25 Rookie Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

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My TOP 25 Rookie / Beginner Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your travels! Learn from my mistakes, these are all things I've done and learnt from.

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On destination photos. I'm going to be obtuse. Because I actually have registered a domain name that's the name of the city I'm thinking of. I had a postcard that showed clear green water flowing in this city. Turned out it was muddy brown, and in spots kind of yucky.

Author Ahmed Raza ( ago)
plz tell me beginner european countries. how many should i visit and what place should i visit. plz. help.

Author JuliaLovesUnicorns ( ago)
i dont have all of these bc im going to a all inclusive hotel!

Author Tomáš Repiský ( ago)
Short connection times: Yeah, you can actually buy a ticket from A to B with a midlanding in Amsterdam or Frankfurt with a connection time of 30 minutes - NOT POSSIBLE!

Author Tomáš Repiský ( ago)
You are such a pretty girl - and your voice is so soothing!

Author Deepa K ( ago)
Nice world map t shirt!!

Author Nicole Bryant ( ago)
Thanks, this really helps me (:

Author MinNShawn S ( ago)
@heynadine. Great vid! I sent you an email about upcoming travel. Would love to get your thoughts. Thnx ! Where did you get that tee!!!! ???

Author Giselle Martinez ( ago)
Lady, please. It's pronounced "Day-ta" NOT "Daa-ta" please, you made me cringe for a solid 2 minutes.

Author aalekssandra ( ago)
i did pack so much snacks on my travel i didn't eat even half of it

Author lisaaa ( ago)
Did you use interrail / eurorail ?

Author darren voysey ( ago)
wow leftie ;-) accommodation lol

Author Eloy Cruz ( ago)
Thank you and you're beautiful!

Author Melissa Nunez ( ago)
Okay this helps! 😊

Author PeachSmoothie ( ago)
that hat is absolutely gorgeous! does anyone know where she might have gotten it from or know a place that sells something similar?

Author Ghumakkad Bachche ( ago)
#26. Don't fuck in the hotel kitchen/store room is what I learnt from my trip to Italy

Author Eliza K ( ago)
Rookie mistake: be on your phone all the time! (like in a restaurant or at a hotel) Look up into the world, not on your phone.

Author Leaddowntheyoutuberabithole ( ago)
Pro tip: find a credit union or online bank before you travel that offers ATM refunds. There's one that offers $10 a day atm reimbursement. The cost for using an Australian atm to pull from an American acct was $12. This also allows you to split up your money.

Author Tia Pauliina ( ago)
this was really good video!! I can't wait that I can start travelling 😍 where can I get that shirt?

Author Joey Bunbury ( ago)
Great Advice, fun energy!

Author corecass ( ago)
drinking water out of the tap. is not common in every country. one i knew before travelling. how ever someone in my group thought that did not count for washing feggie's for food. so we all got sick. next one.. if your on your trip. and do have the thin one running.. and have no meds for it or no access. check for food that can do the trick. like potato's. banana's

Author arrivedp ( ago)
Learned about that physically fit thing climbing the mountains of Nepal.

Author Erik Ryden ( ago)
I would actually REALLY recommend trying to go on a trip without any wifi/data. I went to China and Iran without a VPN which cut me off from basically all social media etc. because of their blocks and I found myself being able to enjoy the trips so much more. No facebook, instagram, snapchat, whatever for an extended time really makes a big change if you like me are used to being surrounded by that all the time. Bring a good book, make sure you have enough money on your bank account or (like me) ask someone back home to keep an eye on it and cut yourself off from the world a bit. Trust me it'll be worth it!

Author Elissa Kouemeni ( ago)
my family and I stay at our Grandmothers house so I can eat for free go to the store to buy clothes(cuz I stay there for a month in Taiwan ) and buy shoes and leave them there so these tips don't apply to me

Author Jesseca Lauren ( ago)
LOL when I moved to Europe for my student exchange I brought like three huge suitcases. worst decision of my life. I ended up missing a train because of all my luggage hahaha

Author David Castle ( ago)
what's the message here?

Author Neylena ( ago)
omg super cute shirt Nadine! Where is it from? Please do an outfit video!

Author Molly Mercer ( ago)
Always bring an extention lead along with your adapter. You never know how many plug sockets your accommodation will have. Also useful to use during your flight because sometimes not every seat has its own plug socket.

Author Laman Alvarez ( ago)
I LOVE THE VIDEO. Yu are so.... pretty : ) It's nice to have a cute traveler give recommendations. Keep it up

Author narda92pod ( ago)
I just came back from traveling for 4 months.. in the beginning i bought myself a sim card, I made sure wifi where i was staying was good. but later on going from a country to country it was just too much to always invest into a sim card and wifi started getting worse - for instance, it would only be available in common areas in hostels and it would take ages to open a page. and later wherever i went i only took my phone to take pictures with. So listen.. you can do without wifi and data for a bit! Stop looking at your phone the whole time and look around, talk to the locals, ask what their favorite restaurant it, and for direction if you are not sure. you are going to have such a better time!

