Three Girls: Trailer - BBC One

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    DOUMA ANOUAR 1 day ago

    Wаtcccch Three Girls oonlineеeе heree =>

  • AmericaIsKiked
    AmericaIsKiked 3 days ago

    Not ALL Muslims gang-rape little girls

  • Jack Mcmorrogh
    Jack Mcmorrogh 10 days ago

    87% of grooming gangs are muslims 🙌

  • Sam Wen
    Sam Wen 11 days ago


  • Nala 305
    Nala 305 17 days ago

    People who are shouting about the BBC being racist didn't watch the programme or didn't understand it.
    This case was about child sexual abuse. That was the motivation behind trying to get the men arrested, trying to protect the children and getting the men prosecuted. It was because they were raping children.
    It was the protesters who, when the case went to court, made it all about race. They made it about themselves and their racist views. That was never the point of the case.
    That's what I hate about what happened when the press became involved. It became about race and it was never about race. It was older men abusing teenage girls
    The BBC is just showing what happened.

  • daisy j
    daisy j 21 day ago

    I dont think its down to their being muslims as im sure most muslims arent pedo abusers but its the way they were brought up to think some girls are easy thats what some men think,, not just some mulism men but ALL kinds of men think these things,, even women think other women are easy, call eachother sluts ect and this is basically saying they are less worthy less respectable and want to be seen in a certain light, so the women to go along with this in a way by calling eachother sluts ect for how they dress and how many men they have seen ect . Definetly its not just a muslim thing as some catholic priests have been done for abuse or rape to so anyone of any religion can do anything

  • Herr Schaft
    Herr Schaft 21 day ago

    Talking about Islam definitely is relevant to understanding the situation. Islam is a religion of conquest, and it is actually part of the religious doctrine of Islam that they are allowed to do exactly what they were/are doing to these girls. In fact, it is looked at as a good thing if they do it.

  • Surreygirl 1978
    Surreygirl 1978 23 days ago

    this drama disgusted me these men should have been locked up for life

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 24 days ago

    It's the Pakistanis. The other races of Muslims aren't involved.

  • youngblood
    youngblood 25 days ago

    The amount of stupidity in comments section is overwhelming.

  • saleena NT
    saleena NT 26 days ago

    There are people on here too focused on race and religion. Pedophilia come from all walks of life unfortunately. These people are monsters and acted as such who should have got a longers sentences. The main focus is how to prevent this disgust from happening again save the victims from disgusting abusive Pedos or any crime in general.

  • Jeremy McGuire
    Jeremy McGuire 26 days ago

    does anyone know if the perpetrators were played by muslims in this

  • J. Harrison
    J. Harrison 26 days ago

    Maybe next time, BBC, you wont spend 16 years trying cover the abuse and torture up, to protect your precious multicultural project?

  • Chris Rooney
    Chris Rooney 27 days ago

    Ive finished watching the second episode , so fuckin angry!!!!

  • Christina and Chad
    Christina and Chad 29 days ago

    was on YouTube been pulled at least in the U.S

  • Rexy Rapper
    Rexy Rapper 1 month ago

    I know I'm very left wing. Yes these men were Pakistani muslims. However British Catholics have done the exact same thing

  • Ralph Doss
    Ralph Doss 1 month ago

    *i found the site to watch hd movie now for free*

  • teribathy razor
    teribathy razor 1 month ago

    through the entire thing not one mention of the fact that .

  • Tony Agw
    Tony Agw 1 month ago

    The BBC should do a documentary about the people who knew about Jimmy Savile within the BBC and didn't say a word ... That would be interesting

  • Phil Tenerife
    Phil Tenerife 1 month ago

    The BBC [ funded by taxpayers ] drama series " Three Girls " shown over three one hour episodes , never once mentions that the rapist gangs were all muslim males ? , political correctness has gone insane !.

  • whitetower67
    whitetower67 1 month ago

    These Pakistanis should be exterminated.

  • Sophie Watson
    Sophie Watson 1 month ago

    So this comment section is a fucking nightmare...

  • Wendy Wang
    Wendy Wang 1 month ago

    Sorry to say, so many people are turning brainless wimps these days.

