Best Fielding in Cricket History - Top Cricket Fieldings - Cricket Highlights 2016

Top Fielding in Cricket History

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Author Matthew Hegener ( ago)

Author Taniqsh Junghare ( ago)
Brendon mcculum fielding is best

Author Seth Watson ( ago)
Haha I'm American and I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what the heck is going on

Author HS Productions -Film Making ( ago)
Any people here who don't understand, When The Batter hits he can run back and forth each time he does a lap his team gets a point. If it hits the boundaries (rope) then his team gets 4 points. If You Catch The Ball, the batter is out and if his ball goes past the boundaries, without bouncing they get 6 points. That's why they were slapping it out, so the other team dosent get extra points

Author Alam Hossen ( ago)
funny video

Author Will Duncan ( ago)
For all the Americans that are confused whiles they watch this here are the rules:
If the ball rolls across the line the batting team scores 4 runs
If the ball is hit over the line without bouncing it is 6 runs
If you stop the ball while in contact with the rope it is 4 or 6 depending on if it has bounced or not

Author gooy loi ( ago)

Author Navroop Singh ( ago)
It is a sport that is played in 4 continents when baseball is played in barely 4 countries. It has a World Cup when baseball has a national tournament. Plus, baseball was a copy of this. Shut up arrogant Americans.

Author The Cricket Lovers Community ( ago)
kiwi boundary fielding is awesome

Author Jameslife A ( ago)

Author Cambridge Hathaway ( ago)
*insert statement about cricket/baseball's superiority over baseball/cricket here*

Author Cricket maniacs ( ago)
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Author prince villa ( ago)
wow amazing

Author hasan imam ( ago)

Author Md moin ( ago)
one of the most good fielder of the world brendom miculum 👏👍👌

Author Sumant Kumar ( ago)
what's filding

Author Chen Singh ( ago)

Author Royal City ( ago)

Author Susanta Saha ( ago)

Author kamal karki ( ago)

Author gaurav Prasad ( ago)
kyo chutiya bna rhe ho ...BC

Author Sudhir Basis ( ago)
last two are fluke

Author srawan verma ( ago)
it's a very good cricket

Author shamim ahmed ( ago)
i love maye india

Author Sandip Rathod ( ago)
social welfare officer

who else came here for thumbnail????

Author ViralMantra ( ago)

Author pbfamous07 ( ago)
top ten could exclusively be jonty

Author Nicholas T. ( ago)
i dont get it

Author topside2 ( ago)
This shyt looks so goofy. Like drunk high school kids ditched and just used whatever was around to make up a sport!!!

Author Hiron khan ( ago)

Author Damodara K ( ago)
i think he and dhoni can do it

Author sway juice ( ago)
I don't know how this is a sport in how I found this in the seats are so empty god damn

Author Your Doctor Clinic ( ago)
buhath acha

Author Apurv T ( ago)

Author Cricket Anywhere ( ago)
lovely video

Author Cricket Anywhere ( ago)
nice video

Author Cricket Anywhere ( ago)
click on the link to view amazing chase video

Author Altaf Ahmed ( ago)
altaf ansari

Author Ya Boy ( ago)
I haven't watched it yet but there is probably a lot of mccullum in this video

Author भाऊसाहेब पोकळे ( ago)
मराठि सेटही विझली आहे

Author भाऊसाहेब पोकळे ( ago)
मराठी सेकसी वीडीव

Author SATISH GANDHAM ( ago)
super fielding super placement

Author napees khan ( ago)

Author Enayat Lucky ( ago)

Author FPA Fishing ( ago)
Any other Americans trying to figure out what the hell is going on? lol

Author Jung Kook ( ago)
Its 2 AM... What the fuck am I doing.

Author Thiyagu ( ago)
the last one was real quick.. i think its ABD

Author Asif Mohd ( ago)

virat kohli. 235runs video

Author KHRN Star ( ago)
Where are the Bangladeshi team's video which they out both bats man together against India?

