WONDER WOMAN Trailer 1 - 3 (2017)

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  • Wonder Woman Trailer 1 + 2 + 3 2017 | Watch the official trailer & clip compilation for "Wonder Woman", a DC superhero movie starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine & Robin Wright, arriving June 2, 2017 !
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    “Wonder Woman” is released in cinemas around the world next summer when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

    Wonder Woman Movie
    US-Release: 2 June 2017
    Genres: Adventure, Action, Fantasy
    Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

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    Wonder Woman Official Trailer © Warner Bros. Pictures
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    Enjoy this new #Trailer #Compilation for #WonderWoman & don't forget to share the video with your friends!

    • Winny Alice
      Winny Alice 7 days ago


    • rafael pescasio
      rafael pescasio 16 days ago

      Amber Linares i bet u you never watched the movie its really good u cant do any better and your just jealous that you dont have any friends and the friends u have u pay them so u cold be popular

  • Theodore Rivas
    Theodore Rivas 21 minute ago

    Wonder Woman Trailer 1 + 2 + 3

  • Walter Peck
    Walter Peck 24 minutes ago


  • weirdgirl_11
    weirdgirl_11 18 hours ago

    lol 😂 who is still watching the trailers after seeing the movie?

  • Jess Baumle
    Jess Baumle 2 days ago

    what is the first trailers music called?

  • Ramita Das
    Ramita Das 3 days ago

    This epic

  • Nancy I AM
    Nancy I AM 5 days ago

    Want a BETTER ending to the Wonder Woman movie? Why didn't Diana become like an Innocent Loving Child 'as an adult' to conquer evil?? 'Wonder Women' was EXCELLENT and it had ONE BIG Boo-Boo at the end when she killed 'the bad guy' with that special sword. (Sadly, so typical humanity and Hollywood) Why didn't Diana re-remember her innocent pure vulnerable loving sweet child personality and, as an adult, instantly develop a 'childlike innocent pure vulnerable assertive powerful eye-to-eye adult look' of 'powerful light streaming out of her eyes to his' communicating the words "I Love You, because I can't hate you or anyone as it's just NOT in my nature or design" (as she laid down her weapon) and have HIM 'realize and re-remember his evil non-goodness ways' and then 'bow down at her feet'... OR... have HIM 'self-destruct himself' as 'good (finally) conquers evil' and he self-implodes in upon himself and then disappears 'off into the Universe' FOREVER! Isn't THIS 'The Real' answer to Divine Femininity finally conquering the robotic patriarchal ca-ca attitude in order for THE True Gentle-Man and Gentle-Women to emerge and evolve again? Let's return to ONE Human Race with two genders and/or 'mixed or blended' and 7 billion unique 'shades of brown' melanin skin tones creating a NEW 'Golden Brown' civilization! So be it! Amen!

  • cfor care
    cfor care 5 days ago

    my new favorite movie

  • threalis Maradona
    threalis Maradona 5 days ago

    it was awesome

  • smith3892 Destiny
    smith3892 Destiny 6 days ago

    180 thumbs down -- must have evolve from dirt not slime !
    Bunch of Losers !
    The Best Movie I have seen !

  • Matthew Lockard
    Matthew Lockard 6 days ago

    can someone please for the love of god tell me what that sound is at 2:07????

  • Matilda Davies
    Matilda Davies 7 days ago

    It's so great to see a strong female superhero rather than a male one. This shows that women are strong!

  • Viqtor
    Viqtor 7 days ago

    If Black WIdow and Cap had a daughter

  • Air Flox
    Air Flox 7 days ago

    Gal gadot look a like amanda cerny XD

  • Mercurial Pierrot
    Mercurial Pierrot 7 days ago

    Formulaic and predictable...I'm actually sad that this movie is being so raved about.

  • Amelie Guerrero
    Amelie Guerrero 8 days ago

    i love this movie!

  • Abril Banuelas
    Abril Banuelas 8 days ago

    i already seen that movie its a great movie love it but its sad too

  • אטי שבירו
    אטי שבירו 9 days ago

    הסרט הכי טוב שראיתי אי פעם

  • star productions
    star productions 9 days ago

    Oh my God the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • bombwag222
    bombwag222 10 days ago


  • tremayne phillips
    tremayne phillips 10 days ago

    You ccаan't find this mоviе with better qualityyy than hеrе => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/867561163340472320

  • Jaryelise Otero
    Jaryelise Otero 10 days ago

    I love wonder women

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth 12 days ago

    She's way too skinny.... They wussed out here... Women arent naturally this thin, especially when training like men do for generations. The physique women have now as average is a conditioned one over time to emphasise weakness. It's not even optimal for having children, it's pure a power thing... So why have a Wonder Woman, the woman who can hang with Superman, have less tone and muscular definition than most female cross-country high school track stars.

