TUTORIAL: How I restring a Melody String on my Hurdy Gurdy

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  • Enrique Astudillo Guerrero

    What website would you recommend to buy a hurdy gurdy?

  • Ritter des grünen Ampelmännchens

    Just watching to hear your beautiful voice

  • Bill Karle
    Bill Karle 4 days ago

    It is interesting the dynamics between the string material, diameter, string length and tension, which ultimately affects the output volume from the string. Other stringed instrument players, such as guitarists, face the same dilemmas when deciding which set to use. I am curious about the cotton - does it naturally roll on to the string when playing, or do you have to manually wind it on? I'm guessing the amount of cotton can drastically affect how the string vibrates as well.

    • MrFair
      MrFair 1 hour ago

      There's definitely a bit more setup work to do compared to other instruments. But generally it's really quite comparable to bowed instruments (it is a form of bowed instrument after all ;) ). The cotton is more or less like the hairs on a bow... and just like different bows produce a different sound, a different setup and cotton can produce a different sound on the gurdy :)

    • Bill Karle
      Bill Karle 18 hours ago

      Thanks for that information. One less thing we have to worry about when playing a bowed instrument (like the upright bass!) As with any wooden stringed instrument, nothing is ever simple or easy :)

    • MrFair
      MrFair 4 days ago

      You have to put on the cotton more or less manually (you can see how it's done at 02:21), but you don't have to wind it around the string manually. It catches on the string fairly easily if you put it on the wheel and help it a bit with your fingers. Some people even "glue" it onto the string with a bit of liquid rosin. And yes, how much cotton can change the sound drastically. A lot of sound/set up problems on hurdy gurdy can be caused by too much/too little cotton, cotton not covering the right part of the string etc. The cotton also affect the sound quite a bit and can be the key to get a more aggressive or mellow sound from the instrument, depending on what you want.

  • Anarchy-87
    Anarchy-87 4 days ago

    your my favourite

  • Scott Morris
    Scott Morris 5 days ago

    Not happy with the string? Think you are a perfectionist, probably why you are so good playing your hurdy gurdy. Great job as always. Love the videos!

  • Phatboi
    Phatboi 5 days ago

    i'd rather lathe a new trumpet....

  • jack simon
    jack simon 5 days ago

    Can you realised a vidéo of your opening😱it's awersome😁

  • pridler85
    pridler85 5 days ago

    Will there be anymore music video?

  • BearRon
    BearRon 5 days ago

    Very interesting. Do you know how to change a string on string bikini? haha. Sorry.

  • EresiA77
    EresiA77 5 days ago

    Hi Patty.
    Dou you use always Jargar Forte or use others like Larsen?

    Forever Green & Red my friend.

  • De Jonker
    De Jonker 6 days ago

    Do the plastic spacer and/or tube affect the tonal quality of the instrument? I would expect that they'd reduce resonance in the wooden body.

  • Marcos Rodrigues
    Marcos Rodrigues 6 days ago

    uau.... yoy are awesome. .. sure that you hypnotized everyone with this sexy voice and these bitch's face. 👏👏👏👏👏

    TURMYTE 6 days ago

    I'll watch Patty restring, or do anything! Cutest and coolest redhead gurl on the planet! 😍

  • J. Dana Clark
    J. Dana Clark 6 days ago

    Nice! Please feel free to make videos for any strings that need changing. I know I'll watch them.

  • Joseph Caesar Padrón

    Bei mir bist du schön, Du bist so schön, du bist schön für mich.

  • Joseph Caesar Padrón

    Are you single Patty?

  • Clock Work Elves
    Clock Work Elves 6 days ago

    hurdy gurdy seems like a over priced pain in the ass!

    • Danny Hampton
      Danny Hampton 4 days ago

      No I didn't I explained why it is expensive. Overpriced would mean that it is priced higher than the market value. The market value of a low demand, hand crafted instrument made by very few skilled craftsmen is going to be high. Expensive and overpriced are not the same thing.

    • dzello
      dzello 4 days ago

      '' It's not overpriced, it's an uncommon, low demand, hand made instrument '' that costs a lot, so yes it's overpriced, you just explained WHY it's overpriced lmao

    • fenris wolf
      fenris wolf 5 days ago

      true :-) i know that only 9 people on this planet got the same gurdy as me :-)

    • Danny Hampton
      Danny Hampton 6 days ago

      Its not over priced, its an uncommon, low demand, hand made instrument, made by very few people that even now how to make one let alone a quality one. So yeah they are going to be pricey.

