebest 5 days ago

    Top 10 Things you didn't know about Michael Jackson

  • Red Dot
    Red Dot 6 days ago

    Bully wasn't a song about bullys, it's a diss track on ja rule

  • playwithme30
    playwithme30 6 days ago

    since eminem is one of the best rappers to ever exist and his fans clearly like and appreciate good rap, would you guys mind listening to a song for me and let me know if you guys like it or not?

  • iiSabzii
    iiSabzii 6 days ago

    Literally the best rapper to ever live period

  • Micah-David Saunders

    When you watch this video in the morning, and then realize you are obligated to listen to Eminem all day.

  • that1guy 55
    that1guy 55 6 days ago

    Whaaaat I didn't know Eminem was white.

  • Cam da-Man
    Cam da-Man 6 days ago

    Who else knows all the lyrics to Rap God? :D

  • Max Stoddart
    Max Stoddart 6 days ago

    When you know all these facts already. Got a respect for this man that no one will ever understand haha

  • Flizzio2 Dank Memes & Free Fedoras

    I literally knew all of these, your title is a lie!

  • steine the xbox king

    who hopes eminem put out a new album this year

  • Anthony Ambriz
    Anthony Ambriz 6 days ago

    the only things that I actually know is that he is a high school dropout and that he's a comic book fan and he got sued by his own mom

  • oreocooky24
    oreocooky24 6 days ago


  • Hypebeast
    Hypebeast 6 days ago

    He didn't sleep through the oscars, he stayed home and watched cartoons with his daughter, get your facts right

  • Danny Centeno
    Danny Centeno 6 days ago

    Should make the title of this 10 things you probably don't know about Eminem. I knew every single thing on here.

  • Spidey Rennaker
    Spidey Rennaker 6 days ago

    I knew all of these things Except for #9

  • zanygris0612
    zanygris0612 6 days ago

    he decided to stay home to play with hailie..since he thought that that environment was not his ... plus I already knew all the facts here but thanks...

  • Billy Pitzer
    Billy Pitzer 6 days ago

    I knew all of them

  • Ayenate' Lawson
    Ayenate' Lawson 6 days ago

    How did his mom think she deserved 10 million.... It's not like she would have ever made that on her lifetime! Extortion...

  • B L
    B L 6 days ago

    Not a diss at all but I think the record was broken by calle 13 with the song la catedra.

    • B L
      B L 6 days ago

      The most word record I mean.

  • ArnoldFTW97
    ArnoldFTW97 6 days ago

    Look, if you had... mom's spaghetti... would you eat it with hot dogs or with ketchup? Me? I will have both... yo...
    (verse 1)
    his palms are sweaty
    from boiling pasta
    all day he's ready
    to eat his mom's spaghetti
    but he keeps on forghetti
    what recipe did it go last time
    his mom, said that he
    will be another failure so what did he?
    grabbed another plate and get it
    water and pasta boil it with fire
    add some ketchup and hot dogs
    cooking, not breaking a single culinary law, nothings going to be same as before
    he's ready to walk out of that door
    the whole world is yours
    is the message that kept him going for so long now...
    Lose yourself in this cooking
    the music, its a movement
    to prepare these spaghetti yo
    but it only takes one time
    to fuck it all up so never forget what told you your mom

  • friendlyguygamer
    friendlyguygamer 6 days ago

    why do the censor fuck, but not the n word? WTF guys?

  • Oscar J Cridland
    Oscar J Cridland 6 days ago

    Try me bitch

  • The Gaming Theropod

    I almost cried at #1. I already knew it but it was just the impact of the words and the song that was playing.

  • Kaito Spin
    Kaito Spin 6 days ago

    Nothing new about them.. we know Em, we love him.

  • mxther.s
    mxther.s 6 days ago

    I knew all.

  • Tarkhaniotes
    Tarkhaniotes 6 days ago

    I have listened Eminem in this week uninterrupted
    man this video was awesome

  • Itay Levi
    Itay Levi 6 days ago

    Eminem is the best rapper ever
    I just love this man

  • Deadpool Cornah
    Deadpool Cornah 6 days ago

    You got the first one wrong he didn't sleep through it but he was spending the time with his daughter and watching cartoons with her. In fact #3 he actually did 110 words in 16 seconds.

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