Author beeehaav ( ago)
I am planning a coastal road trip in costa rica. Any advice?

Author Pia Michelle ( ago)
People who say you don't need data or wifi, you may come in a situation where you need it like an important situation like making a phone call for something important there a lot of things you'd need it for, I'm not saying you have to use it all the time or you have to have it in just saying you may want to get it just in case because you never know

Hey Nadine, we just found your channel! Saw that you were able to link to your IG from your cards, is that because you used IG as your associated website? Would love to hear how you did it as Google doesn't give much help. 😉

Author Grow With E. ( ago)
where is your shirt from? So cute!!

Author Genesis Gonzalez ( ago)
Where do you get that tshirt?

Author Surfing Persia ( ago)
this is a good video.

Author hunterweeks ( ago)
My friend and i went to hawaii and thought it would be smart to put our clothes in one bag and our food, shower stuff, towels and snorkelling stuff in another bag.. Needless to say the airport misplaced our bag and we were stuck without some things our first half of our trip!!

Author Duongita Smartipants ( ago)
I love love love your shirt could you share where you got it plzzz!!!

Author Jaimee Ellison ( ago)
definitely don't forget plug adaptors. Forgot one when I went to AUS and suffered until I could get to the store to purchase one

Author Kevin Myers ( ago)
I love your videos!!! This was awesome and very helpful!

Author ck ( ago)
pro tip: you can pre download languages on google translate and use without data.

Author S LaBean ( ago)
Where did you get your shirt from? Awesome.

Author Katie Wilson ( ago)
Where did you get your shirt??

Author G.WalkerTravel ( ago)
Great video Nadine, for me the most important and underrated Rookie mistake is travelling with a preconceived notion of the place where you're going or hyping things like you said .

For instance if you're traveling to a place where you think it will only going to be sunny because of some photos you saw online, just a little bit of rain can be enough to make you regret your choice or activities for that day.

Don't travel thinking things can only went ONE WAY, that's the fastest way to get disappointed.

Author James Golding ( ago)
hey gal been snatching your vids a lot lately, always love your backgrounds

Author Nabeeha Crystal ( ago)
who thinks she looks like anushka sharma ?

Author Michael Morgan ( ago)
Great video! I've never traveled abroad without staying with a local. Recently I took a trip to Ecuador without accommodations set up and experienced almost every one of your points. Fortunately I both planned accordingly and was directed by new friends there, so I was able to dodge "most" of your list =]

Author Sylvia Furjanic ( ago)
Your videos are very entertaining and you have a great personality :-)

Author Victoria ( ago)
Know your exchange rates and currency value. Some people will scam you.

Also, no matter how much you miss Chinese, never in Venice. Never. Unless they have a China Town, don't do it.

Refillable water bottles are great. And a lot of cities have drinking fountains, and a lot of restaurants will refill them for you if you ask nicely.

Author Leslie Quilaqueo ( ago)
Valparaíso! I'm going to subscribe just because you mentioned a city in my country! Nah just kidding, I'm really loving your channel and it's helping me so much, thanks

Author Georg Bandak ( ago)
as a frequent traveler, the more often I connect to the Internet the less I enjoy my trip. always go carry-on, never bring electronics unless you absolutely need them, always bring Vicks rub, melatonin, antihistamines and immodium or nexium if you are allowed (check with doctor if you don't know).

Author Richard Brennan ( ago)
I had to turn this off.

Author MikaelaG.Yager-Moberg ( ago)
Where is your shirt from?? :)

Author Victoria Higgins ( ago)
Pin credit cards is such a huge necessity now. I've been places where there is no swipe to get money. Plus make sure your pin doesn't start with a zero. A lot of countries won't work with a zero. Agreed on the currency it's so difficult to change money over and then if you have money on the way back you have to pay twice.

Author ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ ( ago)
Hey Nadine, how many guys have you slept with while traveling?

Author Avery Hill ( ago)
You remind me of Ingrid Nielsen!!!

Author Chimpy LovesHerself ( ago)
A person, I was traveling with, had sent all of her money to be transfered internationally. The bank sent it to a different city and she wasn't able to get until the next day. I think having backup solutions for money problems are important.

Author madd ozzie ( ago)

Author izzy fig ( ago)
Thank you great tips!!!

Author Katryna Ohryn ( ago)
life/travel hack: after lots of walking/skating/leg activity at the end of the day lay on the floor, legs up, butt against the wall to help drain the lactic acid, do
it for a long time so they will be less sore in the moment & the next day

Author Jenny Foggs ( ago)
I just can't bring myself to book a ticket... I've fucking handed my notice in at work! What's my problem!

Author Future Under Improvisation ( ago)
thank you for your tipos I will try to remember them. keep th e great job

Author Natalia Donova ( ago)
Really great Travel Advices! :) Thanks Nadine! :)

Author Mike ( ago)
Factful video. Thanks Nadine. 3 tips to piggyback on your ideas. 1) Water. You never know when the city you are staying at shuts off the water, like it happened to me in Poland. Keep hydrated. 2) Small pack of laundry soap. Laundrying is expensive like you pointed out. Rome was crazy expensive and confusing. 3) Twine or bungie cords. They come in handy for all types of misc. needs, like hanging said laundry or tying down your pack when it busts oven with souvenirs . Added tip - post cards from your home town. It's always a nice ice breaker, besides beer, to show people a postcard of where you are from.
Bon voyage. See you on the road.

