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  • Cuntorious Johnson
    Cuntorious Johnson 3 days ago

    I loved every alien movie, except alien resurrection. Covenant was great!

  • Km Neteler
    Km Neteler 5 days ago


  • MrMisterMan
    MrMisterMan 7 days ago

    thank god i didnt pay money to watch this shit

  • Loman O'Neill
    Loman O'Neill 13 days ago

    origae 6 not 7 lol

  • music the angle dutch dragon

    426 u mean stich from lio and stich

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 21 day ago

    I hate how Hollywood has become a self-fulfilling, low quality circle-jerk. Your movies suck! How about being original...?
    Oh, I forgot. You turn every $hekel twice while laughing at us. Yuch!

  • Earl Savage
    Earl Savage 24 days ago

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  • saudara 116
    saudara 116 26 days ago

    in the next movie I hope they explain and introduce the engineers better

  • Tom Leonard
    Tom Leonard 26 days ago

    I assumed that the Covenant is headed to the world that becomes the colony where the bulk of Aliens is set.

  • Ho yim Kwan
    Ho yim Kwan 27 days ago

    The movies was so mediocre the story line was so damn bad they being training the whole life for that misión then when the see that thing coming out from his back they didn't know what to do they should have the awareness a least of what to do in this type of situation my god damn this movies is so horrible to watch to be honest you should have make the following story of prometeus was way better than this my opinion


    I think Shaw and David should have learned the engineers created zenomorphes to kill the predators and their first attempt to kill the predators was humans.

  • Star Killer
    Star Killer 28 days ago

    Maybe the planet we saw was just an engineer colony.

  • Star Killer
    Star Killer 28 days ago

    Shaw gave birth to the eggs.

  • QuiteDaPlayer_
    QuiteDaPlayer_ 29 days ago

    The fuck happened to the queen then?

  • Trauma Child
    Trauma Child 1 month ago

    first of all fuck you hypocritical ass , first you hate on Prometheus then complain alien covenant did nothing knew. What the hell did you think Prometheus was trying to do!!!

  • Michael Gregorek
    Michael Gregorek 1 month ago

    Franchises With Time Travel Cannot Be Combined

    I hope that Alien, and Predator are combined with Blade Runner for the equivalent of the DC or Marvel mash up. Soldier always interested me because it made me think of Terminator before Blade Runner. But as I read about grand mash ups, including Alien, Predator, Blade Runner, Star Trek, Firefly and more, I think we have to prune on the basis of time travel. Imagine the Alien timeline in the wake of Terminator, or Star Trek. How could any timeline survive with the time traveling franchises rebooting the probabilities? Granted the Connors keep seeing SkyNet reform and even the crew of the Enterprise suffer from deja vu. But really, the Earth in Blade Runner is different from the Earth in Star Trek is different from the Earth in Alien (particularly 3). So continuity cannot be maintained with the time traveling franchises, right?

  • Leandro DaVinci
    Leandro DaVinci 1 month ago

    Bruh this film is so trash shit didn't answer no previous questions that where asked pure trash

  • Pheonix Force Cyclops

    Is Walter dead

  • Emma Pigeon
    Emma Pigeon 1 month ago

    David should do something different with his time, like yoga or even dancing, xenomorph crafting is not... lets say... something you can do in sundays with the family

  • hellfireansulfer
    hellfireansulfer 1 month ago

    the next one needs a young Ripley in the next one alien awakening

  • add996
    add996 1 month ago

    So let me get this right.. David flies an ancient ship which according to the film Prometheus is at least 2 millennia old to the Engineers home planet, where these engineers are super advanced.. who have conquered space travel!!!! and altered DNA as to seed countless planets with life. He flies this craft completely unchallenged in any way to then freely drop his entire payload of the black goo all over them!! Wiping them from the face of existence!! Seriously!!!!

  • Iliketoargue withpeople

    why do i remember it as OREGAI 6 and not oregai 7?

  • Immortal Pharaoh
    Immortal Pharaoh 1 month ago

    Any knows the soundtrack when the aliens appear nonits not darade sandstorm lol

  • Hitsuke
    Hitsuke 1 month ago

    I'd personally give A:C a 6.5/10. There ARE massive plot holes that genuinely annoyed the shit out of me, and some genuinely lazy design choices... The crew were using 20th century assault rifles and I even noticed a fucking ACOG on one of the AUGs that were being used... Really? It's 2104 and they're still using weapons/tech that were designed and built in the 1980's?

    At least James Cameron insisted on there being some original, futuristic weaponry in Aliens (Pulse rifle & Smart gun). Ridley Scott just seems to have gone "Fuck it, just grab some M4s, AUGs and shit, throw a few extra bits of casing on them to make them look 'spacey' and were good to go". It was lazy as fuck to be honest.