  • Doug King
    Doug King 6 days ago

    Hey Patty, thanks for the tutorial ! What king of rosin do you use ? My rosin is a block and yours looked like something else ....Liquid ??? Thanks ✌️😊

  • No Future 68
    No Future 68 6 days ago

    what was that part about stringing a hurdy gurdy??? Darn Beautiful & talented woman.......

  • Bob Riemersma
    Bob Riemersma 6 days ago

    You certainly do get some good sound out of that thing.  Probably technique, talent, and the quality of your instrument.  Most other hurdy gurdy demos I've seen and heard sound like either a bag of fighting cats in a Cairo bazaar or else a drunken bagpiper running loose at a carnival.

  • Marcklooster
    Marcklooster 6 days ago

    It's maybe a silly suggestion, but can you do a cover of the game of thrones theme? With the upcoming season is should raise some awareness for this wonderful, yet rather unknown instrument.
    ps, it would make my day.

  • michaelreaper666
    michaelreaper666 6 days ago

    Thanks .. :)

  • ZarTheIncredible
    ZarTheIncredible 6 days ago

    I'm interested in changing strings on the instrument I don't even have as long as it includes you doing it.

  • Anthony Seal
    Anthony Seal 6 days ago

    well you're just awesome

  • alexander theocharatos

    Oh my GoooooD... I love your endocannabinoid system!!!You looove what you do... Nicccce...

  • Gabriel Rios Orelogio

    I'm studying violin and my teacher recommends me Eva Piracy strings (I don't know if it is write exactly) and I like how they sounds. Also they are not so expensive.

    • Simon B
      Simon B 5 days ago

      But 'piracy' strings just sounded much cooler and in this case, more apt ;)

    • Amnon Eylath
      Amnon Eylath 6 days ago

      Gabriel Rios Orelogio
      Eva Pirrazi, very good strings. My daughter uses them for her violin.

  • Gabriel Rios Orelogio

    I don't have idea about hurdy gurdy so I neet to ask. Why you add cotton to the strings?

  • Neonal
    Neonal 6 days ago

    Please do more tutorials, very useful

  • Andrzej Szałkowski


  • DioOGzZ
    DioOGzZ 6 days ago

    The music at start plz ^^' ?

  • Ae Norist
    Ae Norist 6 days ago

    Don´t go to the comment section.
    Its all just Eyes (half the time meaning tits) with no relevant exchange about the video.

  • MrInsaint
    MrInsaint 6 days ago

    Well, my Fräulein, have not yet acquired an HG. But I'm "lining up" my hunting bow, in the same way. Uses beewax on the string ;)
    - Looking forward to the next video.

  • ArwenStarsong
    ArwenStarsong 6 days ago

    please post more tutorials! <3 :D they are so helpful!

  • Possum and Mamadog
    Possum and Mamadog 6 days ago

    Mrs. Patty, is there any music where a Gurdy and Harmonica are played together. I bought a really cheap diy Gurdy, it fell apart here at the Harbor. I'll eventually get another.

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia 6 days ago

    Ich habe zwar kein Instrument, werde wohl auch nie eins dieser Art haben, das Video war aber trotzdem interessant. Könnte aber auch an was anderem als der Drehleier liegen. ;D

  • Rex McStiller
    Rex McStiller 6 days ago

    Haben eigentlich alle Drehleierspieler (Drehleieristen? :D) den gleichen Anhänger am Hals?

    • MrFair
      MrFair 6 days ago

      Es gibt über's ganze Land verteilt Spielkurse, bei denen du das Drehleier spielen lernen kannst, z.B. den Spielkurs Mühlhausen (einfach mal danach googlen) :)

    • Rex McStiller
      Rex McStiller 6 days ago

      Schade, dass ich niemanden kenne, der mit das Spielen beibringen könnte.

    • Patty Gurdy
      Patty Gurdy 6 days ago

      Ja genau, der hatte sich einen bei mir bestellt

    • Rex McStiller
      Rex McStiller 6 days ago

      Falk von Samo.

    • Patty Gurdy
      Patty Gurdy 6 days ago

      Ja, er macht langsam die Runde! Wen hast du denn noch damit gesehen?

