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    P.O. BOX 8583
    BILOXI, MS 39535

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    ►Current: 2015 Honda Grom 125cc
    ►Past: 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
    ►Past: 2006 Suzuki GSXR 600

    ►INTRO: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)
    ►OUTRO: T.I. - My life, your entertainment

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    Name: Dave
    Age: 31
    Location: Biloxi, Mississippi

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    ►Long walks with penguins.
    ►Girls with Bangs
    ►Carly Rae Jepsen.
    ►Genesis Coupes.
    ►Making ramen noodles.
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Comments: 97

  • Cameron Thornburg
    Cameron Thornburg 8 days ago

    Should I get Kawasaki z125 aka grom or a ninja 300 for my first bike? I cannot decide. It is 50/50 to me

  • Gurl Wild
    Gurl Wild 13 days ago

    hey so how fast were u goin on the freeway? I got mine up to 62 and was like....hope dis ok

    • Riding with Dave
      Riding with Dave 13 days ago

      Usually 65 is max, but if it's downhill i've seen 72 on the cluster and that's where it hits rev limiter.

  • DeadlyUSMC
    DeadlyUSMC 15 days ago


  • Scott Gast
    Scott Gast 21 day ago

    I swear you said "Goat Pro". lmfao

  • Dionna Mcneely
    Dionna Mcneely 1 month ago

    I rode a grom last night it was so much fun I was in Love ❤❤❤

  • Lethal Snipes
    Lethal Snipes 1 month ago

    i seen the post at 130 likes but didn't like it because i don't like teesta

  • Michael Mullins
    Michael Mullins 1 month ago

    ha dave got pulled out on

  • B Bax
    B Bax 1 month ago

    There is a cool abandoned golf course near where u used to live. Old southwind golf course. Off of lamoyne Blvd. in st Martian. Behind porteaux bay subdivision. South side of lamoyne. Been closed since Katrina

  • Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299

    lol i love your videos bro please upload more often !!!

  • Burfurd64
    Burfurd64 1 month ago

    I wonder how many people thought the snow cones were in their future!?... RINGYDINGY!

  • Seption
    Seption 1 month ago


  • Kyle
    Kyle 1 month ago

    he's exactly like my friend, loves riding around, always takes the long ways because he knows i don't know the way

  • Silver Edge
    Silver Edge 1 month ago

    I'm so used to hearing that intro song that I forget you have an intro.

  • Ronnie welch
    Ronnie welch 1 month ago

    dame tessta where tht abandoned golf course you janky ass you just don't knw where you're at do ya.Dave next time you lead ima let you borrow my 600 cause we boyz....four

  • Uniquelyyours1
    Uniquelyyours1 1 month ago

    Best bitching on You Tube, Dave;) Ole Teesa's late ass, again:) Ride safe.

  • Kenny Zaidner
    Kenny Zaidner 1 month ago

    0 dislikes Dave is on fire!!!!!

  • SlimShadyRidez
    SlimShadyRidez 1 month ago

    tista janky james. im die and the dam horn and bell god damit. love the content Dave keep up the good work bro

  • Nadin frenademez
    Nadin frenademez 1 month ago

    ahaha u always have to bitch about teesta lol he always does something weird :D

  • Wes Cuthrell
    Wes Cuthrell 1 month ago

    Janky mother fucking James!!!!

  • Cajun Kevin
    Cajun Kevin 1 month ago

    I have the same bell, the kids love it, my brother thinks it's silly. Lol

  • CraftHelp
    CraftHelp 1 month ago

    fuck you Dave <3

  • ike oliver
    ike oliver 1 month ago

    I mean I love you bother not father

  • Danny Miller
    Danny Miller 1 month ago

    I would rather get the video an hour late to get Teesta in it

  • Jose A Hernandez
    Jose A Hernandez 1 month ago

    Shiiit !!!

  • Jose A Hernandez
    Jose A Hernandez 1 month ago

    Teesta Yankee ass needs a GPS ASAP jajjaaj

  • John Adams
    John Adams 1 month ago

    I love how Teesta always rides in front of Dave, he knows what the Fans want to see!

