Lustral - Everytime (2007 Version with Live String Section)

This is a video i made for Lustral's "Everytime". This song means a lot to me and i really love this version. Enjoy everyone.★ ★

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Author notagent47 ( ago)
would love to hear an instrumental version. the strings are sublime

Author Panos Chronis ( ago)
Goosebump material..!

Author john law ( ago)

Author Colin hanlon ( ago)
Love this tune

Author 80vas ( ago)

Author Daniel ( ago)
Timo Maas is the best version!!!

Author M-Human ( ago)
Absolutely number one ;-)

Author Dolly Ferrer ( ago)
Always dedicated to my Mother who passed 17 yrs ago. Every year on her
anniversary I play this song and dedicated to her. Rest in peace my Queen,
forever in my heart <3

Author Edgardo llanos muñoz ( ago)
:::::Omg amazing song !!!! i love song !!!!

Author Jazzylive ( ago)
Пизже только Джигурда!

Author Maikol Bayona Vargas ( ago)

Author Gregorios Demirtzoglou ( ago)
I have searched so long for this song. Somedays I'd remember some of the
lyrics and I'd wake up singing them, but could never find the song. Thank
you so much for sharing - this means a lot to me too.

Author Thea van Egmond ( ago)

Author bob jones ( ago)
Wonderful version of a truly remarkable haunting gem!!! Brilliant

Author J. Omar Sánchez Carrasco ( ago)
@deaky this song is …can´t explain…love…when I decide to change my life was
with this..I was so drunk in Acapulco I saw a beautiful gringa (USA woman)
…and I asked my self if I want a gorgeous woman as her….I should stop
drinking….and I did..NO GRINGA…but a beautiful….life now...



Author Richard Karagrozia ( ago)
This version brings the chills throughout my body more than any other. So
spiritual and mournful.

Author Red Shift ( ago)
This can be our song.

Author Eric Martin ( ago)
Ty......means alot to many of us!!!

Author Vertu73 Вселенский ( ago)

Author icebutt ( ago)
Thank you Laidy63

Author kgbkid1 ( ago)

Author Gio Dos ( ago)
το αγαπω τρελλα αυτο το κομματι ..

Author ElSuperbombom1 ( ago)
I was expecting her to open her eyes at the end :/.....

Author Abdulwahab Al Nuaimi (1050 years ago)
Thank you.

Author Silverback93 ( ago)
Fantastic version!! 


Author zeyon-k ( ago)

Sofía Aguilar

Creo en ti y en dios que me acerco a ti,
Creo en tus sueños que son como los míos,
Creo en todo lo que mí corazón siente por ti...

Tu eres la mujer que yo más quiero....

...tu eres la mujer que yo espero....

Que dios te bendiga siempre....


Author J.R. Bolle ( ago)

Author Foteini Kal ( ago)
Amazing song...

Author Arielle L'hoir ( ago)
J adore la sensualité de cette musique mais ...I do not want to close my
eyes ...........

Author REMIX ( ago)

Author Hiro sakamoto ( ago)
So big love

Author john kami ( ago)
To my best friend ever my brother !!! Thank's Andrew for all !!!

Author REMIX ( ago)

Author LiquidDrumnBreaks ( ago)
wow fantastic video work 

Author LiquidDrumnBreaks ( ago)
so beautiful it hurts

Author VodkaSour ( ago)
still like the (way out west) version better

Author Margret Elva Sigurðardóttir ( ago)

Author Sandra S ( ago)
Expressive... Beautiful.... Close your eyes .... open your mind & heart &

Author Phill L ( ago)
Ohh how I remember ...........................when i'm lonely..............

Author Anna Sajtos ( ago)

Author Jordi Blaya ( ago)
It's really wonderful!!

Author Kristin Outlan ( ago)
Still a favorite and never gets old. Beautiful

Author Jay C ( ago)
<3 Kate 

Author Maikol Bayona Vargas ( ago)
Buena armonia... =)

Author Maikol Bayona Vargas ( ago)
Buena armonia... =)

Author Maikol Bayona Vargas ( ago)
Buena armonia...

Author David Holmes ( ago)

Author V Nt ( ago)
Λυκάκι μου σε λατρεύω!

Author cincibg ( ago)
everytime everytime everytime everytime 0_0 ..... 

Author Mina Levin ( ago)
Amazing & song my lovely lovely~♥\(◠‿◠)/♥

Author panos kalp ( ago)

Author Gregory Stavropoulos ( ago)
Best video ever...!!!!

