Lustral - Everytime (2007 Version with Live String Section)

This is a video i made for Lustral's "Everytime". This song means a lot to me and i really love this version. Enjoy everyone.★ ★

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 5:08
Comments: 190

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Author VodkaSour (2 months)
still like the (way out west) version better

Author LiquidDrumnBreaks (16 days)
wow fantastic video work 

Author Luciane Vicente (3 months)
Can you hear me?
Talking in my mind...

Author DORA HERNANDEZ (2 months)

Author Margret Elva Sigurðardóttir (2 months)

Author Phill Lockett (3 months)
Ohh how I remember ...........................when i'm lonely..............

Author Jordi Blaya (4 months)
It's really wonderful!!

Author Anna Sajtos (4 months)

Author Kristin Outlan (5 months)
Still a favorite and never gets old. Beautiful

Author Jay Crossingham (5 months)
<3 Kate 

Author Nathan Owens (5 years)
who does this version? does anyone know where i can download it? :o

Author Tehya64 (4 years)
What a beautiful version of a fave song of mine...thank you for that.

Author tantrum teenie (1 year)

Author DiiO LATINI (5 years)
amazing ! amazing ! Beautiful video ! ! I love this song !

Author .coval (3 years)
strahotno e :)

Author Antonio Pinto (1 year)
Gracias por el video.

Author ktuluesp (2 years)
no joke thats a beautiful line!

Author Dave W. Pope (5 years)
I don't really like this version, and I don't think the subtitles were
neccessary, lol

Author pablo ventosa (4 years)
muy bueno!!

Author Sharon Palmer (4 years)
@Chiangmai007 - same for me too.....anything but the original was not worth
it, but this is purely sublime...loving the strings!

Author undrgrndwmn (5 years)
great job!

Author Elena5Nik (3 years)

Author mlc10221976 (4 years)
omg this song brings back the sweetest memories for me... i so love this
song... enjoy people... this one's for AMIT SHARMA..., wherevere you are
babu, you will always be my baba. thank you for all the lovely memories
together ... i love you

Author Danny Jimenez (2 years)
This was a great comment:)) Thanks for posting this.... Danny Jimenez aka

Author Deaky (5 years)
I totally agree with you ;)

Author yiannasdr (1 year)
its a fact that evreytime i close my eyes i see you my little face...

Author greghot (4 years)
magical ... love love it!

Author nickwiszniewski (4 years)
2 words: Shit Hot !!!

Author schiriacaurora (2 years)
fantastik song

Author Sexxehurleyboi (5 years)
In February 2009 my precious son Benjamin took his life after struggling
for 28 years with bipolar disease. Yesterday I sat on the Beaches of San
Diego California... I played this song over and over on my ipod and sang to
him. Thank you Lustral for putting words to my tears. Rest in peace my
precious Ben... Momma is still missing you.

Author pavela1987 (4 years)
absolutely gorgeous song

Author Guyver303 (2 years)
This is not the "2007 Version wit Live String Section" ..this is the
original mix.

Author Kiarash Heidari (2 years)
this song drives me crazy

Author Marius Stankaitis (5 years)
labai labai patinka sita daina sancia ir silainiaaaa!!!!! :D

Author Deaky (2 years)
@sylvie1312 etsi

Author yu318 (5 years)
Beautiful Rythm,Beautiful vocal,I really realy love it !!!!! send a copy

Author MrDreamReader (3 years)
this is a great video ... I see you Максим

Author Micheál Butler (4 years)

Author Maria Petrou (5 years)
* *

Author badriyah43 (2 years)
I can hear you talking in your mind. :)

Author DNM TWENTYSIX (4 years)
yes yes yes..there's a warm sky, covering the night!

Author 1HarryH (2 years)
Gorgeous presentation, thanks

Author Lucy Hart (5 years)
OMG lovein this wot a tune and lovely relaxing video...

Author tibietigni1 (5 years)
does anyone have it on your PCs? i can't find this version but i love it so
much, it'd be wonderful if somebody could send it to me

Author ute siesmann (2 years)
Sunshine,bin in diesem Fall never ever Cooly.......sitze und heule,es ist
wahne......5 Monate mit D I R und und und.....Du bist der wundervollste
Mann und bin so stolz auf dich!!!! ICH LIEBE DICH und danke
dir....10000000000 XXX back

Author Nokka10 (4 years)
wow ive never heard this version before....lovely

Author Guyver303 (2 years)
You can get it on Beatport for $1.49 @ 320kb/s

Author andygb1969 (2 years)
Baby, der text sagt alles!!! Wenn es Dir nicht gut geht, dann hoer Dir das
lied an... Ich liebe Dich so sehr. Du bereicherst mein leben

Author edbraga (5 years)
oh, by the way.. video is impressive also..

Author romuztek (2 years)

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