    • Glenn Anderson
      Glenn Anderson 4 days ago

      I think you need to take a minute for a reality check, here. Or rather, a fantasy check. None of the superheroes have the skeletal or muscular ability to actually physically do the things they are depicted doing. So, whether a fictional, fantasy superhero looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian or Sarah Michelle Geller's Buffy the Vampire Slayer makes no difference in that the actual physics of what they are depicted doing is impossible.

      "Hanging with superman" has nothing to do with working out. They have super powers. That is what makes them superheroes. The physicality of the actors portraying them is merely eye-candy. The size of the arms on Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has more to do with appealing to a female audience than it does with picking up a really heavy hammer. It is no different for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

    • Krystal Myth
      Krystal Myth 12 days ago

      I mean honestly guys, you're telling me Wonder fucking Woman literally gets outgunned by tennis stars, j mean it's not.like we don't see real life examples of women at peak physical condition in the Olympics, and sports around the world... Yet instead of this https://goo.gl/Z7Yjcs we get https://goo.gl/y2Oskr . Like basically WW can't even hang with MMA stars. Women who actually fight for a living. I mean how is this basically not just weak of the studios to go this route. Could you imagine Xena being this thin? Xena. Warrior princess. Sound familiar? She's only inspired by a certain Amazon we were supposed to know.

  • Angel Nguyen
    Angel Nguyen 12 days ago

    Wow this is so cool she is so's powerful and Beautiful

  • Mana Shockley
    Mana Shockley 12 days ago

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    W A T C H 👉👉 https://vk.com/wall433372170_2?184925

  • astrangeone
    astrangeone 12 days ago

    Well that seals it. Going to see this movie on Friday. Popcorn and junk food ahoy!

  • Master Of Recipe
    Master Of Recipe 12 days ago

    Lol! The thumbnail!

  • Alexis González Sorroche

    Anyone knows the last song of the 3th trailer? (when the W appears)

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 14 days ago

    the subtitles are so funny- "you have been my greatest blob"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ilya Feldman
    Ilya Feldman 15 days ago

    This is so much more than a superhero movie. This epic, wonderfully cast story, brimming with message of hope for humanity. I don't care if you've never picked up a comic book in your life. You must watch this movie NOW!

  • Orpheus Alexander
    Orpheus Alexander 15 days ago

    Hmm the German soldiers are good shots they can only hit her shield but nothing else. A real feminist fantasy.

  • Yahia Zakaria
    Yahia Zakaria 15 days ago

    Hhhhhh bad

  • Jeff Hartman
    Jeff Hartman 16 days ago

    That looks fantastic. I cannot wait to buy. I am both in love and amazed. wow

  • Dorothea Unwin
    Dorothea Unwin 16 days ago

    Whats the song in the background?