Author Mark Anthony Anthony ( ago)
Cool collection

Author cricket gamer ( ago)

Author Ayman Chamundi ( ago)

Author Ayman Chamundi ( ago)

Author Jean-Pierre Samuels ( ago)
Where is Bavuma's run out SA vs Australia

Author Naweed Rahman ( ago)

Author Arvind Kumar Yadav ( ago)
nice fielding

Author Vicky Sharma ( ago)
1:45 it' s SIX....the hell were umpires can't touch the ball once you have touched ground outside of playing field

Author readysorted ( ago)
You've missed the best run out ever... AB de Villiers vs Australia (Katich)

Author Sida Sada Admi ( ago)
No 1 runout is that jhonty rote... & then Mohammed kaif...

Author dharmana chandra mouli ( ago)
fielding - NZ
cathes- INDIA

Author divyansh rajpoot ( ago)
divyansh good time for the way
hfrrvj bhj hi nnn nnn nn. nn

Author divyansh rajpoot ( ago)
divyansh good time hfrrvj bhj hi nnn nnn nn. nn

Author divyansh rajpoot ( ago)

Author divyansh rajpoot ( ago)
divyansh Rajpoot

Author Nikhil Vedekar ( ago)

Author Makhbool Basha ( ago)
exellent vedio...thanks for uploading

Author ETC Vedios ( ago)
thanks for uploading this vedio
I really enjoyed this....
they all amazing players

Author Michael Van Camp ( ago)
Cricket is the most confusing sport in the world...

Author Dattakumar Panaskar ( ago)
nice please subscribe my channel

Author sev7n ( ago)
india ki ma ka bosra

Author gorakh taskar ( ago)
sabse best filding javagal srinath ki thi jo niche thro karta tha or bast man 1 run ki jagah 2 run leta tha kya team thi o maze aate the aaj team bohat aachi hai lekin o maze nahi hai my fevorat old team srinath prasad v. raju kumble ooooo

Author Satish Pawar ( ago)
very nice video

Author kevin carreno ( ago)
Idk what to say? 😂😂😂whose into this sport?

Author pk tunn ( ago)
not even a single Pakistani footage

Author Youtube Only ( ago)
Mathews did really well but now that'd be considered six

Author foycur ( ago)
Love learning about sports I have no effing clue about. From what I can gather by watching this video, at least the first few minutes of it, the goal is to keep the ball from leaving the field of play, regardless of how you do it.

So if you catch it while falling out of the field of play, is it still an out?

Author Imran Sagar ( ago)
Best fellding newziland

Author What's app Virals ( ago)
omg mathews and Russell loved it

Author ACVRG ( ago)
Cricket is terrible. Basketball, Amfootball, Eufootball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, water polo, rugby. Those are real sports. This cricket crap is awful.

Author Imran Alishaikh ( ago)
Number 1 New Zealand

Author Sweets sri ( ago)
Hey you below me who commented , bro it's call gentlemens game 😉

Author ben schreiner ( ago)
Question I don't know much about cricket so is the point of the bowler to hit those sticks behind the batter

Author Nithin Samuel ( ago)
Excellent Video

Author hashim ali ( ago)
what about Pakistan? ??

Author Priyanka Gupta ( ago)
great great fielding

Author Dominic Balistreri ( ago)
Cricket is baseballs retarded cousin

Author Shahzad Waheed ( ago)

Author awais watto ( ago)
what the f

Author Babur Hassani ( ago)
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Author Vaibhav Garg ( ago)
people saying bad about this video are just mad you dont know what is cricket

Author Ace Cupid Amor Griffin Reeves Ryden ( ago)

Author Sajjad Ahmed ( ago)
Babar Azs

Author digimon master ( ago)
My ilove cricket

Author Mrigank Tiwari ( ago)
Brilliant video..though the name is misleading a bit..
This adds to the well known fact that Pakistani and English players have a knack to get out in the most bizarre ways..

Author Safura Fatima ( ago)

Author 730_BlackDon ( ago)
Fake baseball?? Lol

Author Caiti Hemmings ( ago)
I'm only here because I'm American lmao and I don't know wtf cricket is

Author Z ( ago)
Is the blue line the 4 run mark?

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