  • Rae Vandenberg
    Rae Vandenberg 1 month ago

    The entire Muslim hatred for infidel women and treating them like trash has been swept under the rug. Islam is at war with the West. Read Tommy Robinson's book. The man needs police protection like Geert Wilders.

  • Izzy Ocon
    Izzy Ocon 1 month ago

    Sara robotham is a hero x

  • AlmightyWeeabooBleachForAnimeCorn

    I respect that the bbc is spreading awareness just show's how fucking useless our government is.

  • romper stomper
    romper stomper 1 month ago

    this movie will be banned in Canada by the prime minister (aka jihad Justin, because of his anti-Islamophobia law. The truth is no longer welcome here. In his mind islam is a religion of peace, so islamic extremists must be extremely peaceful. Lets face it, Canada's fucked. Its every infidel for himself.

  • Charlie Powell
    Charlie Powell 1 month ago


    NOMATA WOT 1 month ago

    Doesnt even mention the Islamic teachings that are the root cause of why muslims can treat non muslims women and children this way , which is one reason why this will continue to happen .

  • Shazeda Begum
    Shazeda Begum 1 month ago

    All you people crying about the fact that Islam has not been mentioned, let me tell you that what these men did has nothing to do with Islam. They did out of their own sick, twisted minds to get money and other stuff along with it. They did it out of their own twisted minds.
    In Islam, rape is considered an act against the protection and honour of women. It is completely forbidden in Islam, just like any other religion, and Islam states that anyone who commits such an act, will and deserves to be punished.
    There was no mention of Islam, because it has nothing to do with Islam. So why don't you all focus on the real issues behind it like how the police let these men get away with it in the first place despite the sexual health educator providing them clear, hard evidence that over 100s of girls were victims? Or how one of them, and probably many others, went to the police admitting that she was raped, yet they did nothing about it?

    • Nala 305
      Nala 305 17 days ago


    • Jane Bennet
      Jane Bennet 24 days ago

      mistermiah - no no I agree with you - it is even more dangerous (you will get banned) to mention that it is really race.

  • Steel Nerves
    Steel Nerves 1 month ago

    Just to balance it out on the diversity side. How about a white paedophile ring or dirty white men going to thailand to have sex with 5yr old girls? Makes me laugh all these white people acting sooo innocent. Clearly something to do with white culture.

    • If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME
      If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME 21 day ago

      Human trafficking is happening everywhere, even by non-Muslims!

    • Rexy Rapper
      Rexy Rapper 1 month ago

      Steel Nerves do you not watch Corrie?? They're doing a grooming storyline so far only white men in their 30s have been involved. This drama wasn't stereotyping anyone it was based off a true story

  • Jaak Koun
    Jaak Koun 1 month ago

    Muhammad was a peadophile

  • W A
    W A 1 month ago

    in the name of Queen and country Britain great britian wake the fuck up.

  • Hefty Alan
    Hefty Alan 1 month ago

    Very interesting drama by Nicole Taylor. It does not matter what religion the person is these actions should be universally condemned. This is child rape on a grand scale. No one should try and support these actions. It is very rare I actually watch something when it is on but anything with Maxine Peake goes to the top of the list.

  • Tom  Sivell
    Tom Sivell 1 month ago

    can someone answer this question ❓ why is the BBC still existing I mean stuff like this is harsh it's making fun of real life it aint funny the BBC should be closed down pointless TV station

    • Tom  Sivell
      Tom Sivell 1 month ago

      I know that's why it shouldn't be on TV as it will make them feel even worse

    • Rabid Drawing
      Rabid Drawing 1 month ago

      +Tom Sivell No, they're not.
      They're making the characters act depressed, because guess what fucko, events like these can wreck a person mentally!

    • Tom  Sivell
      Tom Sivell 1 month ago

      +Rabid Drawing dude what I mean is they're making everyone depressed it is technically making fun of the people who have been through it

    • Rabid Drawing
      Rabid Drawing 1 month ago

      Tom Sivell "it's making fun"
      I watched the show, and there are no jokes about what happened.
      At all.