  • Ernesto Guidos
    Ernesto Guidos 16 days ago

    Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero along side another superhero. I grew up loving her, reading about her, reading her comics, buying her toys, etc. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN! She is such an incredible, empowering, and influential character in not only comics, but peoples lives. Wonder Woman will always be my favorite superhero along side another as I said. And I am happy to say that GAL GADOT IS AMAZING AS WONDER WOMAN/DIANA! I LOVE HER AS WONDER WOMAN! She is literally the ideal person for this role and is exactly what Wonder Woman should be. She will go down as a superhero icon, and will join Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman as someone who cannot be replaced for their legendary Super Hero performances aaand portrayls! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous....like I mean really, really beautiful, enchanting, adorable, cute, funny, naive and oh my God sexy, she is the badass WW that we all wanted to see. She kicks so much ass in such a sexy and attractive way, that leaves all the men, and women, in the audience in aww. I was smiling and cheating every time she was on screen because an is so amazing! Iam so damn happy DC and Gal got Diana/Wonder Woman right. Gal is just perfect as WW. Now as for the film we all know DC has not been so fresh on movies lately, and with a major disappointment of Suicide Squad, I was incredibly worried about the film Wonder Woman, and that theu were going to mess her and Gal Gadot up with underwheming directions. I had a nerve wreck going through me for this film. I saw all the hard work Gal, Patty, and the cast was putting in and thought it would all go to waste. I did not know what to expect. Well than I saw the film and may I say I LOVED IT! Iam incredibly honored and happy to say that I really loved this film, and that finally DC did something right. Let me start off by saying that the film was extremely fun and unique. The colors, visuals, and scenery was BEAUTIFUL and pleasing to lay your eyes on. The way the movie looked was just gorgeous and had a fresh escape from all the dark stuff we have been getting from DC. The islands, oceans, London, warzones, make up and costumes, the greenary, the grittiness....Gal Gadot😏😌😋 Everything was really well done, and you can tell they paid a lot of attention to detail and the new and unique world they were shaping. The action was superb and had an exciting atmosphere that created a very fun and crazy tone. The style of action and fighting really brought another mostly fresh and needed take and door opening to the DC Cinematic Universe. The best action of course comes from Diana, and ot was so satisfying to see her fliping around, jumping through building, blocking bulletts and missles, using her sword and shield, using that laso, doing crazy tricks, and staring into the camera with that arousing yet deadly, "You are going to get your add kicked" look! A lot of expolosions, guns, missles, punching, fights, badass action sequences, and more was included in the film, and man was it awesome! But to me where the film really shines is in the characters, well the main stars I should say. I did not expect the film to be so emotional and depressing, and how hard hitting certain moments and scenes were throughout the film, mostly at the end. People were crying and sobbing, and you hear and see everyone in a upset state of mind. Yes the movie was extremely fun with it's action and Gal Gadot's awesome fighting, but where it lies is how well two of the characters were developed. GREAT JOB TO THE MAIN CAST! GAL GADOT AND CHRIS PINE WERE AMAZING!(I cannot remember the other actors and actresses name).YOU ALL DID GREAT! Most character within the film fleshes out, and has their own time to shine and show their developement. Some come off way better than the rest however. Throughout the film, you bond with the Diana and Steve and really see their emotional and human side, which leaves the audience in tears and saddness, especially Wonder Woman herself. Steve Trevor was great and really added a human element to the film, and shows why people love him so much. You cannot hate him because he is so likeable and funny, and adds so much to the film every time he is on screen. He is just a good man and normal man at thay, who is seeing some crazy things, and the way he reacts to those situations and Diana is not only funny, but also believable and heartwarming. As soon as he steps on screen, the film goes up some notches and he does great (especially his chemistry with Diana/Gal Gadot which is another topic). Both provided great humor to the movie, but also grew as a character as well. Diana went from a mysterious, naive, and completely foeign woman, to an understanding, aware, amd even depressed woman who is in the middle of a war trying to realize what is going on. She shows a soft side of her throughout the film, but her emotional side really shows when an is with Steve, especially towards the end and this is actually my favorite part of the film. I have to say it, I just have to..DIANA AND STEVE WERE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT TOGETHER! The two were adorable every time they interacted, which was often, and this made Diana seem even more so innocent, relatable, attractive, adorable, and emotional. Their chemistry is just amazing, and you really feel the connection and love between them. The moment they laid eyes on each other, you felt a spark to the two attractive beings. They were funny together yes, and this added more of a "cute" and likeable aspect to the film, but their enotional scenes together were so uplifting and caring, that the whole time you were wishing they would end up together. You can tell that Diana as soon as she saw Steve, even though she had never encountered with a man, fell in love amd felt a spark. The two were amazing together and their chemistry showed it. They are perfect for each other and I do not know about you guys, but Steve is one lucky man to be loved so much by Diana/Wonder Woman like that. Like he is a really, really, really lucky man(especially because it is Gal Gadot😍😍). The two really stood out and got the most development. I really cannot explain how much emotion and humanity that they gave the film together, and separately. You feel for Diana and you see her suffering and pain. All that she is trying to do is help the innocent and be a good person. An has so much loc and care for the world and is doing her absolute best to save everyone in the world, but she realizes that she cannot, and she hates it. She cries, she screams, and she regrets constantly because every time she does something good, it all turns around and turns into something evil and hurts her. To see her going through that was painful, and I really felt that. But every scene that were in that had your eyes watery and has you depressed because you really got to see the side of themselves you would never have thought you would see like that. I LOVED THEM IN THE FILM! THE whole audience would gasps, cry, and aww the two And oh man they have some of the best, and saddest scenes in the movie and imo comic book movie history(the last sequence). Besides the positives the film does have things holding it back. The villans were terrible sadly. They were cheesy, pathetic, boring, and even cringe worthy at times. I understand they did not want to concentrate on them too much, because Diana and her relationship with Steve were the main focus on the story, but the villans could have been wayyyyyy better. The Climax, while still being loads of fun and filled with emotion, was a bit unoriginal and a "light show" if you will. However I still loved the final fight scene due to its emotion and action because it was done so well, and really hit me hard. I thought that her and Steves' crew was too and they were a nice addition to the film, but the Native American one, Chief, was not a good addition to me because he was so bland and boring. But all in all I FRICKIN LOVED WONDER WOMAN! I recommend everyone to go check this movie out, if you weren't going to already for some reason😕. If your a comic book fan or movie fan, this movie will blow your hearts away and satisfy you. I LOVED WONDER WOMAN! A great film that anyone can love. Great Job to the cast of Wonder Woman for the great marketing, promoting, interviews, merchandise, hype, and overall great movie. Thank you DC for finally, after such a long time, for making an amazing movie, and not screwing up my favorite superhero (along side Spider-Man of course).

