131 Seconds That Will Change The Way You See The Ocean

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  • Just mind-numbingly deep.

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  • Runtime: 2:12
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  • Siddhi Bairagi
    Siddhi Bairagi 3 days ago

    three words : OH MY GOD!

  • RALFT 1806
    RALFT 1806 3 days ago

    and scientist said thats only 5% of the ocean

  • knight wing
    knight wing 4 days ago

    Well, this makes me see Spongebob in a different way.

  • Ruby D
    Ruby D 4 days ago

    did anyone else search "deep buzzfeed videos" and find this?
    ...no? just me?

  • BasiqAesthetic
    BasiqAesthetic 5 days ago

    The views, 6,666,330 Um is Satin trying to tell me something?

  • livingsoul1234567
    livingsoul1234567 6 days ago

    let that sink in..

  • TsopinkBaby Lady!
    TsopinkBaby Lady! 7 days ago

    damn that's deeper than all of my secrets

  • No One
    No One 7 days ago

    So deep Adele could roll in it.

  • obet magno
    obet magno 8 days ago

    this is from bright side copy catters

  • Autumn Frazier
    Autumn Frazier 8 days ago

    That is only 11km deep

  • ᖇᗴᑎ
    ᖇᗴᑎ 9 days ago

    Man, I don't wanna go into a fucking 6ft *pool*.

  • Lazaros Ger
    Lazaros Ger 11 days ago


  • Shadbraw
    Shadbraw 12 days ago

    What about a pineapple?

  • myint thi thi aung
    myint thi thi aung 12 days ago

    My math grades are much lower than that

  • Enrique González
    Enrique González 15 days ago

    1:50 Imagine that you are dropped there (also imagine that the pressure doesn't affect :v) and you have your own oxygen capacity(? to reach the surface, impossible

  • Ansony Hwang
    Ansony Hwang 15 days ago

    Pretty sure there is deeper parts

  • Ansony Hwang
    Ansony Hwang 15 days ago

    I know this too. Back to milk

  • oliver robinson
    oliver robinson 15 days ago

    That's one fast submarine

  • Manuela Perez
    Manuela Perez 16 days ago

    IT like the ocean were like space

  • Pixelated Hippie
    Pixelated Hippie 16 days ago

    I'm so Shook

  • Zion Riley
    Zion Riley 17 days ago

    and I thought the 12ft swimming pool was deep

  • That Dude 809
    That Dude 809 17 days ago

    Watch "real life lore- the ocean is deeper than you think" they explain better

  • Natalie Green
    Natalie Green 17 days ago

    Omg Mount Everest that's amazing

  • Hannah Repollo
    Hannah Repollo 18 days ago

    You know those people which always mention how peaceful and beautiful the ocean is?
    Am I the only one who actually feels frikin' terrified of the ocean? Like, even just saying the word 'ocean' scares me 😂.

  • - LittleLalaLaughs -

    1:01 It looked like the submarine was going back up.

  • Rebecca .Random
    Rebecca .Random 20 days ago

    And this is why i love pools....so much better....

  • Ismat The Holo Unicorn

    this is scary

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh 21 day ago

    times when buzzfeed had good content............

  • mamatha gowda
    mamatha gowda 21 day ago

    lot that fishiee with lights on after 1000 mtrs

  • Alissa Miller
    Alissa Miller 22 days ago

    lord knows what under that taller-then-everst water

  • Lispy Gaming
    Lispy Gaming 23 days ago

    have you ever thought if emelia earheart (if thats how you spell it) were to crash in lets say the middle of the ocean if that plane were to be made of metal it would sink so if you can fit mabye 100 or 1,000 mount everests in the ocean TO NOT EVEN SCRATCH THE SURFACE BTW imagine that plane just sinking and sinking and sinking you'd never find it with today technology and even when technology advances you may not even be able to reach it then. We know more about a planet no-one has ever set foot on (mars) than we do our own ocean ON THE PLANET WE LIVE ON AND HAVE BEEN FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

  • Lance Stories
    Lance Stories 23 days ago

    I'll show you deep fucking BuzzFeed

  • 終界木
    終界木 23 days ago

    the sea is more deeper than 10km


  • Mr.Whiteboy Balla
    Mr.Whiteboy Balla 24 days ago

    And we thought our dicks were long

  • Freya_minecraft freya

    but the video is 2 minets and twelve seconds why does it say 131 seconds ? NOW THERE'S SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE U THINK !

  • Chae Minji
    Chae Minji 26 days ago

    I have Hydrophobia.... thid is just making it worse..

  • C Star
    C Star 26 days ago

    Anybody else felt like their ears were about to pop? 😂

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 27 days ago


  • Sufiyan Ak
    Sufiyan Ak 27 days ago

    so its like 100 kms

  • Roblox Series & Scenes

    it is actually 10,994meters.

  • Phøεηιχ
    Phøεηιχ 29 days ago

    This didn't change anything

  • Alka Rasaily
    Alka Rasaily 29 days ago

    how deep is ua love, is it like the ocean??

  • amyizzle xo
    amyizzle xo 1 month ago

    I had hard time breathing watching this

  • Roman Kozlovskiy
    Roman Kozlovskiy 1 month ago

    212 seconds idiots

  • Kidsview
    Kidsview 1 month ago

    I dare someone to jump into the Mariana Trench and fall to the bottom on a trampoline thats placed there, once all of Earth's natural water is evaporated.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

    no haha so fake what a scam aha bamboozle haha no no believe no trust this

  • Puh
    Puh 1 month ago

    What if u reach the bottom of the ocean, dig urself into the sand or whatever, and then you come to another ocean, and swim up, and then you on the other side of the earth.