  • Appy fizz
    Appy fizz 1 month ago

    help please : I live in Ireland apart from BBC where can I watch this?? any online platform suggestion wud even be better. thankyou

  • Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell 1 month ago

    this show is dangerously racist and needs to be taken off the air, there's no point dredging up the past. these unfortunate events happened now we have to move on this will only stir up trouble and bring up the other cases again I cant believe bbc would make such an inappropriately racist show it's 2017 we shouldnt be pandering to ukip and other racist groups like this.

    • YeOldOak
      YeOldOak 1 month ago

      Jimmy, you really are an imbecile. How is this racist? 40 year old men who rape young children need to be put to sleep no matter what their ethnicity. Good on the BBC for making this.

    • Gray Edgar
      Gray Edgar 1 month ago

      shutup numbers one and three is my assumption

  • Negative Man
    Negative Man 1 month ago

    Muslim men claim these girls as "properties of Muhammad" by branding their skin with the letter M. Sexual slavery is a big part of Islam and Islamophobia was created to take away the public's power to fight against it.

  • Shaz Baz
    Shaz Baz 1 month ago

    Why is everyone bringing religion into this? Some men are sick and they can come from different religions and races. We need to make sure they are behind bars before God forbid they hurt another innocent victim. So don't divert your attention to religion instead let's work together and put these monsters where they belong.

    • If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME
      If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME 21 day ago

      Human trafficking is happening everywhere, even by non-Muslims!

    • Stewie Griffin
      Stewie Griffin 24 days ago

      "God forbid". Then why didn't this "God" stop those girls from being raped?

    • John Lydon
      John Lydon 1 month ago

      you just literally made up you're own interpretation of the verses lmao!

    • Harvey Lion
      Harvey Lion 1 month ago

      Shaz Baz You sound like a young kid or another Muslim apologist. Look deeper into your texts and you'll see how sex slavery (specifically with non-muslim girls) and having sexual/martial relations with young children was perfectly acceptable and even encouraged.

      That's where these groomers get their sick twisted mindset from. They've been bought up to believe that non-muslim girls are complete scum and thus deserved to be treated like such. They believe this with such conviction that they carry zero guilt for exploiting vulnerable girls.

      Even a lot of Muslims men carry zero guilt for lying to and manipulating non-muslim women for their own sexual gratification or financial/power trip gain.

      These groomers however are more extreme. You want to reject the Sahih Bukhari and sahih Islam (that's good because those texts are disgustingly vile) but all the mainstream schools of Islam believe them like gospel. Hence you get these sick twisted groomers emerging from it. As Rashid pointed out, even the Koran has verses about sex slavery

  • free Bethlehem
    free Bethlehem 1 month ago

    this is racist I cant believe the bbc would make this

    • Gray Edgar
      Gray Edgar 1 month ago

      free Bethlehem you're just a troll

  • BemyITCH
    BemyITCH 1 month ago

    why is there so much hate!? its a really good show (so far) and i have no idea why people are hating. i looked at people saying bbc is lying. please clear it out for me

    • If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME
      If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME 21 day ago

      Human trafficking is happening everywhere, even by non-Muslims! Also by the UK Government!!!

    • Tom  Sivell
      Tom Sivell 1 month ago

      BBC should be shut down

    • BemyITCH
      BemyITCH 1 month ago

      Ron Putin ok i get it now thanks

    • BemyITCH
      BemyITCH 1 month ago

      Ron Putin i think it is still a really good show and very heartbreaking. but this hipocrisy shouldnt be allowed

    • BemyITCH
      BemyITCH 1 month ago

      Ron Putin oh now i think i get it. they didnt mention islam because they wanted to keep their nose clean. they are basically being hypocrits

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 1 month ago

    "Islam isn't a race"
    "White girls abused by Muslim men"

    Make your minds up

  • paul Smith
    paul Smith 1 month ago

    BBC rewriting history. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Perelandro Persimmon

    There is no such thing as a good Pakistani. Except the ones 6 feet under the ground.

    • marmarianne
      marmarianne 20 days ago

      ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP EXACTLY!

    • Stewie Griffin
      Stewie Griffin 21 day ago

      The tinfoil hat is strong with this one^

    • Rexy Rapper
      Rexy Rapper 21 day ago

      ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP they were

    • ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP
      ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP 21 day ago

      The men who did this are not from Pakistan!!!

