WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

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  • Emma mae
    Emma mae 1 minute ago

    omfg yassssss

  • Gordon Ms
    Gordon Ms 7 minutes ago

    Big Movie 2017 HD 1080p

  • Micael Dulse
    Micael Dulse 8 minutes ago

    Big Movie 2017 HD 1080p


  • Meyna Kleeman
    Meyna Kleeman 10 minutes ago

    Wonder Woman Movie Available in hd Quality
    Stream Now https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/3iyqotFnDgo

  • David Tomsic
    David Tomsic 16 minutes ago

    What's the song in the backround?

  • TwistedSoul2002
    TwistedSoul2002 25 minutes ago

    Wonder Woman is way too OP for this story- she would solo World War 1.

  • Dabra Vole
    Dabra Vole 52 minutes ago

    this has got to be one of the most bullshit trailers i have ever seen

  • Наталия Кеуш


  • Funtime Classic Foxy

    I like this song

  • Ren Noir Suzugamori
    Ren Noir Suzugamori 2 hours ago

    I like how awkward she is around mortals

  • Nejc Petric
    Nejc Petric 2 hours ago

    xD they used the League of Legends 2014 Worlds music!

  • Elite quickscoper
    Elite quickscoper 2 hours ago

    They finally put warriors in a movie

  • Texas Child86
    Texas Child86 2 hours ago

    Marvel fans be like..
    Damn we're fucked!

  • Redneck ϟϟ
    Redneck ϟϟ 2 hours ago

    Logan is still better

  • Mistress Mortem
    Mistress Mortem 2 hours ago

    My father refuses to see the movie period due to the fact the main actress is Israeli. My father and us kids are Palestinian. And let's just say he really pissed us kids off with that comment.

  • Hailey  Montoya
    Hailey Montoya 3 hours ago

    I flipped out when Warriors came on

  • Steve Batine
    Steve Batine 4 hours ago

    See this is what D.C. needs to be doing with their heroes. Give them their own movies before Justice League so that we can know and care about them as characters first.

  • Davidlóu Maniægo
    Davidlóu Maniægo 4 hours ago

    Very cool

  • Totálny Let's play
    Totálny Let's play 4 hours ago

    lol copirate captain america :D

  • Nascix4
    Nascix4 5 hours ago

    This movie looks so crap

  • Louie 1329
    Louie 1329 5 hours ago

    ****WONDER WHORE****

  • TreeTriz
    TreeTriz 5 hours ago

    Remus had his wand ready

  • Insinity Pen
    Insinity Pen 5 hours ago

    DC has good music in their trailers. wonder woman, lustice legue

  • Jadon Loi
    Jadon Loi 6 hours ago

    is her Dua Lipa ?

  • la fuite vers l'internet


  • Dermot Geelan
    Dermot Geelan 7 hours ago

    Imagine Dragons

  • Adil Shahid
    Adil Shahid 7 hours ago

    Watching fast 5, and remember thinking she was a good actress. Little did I know she would turn out to be one hell of a Wonder Woman.

  • Chris Wong
    Chris Wong 8 hours ago

    Wonder Woman is the next League of Legends character

  • Marvel ID
    Marvel ID 8 hours ago

    Wonder Woman movie NOW available in HD quality
    Stream now https://plus.google.com/117478302280455987962/posts/cJjVj3EMY9q

    • Joe
      Joe 2 hours ago

      What is this nonsense?

  • Adam Woodward
    Adam Woodward 8 hours ago

    This actually looks great..think I'm going to have to watch this at the cinema rather than waiting for home release!

  • sachin kumar
    sachin kumar 8 hours ago

    best dceu movie..

  • braydenjamieson19
    braydenjamieson19 8 hours ago

    what is the song "we are the warriors"

  • Companion Cube
    Companion Cube 9 hours ago

    As a ww1 history buff I can't but hat the fact how the Germans and the central powers are the "bad guys". It just twist the American perspective on the war and how in ww1 both sides were equally bad people. A second thing is how there was a plane that had only one set of wings, which was not a thing in ww1.