    Then there's the whole "David created Xenos" fuck up storyline... Don't give me that "Protomorph" bullshit either, because they are fucking Xenos. There's just too much bullshit to handle.

    Sad really, because overall - annoying plot holes and lazy design choices aside - I did actually find this to be a reasonably enjoyable flick.

    ULOOKN 1 month ago


  • Bunga Tiyem
    Bunga Tiyem 1 month ago

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  • Josh Eastham
    Josh Eastham 1 month ago

    A prequel for covenant?? wasn't that Prometheus,

    unless you mean sequel I'm up for a sequel

    • The Parallax
      The Parallax 1 month ago

      Josh Eastham no covenant is a sequel to prometheus

  • mcgee113
    mcgee113 1 month ago

    You didn't explain anything you just asked more questions! Plus it's Origae-6 not 7!

  • omfgitzalex
    omfgitzalex 1 month ago

    You guys r all idiots.. this is obviously magneto's side quest..

  • Hunterdad 81
    Hunterdad 81 1 month ago

    so if the xenomorphs were created by David in the future, then where do they come from and when & how were they created in the AVP series before David was created?AVP movies' xenomorph timeline doesn't make sense.

  • icebergthegamer
    icebergthegamer 1 month ago

    I'm not sure why people call this a rehash. It was totally different

  • godspeedpl
    godspeedpl 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott didn't ruin Alien series. Alien fanboys did. Prometheus was great and had an original back story which could be developed into something extraordinary. But because it was not understood by low IQ alien fanboys it has forced Ridley to change the story and kill the one of the most promising storylines (engineers) hollywood came up with in last few years. Keep being happy with crap movies and awesome CGI. You will ruin the whole scifi scene.

  • Radskull203
    Radskull203 1 month ago

    i went to see the Deacon and the new ones
    the neomorphs scared the living SHIT out of me

  • The Great Red Dragon 87

    ... A prequel movie.... to a prequel move.... WHAT!?

  • Auburn Tigers
    Auburn Tigers 1 month ago

    I have quite a bit of questions:
    1. Why did Davis create the Xenomorph
    2. What the hell did David do to Shaw to make her looks like that
    3. What did David crossbreed to make the Xenomorph
    4. What will happen to the Covenant and it's crew (I really hope Dani and Tennessee survive)
    5. Why did David drop the virus on the engineers
    6. Why weren't safety precautions taken like wearing a helmet
    7. How the fuck did Tennesse and Dani not realize that it was David the whole time!!?!

  • AshwinKennethSantos
    AshwinKennethSantos 1 month ago

    I dont mean to be that guy but.. it was Origae-6 not 7. Not that it matters for now anyway.

  • enemay
    enemay 1 month ago

    Wait what!? Did you just say the next film is a prequel to this film? Tell me you're kidding or I did not hear that right.

  • Catrine O'Leary
    Catrine O'Leary 1 month ago

    Alien: Covenant Movie HD (MOVIE)

  • Musef ,
    Musef , 1 month ago

    Where can i watch it online mates? anyonw got *real* links?

  • Eliseo Castro
    Eliseo Castro 1 month ago

    bestie movie ever

  • Michael Valentine
    Michael Valentine 1 month ago

    I loved it!

  • Dr. Moocah Latte
    Dr. Moocah Latte 1 month ago

    I found it ok. It had its moments, but felt too familiar and lacked suspense.

  • Jesse Herrera
    Jesse Herrera 1 month ago

    Just watched it, disappointed in the story's ending.

  • Cake Can
    Cake Can 1 month ago

    A prequel to a prequel ? I'm going to be so confused.

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht 1 month ago

    movie was a letdown, story was ok, but nowhere near the original alien movies where supsense is so tight.

  • Gilroy Joshua
    Gilroy Joshua 1 month ago

    Wait, a prequel to Covenant????..A prequel of a ..ok..ill look forward to it.

  • JoJos BizzarAdventure

    Please tell Scott to green light alien 5 ffs

  • Kyle Gette
    Kyle Gette 1 month ago

    Why would they do a prequel to the sequel of a movie which is a prequel? Was there two rival engineer factions? If so it seems like a less militaristic and complacent faction won. It would of been nice to find more about the engineers backstory. Also AvP, if it's in the story still how could David create the xenos?

  • Ben M
    Ben M 1 month ago

    Covenant was dog shit..... have the balls to say it.

