Prophetess Juanita Bynum - No More Sheets (2)

Prophetess Juanita Bynum - No More Sheets (2)

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Author SupaDay10 (16 days)
thanks 4 this video,, Supa Day wuz here

Author Lateisha Johnson (1 month)
I want to be free!!

Author onetruthonelife (4 months)

Author Danielle Sumler (3 months)
This spoke volumes!

Author Denise Charles (4 months)
I share this with all I can, love to share with my young people!

Author chanierenee (5 months)
I'm listening to this again and again

Author Delores Jenkins (8 months)
She is so real!

Author Pearl Baby Pearl (6 months)

Author Amy A (7 months)
Amen! Truth, I know that is right. Preach it!

Author Carolyn Perkins (3 months)
This is a true sermon

Author Cupcakes&Roses (7 months)
MY GOD MY GOD........never heard a more powerful teaching...

Author Carmella Breedlove (7 months)
Thank you God I needed to hear this !!!!

Author TierraJ (10 months)
She's so REAL! 

Author ladya5 (9 months)
I was elementary school when she did this message but now I'm an adult I
understand everything she's saying! Love it!

Author Json Durand (11 months)
Prophetess Juanita Bynum - No More Sheets (2)

Author April Hanna (9 months)

Author Frank Nitty (1 year)
Juanita Bynum: "You wanna get married, but your fingernails are so long you
can't cook a biscuit" ! LMBO (via Unknown user) Prophetess Juanita Bynum -
No More Sheets (2)

Author char atlas (1 year)

Author Aisha Guillory- Mixon (1 year)

Author Frank Nitty (1 year)
Prophetess Juanita Bynum - No More Sheets (2)

Author Kishia Palmer (1 year)
Love this sermon Prophetiess Juanita Bynum gave.... one of the most
anointed ones I have ever heard.... I have really learned alot from what
was said on here.. I remember watching this years ago... :-) and still
blesses me to watch it today....

Author Larry Nelson (1 year)
The 2nd greatest sermon in the history of the World...!

Author Aquisha Marrero (1 year)
Yes....I ain't wasting a repent on masturbation, I am gonna repent because
I did it all night long.....Glory to God for humor in salvation seasoned
with truth......

Author itsalreadydone1 (4 years)
I know thats right.............

Author sablebaby (2 years)
wow.. wow wow wow wow..

Author deboi793 (2 years)
She snapping my God let it be

Author shachero (3 years)
@gospelfan585 yeah, the truth is funny at times...but she smeared the truth
onto the faces of those "purged and proper"

Author ludus2ful (3 years)
yeeeeey i hear ya sister,,:D

Author Faith Museka (2 years)
She's so realistic...sermons like these keep me going.

Author JaNiece Alexander (1 year)
Downloaded this in a MP3 file just for keeps it always brings me back to

Author October12345CJ (4 years)
I love this message keeping it real

Author Kevin concepcion (2 years)
Yesss preach

Author Girly Girl (2 years)
woooowww tessssssssss finally

Author acidsprinkle5950 (3 years)
I've read her book and it's really hard for me to believe that all her
struggles were caused by an evil spirit. C'mon now everything she expresses
is an overly emotional revelation. I like her honesty I just hate how she
goes about saying all her issues were caused by demonic possession.

Author michelle drought (2 years)
I was so spiritually loosed and delivered from this series.

Author Serina Jones (3 years)
She So Real!!!

Author ricochet82003 (3 years)
The Truth!!

Author mowedi (2 years)
u r a lying wonder, in order to b free u got to b honest. amen

Author SongCreator71 (3 years)
LOL, Everything she is preaching is so true She is to much, LOL

Author nabbocchild (3 years)
amazing sermon!

Author candyhoneylips Candy (1 year)
true talk

Author Karen Dyer (2 years)
It's refreshing to hear somebody preach and keep it REAL...this is how we
the people know or at least feel...'YES YOU DO KNOW WHAT i'M GOING

Author Yolanda6218 (1 year)
Wasn't she preaching???...smh...(hand on my hip)...Lawd have
mercy!!! definitely kept it real...I only wish I would've heard
this in 99'...Heck, I wish I was saved in 1999!!!...smh. :-)

Author MzKeKeBabyy (2 years)
Prophetess is on fire for The Lord...The Power of God speaking...."No more
sheets....Praise God.

Author Tierra Evans (3 years)
Thanks for loading this! Right on time and in season! This word can never
get old! The highlight of my day!

Author jusdoinjesus (3 years)
@Myheaven2010, i couldn't agree with u more...

Author nicole hadnot (2 years)
Baby that was real talk

Author Brittany Dugie (2 years)
preach it preach it preach it!!!! amen god bless all women and men around
the world!!!

Author MonayAngelique (2 years)
She wen innnnnnn, dis is what needs to be done dont water down the gospel

Author Angnic22 (4 years)
What up!? VOTE people. This woman shares a message this world NEEDS!

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