The best Windows 7 themes [2/6]

The best Windows 7 themes

Download all at once at

Sonye Theme by =giannisgx89 at

Lucid by ~nopd11 at

Q's Counter Elements 7 by *webtrance at

Whaddyathink 7 Release Beta at ~hsn at

Office 2010 by ~yacine29 at

Firedance Evolution by ~sunBeam2000 at (no longer available)

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Background Music

Amethystium - Treasure *

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Author Prajul Pradhan ( ago)
doesnot work in pc . after nth change

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
wallpapers: /watch?v=RgLuO-QU794 and /watch?v=PNRmiEMt5g4

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)

Author DarkSkyr ( ago)
Can you please tell me how you got that custom icon pack because I can't
find any freeware that will install icon packs. What program are you using
for it?

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
Move over are the folder with the visual style files in them to
C/Windows/Resources/Themes. Then move over the Windows theme file to
C/Windows/Resources/Themes. Then double click on the Windows Theme file.
I'm assuming your computer is properly patched

Author physman laser ( ago)
Hey I downloaded the UniversalThemePatcher, unzipped the file, ran x64
version and it said that 3 files need patching and said they are already
patched and the 'patch' option was not click-able. I then downloaded the
theme I wanted, unzipped the file and copy pasted that file into
C/Windows/Resources/Themes and opened the file which I pasted and clicked
on Theme and double clicked the theme file but it didnt change my theme, I
restarted my laptop too. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Author DarkSkyr ( ago)
Umm... you're welcome?

Author John Rodel Nacuray ( ago)
Thanks for your Comment :D. It's so very Helpful for mee! Thanks Brooooo.
Love it :P

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
You're making it complicated, all the links used to be on mediafire but
they deleted my account so I'm not putting files back there so they can be
deleted again

Author keraaa - ( ago)
your fucking links are complicated!put them in mediafire!

Author DarkSkyr ( ago)

Author Adrian ( ago)
Where did you get the icons that you're using on your taskbar?

Author Tae Min Kim ( ago)
Oh and the wallpaper too :)

Author Tae Min Kim ( ago)
Hello! I've got some few questions to ask. For the Lucid skin part in the
video of yours, can you tell me where you got those gadgets and rocket
dock? An immediate reply is appreciated. Thank you! :)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
there's no planet theme, that planet is just a wallpaper and wallpapers are
here: /watch?v=PNRmiEMt5g4

Author christiano marijuano ( ago)
How can i download this planets theme man? will please tell me?

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
what surveys are you talking about?

Author christiano marijuano ( ago)

Author Iwantapplez109 (1704 years ago)
or download 7conifier

Author Iwantapplez109 (1834 years ago)
link is broken

Author Chabrias West ( ago)
Its called rocket dock

Author Kent san ( ago)
its called stardock

Author Adam Slowinski ( ago)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
And why can't you download from that link?

Author TornadoVolcano89 ( ago)
I cant download those themes from this link man.Help I need that planet
theme NOW!

Author António Martins ( ago)
download objectdock :D

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
Change the icons of shortcuts then drag and drop them in the taskbar

Author Yambaization ( ago)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)

Author armzie mo ( ago)
It doesn't pop up in my installed themes, when i downloaded the
whaddyathink zip

Author armzie mo ( ago)
How do i install the Whaddyathink themes

Author Ahmad .S ( ago)
Where can I download the calendar gadget you have? Please reply.

Author vic lemaitre ( ago)

Author boomey5555 ( ago)
Yes I will just stick with windows 98 basic :D

Author svet racunara ( ago)
song iss ????????????????

Author Abdullayamal100 ( ago)
How do i get that "starter" you have? :)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
not sure but starter is already pretty limited

Author Legootastic ( ago)
does it work on windows 7 starter

Author Daniel Caspiani Adl ( ago)
hey how did you get those icons in your dock and what dock is it you have
on the top of your screen?

Author The Rabbit ( ago)
Thumbs up for muting the music ;)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
of course it's safe, if it wasn't then the like bar would be more red than

Author bestever41 ( ago)
Is this safe? (plead answer:(

Author sayar tarafdar ( ago)
whats the name of the music?

Author Bogokasa (994 years ago)
You have 2 Softwares that i know. One of them is Rocked Dock that i used
before and now im using Nexus. They are Free

Author littleBrunoBro ( ago)

Author D4rkVideo ( ago)
how do you get bar up please learn me

Author ImStarish ( ago)

Author zachery ray ( ago)
nice dock...

Author 98fatlumkm ( ago)

Author nottysantulove ( ago)
how to instal Sonye Theme?