  • Boa Hancock
    Boa Hancock 1 month ago

    So deep i can see Adele rolling in it.

    MÓNIKA HOHMANN 1 month ago

    Its auctually much deeper than that.

  • One Night On YouTube

    My worst nightmare is accidentally gaining the ability to teleport to any place you can think of.
    Because of the ocean.

  • v1nc3nt11
    v1nc3nt11 1 month ago

    what if theres somewhere even deeper

  • username GoalZ
    username GoalZ 1 month ago

    nooh hell noo

  • Mark Axel Bacalso
    Mark Axel Bacalso 1 month ago

    Ride a boat, go to location of Mariana Trench, make sure u are above it, then Put a rock at the water then watch it fall and hope some sleeping kaiju, sea monster or godzilla will get hit and bring destruction upon our world

  • Tiffany Aviles
    Tiffany Aviles 1 month ago

    I've always been scared and yet still fascinated on how deep the ocean is??
    There could be mermaids,or a new undiscovered animal species

  • Invincible иσвιтα

    just came from watching "209 seconds......"...
    & now this..... .....just awesome.....

  • Gaming Siblings
    Gaming Siblings 1 month ago

    Wait isn't this video in 5 minute crafts? Wow o wow 5 minutes crafts is a scam guys

  • _gabe0623
    _gabe0623 1 month ago

    132 seconds*

  • Asmae Elhilali
    Asmae Elhilali 1 month ago

    i just don't know what is that 1k doslikes for ?

  • Forgot Name
    Forgot Name 1 month ago

    Well thats _deep_

  • Tasha Ponce
    Tasha Ponce 1 month ago

    Did someone actually go down that deep for this vid??

  • Lallie Khalifa
    Lallie Khalifa 1 month ago

    dude areyou for real this is crazy

  • Paulina Ocampo
    Paulina Ocampo 1 month ago

    does anyone​ here believe in mermaids because I do

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 1 month ago

    I felt the pressure in my chest while going down

  • night k
    night k 1 month ago

    if that's how deep the ocean is. imagen space. we find so many creature there so imagen space, what can live there...

  • April Light
    April Light 1 month ago

    Mom.....I don't wanna go to the ocean anymore😳

  • McTash
    McTash 1 month ago

    Stuff about how deep the ocean is gives me anxiety, but it also fascinates me. Like, help?!

    KHIKEN NUDDLE SUPE 1 month ago

    That did change the way i look at the oceane

  • DabbingPolarBear
    DabbingPolarBear 1 month ago

    Because we just needed a tiny submarine to come on our journey

  • Nisha Shah
    Nisha Shah 1 month ago


  • Sophie Hobbs
    Sophie Hobbs 1 month ago

    Im just sitting here repeating to myself "im so glad humans float 😭😭"

  • Faceless Fuck
    Faceless Fuck 1 month ago

    And i thought my cleavage is deeper

  • jackaboy
    jackaboy 1 month ago

    And I Question Whether Or Not I Should Go 5 Metres Deep

  • DgX DreamZzz
    DgX DreamZzz 1 month ago

    132 seconds*

  • Crafts World
    Crafts World 1 month ago

    That's their spirit that they have covered that depth

  • juliet mag
    juliet mag 1 month ago

    It's scary that we know some much about the moon but we know so little about the ocean

  • Kalel Raagas
    Kalel Raagas 1 month ago

    I know where are mermaids and merman ARE!!!

    There tourists, they are at the Titanic

  • Waymon Nicolitz
    Waymon Nicolitz 1 month ago

    That was 132 seconds!

  • collectibly tricks
    collectibly tricks 1 month ago

    My heart dropped along with that submarine.

  • Sameer Shakya
    Sameer Shakya 1 month ago

    Poor Adele must have been terrified down there..

  • Annabelle Eugui
    Annabelle Eugui 1 month ago

    Omg he was so close (^∇^)

  • HOW'S LIFE???
    HOW'S LIFE??? 1 month ago

    I can just imagine someone's body at the bottom of the ocean 🌊

  • Freya Allan
    Freya Allan 1 month ago

    This terrifies me

  • Nafisa Ahmed
    Nafisa Ahmed 1 month ago

    But the real question is who or what went this far down the ocean to discover all this?

  • SoulNameAria LPS
    SoulNameAria LPS 1 month ago

    11034m. Buzzfeed Developed The botyom of the ocean in 2015

  • NightcoreTuber
    NightcoreTuber 1 month ago

    I am afraid of the oceaan is it smart to watch this?

  • Clickbait
    Clickbait 1 month ago


  • mruthunjay Parmar
    mruthunjay Parmar 1 month ago

    how you animated and made this video

    KPOP FAN 1 month ago

    who else made a "thats what she said " jokes at the end of the video?

  • Detra Isham
    Detra Isham 1 month ago

    Finally I got back from the depths of the comments!!!🐷

  • Emmanuel Orellana
    Emmanuel Orellana 1 month ago

    this is actually 132 seconds which makes this click bait

  • Mariana Barajas
    Mariana Barajas 1 month ago

    it's so cool cause my name is Mariana 😄

  • Rajindi Perera
    Rajindi Perera 1 month ago


  • Noah Jubran
    Noah Jubran 1 month ago


  • Victoria Manning
    Victoria Manning 1 month ago

    the thumb nail

  • babyboo
    babyboo 1 month ago

    Watching this made me feel like I couldn't breathe!

  • Cliffstefan Delossantos

    there's nothing in the ocean but death!!

  • Phanic! at the Disco

    I thought it was deeper....

  • Karen Sam
    Karen Sam 1 month ago

    All I thought about was the amount of bodies at the bottom

  • Kayla Evans
    Kayla Evans 1 month ago

    Where's Spongebob

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