  • Jack Vaughn
    Jack Vaughn 1 month ago

    So lemme get this straight. They're making a prequel to the sequel of the prequel of Alien? Jesus Christ, Ridley make up your mind already

  • Space Jockey
    Space Jockey 1 month ago

    I am not so sure Ridley Scott has any plan to involve Cameron's Alien Queen to his story

  • Urban Campfire
    Urban Campfire 1 month ago

    I found the story to be really clever, a good cleanup of the lose ends from Prometjeus that i thought was impossible to mend. It's almost poetic in a way. The action/horror side of the movie was underwhelming though. Overexposure of CGI monsters never works in a horror flick.

  • bird of the abyss
    bird of the abyss 1 month ago

    I want a movie about the Engineers and the origin of mankind

  • Andrea Stephanie
    Andrea Stephanie 1 month ago

    MOVIE!!!!!! Alien: Covenant 2017
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  • George Salamanca
    George Salamanca 1 month ago

    When the Neomorph is in front of David he didn´t attack, but why... somebody can explain me

  • Matthew S. Bates
    Matthew S. Bates 1 month ago

    Really my one gripe with AC is how they killed Shaw. Her character was so great in Prometheus and developed really well by the end of it that an off screen death is kind of insulting. That being said, I still enjoyed the movie for what it was. Oh and Alien Awakening isn't going to be a prequel. It's a full blown sequel to Covenant.

  • Shinjite Tay Tzu Leong

    I thought Covenant is continuing its course to Origae-6?

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated 1 month ago

    So David is theoretically the "bad guy"

  • Héctor Cañas
    Héctor Cañas 1 month ago

    Oriagae-6, not 7...

  • Jts Bossmania
    Jts Bossmania 1 month ago


    • dylan singh
      dylan singh 1 month ago

      Jts Bossmania its already out here in the UK

  • Dizzy Blu
    Dizzy Blu 1 month ago

    THE BIG problem with David creating the Xenomorphs is the fact that in the first Alien the Xenomorph eggs are thousands of years old and had burst out of the chest of the space jockey so many years ago that the Jockey was now fossilized.
    2 The second issue is that in Prometheus, before David even knew what the hell a xenomorph was, the entire life cycle is depicted on the murals. So unless the Engineers have predicted the future or are time travellers, David cannot have created the Alien.

  • unworthyjack
    unworthyjack 1 month ago

    the ships ai mother recognised David and allowed him access to the colonists, this could implying that David may still be working with walond industries and the covenant is just another experiment to study the aliens.

    • Mai Nem
      Mai Nem 1 month ago

      David probably had top level security clearance like his "father" with any of Weyland's Mother systems on any ship.

  • Innovater6
    Innovater6 1 month ago

    David killed shaw?

  • Marco
    Marco 1 month ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that the Neomorph became a queen then she layed those Ovomorphs?

  • Mic Thorn
    Mic Thorn 1 month ago

    Ok, how did David get another body? Wasn't he just a head at the end of Prometheus?

    • Mai Nem
      Mai Nem 1 month ago

      Lizzie put him back together [I was half expecting David to quote Humpty Dumpty ... he quoted just about everything else!]

    • Tuppe
      Tuppe 1 month ago

      Mic Thorn Watch Prometheus prologue trailer

  • ferrari farino
    ferrari farino 1 month ago

    Watched it ...... Did not like it.... hated it.... coz the alien Win and
    Human lost..... not satisfying.... will not watch the next alien

  • Kyndjal
    Kyndjal 1 month ago

    in space no one can hear you SNORE.

  • Oscar P
    Oscar P 1 month ago

    bad movie....just watch and ull see

  • Mikhael Barriani
    Mikhael Barriani 1 month ago

    They had to do a david vs ripley fight in the final film of the series! Just do it ridley! Make my dream come true!

  • Br Ced
    Br Ced 1 month ago

    David didn't create a queen from Shaw body, he dissected her, picked up her genital apparatus and transfered it, via few black goo alterations, in his body, that's why he can create eggs! He's basically a "queen", creating a new hybrid half human half android (the biomechanical look of classic alien).

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley 1 month ago

    i Hope The
    Predters come 🔙 back
    4 round 2

  • Universal Movie
    Universal Movie 1 month ago

    (UNIVERSAL PICTURE) Alien Covenant Full Movie :

  • heather lewis
    heather lewis 1 month ago

    meh i so saw the end coming. damn annoying because it was so predictable

  • James
    James 1 month ago

    I really wanted the neomorph and xenomorph fight off at the end.

  • Malteser Kritic
    Malteser Kritic 1 month ago

    This is what I hate about these films. They encourage viewers to make theories and assumptions but they didn't bother to make a coherent film. Its fun but doesn't make the film any better.

