Is Earth Actually Flat?

Flat Earth gravity simulation by Yeti Dynamics:

Kansas flatness study: (the pancakes used in the study were from IHOP):

the flatness of other states:

"The Meaning Of It All" by Richard Feynman:

“The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten”:

related Vsauce video, “Is Anything Real?”

Minutphysics “TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round”

Good satirical series about how the Earth IS flat:

What if Earth was a cube?

MYTH of the round Earth:

Earth is round:

Varrazano bridge:

Varrazano spelling controversy:

Flat Earth Society:

Wilbur Glen Voliva:

Flat earth map (one theory):

Poe’s Law:

Science is always provisional and theories are never conclusively proven:

Asimov on being “more wrong”:

Occam’s Razor:

Newton’s flaming laser sword:

Other razors:

relativistic length contractions:

I really liked this one:

Earth and cosmic ray perspective:

wolfram contraction simulator:

Susan Haack:

1996 election NYT crossword:

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Author JCV TRADING ( ago)
read more

Author JCV TRADING ( ago)
If the earth was flat, everything in our solar system would be flat. if the earth was flat, how do you explain that our moon is a geoid (round)?
and nasa and other space agencies would not lie about the earth's geographical structure.
so here's the answer.

Likelihood of the earth's geographical structure:

20% 80%
Flat Oblate Spheroid

it is possible for the earth to be flat, but most likely, not.
if you have any theories against this. then please reply to me.
i would like to hear it.

Author HzUltraX57 RBLX ( ago)
Flat earthers have members all around the globe..

Author Ryder Larson ( ago)
The crossword puzzle question is stupid, it's just asking who you think is going to win, not some crap.

Author Wrench Breaker ( ago)
One of the books in the background is titled, "The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten."

Author Ladainhas Impreteríveis ( ago)
the earth is a cube, i saw this in minecraft

Author XxZigiixX ( ago)
The earth is obviously spherical. That flat map is laughable, i hear alot of flat earthers say antartica is prohibited because it leads to the edge and yet according to that specific map it would mean that you could pretty much travel straight in any direction and eventually hit the edge... so why is it that no one has done that?? antartica can't be the only direction to follow just grab a boat go straight anywhere, wherever doesn't matter... you SHOULD HIT THE EDGE it should be stupidly easy to prove and yet there is NO PROOF.... and you can't say that it's not possible to go in a straight line... if anything the only way we could ever actually travel in a straight line would be if the earth is flat.

Author therealgoody ( ago)
I miss the old outro.

Author therealgoody ( ago)
Love how he put the tin foil hat on lol

Author Arthur Dida ( ago)
dumb dumb

Author Soaring Wings ( ago)
I love how this video triggered the flat earthers.

Author Lepreachaun Rise ( ago)
Its not impossible for the earth to be flat, they have been lying to us all our live say that we came from Apes and i cant understand y some people believe that...

Author Zoomer30 ( ago)
The only myth out there that matters is that Elite Dangerous is actually coming out on the PS4 this quarter (Q2 April - June)

Author Zoomer30 ( ago)
I'm starting a new movement :


Pretty sure our weather satellites, spaceships, etc have established this as fact.

Author bunaiya G. ( ago)

Author Shad F. Jamal ( ago)
Why 15,319 Dislike?!!!!!
if you so confident that you click dislike ,simply don't watch the video .

Author Candy TheCorn ( ago)

Author BaNaNa munch ( ago)
"Let's imagine gravity doesn't exist" drops phone "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!"

Author Alexis Jankowski ( ago)
I love this analysis! Truth is external. Perception is internal. Truth is independent of our perceptions, but our perceptions are subjective to many factors. Remain skeptical my friends! (But the earth is still spherical...)

Author MR. ERUPTOR ( ago)
Why dont we just ask people who have been in space and seen the earth?

Author derp80808 ( ago)
If earth was flat, so it's not considered as a planet, right? And then earth is not a member of solar system.

Author GamebogeGaming ( ago)
that's why pizza tower is like it is

Author Matvo 231 ( ago)
hitler doing math 7:53

Author FbK ( ago)
Earth is not flat! Not a Fart! Not Flatulence! Earth is... SHIT!

Author The Bombshell Brothers! ( ago)
It's funny how close Flat-Earthers have come to the truth.

