The best Windows 7 themes [2/6]

The best Windows 7 themes

Download all at once at

Sonye Theme by =giannisgx89 at

Lucid by ~nopd11 at

Q's Counter Elements 7 by *webtrance at

Whaddyathink 7 Release Beta at ~hsn at

Office 2010 by ~yacine29 at

Firedance Evolution by ~sunBeam2000 at (no longer available)

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Amethystium - Treasure *

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Author Prajul Pradhan (8 months)
doesnot work in pc . after nth change

Author Softrial (11 months)
Hey Leute :)
Ich mache nützliche Videos über Systemveränderungen und Tricks an Windows
7/Google Chrome und bald auch iOS 7 und Jailbreak Tweaks.

Könnt ja mal vorbeischauen ;) und wenn es euch Interessiert könnt ihr ja
ein Abo da lassen das würde mir sehr helfen. Thanks!!

Author John Rodel Nacuray (1 year)
Thanks for your Comment :D. It's so very Helpful for mee! Thanks Brooooo.
Love it :P

Author paquinho8 (3 years)
how did you get the dock on the top of your desktop?

Author DarkSkyr (1 year)
Umm... you're welcome?

Author Chronimify (3 years)
chilled song, nice vid

Author armzie mo (2 years)
How do i install the Whaddyathink themes

Author TheFreeGameplay2012 (3 years)
@BabblingCrap yeah me too lol we already have somthing in common

Author svet racunara (2 years)
song iss ????????????????

Author Harik Black (3 years)
wow how do the fking i apply them!? IM SEARCHING FOR IT 24 HOURS STILL I

Author Bogokasa (2 years)
You have 2 Softwares that i know. One of them is Rocked Dock that i used
before and now im using Nexus. They are Free

Author MEEPNESS ᴛᴜᴛᴏʀɪᴀʟs (3 years)

Author IWEBProductions (2 years)
You're making it complicated, all the links used to be on mediafire but
they deleted my account so I'm not putting files back there so they can be
deleted again

Author TublinMedia (3 years)
@IWEBProductions i found out of that now..I tryed to delete my But thx anyways :D

Author sardi3212 (3 years)
@ahmabd111 Amethystium - Treasure *

Author Utkarsh Akash (3 years)
whats the song name? its cool......

Author Adam Slowinski (2 years)

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@TublinMedia first 10 seconds of video

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@SK8F0RLiF355 no but your system needs to be patched in order to use these

Author jamal allen (3 years)
hey your name is jamal so is mine lol

Author naeemshamas (3 years)
naeemshamas; you can download universal theme patcher from google and patch
you syestem

Author IWEBProductions (1 year)
wallpapers: /watch?v=RgLuO-QU794 and /watch?v=PNRmiEMt5g4

Author Saad Malik (3 years)
taskbar is still old didnt change as shown in the video. how am i
supposed to do that?

Author TublinMedia (3 years)
song name? :)

Author dMajor (3 years)
Thanks man really helpful :D !

Author o0Rumorz0o (3 years)
why not a voice tutorial? it is kinda hard following instructions with no
voice or text.

Author KingsChannel7 (2 years)
Your music is really bullshit!

Author Art Demjaha (3 years)
how to patch it.. it nothing happens in my pc exept the wallpaper :S

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@killzone1997 I uploaded it, check back in the description

Author Utkarsh Akash (3 years)
i need the song....where can i get it?

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@coolbhas123 taskbar icons: token wallpapers: download in the downloads
folder in the description (900+)

Author TheFreeGameplay2012 (3 years)
@IWEBProductions hahah me too

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@Sy47BERKYT Amethystium - Treasure

Author DreamsMedia (3 years)
How do i get the top bit of ur theme like wat apple has ??

Author coolbhas123 (3 years)
icon pack and wallpapers?

Author Stephen Myrie. (3 years)
i need a new PC.........................

Author IWEBProductions (1 year)
Move over are the folder with the visual style files in them to
C/Windows/Resources/Themes. Then move over the Windows theme file to
C/Windows/Resources/Themes. Then double click on the Windows Theme file.
I'm assuming your computer is properly patched

Author Tae Min Kim (2 years)
Oh and the wallpaper too :)

Author Kent san (2 years)
its called stardock

Author SolidBigBoss89 (3 years)

Author kingofgaming99 (3 years)
I would like to know the computer your using or laptop

Author MacMillanDAN (3 years)
Man you have the awesomest videos ever really cool!!!

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@rolandroiroi /watch?v=3fvfZLcGdKk

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@freshtweak If he has the problem that I'm talking about then that won't
fix it because he would've renamed explorer and replaced it with another
explorer but if he renamed the new explorer wrong or didn't move it to the
right folder before killing the system file then trying to restore it that
way would be impossible and will only end up in an error. So the only way
that can fix it is to either do a startup repair or to use command prompt.

Author Spunkylorp (3 years)
How do you get the white icons for FireFox etc with the Lucid theme?

Author BabblingCrap (3 years)
@TheFreeGameplay2012 Really? my name is Jamal too!

Author Iwantapplez109 (2 years)
link is broken

Author IWEBProductions (3 years)
@gari78540 watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU

Author IWEBProductions (2 years)
And why can't you download from that link?

Author rolandroiroi (3 years)
@Matheny246 have any luck searching for that calendar gadget? lol no one is
fucking going to tell us where to download that bad-ass calendar xD

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