  • PsychoTici
    PsychoTici 9 hours ago

    What is that gas

  • Gandhi Bramayusa
    Gandhi Bramayusa 9 hours ago

    Galgadot or Dua Lipa ? so similar...

  • Dylan Lorge
    Dylan Lorge 9 hours ago

    What is the name of the music that we heard in the video ?

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 10 hours ago

    2:30 - That moment reminds me of Kung Fury's epic fight against Hitlers hordes...

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 10 hours ago

    2:10 - The money shot!

  • Pinhao Huang
    Pinhao Huang 11 hours ago

    And I thought someone was going to say hey that's copied from league of legends the 2014 world championsip but i didnt seeanyone shame

  • Izzat Rozali
    Izzat Rozali 12 hours ago

    Gal gadot 💕💕

  • Omar Dominguez
    Omar Dominguez 12 hours ago

    What soundtrack is that at 0:08?

  • Caleb Avila Rendon
    Caleb Avila Rendon 12 hours ago

    The song of warrios was used in a cinematic of LoL before so this is repost :v

  • Chaz Harris
    Chaz Harris 13 hours ago


  • wreck 1990
    wreck 1990 13 hours ago

    Its a shame. I'll be playing Tekken 7 June 2 instead of watching this.

  • Jew Shulu
    Jew Shulu 13 hours ago

    Princess diannaSave the israleas

  • Sodium Chloride
    Sodium Chloride 14 hours ago

    "My blade is yours"

  • Hugo The Gamer
    Hugo The Gamer 14 hours ago

    ¡League of Legends rules, bitches!

  • Kathlyn P.
    Kathlyn P. 14 hours ago

    It would be awesome if Wonder Woman has great ratings compared to what DC has produced so far. It'll prove everyone that tried to stall production with excuses like "there's no audience for it" "her character is not developed enough" "people aren't ready to see a Wonder Woman movie" wrong.

  • Hector Neco
    Hector Neco 14 hours ago

    wonder woman girl chef cooking girl kid cannibal

  • Manulani Srilaxmy
    Manulani Srilaxmy 15 hours ago

    The beginning of the trailer man!!!!

  • Deepak dahiya
    Deepak dahiya 15 hours ago

    Which song is this mates??

  • chowder125
    chowder125 15 hours ago

    I'm screaming inside!!! I love badass women!!!!!

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama 15 hours ago


  • Norman Ravanales
    Norman Ravanales 16 hours ago

    first time I am going to watch this movie I have seen just in cartoons

  • Lucy LaVigne
    Lucy LaVigne 17 hours ago

    chris pines one liners get me every time

    he and gal have such good chemistry on screen together

  • danielrc14
    danielrc14 18 hours ago

    I hate those mini trailers at the beggining of trailers that they've been doing.

  • Jarrod DuMond
    Jarrod DuMond 19 hours ago

    Not gonna go to the movie cuz they're doing a women's only screening

  • Cybongo Blackhammer
    Cybongo Blackhammer 20 hours ago

    fuck marvel

    THEJBOY92 21 hour ago

    they used the 2014 league of legends world championship anthem lmao

  • Sara Cascino
    Sara Cascino 21 hour ago


  • Rahim A .Tamil Rocks



    TBH this looks really shitty

  • Mortimer Brewster
    Mortimer Brewster 21 hour ago

    I was never a fan of comic book heroes and never knew the difference between Marvel and DC comics until the movies came out. With the movies I've learned that I like the new incarnations of the Marvel heroes and DC's Batman, still don't like the other DC heroes. That said, this one might make me a Wonder Woman fan, as long as we haven't just seen all of the best parts.

  • Ancient Fatality
    Ancient Fatality 22 hours ago


  • jermed2001
    jermed2001 22 hours ago

    Wow! That's a trailer!

  • Heaven Yang
    Heaven Yang 22 hours ago

    Am I the only one here because of League of Legends Worlds 2014? Lol

  • Justin Opus
    Justin Opus 22 hours ago

    I won't be seeing this ever. If I want to watch hot women on screen, I'll toss in a porno. Thanks anyway.