The earth is a disc, yes. But it resides on the back of a turtle. Duh.

Author GUY WITH A SWORD ( ago)
"Hey Michael vSauce here"

Author Ludwig Van Beethoven ( ago)
Maps are flat so the earth is as well. At least thats what my geo teacher taught me back in school

Author Björn Ironside ( ago)
forgets that flat earthers don't believe in gravity either

Author The357Mason /G\oat ( ago)
I love all of your videos, thanks for making them.

Author Samuel Tovar ( ago)
Michel your crazy. Get some help

Author Fredrick Esposito ( ago)
Hey the Verrazano Bridge, shout out to Staten Island!

Author Drake Holmes ( ago)
What a retard

Author McNubbin101 ( ago)
So being in a plane or at the beach with clear skies and SEEING the curvature means nothing? Or the fact that we can fire a gun and hit another something beyond the horizon means nothing? I don't see an explanation working out denying the curvature of earth if you simply stand at a beach and look at open water. Let alone a clear skies flight at 30,000 feet....

Author Joshua Scott ( ago)
.....government organizations like nasa have been secretly lying to us.

Author Joshua Scott ( ago)
Wow. Youtard is killing me. Look here, youtard members that become expert conspiracy theorists on a meaningless video site that was never intended for have no right spreading false information just so you can press an agenda that you have tricked yourself into believing. Its not because i care about you...i dont, but i think you are way out of line attempting to corrupt others. Things like this are why freedom of speech needs to be reviewed. There should be a treason penalty for implying government

Author Bensakate ( ago)
if the earth ismoving up wouldnt we hit a planet, the sun, or simply leave the solar system HUH VSAUSE

Author Arthur Eby ( ago)
And as always, you're welcome for watching.

Author R. pizzamonkey ( ago)
Real planets have curves

Author Mark Ross ( ago)
Joke's on you, the Earth is shaped like a velociraptor

Author Garth Brooks ( ago)
Kind of forgetting that a lot of Flat-Earthers also dont believe in space..

Author Large Moose ( ago)
If the earth were accelerating upward at 9.8m/s then it would have to accelerate exponentially faster because we will accelerate with the earth. We would be traveling at close to the speed of light at this point, and anything we see from a different star is actually happening incredibly slowly.

Author Prakriti ( ago)
what would be the point of such a hox?

Author MLG MASTA ( ago)
I'm a believer now thx

Author Pleberino Dog ( ago)
If a flat earth were accelerating at 9.8 meters per second, Planes would constantly have to be gaining altitude to prevent the earth crashing into them from below.

Author DeAngel Argueta ( ago)
Why would they keep this from is in the first place, what would be the point?

Author Nathan Howell ( ago)
occam's razor....done

Author Stephano ( ago)
The Fucking earth is a god damn velociraptor

Author Anthony Pella ( ago)
if we were accelerating up at 9.8 m,s we would be going at light speed by now

Author Phillip Larson ( ago)
Can someone explain to me how in 2017 there are people who still believe that the earth is flat? What do these people have to say about all the images and videos from space which clearly show that the earth is in FACT not flat but a sphere. Do they just ignore the physical evidence? I don't understand the existence of these flat earthers. How did this happen? Is it just a stupid American movement? Is our education system that horrendous that it can propagate such ludicrous and insane beliefs?

Author FalconBoxe ( ago)
Another try to trump us.
Earth is flat and it has been proven.

Author Damn Wyd ( ago)
Who came from nigahiga

Author GaboGaba64 ( ago)
Mama earth is Chubby

Author Haytham _92 ( ago)
ok you're insane

Author adacus79 m ( ago)
Nice curvy bridge. Have you ever checked it with a ruler vs the horizon of water under it?

Author Hassan Kamel ( ago)

Author Kylie Arce ( ago)
a bunch of ppl arguing about this and im here like
idc belive what u want

Author Tudor T ( ago)
Let's see if the earth is really flat. 2 planes 1 in a parallel universe where earth is flat and the other one from the universe where earth is round, the planes started flying from Germany to Japan if the earth is flat, the plane fron that universe will go in japan with the north pole, if it is fake, the plane would have to fly in : Denmark,Poland,Russia,S Korea until it reaches japan

Author Wa Chinchu ( ago)
EVER thought about the sattelite footages or astronauts?!?!