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@LILJALZE watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU

Author Raphael Maenle ( ago)
thx, great muzic btw ^^

Author Uzair Zafar ( ago)
I have also same dock but its icons are too old and donot look cool.

Author Manish Kr ( ago)
the calendar on the right side is amazing man !! can you please provide the
download link of that particular sidebar which you used in the tutorial ???

Author Waqas Ahmed ( ago)
very nice music

Author tnaustin316 ( ago)
@jadbaassiri1 rocketdock

Author Nemasha23 ( ago)
i found it :)

Author michael morales ( ago)
i love your videos they are awesome.

Author jadbaassiri1 ( ago)
how can u get the dock on top?

Author Sai Harish ( ago)
can you give me a link to ghost rider2 theme...???????thanx

Author Stephen Myrie. ( ago)
i need a new PC.........................

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@killzone1997 I uploaded it, check back in the description

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@Nemasha23 The designer quit his account I think on deviantart so all his
works are gone from there. Since you and another person asked for it, I
decided to go on a hunt (because I deleted it from my computer long ago).
Check back in the description for it. If anyone finds any broken links,
notify me via email and I will try to re-upload. I'm less inclined to do it
from a video comment.

Author Nemasha23 ( ago)
what happened with Q's Counter Elements 7 theme? i used it for more than a
year and now i cant find it anywhere...

Author Tae Min Kim ( ago)
How did you make your start menu transparent?

Author peanutkiller531 ( ago)
@IWEBProductions please can you tell me YOUR theme and background at : 1:20

Author Hash Brown ( ago)
@gari78540 also inside the file it says patch and then open the right one
64 or 32 bit and then patch all also if your scared to do it there is also
a restore point and also yhou can undo what ever you did with the restore

Author Hash Brown ( ago)
@gari78540 use universal theme patcher

Author Jason Sayan ( ago)
Can you upload this theme please ? : Q's Counter Elements 7 by *webtrance

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@coolbhas123 taskbar icons: token wallpapers: download in the downloads
folder in the description (900+)

Author coolbhas123 ( ago)
icon pack and wallpapers?

Author naeemshamas ( ago)
naeemshamas; you can download universal theme patcher from google and patch
you syestem

Author angrylaller ( ago)
what icon pack r u using?

Author MLG Editing ( ago)
@IWEBProductions thnx :)

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@gari78540 watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU

Author MLG Editing ( ago)
@IWEBProductions how can i patch my system plz reply fast

Author Mastas999 ( ago)
What is the background at 1:34 ... its wicked!!!

Author Art Demjaha ( ago)
how to patch it.. it nothing happens in my pc exept the wallpaper :S

Author Iwantapplez109 ( ago)
@IWEBProductions wow. some 1 has the same name

Author ff ( ago)
Hey what is the name of the dock that you are using?

Author rioDa1 ( ago)
Thanks man really helpful :D !

Author MacMillanDAN ( ago)
Man you have the awesomest videos ever really cool!!!

Author DasVogel100 ( ago)
hey how did you get that cool calender in the right side ?? =)

Author You are my rock. ( ago)
The skin for the rainlendar (calendar) is called Statica EN Weather/10-foot

Author TheFreeGameplay2012 ( ago)
@BabblingCrap yeah me too lol we already have somthing in common

Author FGNgaming ( ago)
what icons were you using with q's counter elements?

Author DreamsMedia ( ago)
How do i get the top bit of ur theme like wat apple has ??

Author BabblingCrap ( ago)
@TheFreeGameplay2012 Really? my name is Jamal too!

Author Kyle Rubinstein ( ago)
@IWEBProductions oooooooo ok thanks

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@SK8F0RLiF355 no but your system needs to be patched in order to use these

Author Kyle Rubinstein ( ago)
if i download one will me stuff on my desktop be delted?

Author TheFreeGameplay2012 ( ago)
@IWEBProductions hahah me too

Author kingofgaming99 ( ago)
I would like to know the computer your using or laptop

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@TheFreeGameplay2012 because my name is Jamal

Author TheFreeGameplay2012 (1486 years ago)
wait whos Jamal because my name is Jamal also on the left at 0:38 on your
computer says Jamal

Author Darky Dan ( ago)
i love the song

Author Blader444 ( ago) fuck that video

Author David Karlsson ( ago)
Whats the name of the calendar on the desktop?

Author IWEBProductions ( ago)
@TheCasperBoo no

Author Roger L. Ortiz ( ago)
Hey, Jamal, Nice skins..

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