    • Rexy Rapper
      Rexy Rapper 24 days ago

      Stewie Griffin I don't think all Pakistani muslims do this. Some do some don't, some white muslims do this and some don't. And non muslims do this as well

  • Gordon Freemason
    Gordon Freemason 1 month ago

    I don't think I've ever been more ashamed of my country than when I heard about what happened in Rotherham.

    If anything like that happens again, we need to start arming ourselves like the americans do.

    • KeepHimAtBay
      KeepHimAtBay 27 days ago

      bro. its too late for you, you are already going down

    • Rae Vandenberg
      Rae Vandenberg 1 month ago

      It's still happening. And brave men like Tommy Robinson are going to jail for telling the truth. Read his book. The man needs police protection like Geert Wilders.

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  • Wall Yoof
    Wall Yoof 1 month ago

    Sickening how the BBC who ignored and still do on the crime of Muslim grooming gangs racially raping white girls and now making a programme to dramatise it

  • Hans Lykfeet
    Hans Lykfeet 1 month ago

    The BBC is Authoritarian leftism in action, the re-framing of reality to perpetuate a suicidal house of cards ideology.
    A cowardly, brainwashed population that refuses to protect their children have no future.

  • Tilly Bulldog
    Tilly Bulldog 1 month ago


  • Swedish House Boss
    Swedish House Boss 1 month ago

    This is racist! shame on you BBC

    • Gray Edgar
      Gray Edgar 1 month ago

      Swedish House Boss people who label things as racist just don't have any basis to argue or discuss anything

    • sam sloan
      sam sloan 1 month ago

      Swedish House Boss what's racist about it

  • betterthanyourmom
    betterthanyourmom 1 month ago

    British people have to pay to fund this propaganda or they'll​ be imprisoned. Just like the parents who tried to save their children from the Muslim rapists or people who tried to take photos of the Islamic pedos after they exit court.

  • Vicious Creep
    Vicious Creep 1 month ago

    Nothing to do with ethno-religious organizations.

  • Delightful Gentleman

    "there's no such thing as a child prostitute"

    there is, every underage leftist female

    • Rexy Rapper
      Rexy Rapper 1 month ago

      Delightful Gentleman if a child is having sex underage for money she/he is being abused and groomed. He/she is a victim!!!

  • TL Winslow
    TL Winslow 1 month ago

    How sick that the self-hating leftist Marxist overlords of Britain won't even mention the connection of these rape gangs with the intolerant supremacist mysoginist ideology of ISLAM.

    • Mark Raymond
      Mark Raymond 14 days ago

      Per capita hardly any when compared to non-white Muslim rapists.

    • Hari1017
      Hari1017 27 days ago

      TL Winslow
      You're also a clueless fool who knows nothing about what they're talking about and uses wikiislam lol, proves your intelligence.

  • washburn road
    washburn road 1 month ago

    Here is one more media production embracing the CUCK culture that submits to Islam. Muslims are laughing at the West.

  • flutiexxx
    flutiexxx 1 month ago

    Hold up. Are the rapists white men in this?

  • John Crespi
    John Crespi 1 month ago

    No mention of Islam huh?

    In "sentencing the men at the time, Judge Gerald Clifton bluntly disagreed, clearly stating that religion was a factor in the case and part of what motivated the men to treat the girls as they did.

    He said the men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

    “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion".

    BBC is a worthless piece of crap.

  • BruceT
    BruceT 1 month ago

    So the BBC is blatantly lying. You truly are disgusting racists BBC.

    • Isabelle McGill
      Isabelle McGill 8 days ago

      Oh I just want to add, Muslims tend to be teally nice people, so I hope my point of view comes across ok.

    • Isabelle McGill
      Isabelle McGill 8 days ago

      Your right it's not because they are Muslims, it's because they are generally horrible people. And unfortunately horrible people come from all walks of life. Thankfully most people are nice, but these people are tragic and sick.

    • Matthew Harrison
      Matthew Harrison 10 days ago

      BruceT Muslim Apologist.

    • Shayna Bloggs
      Shayna Bloggs 17 days ago

      Not all muslims are bad but some are sick

  • Will Ganness
    Will Ganness 1 month ago

    The BBC and Feminists want more Islam in Europe so they could use bad Male Islamic ideas to continue to bash ALL men. Why is this not hard to see?