  • skye vince
    skye vince 1 month ago

    thanks teesta

  • skye vince
    skye vince 1 month ago

    I waited till 3 am for this vlog to come out and i have to get up at 6.30 am so thanks to you teesta i only get got damn 3 in a half hours sleep. LOL

  • Joseph Persie
    Joseph Persie 1 month ago

    Is bob still living with itty bitty titty?


    hey Dave check your Biloxi po box friday. you've got a package coming. hope u like it

  • Randolph Russian
    Randolph Russian 1 month ago

    Man I was about to say mean things to you Dave. I thought you were not posting today and I have to tell you this is one of the things I do when I get home it´s my routine. Coming home after work surf the net and then watch Riding with Dave. Now tell Teesta not to mess with another people´s routine. That is not nice!!! LOL Cheers Mate.

  • Connor Enright
    Connor Enright 1 month ago

    Thanks Teesta

    TAYLORGAGE 3 1 month ago

    i blame no one, i do not keep schedules

  • Eclipse The Producer

    thats awesome man xD

  • Ryan Worden
    Ryan Worden 1 month ago

    Hey i found something cool I share a birthday with Tina Turner November 26

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell 1 month ago

    God damn teesta! Making old Dave late with his vlog and all that sheit! 😁 Dave, glad to see you made your way home. Geeesh! ✌️

  • Hayden Norgaard-Pedersen

    Dave I got the video notification at 9:00 pm

  • Shayne_ Landry_music

    Yo Dave I'm getting a grom in 2-3 months so you need to come to New Orleans

    • Shayne_ Landry_music
      Shayne_ Landry_music 1 month ago

      Riding with Dave true I'll come to Mississippi one day with friends maybe we can ride hhaa

    • Riding with Dave
      Riding with Dave 1 month ago

      hell yeah. maybe one day I can find some people that want to trailer over to N.O. cuz I ain't making that ride on the grom lol.

  • CoolDudezGame
    CoolDudezGame 1 month ago

    What is up comment section CoolDudez back again for another COMMENT 👍🤘

  • Spoter Man
    Spoter Man 1 month ago

    I walk from football practice I saw a Grom I was like Dave?? Next thing I said no that's not because there's no bell and and honk I was sad😤

  • Alternative Motovlogs

    600 views, 77 likes, 0 dislikes, and 50 comments, ya doing good dave keep on climing

  • Johnson Robins
    Johnson Robins 1 month ago

    I don't care what time your videos go up I'll watch them whenever I'm currently watching it at 10:35 at night and it's still the highlight of my day

  • 40belowful
    40belowful 1 month ago

    we will start calling you "honky Dave" LOL

  • zack b
    zack b 1 month ago

    did you say goat pro at 7:12 lol

  • ben nearing
    ben nearing 1 month ago

    Teestas ol janky ass always bein late🙄

  • Elhaz Sowilo
    Elhaz Sowilo 1 month ago

    Teesta's janky ass turns and shit

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 1 month ago

    Dave do you think you could check out my home boy Wurm Wadston, he's a really good motovlogger with little attention and he's been at it for a while and it's about time I think he deserves some subs

    • Justin Brown
      Justin Brown 1 month ago

      That and you seem like that nice of a person to actually go check out his channel.

  • Jwilliamz2002 Gaming

    Hey Dave I see ur growing every sub is one step closer to a 636

  • Titling Python
    Titling Python 1 month ago

    2:01 Dave my biggest pet peve is people (mainly women cause they do it more often than guys) on their damn cell phones man! i am gonna upload a video on my channel about it maybe by next week if i dont gotta work saturday, anyway hope yall gotta nice day/week and also i saw in my town someone's selling their harley...want me to buy it lolz

  • AlexAndAdventures
    AlexAndAdventures 1 month ago

    Instead if u saying teesta motherf**fing james b**ch u should but in that cut that u have of him saying it dave. Btw love the video as always!

