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Author SubKaliGui (4 years)
seu bicha do caralho poe uma musica desente

Author MrExitFreak (5 years)
Hi, i just added you so when u on9?seeya!

Author pawansubedi11 (4 years)
dude this song is gayer then your mama

Author XxCaPiShXx KiLlErZ (4 years)
i know this skin korea skin i have it

Author ReynartEXV (5 years)
wats ur song player name? its cool

Author TheApplehead250609 (5 years)
tell me what to search pls ioso want vip hack for sa sea pls tell me
whereto go.

Author 0xeyx0 (5 years)
i know that hack that hack is old i had vip hack that was awesome i just
downloaded vip hack from google

Author Angjia hau (4 years)
justin bieber is gay

Author leo lim (4 years)
i stopped watching after me plus you ..

Author Immortal ­Hunter (4 years)

Author Low zhi qin (4 years)
i have korean skins

Author Stilletjeslopen (4 years)

Author pawansubedi11 (4 years)
dude this song is gayer then your mama

Author brendanhendricks1 (5 years)
wow what a gay song

Author dipplo3000 (4 years)
Add me : MrKiasuGuy

Author hacker100ETERNO (3 years)
@OwnZombified kkkkkkk

Author VERxThunder (5 years)
notto mention that his name is not justin bieber it is justin long gonner
haha(imagine if he would play sa which is as good as free kills for us sg

Author jakke dinh (5 years)
whats your player deivce name?

Author Mohd Fildza (4 years)
teach me how to do that...i dont understand..???teach me step by

Author Plays Fun (4 years) this
song :D

Author TheApplehead250609 (5 years)
ok i have already add you in MSN what is your player name??

Author vitor mateus (2 years)
motherfucker when you make a video boot boot jostin biebber not rock n

Author ReynartEXV (5 years)
@S2KimSungHyun not the name of the song. i said the player. example windows
media player

Author jesussuckmydick (5 years)
@mrkiller1996 : u right.. it's gay song...

Author xblooox1 (5 years)
where download this hack???

Author Fawad Tariq (3 years)
Justin Gayber.... hummmm

Author Rodrigo Marques (2 years)
viadinho junstin biba

Author HarithzBlizzard (5 years)
ALL THE guy who retarding try to copy name like S2KIMSOHAI ARE like j1bai
liao all guy la retard name from korea but play like a sh1t

Author xxSystemCrasherxx (3 years)
/watch?v=yCZHPZojUhc working cash hack

Author Karla Veliz (2 years)
Justin Bieber....

Author mjgoh20 (3 years)
tis pc so lag!!!!!!!!

Author suddendragon1 (3 years)
@sakthis7 lol dosent work lol the mediafire file deleted

Author SilentYumii (5 years)
you can this wall hack ? more like a editted pain artwork . idiot .

Author Manraj d (5 years)
gayest song ever

Author Andrew Stolarczyk (2 years)
Justin ? Ah FUCK YOU

Author omar009900 (3 years)

Author Sabthenoob (3 years)

Author Ivan Teo (4 years)
fuck that bieber lah

Author deathblow671 (4 years)
gay song

Author DJBACKWORDS2 (5 years)
Watch my vid Sudden Attack sea by xiemxiem125

Author suddenprosnipe (3 years)
After u download and extract the file i dono wat to do

Author jader luis (3 years)
toma no cu com essa bosta fai se fude seu pau nu cu

Author WakkesSe (4 years)
fker i add u msn you never even reply keep offline ur usless faker want sub

Author czcchy (5 years)
dude. No point hacking at Sudden Attack. U will get banned oni if hack

Author 0xeyx0 (5 years)
i can make hack's for difrent games im learning c++ hacking so i canmake by
my own by passer's aimbot etc! :)

Author VERxThunder (5 years)
who's justin biber...anyways al i know is his populated fucked up kid:)...

Author kingfikribinazini (4 years)
biebier say one time but he say fckng 50 time

Author TheApplehead250609 (5 years)
why you never reply when i tok to u??

Author Andre chai (3 years)
please sent me using want

Author rodrigo87816 (3 years)
chams sudden attack 28/11/2011 { JuuLieT.PrOo } de uma olhada no meu video

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