  • sid oso
    sid oso 6 days ago

    uffff chabón terrible minita la coloradita esta

  • FenrisRagnaroek
    FenrisRagnaroek 6 days ago

    Irgendwie hast du was an dir, was mich dauergrinsen lässt :P Auf jeden Fall mal beide Daumen hoch für deine Videos, find ich klasse, informativ und sympathisch.

  • Chri Woo
    Chri Woo 6 days ago

    Thank you for the tutorial, and by the way you are gorgeous. :)

  • Roberto Ortiz
    Roberto Ortiz 6 days ago

    💘 you. 💘 Patty 💘 Traa Traa. DRACULA. AAUUU JAJAJA JIJIJIJI.

  • Jason Powell
    Jason Powell 6 days ago

    that's my girl Patty 😇😁😍

  • Yoko Hurdygurdy
    Yoko Hurdygurdy 6 days ago

    I always loved your videos. And, this really helps me as well! look forward to your another video, too :)

  • irateofwatford
    irateofwatford 6 days ago

    But... Don't touch the wheel!

    • Patty Gurdy
      Patty Gurdy 6 days ago

      That's right! Don't touch it. I just adjusted the cotton :)

  • AceRidesBikes
    AceRidesBikes 6 days ago

    do gurdys come in different ranges? does an alto-gurdy or tenor-gurdy exist, or can you just tune them however you want?

    • Patty Gurdy
      Patty Gurdy 6 days ago

      Yes they have different ranges :) Normal range is basically like a violin

  • Maxeking
    Maxeking 6 days ago

    Ich schau grad seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder ein Paar Eluveitie Musikvideos und just in dem Moment zeigt es mir an, dass du ein Video hochgeladen hast... das kann doch kein Zufall sein O_o

  • Ana Sofia Silva
    Ana Sofia Silva 6 days ago

    Hey! So, I have a sugestion for ya. Why don't you make a vedeo showing some different instruments of the whole world (that you or your friends have course) and how they sound? I hope you like the idea (personally I play portuguese guitar so you can show it too).

  • GameNerdVeggie
    GameNerdVeggie 6 days ago

    ASMR Tingles Detected ^^

  • Travis Marley
    Travis Marley 6 days ago

    I would love to see more restringing videos and perhaps even a video on hurdy gurdy maintenance, like putting on the cotton and rosin.

  • GameNerdVeggie
    GameNerdVeggie 6 days ago

    Wow your Hurdy Gurdy costs twice as much as my High End Gaming PC. ^^

    • Jack Dingler
      Jack Dingler 6 days ago

      The Hurdy Gurdy has more apps and quests too. :)

  • Gazosu BH
    Gazosu BH 6 days ago

    "It wasn't that different from an electric guitar", puts cotton on strings and waxes the wheel =)). Anyways seems easier than first time changing strings of a Floyd Rose Double-Locking bridge guitar.
    I wonder how hard is to actually tune the whole thing?

  • Roberto Ortiz
    Roberto Ortiz 6 days ago

    Blanquita Ay. Boni TAS. JIJIJIJI. 👍 AAaauuu. 👍

  • Rainer Peter Feller

    Um ... might you show us some of the interior of your instrument.
    I think it is a very interesting instrument, but I have no idea about its mechanic.

    • bknesheim
      bknesheim 6 days ago

      Just have a look at the "BUILDING MY HURDY GURDY" video.

  • Dexter Wayne
    Dexter Wayne 6 days ago

    damn, I wasnt expecting this instrument to be that expensive

  • zY iM1m
    zY iM1m 6 days ago

    love your vid...you have a nice day..♡♡♡

  • Илья Розман

    Interesting material! You are beautiful as always, btw)

  • DonLaki
    DonLaki 6 days ago

    These eyes... beautiful...

    • Gabriel Rios Orelogio
      Gabriel Rios Orelogio 3 days ago

      If she add cotton that must be with a purpose, I don't think it's because she can

    • DonLaki
      DonLaki 6 days ago

      Because she can :D

    • Joseph Caesar Padrón
      Joseph Caesar Padrón 6 days ago

      omegacyclon She does that on purpose.

    • KinDzaDza123123
      KinDzaDza123123 6 days ago

      Eyes you say? I would watch this string replaced over and over!! Ha ha :D

    • omegacyclon
      omegacyclon 6 days ago

      DonLaki i agree with you..Even while she is alot more tan just the eyes..but somehow in this video are totally charming

  • SuperZokel
    SuperZokel 6 days ago

    Где музыка,блэт!

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