  • Kayla Walker
    Kayla Walker 16 days ago

    This is such a great movie too watch in theaters.

  • Rafy G
    Rafy G 17 days ago

    She is a very good secretary !!!

  • MoviesPutlockerMe
    MoviesPutlockerMe 17 days ago

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  • J Chan
    J Chan 17 days ago

    Freakin amazing trailer! I think the best for 2017!

  • Emmanuel Nnanna
    Emmanuel Nnanna 18 days ago

    Wonder woman nice wait to here cus will love to watch it

  • John B
    John B 18 days ago

    Anyways how do they procreate on wonder island? No men? if the women are that strong their men must be the gods who gave them their toys. The thing is it's so unbelievable and for a story to be good elements of truth must coexist in the story for it to work. They could have had female bodybuilders play the part of Diana and the other women on the island and that would have worked for me. Seeing a 100 lbs female doing the things she did in this movie looked fake to me but if they used bodybuilders now that would have improved the story.

  • Elegant Tshirts
    Elegant Tshirts 19 days ago


  • Scott Christianson
    Scott Christianson 19 days ago

    since when is wonderwoman a israeli?

  • Haytam Merzak
    Haytam Merzak 19 days ago

    TТhis is thе niceist movie i evеr seee!!! I aadvise everyybooodyyуy to wаtch it :) https://twitter.com/18f1bd42663b3fac1/status/867561163340472320

  • Thicamthu Pham
    Thicamthu Pham 19 days ago

    😍chj đẹp wá i

  • Thicamthu Pham
    Thicamthu Pham 19 days ago


  • Todd Angeles
    Todd Angeles 19 days ago

    Great. Fucking. Movie.

  • Darren Moore
    Darren Moore 20 days ago

    I wonder if Gal Gadot had training in the martial art of Krav Maga since she served 2 years in the Israeli Army.

  • Darren Moore
    Darren Moore 20 days ago

    Gal Gadot owns the WW role like Hugh Jackman owns Wolverine.

  • Arabi Amir
    Arabi Amir 20 days ago

    >:D awesome

  • עם ישראל חי! Love Israel

    we love you gallll

  • Yeediatable
    Yeediatable 21 day ago

    A zionist jew acting as an ally of the Rothschilds....fighting against Germany.....same old western propaganda BS of jew Hollywood.....

  • Amrit Kaur Khalsa
    Amrit Kaur Khalsa 21 day ago

    But she must never know the truth of what she is!! Just like we humans, must never know the truth of what we are, because we are so much love and light that the dark side is affraid to loose us, as money, power and blood they will loose sucking from us!!

  • Lilia as Fun
    Lilia as Fun 21 day ago

    This is amazing just like suicide swaud but more INCREDIBLE

  • DisneyLover Teen
    DisneyLover Teen 21 day ago

    Trailer looks better than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  • Petunia Wigglebottom

    What a fox! Gal's better defined than Lynda Carter, but I can't decide who's purtier. They're both off the Richter scale in looks. Looks like an awesome flick. If only. . .

    I also have a feeling this film is being banned in a lot of Middle Eastern countries more to not give the chicks any ideas as opposed to Gal being an Israeli ex-soldier. But hey! In Israel, everyone except the Ultra Orthodox Jews goes in the military, with jail time optional for refusniks, I thought. If I'm wrong, feel free to call me out.

  • 1eisenstein
    1eisenstein 21 day ago

    beautiful woman, and a bit romantic and idealist, might have felt more at home siding with the Reich

  • Michael Norton
    Michael Norton 21 day ago

    What utter rubbish this film is. It makes no sense and is blatant anti man PC propaganda

  • camaro Carl
    camaro Carl 21 day ago

    Welcome to London..."Its hideous". That was before the mulslims got there. Imagine how hideous it is now.

    • HM Kim
      HM Kim 19 days ago

      Whats a muLslim?

  • Kylie. K
    Kylie. K 23 days ago

    "Haven't you met man before? What about your father?"
    "I don't have a father, I was brought to life by Zeus."
    "Well that's neat" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    Lmao lol

  • Ba' Stefano
    Ba' Stefano 23 days ago

    oh, ragazzi, 'ndo é 'l mi omo ragno??