Author Katrin Haerterich ( ago)
My sister's tip to me about going to Germany: you have to pay to use restrooms in public. Its another thing that will eat up your change especially so if you are having lots of delicious beer. :)

Author Lauren Smith ( ago)
that lipstick is a really nice colour on you :)

Author natalie belle ( ago)
i love this!

Author Tim Croghan ( ago)
Your an inspiration!!

Author Gownsandroses ( ago)
And don't forget your card in the ATM! Where I'm from, the card comes out first and then you get your money, but many other places (for example Southeast Asia where I'm traveling at the moment) you get your money first and then your card. I've met soooo many people who've lost their cards this way! Sometimes you can call the bank and get it back, sometimes you can't.

Author angel wilson ( ago)
how do u travel so much

Author Anna Serzh ( ago)
u are amazing!!!

Author Rob _ ( ago)
why is youtube filled with over edited, we talk too fast crap. people want your information, stop with the old lame format

Author Love Ellie ( ago)
For me, i think you shouldnt get data because youll constantly check your phone and not pay attention to the beauty that place has. But data comes in handy when u plan a trip not on cities.

Author ssaahhrraa9 ( ago)
Same thing, eating at pricey restaurants!! I went to Malaysia and I would legit eat at the most fancy places just because I could afford it but the local food always tasted 10x better and was normally 5x less in price!! Definitely a major rookie mistake.

Author penny nisperos ( ago)
thanks for this video nadine.. this is my 1st time to me as a solo traveller 😉

Author ClickAnna ( ago)
This tips are great but I can't stop looking at her shirt, its so lovely :) Where did you get the shirt?

Author Andrés Romero ( ago)
I'm going to California soon what is a good mobile data plan for a 2 week trip ?

Author Breanna Lambert ( ago)
Im a new subscriber and i love your videos! I love traveling and all of these are great! And i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt!😍😍 Where did you get it???

Author Amanda Arreola ( ago)
what lipstick are you wearing? it's beautiful.

Author Hannah Rivera ( ago)
I just don't drink or socialize when I go on a solo travel. I like to be extra safe.

Author Ismael Chouaiby ( ago)
tip; in spain red wine bottle or sangria bottles are 1 euro each

Author John Robert Ruiz ( ago)
alcohol can screw your budget, very true👍

Author Ana Pérez Vogel ( ago)
hey where did you get your case from? I love it!

Author Savannah Gonzalez ( ago)
Anyone else cringe when she said data bc she says it different than you haha?😂

Author 百合の花 - ( ago)
Thank you so much! I'm planning a 3-months journey as a solo and I've written them all down on a Word document including the added details for me to bring with! A lot of them are very good advice!

Author Kelly O ( ago)
The hype! Gosh, yes. I remember going onto a group trip to the Grand Canyon and the guide had us walking to it hand-in-hand with our eyes closed. When she told us to open our eyes, I looked down and was just like... "Oh." I actually thought Dead Horse Point was more spectacular but I expect 'the hype' was a big part of that as DHP wasn't something I knew anything about.

Author Robot that is taking your job ( ago)
You have a very annoying way of communicating.

Author Focal Essence ( ago)
O man I am guilty of so many of these haha

Author lilbsabannuh ( ago)

Author Christina Martin ( ago)
yes girl the Panama city bus it's really $1 .50 from the airport it's a good tip to know

Author Davide Mattanza ( ago)
You are so cool! :)

Author Edgar A. Ortiz ( ago)
Hey! I just subscribed to your channel! I'm traveling a lot this year, and I really needed to watch a good channel on giving me tips. I ran into this one and I'd have to say, IT'S PERFECT!! I love what you do and btw I ADORE your shirt. Where did you get it???

Author Siva Linga ( ago)
always try to find out local rules! In 2014 when I went to India, I was dropping off a family member at a local train station. After dropping them off, myself and my brother were stopped by the local police and was asked for a specific ticket to which we did not have. After arguing with the policeman (which you should no do), I was told that in order to drop someone off and leave, one would need to purchase a specific ticket (Indian currency 5 rupees).

Author Keri McC. ( ago)
GPS your taxi rides in foreign countries. They may not speak your language and may not take you where you intend on going. (this happened to us)

Author Olivia Ebb ( ago)
My cousin went too America for 1 year and when she come home too Australia we went too a concert and she came out of the portable potty and legit tipped the lady who was standing outside of the potty 10$! 😂

Author Just Beanie ( ago)
Such a good video! Loved it! Good job!

Author Love Roche' ( ago)
I absolutely love this! Everything is soooooooooo T R U E!

Author Tracey D ( ago)
Any advice on language barriers?

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