  • Elliot B
    Elliot B 1 month ago

    How do these guys get clips of the whole movie before it hits cinema release?

    • Direlogue
      Direlogue 1 month ago

      +Elliot B They release promo clips and trailers, it's all from those 😆

  • Ebony Ah Mouy
    Ebony Ah Mouy 1 month ago

    [HD MOVIE] Alien: Covenant

  • AbstractOrigins
    AbstractOrigins 1 month ago

    the Xenonorphs death was utter shit. Same old blast the alien out into space idea. Pissed me off and spoiled the film for me mostly.

    • AbstractOrigins
      AbstractOrigins 1 month ago

      THEY.... could think of something else. Simples.

    • Mai Nem
      Mai Nem 1 month ago

      I didn't have a problem with that - there's nothing else you can do when an alien is on your spaceship and you need to get rid of it.

      If YOU have a BETTER idea - let's hear it!
      Otherwise we do Captain Dallas's plan, yet AGAIN.

      They couldn't self-destruct the ship either - as the timebomb sequence was used in both of the first two movies.

      What could they do?

  • Jake 93
    Jake 93 1 month ago

    Either way you're gonna get people having a fucking wing about the movie, Yes it sucks there was no backstory on the engineers but it was overall a awesome movie! There is still another film or maybe 2 to the story so fingers crossed 'Scott' adds in those answers we want in the films.

  • SuperStandard
    SuperStandard 1 month ago

    3:11 There are multiple ships of the same model, not just the one!

  • LegionaryWithAGladius

    If David created the Queen, then why would he need human test subjects? The Queen is literally the greatest thing of the Xenomorph to create, and he would of by then had the smaller xenomorphs. This film created more questions than answers.

  • Mohammed Aftab
    Mohammed Aftab 1 month ago

    exceptional movie.. would like to see david die in the next one lol

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 1 month ago

    they aren't xenomorphs

  • LittleHellXIII
    LittleHellXIII 1 month ago

    I doubt Daniels and Tennessee will survive the journey - David will probably use them for his experiments.
    I think the next Aliens film will feature a new cast tracking down what happened to the Covenant and the colonists, as well as a group of engineers trying to find out what happened to their homeworld.

  • ImK4Os
    ImK4Os 1 month ago

    this literally explained nothing

  • Lord Petyr Baelish
    Lord Petyr Baelish 1 month ago

    Prometheus was better

  • Spirit77
    Spirit77 1 month ago

    omg you know nothing about movies dont make videos pls

  • Afro Ninja FROG
    Afro Ninja FROG 1 month ago

    You are wrong!! This is the 3rd video that has made the same mistake. I think you need to listen and pick up on the smaller things that happens. This is Ridley Scott at the end of the day

  • Yorkie Elliot
    Yorkie Elliot 1 month ago

    I don't think we've seen the last of the engineers or Walter. I think another group of engineers will visit their old planet and come across the presumably out of action, deactivated Walter, whom by looking for revenge will lead them to David.

    • Pasemek
      Pasemek 1 month ago

      Yorkie Elliot that sounds interesting. Would watch.

  • Kitabake
    Kitabake 1 month ago

    A prequell to convenant?

  • Whoolee
    Whoolee 1 month ago

    Just do a sequel to Covenant not a fucking prequel.

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright 1 month ago

    Hate to be a pedant, but it's Origae-6... not 7.

  • Mark B
    Mark B 1 month ago

    The engineers following through and intercepting , pursuing would certainly be a catalyst for an escape of the cliffhanger scenario .A loose spanner in David's works .

  • Dr. Alan Grant
    Dr. Alan Grant 1 month ago

    Haven't seen the film yet but I couldn't hold off on knowing the juicy details. Still can't wait to see this in theater tho.

  • Steven Morahan
    Steven Morahan 1 month ago

    sorry for stating the obvious, but it's Oregai SIX not 7.

  • jamiebellwolf
    jamiebellwolf 1 month ago

    HOW ridley should have well enough FUCKING ALONE

  • Clay Turner
    Clay Turner 1 month ago

    "Unkillable as its titular monster"
    Pretty sure they've died a couple of times.

  • NotAnother Meme
    NotAnother Meme 1 month ago

    Ridely Scott has already stated he wants to re-make Aliens (II or III) and correct for the fact that Hicks and Newt were killed. I also suspect he wants to bridge the canon gap which currently creates a rift between the classic Aliens and his prequels.

  • Mix Bag
    Mix Bag 1 month ago

    An Alien rapes a female in a shower with its tail. an android rapes an android over a Flute and one does the the film then read this again lol

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