  • Greg Hunt
    Greg Hunt 23 days ago

    I went to see this movie today...listen to me...I will tell you nothing about it except..."DC Finally Gets It Right!"

  • Filma Lamb
    Filma Lamb 24 days ago

    I love her! I like her to be a wonderful woman!

  • Xiao Hardison
    Xiao Hardison 24 days ago

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  • พีระพงษ์ มูลเหล็ก

    i want to watch mtovie

  • but2star
    but2star 24 days ago

    Whoever marry Wonder Woman will becomes the Wonder Man.

  • Coolrockndad
    Coolrockndad 24 days ago

    Just saw it and it was simple the BEST!

  • wayne trim
    wayne trim 25 days ago

    wonder woman good movie

  • Eclypse dadragon
    Eclypse dadragon 25 days ago

    i just watched this today and im like AHHH FUCK FUCK THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

  • madaraszi
    madaraszi 25 days ago

    I can't wait the superhero movies in 50 years when the bad guys shall be the USA Marines during the wars of the 20th and early 21th century... :)

  • iam big
    iam big 26 days ago

    Who was that trying to catch the bullet? That was a dumb move. Was that Dianna' mother? That's what you get for pulling off a dumb move like that. I hope she at least fired her weapon or whatever she was carrying at the man that shot her. Amazons show offs,

  • kalisto69jade
    kalisto69jade 26 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the theme song?

  • Michael Boardman
    Michael Boardman 28 days ago

    It's a brilliant film!

  • Laura Turley
    Laura Turley 29 days ago

    Exclusive! Wonder Woman Movie Available For Streaming in hd version
    Play now https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/3iyqotFnDgo

  • Diego Gómez
    Diego Gómez 1 month ago


  • zemetrius
    zemetrius 1 month ago

    i just hope the trailers are not the best parts of the movie, how many times have the trailers outdone the movie.

  • LFC4Life
    LFC4Life 1 month ago

    This movie will NOT be good, sorry everyone.. DC, outside of the Batman Begins and Dark Knight, movies just plain suck. They're garbage.. Gal Gadot is sexy but this movie will be junk

    • JSJ KIM
      JSJ KIM 17 days ago

      LFC4Life saw it and it was really good i had doubts too but dc finally made a good one you should go see it

  • FuellingObsession
    FuellingObsession 1 month ago

    Bulletproof or not, it seems like a poor idea to have your arms and legs bare while in battle. Even the other Amazons seems to have more armor on them than WW.

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 1 month ago


  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 1 month ago


  • SinsPlays
    SinsPlays 1 month ago

    Wonder Woman is my wife 😍😂

  • Jay Kotadia
    Jay Kotadia 1 month ago

    Basically wonder women is a D.C. Version of captain america

  • Damon Fernandez
    Damon Fernandez 1 month ago

    Amazing Wonder Woman Shirt designs!! Show your love and rock one of these when you see it in theaters!!!


  • Galaxy MTG
    Galaxy MTG 1 month ago

    I love her she is sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • leon noel
    leon noel 1 month ago

    can't wait

  • William Hart
    William Hart 1 month ago

    so happy they did not choose Angela Jolie for this role.

  • Tulip Dew
    Tulip Dew 1 month ago

    Looks very very good! Can't wait!

  • Ian Stone
    Ian Stone 1 month ago

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    look at https://www.facebook.com/syns.free

  • Monica Wolfe
    Monica Wolfe 1 month ago

    wonder woman (2017)
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  • myo myothin
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  • vxenon67
    vxenon67 1 month ago

    nice I likesetit.

  • Loretta Adams
    Loretta Adams 1 month ago

    This movie is so good!

  • GENJAX X14
    GENJAX X14 1 month ago

    This movie promotes violence against men....js

  • Maria xalteva24@yahoo.com

    I have club 12 woman we going to see this move.....................

  • Marc aston
    Marc aston 1 month ago

    the same story as Captain America....

    • JustineLaLoba
      JustineLaLoba 1 month ago

      Steve Rogers was born an Amazon Warrior
      ? Could have fooled me.......

  • 6hemi9
    6hemi9 1 month ago

    jewish wonder woman LOL joke

  • cursorloco
    cursorloco 1 month ago

    0:41  Her legs are pure bones!!!

  • cursorloco
    cursorloco 1 month ago

    4:58  Here is the Iranian version of WW

  • Ronald Bissett
    Ronald Bissett 1 month ago

    Please! Please! Please! I need to know the name of the music playing under the last 20 seconds of this video. Can anyone tell me? I need to have that tune!

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