Author tantrum teenie ( ago)

Author munchieloz ( ago)
... zzzzzzzzzz

Author Belmondo2122 ( ago)
how uplifting ! thank you for this......

Author Antonio Pinto ( ago)
Gracias por el video.

Author Pedro Silva ( ago)

Author FLAWDAWADA727 ( ago)
Wow I was skeptical when I saw the title but this 07 mix does it justice.
That is hard for me to say as i believe that masterpieces should be left
alone! LovEEE DovEEE

Author yiannaS ( ago)
its a fact that evreytime i close my eyes i see you my little face...

Author PnPcreations ( ago)
kommataros! apisteuta lyrics.. apisteuta! 

Author Ronald Artavia ( ago)
Definitly, the best love song ever thanks Lustral, I though you played only
trance, this is a clasic, it will be for ever in my top 3

Author Thomas Conway ( ago)
you're right - i've loved this track forever and this is an awesome
version.... makes me feel like the wind is picking me up!!!! thanks! ;)

Author ute siesmann ( ago)
Sunshine,bin in diesem Fall never ever Cooly.......sitze und heule,es ist
wahne......5 Monate mit D I R und und und.....Du bist der wundervollste
Mann und bin so stolz auf dich!!!! ICH LIEBE DICH und danke
dir....10000000000 XXX back 

Author andygb1969 ( ago)
Baby, der text sagt alles!!! Wenn es Dir nicht gut geht, dann hoer Dir das
lied an... Ich liebe Dich so sehr. Du bereicherst mein leben

Author ktuluesp ( ago)
no joke thats a beautiful line!

Author fkotw ( ago)
Original mix it is

Author badriyah43 ( ago)
I can hear you talking in your mind. :)

Author Danny Jimenez ( ago)
This was a great comment:)) Thanks for posting this.... Danny Jimenez aka

Author Margret Elva Sigurðardóttir ( ago)
love this song

Author alphasimian ( ago)
My father passed away this morning, and this song... has helped. Thank you.

Author Brooklyn Joe ( ago)
You really did a beautiful job with this. I am featuring this on my channel

Author rustybuttcrack ( ago)

Author 1HarryH ( ago)
Gorgeous presentation, thanks

Author TheGockelgorski ( ago)
“The best video I've ever seen in my entire life”. Thanks sharing my sweet
angel ♥♥♥ I Love You

Author Sedik66861 ( ago)
Sumptuously sublime video & Outrageously sensational song My heartfelt
congratulations for the gigantically brilliant work of editing Thank you
wholeheartedly for sharing this fabulously splendid emotional moment With
my highest admiration I wish you an excellent continuation Bravo ***** 

Author sylvie1312 ( ago)
@deakysg ....akrivws...!

Author Deaky ( ago)
@sylvie1312 etsi

Author sylvie1312 (364 years ago)
...when i'm lonely....your voice is in my head...

Author Jenny Yoshiko ( ago)
What's the original classic melody in the beginning of the song? I'm not
sure, that they composed the introduction, wanna find it

Author Kiarash Heidari ( ago)
this song drives me crazy 

Author Guyver303 ( ago)
@deakysg It was never called that, though.

Author Deaky ( ago)
@Guyver303 Yeah.The original 2007 mix.

Author Guyver303 ( ago)
You can get it on Beatport for $1.49 @ 320kb/s

Author Guyver303 ( ago)
This is not the "2007 Version wit Live String Section" ..this is the
original mix. 

Author guillermo guadron ( ago)

Author George Papageorgiou ( ago)
hi, can anybody tell me where i can find this version on a cd or online to
buy? thanks a lot 

Author mexxikann ( ago)
crazy VINLY WAS NT PERFEKT snd lol .....this is a btfl sng round 98 ?

Author Gary Alexander ( ago)
Never had so much meaning as it does now!!

Author romuztek ( ago)

Author schiriacaurora ( ago)
fantastik song

Author Milagros GIL QUINTERO ( ago)
beauty close my eyes nand i see you

Author MrDreamReader ( ago)
this is a great video ... I see you Максим

Author Radu Harsulescu ( ago)
this beautiful piece of feeling is unpacking my soul from the box i've
thrown it in

Author MakedonecMacedonian ( ago)
I LIKE IT!!!!! Regards from Macedonia!

Author Puneet Mehra ( ago)
The Original version of this song in 320kbps can be found in Buddha Bar 13

Author Zero Cool ( ago)
what is up with the letterboxing?

Author parapligikos01 ( ago)
Great video my friend !!!

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