  • Popa Wheelie
    Popa Wheelie 1 month ago

    he crashed his 300 so he buys a 2017 r6.... doesn't sound like a smart thing to do in my opinion lol

    • DrKiiLLz
      DrKiiLLz 1 month ago

      Popa Wheelie so you are assuming it was his fault? someone pulled out in front of him also isn't the purpose of starting on a 300 to eventually upgrade?

  • الوليد الزهراني

    Teesta janky ass waiting for his ass at 4:48 pm at saudi arabia

  • Teesta James
    Teesta James 1 month ago

    so much hate 😠

  • Challenger Gaming
    Challenger Gaming 1 month ago

    Can I call teesta-teesta janky James??????

  • Rich Kocon
    Rich Kocon 1 month ago

    Damm you teesta quit fucking daves vlogs up

  • themaddengamer
    themaddengamer 1 month ago


  • Buz Schmitt
    Buz Schmitt 1 month ago

    Gee Thanks Teesta I was in the middle of watching the Big Bang theory and had to stop.
    I guess you found your way back cuz no more bitchin. By the way if any of you are ever in Bellefontaine don't go to the Taco Bell here. THEY SUCK. Worst TB ever

    • Hayden Norgaard-Pedersen
      Hayden Norgaard-Pedersen 1 month ago

      Riding with Dave nice video 👍 envy day

    • Buz Schmitt
      Buz Schmitt 1 month ago

      Dave's still up? (thats what she said) It's after 9pm! LOL

    • Riding with Dave
      Riding with Dave 1 month ago

      haha, god damn taco bells need to step their game up across the nation. I've had nothing but problems lately.

  • Nick Woods
    Nick Woods 1 month ago

    damn Teesta... taking all of forever lol🤣🤣

  • Ivan Holland
    Ivan Holland 1 month ago

    Thanks Tessta u late ass

  • CarsTrucksAndOtherStuff

    that was one of the best luaghs ive had all day lmao

  • Vincent Campanelli
    Vincent Campanelli 1 month ago


  • Levi Henry
    Levi Henry 1 month ago

    What's love got to do with it ?

    • Steven Masters
      Steven Masters 1 month ago

      .....thanks..... was at a local Waffle house the other night and one of the employees there started singing it... of course, thanks to Dave!

  • HTXGenCoupe
    HTXGenCoupe 1 month ago

    God damn Teesta, with a late ass Riding with Dave upload all because you want Instagram likes and you want to go down to bumfuck Gosche and all that bullshit.😒

  • Jay Myerslowe
    Jay Myerslowe 1 month ago

    Teesta mother fucking James 😂😂😂😂 so funny

  • larry fanning
    larry fanning 1 month ago

    thanks teesta, the goddamn notification woke my ass up

  • Misty Witon
    Misty Witon 1 month ago

    Don't judge me. But every time Dave's intro says " another moto vlog" I bob my head to the melody of it.

  • Chris Hastings
    Chris Hastings 1 month ago

    Teesta's janky ass bike! haha love the blue. Dave keep up the good work! Teesta's stop being late, your messing up Dave's vlogs.

  • ike oliver
    ike oliver 1 month ago

    Taste of motherfuking chains probably jealous of you cuz you got a lot of followers I love father you could you funny to me you have me laughing I love the way you talk straight you talk like you straight out of Mississippi I live in Cleveland Ohio right now but I'm getting ready to move just some to Florida can't wait have a nice day I love you brother you have me rolling laughing I told my wife about you

  • inK StyL
    inK StyL 1 month ago


  • Hollowed
    Hollowed 1 month ago

    janky back again with a motoblog

  • KFX kid
    KFX kid 1 month ago

    You should've honked both of them 😂😂 oh and thanks for a late video Teesta

  • The Biggest Controversy

    I was 1

  • Buz Schmitt
    Buz Schmitt 1 month ago


  • Zachary Hay
    Zachary Hay 1 month ago


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