  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Wonder woman needs to get back in the super kitchen

  • Nathália Oliveira
    Nathália Oliveira 23 hours ago


  • OdanUrr87
    OdanUrr87 23 hours ago

    Little Diana is adorable! And maybe a bit of a rascal? Can't think of a better way to start the movie.

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 23 hours ago

    Battlefield 1 looks amazing!

  • Mariam Abdulkadir
    Mariam Abdulkadir 23 hours ago

    Oh my god this is just perfect.

  • flamemadragon
    flamemadragon 1 day ago

    So does it make it canon that the DCCU and LoL are in the same universe? 😂

  • N1ckkHD
    N1ckkHD 1 day ago

    Im sure the song is from League Of Legends 2014 World Championship

  • Eric Twele
    Eric Twele 1 day ago

    Six more days before you'll believe an Amazon woman can kick butt!

  • christen dsouza
    christen dsouza 1 day ago

    As a gamer i really liked the song. Got the same chills when it was used here.
    If you don't know the name of the song then it is Warriors by IG.

  • Luis Vera
    Luis Vera 1 day ago

    And I'm sorry 😐 your dad could make it :( 😪😱😓😭😥😢

  • Luis Vera
    Luis Vera 1 day ago

    We are the warriors

  • Walter Lucca
    Walter Lucca 1 day ago

    arrepio tudo !

  • Blaine Sundwall
    Blaine Sundwall 1 day ago

    I hear this is a 'women's only' movie and men won't be allowed in theaters. Will that be the case for the DVD, Netflix, etc?

    • kafkamirro
      kafkamirro 17 hours ago

      Blaine Sundwall it's just for screening. You can watch ww on june 2 anywhere anytime on anything

  • snow man
    snow man 1 day ago

    they used an awesome song in the shittiest way possible i'm disappointed

  • tuhmato
    tuhmato 1 day ago

    Wow. Great movie! a little short, but eh, fantastic

  • Holly Davies
    Holly Davies 1 day ago

    This trailer gets me emotional

  • Ana Meza
    Ana Meza 1 day ago


  • Real HD
    Real HD 1 day ago

    I never liked Wonderwoman.......

    ..... But this Trailer changed everything

  • Southern wolf Productions

    When a warner brothers executive consumes LSD while playing battlefield 1 and drinking coffee out of a Wonder Woman coffee mug

  • DeaDei
    DeaDei 1 day ago

    GG: "Diana, Princess of..."
    CP: "Diana Prince..."

    Me:"...cess of Wales"

  • Mar Shall
    Mar Shall 1 day ago

    Imagine Dragons give chills!!

  • SMURF Kara
    SMURF Kara 1 day ago


  • Joe Max
    Joe Max 1 day ago

    Confirmed flop.

  • SpaceMonki
    SpaceMonki 1 day ago

    personally i hate super hero movies but i applaud the awesome trailer and (hopefully) awesome performances

    ESTGAMETV 1 day ago

    What is the song at first?

  • Keagan Valentine
    Keagan Valentine 1 day ago

    We should call this Wonder Woman : the First Avenger oops sorry I mean Leaguer.

  • SkizVids
    SkizVids 1 day ago

    pg13??? this aint no marvel movie

  • Rod Ortiz
    Rod Ortiz 1 day ago

    captain america just got served with that shield dooee

  • DanNS08
    DanNS08 1 day ago

    Unlike many others I loved man of steel and BvS so I want more and this trailer was beautiful. I know the dark knight trilogy is not exactly a prequel and that there are older movies for superman and batman but now that superman, batman and wonder woman each have their own live action film I feel extremely happy. These three were my favorites from the animated justice league specially batman and wonder woman.

  • A Dream
    A Dream 1 day ago

    Nder Man

  • Christopher Grathwohl

    Awesome I'm going next Thursday night

  • Manav Bali
    Manav Bali 1 day ago

    How underrated of you.

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