Author Egg Facts ( ago)

Author The Talented Boys ( ago)
Whoever believes the world is flat well, your stupid.

Author Kenneth Oschea ( ago)
Explain the season

Author Lizard King ( ago)
So you know that there is a planet made out of daimonds but you are not sure if our planet is flat or round im gonna create my own theory on every case out there

Author Spur Gaming Studios ( ago)
Please tell me you don't actually believe the earth is flat

Author Adam Mc Garrity ( ago)
I have a question for Flat-Earthers. If the Earth is accelerating up at 9.8m/s, then how can satellites etc. stay in orbit?

Author Mia6146 ( ago)
The earth is flat...Nasa is a liar!! Face it!! Period!!

Author Teo Neelix ( ago)
Earth is a lesbian. She likes Afrodite.

Author Kenneth Gray ( ago)
The earth is not flat! The Earth is really shaped like a donut with chocolate glazing on one side. :)

Author Harry Davis ( ago)
2017 gang

Author Max Frankenberg ( ago)
Why is the sunset at the horizon. If the earth were flat it would just move away from sight

Author Sakamoto Desu ga ( ago)
lol if the earth was accelerating up, then wouldnt we hit the sun or moon?

Author Tommy Vareika ( ago)
Lets get this straight Christopher Columbus discover America and Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the globe :D

Author Sharon Gangte ( ago)
then, where is the core of the earth if it was flat?

Author Colin cools ( ago)
Now i feel smarter than my teacher.

Author GustavoGaming ( ago)

Author Mkinsella1000 ( ago)
how is this still even a discussion? we have left earth,,, we looked back ... its round...... its over flat guys its over.... just because your wife's tits are flat ... don't take it out on the earth

Author Pham Minh ( ago)
nein nain nein nain nein nain nein one percent

Author A Human ( ago)
The earth is actually a fart

Edit: it's actually a shit

Author Ale Caesar! ( ago)
I cant believe 14 million people watched this ?

Author themightyleek ( ago)
Those dastardly globe companies are playing us like a damn fiddle!

Author Tom Jackson ( ago)
I like the pronunciation of Eratosthenes

Author jimihenrik11 ( ago)
I have a hypothesis: Most of Flatearthers are trolls, only very few of them are really confident with flat-earth-theory, the others just like trolling you on the internet. Somebody pleace verify my hypothesis?

Author OneAndOnly eddieX ( ago)
What about stars

Author Logan Baldwin ( ago)
The earth is round we know this because we have seen it from space.

Author Ahmad SQALLI ( ago)
the earth actually is TRIANGLE !!!

Author Cured The Addiction ( ago)
i wonder if the runners in san fran feel this.

Author Nazmus Saqib ( ago)
2:50 any info on this art, anyone?

Author Ivan Damyanov ( ago)
If YouTube had to comprise of 1 channel, I'd pick vsauce. All outros he makes leave me standing there so excited. Kinda like blue balls. Blue brain?

Author NotAFalseMakoShark101 ( ago)
If we are going up..How is the sun still with us

Author The Loveless Bayonetta Lover ( ago)
This video was so cringy because you all believe in the scientists, obviously if you do the calculations yourself you would find that the earth is actually a hexagon

Author Corey Mitchell 2020 ( ago)
the fuck

Author N R J ( ago)

Author Lord Julius Kingsley ( ago)
When Earth is Flat then I should even see the Eiffel Tower.

Author CODellsampl6255 ( ago)
Simple answer to the question

No. No it isn't flat.

Author Janice Rodrigues ( ago)
is it weird that i dont believe in gravity?

Author Kraftsman Sheng ( ago)
it has been a long time v sauce did not make new video that everyone can watch for free but only paying internet bills, so you rewatch most of his video again.

Author Charu Srivastava ( ago)
OK. earth is flat. The gravity if exists is pulling everything inwards. and some centrifugal force is there cause earth disc is rotating. great . then why don't we see constant 18 m high walls of sea water which would occur due to tide like constant conditions on flat earth? +Vsauce

Author I am sorry but ( ago)
first point is only valid if gravity is at the center
but what if it is levelled out all over?

Author Objectivityiskey ( ago)
I fucking love this guy!!! Ha!!!! Take it man, and poke it true.

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