    • jasmine Craven
      jasmine Craven 15 days ago

      Markish86 there are plenty of white rapists? Brock turner is a disgusting rapist and he's not Muslim or African

    • Markish86
      Markish86 28 days ago

      Aye feminists will quickly change their stance on refugees once tall, blonde blue eyed white South African women start pleading for asylum in Europe soon. I am sick of being lumped together with African and Asian rapists just because I'm a man.

    • romper stomper
      romper stomper 1 month ago

      Wow, i think you might be on to something. at least i never heard that before

  • zimmerman2000us
    zimmerman2000us 1 month ago

    BBC does not report

    However, sentencing the men at the time, Judge Gerald Clifton bluntly disagreed, clearly stating that religion was a factor in the case and part of what motivated the men to treat the girls as they did.

    He said the men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.
    “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

  • Kaveski
    Kaveski 1 month ago

    Looking forward to the focus on clashing cultures and how political correctness fostered and allowed crimes to continue to be committed.

    On the other hand, it's the BBC so it will probably be washed over.

  • RoboxianLancaster
    RoboxianLancaster 1 month ago

    WHy no mention of islam?

    • Harvey Lion
      Harvey Lion 19 days ago

      xxtoronto xo In other news, aliens and three headed pigs have landed in Toronto - stop being lazy and check on Google

    • xxtoronto xo
      xxtoronto xo 20 days ago

      history and google, dont be lazy

    • Harvey Lion
      Harvey Lion 20 days ago

      xxtoronto xo For the hundredth time, show me the truth! You've got all the time in the world to reply to me and others in this thread, yet you can't supply a single link or article to back up your claim that this so called Catholic issue is far worse.

      I'm losing brain cells just talking to you. Unless you can provide any sources, I'm finished replying to you

  • john rankin
    john rankin 1 month ago

    You don't mention ONCE that this was done because of ISLAM.  BBC RAT SCUM BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP
      ISIS are CIA. 9/11 INSIDE JOB. New World Order is here WAKE UP 21 day ago

      Human trafficking is happening all over the world!

    • Steel Nerves
      Steel Nerves 24 days ago

      Harvey Lion if its to do with Islam then explain why these people are humiliated and degraded by muslims for their actions. The rochdale abusers were hardly the pray 5x a day types and fast all of ramadan whilst reciting the Quran at every opportunity. You dont know what ure talking about. Anything to make the cap fit right? If it is a part of Islam why are we only seeing this now? Muslims in the 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's never engaged in this criminality. Truth is these girls were sexually active and deemed to be easy prey by predators. The shame is on the abusers and a society that doesn't protect its girls from evils of society. As for the parents and police they need a slap too.

    • Harvey Lion
      Harvey Lion 24 days ago

      Steel Nerves Oh please. What else other than a twisted belief in Islam could turn such a huge community of men into peadophile rapists? Have you even lived amongst Muslim communities? They're the best liars on the planet.

      There is big evil branch of Islam (I don't care if it's the true interpretation or not) that allows for the inhumane treatment of non Muslim girls for sexual exploitation.

      And it's huge business too - leaders of grooming gangs can easily make above 6 figures a year. It's very rare to find child prostitutes unless you go to third world countries so leaders of grooming gangs charge extortionate prices to punters

    • SFAAPK7
      SFAAPK7 24 days ago

      john rankin Have you even watched the TV show

  • jonathan wakefield
    jonathan wakefield 1 month ago

    how about a drama on Jimmy Saville's 30 years of sexual abuse, eh BBC?

    • jerichos
      jerichos 2 days ago

      channel 5 already did it lmao

  • Dewina Irwin
    Dewina Irwin 1 month ago


  • kyanne johnstone
    kyanne johnstone 1 month ago

    whats the song on this?

  • Snake56
    Snake56 1 month ago

    It'd be nice if the BBC made a drama based on what happened in Rotherham.

  • Blue River
    Blue River 1 month ago

    heartbreaking <3

  • gary abbot
    gary abbot 1 month ago

    Looks shit

  • Frostwork
    Frostwork 1 month ago


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