Top 10 Insane Spin Balls in Cricket History of all times - Spin Bowling

Top 10 Insane Spin Balls in Cricket History of all times - Spin Bowling
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-----------------------------------------------------------------------Have U Ever Seen A Spinner Swinging A Ball
If No Then In This Video You will See Some Great Spin With Mixture Of Swing Balling By Legendary Spinners.. Including Shane Warne, Sunil Narine and So On..
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Author Vicky Vicky ( ago)

Author Ganesh Chourasiya ( ago)
I want this song

Author Ch Sahm Afzil ( ago)
This is a very beautiful spin

Author Sangar Ashok ( ago)
nyc Shane won

Author Gagan Phadke ( ago)
Shane warne is the best spinner ever

Author shiv sahu ( ago)

Author 10 Cricket HD ( ago)
its awesome

Author SANJAY GARG ( ago)
Warne always aimed for that rough patch.. a true tactician...😃😃😃

Author Rutwik Kachare ( ago)
I expected swing but got spin. What the hell..!!!!!!

Author KushagraSengarVEVO ( ago)
Someone tell this guy the difference between turn and swing.

Author Naveed Ahmed ( ago)
is this swing bowling or spin bowling? lol😂

Author nik sri ( ago)
This is spin not swing bowling.

Author Cricket Player List Gallery ( ago)

Author Sarowar H. Mishkat ( ago)
Swing and turn/spin ain't the same thing.

Author Furqan ( ago)
Bhajji was the best.

Author Babu Khan ( ago)

Author vaibhav sane ( ago)
Swing??? Ha ha ha...seems like you are on a high class charas

Author Mukesh Soothar ( ago)
can anyone tell me name of the tune?

Author aakash ranjan khapre ( ago)

Author Zeeshan Haider Khan Niazi ( ago)
where is the dismissal of Balance by Yasir Shah ?

Author Farhan Uddin ( ago)
WHY in every video thier has dislike

Author ethanisak ( ago)
what is it with this shit music????

Author Mohammad Hashir ( ago)
Before posting videos learn the difference between swing and spin

Author Sarvesh Kumar ( ago)

Author Liam O'Rourke ( ago)
Most of them a spin not swing

Author TCF Blogs ( ago)
Where's is kumble? . Since its all about spin.

Author Aditya Vashista ( ago)
All Bowlers are Spinners So how can they swing they Spin the ball

Author thomas pid ( ago)
If this is swing im black

Author Syed Ali ( ago)
Good compilation but i guess u don't know the difference between Swing and spin.

Author Gus Mcfadyen ( ago)
All of them are spin

Author Naveen Kumar ( ago)

Author Philip Henning ( ago)
Swing Ball! WTF!!! Spin Bro!

Author Abrar Nadir ( ago)
few very BAD choices in there....

Author Sam Brearley ( ago)

Author Syed Zameer ( ago)

Author Ashwath ( ago)
Could u pls tell me what's the song/music played at 2:30

Author Ritesh Gautam ( ago)
that is spin not swing

Author Sudheendra Bhat ( ago)
What the hell?
Admin dont u know the meaning of swing.

Author Bhavesh Pandey ( ago)
its spin bowling...

Author THE TGF SHOW ( ago)
The first one is a thing called SPIN look it up on YouTube, Shane Warne SPIN bowling

Author physics Lover ( ago)
spin blow

Author Mick Harrison ( ago)
this is called spin....

Author azhar ansari ( ago)
Make the caption correct write as Warne magic ..!

Author Muralidhar V M ( ago)
Is this about spin or swing bowling?? Why mislead viewers??

Author Stephen Richmond ( ago)
Last time I checked what you are showing is spin not swig.
Learn your cricket before putting up a video

Author Pavithra R ( ago)
The music is from the song faded by Alan walker look up the song ,its awesome.btw cool video bro.

Author Rahul Kumar ( ago)

Author Supernova Jet ( ago)
Do you mean spin

Author The Skillsterz ( ago)

Author Sharique Sheikh ( ago)
बहुत आछा ह हमे आप से गुजारिश ह की

Author Shraddha Tripathi ( ago)
Shane warne ...God of spin

Author Sathya Anurag Manchikanti ( ago)
I came here to see swinging deliveries but I saw Spin

Author Parasram Meena ( ago)

Author MuHammad Haris ( ago)
Is main Yasir Sha Ko Bhi add karo....Jb Us ne Baristow ko Out Kia Tha...

Author sudeep nayak ( ago)
What a retard! Does'nt know the difference between swing and spin LMAO

Author Max Lanza ( ago)
i think you have the wrong idea. this is spin. the title should be "Top 10 Insane SPIN Balls in Cricket History of all times" swing is with faced paced bowlers. XD idiot

Author brendan milner ( ago)
Insane swing but shows spin bowling and puts horrid music over it... nice prank

Author samit lal ( ago)
Its SPIN, not swing... Spinners spin, pacers swing.

Author Miles Smith ( ago)
this is spin not swing

Author sumit roy ( ago)
your Mobile no

Author Richard Ward ( ago)
Shitty click bait. If you don't know the difference between swing bowling and spin bowl off overrun steps you need to stay out of cricket.

Author Deepak Bali ( ago)
this not called swing you fool, this is spin... "swing" in cricket is the term used for a ball moving through air before the bounce...

Author Rapheal Jesudass amal ( ago)
live match Eng vs individual on u tube

Author Subash Soren ( ago)
This video was amazing

Author Subash Soren ( ago)
This video was amazing

Author Taylor Power ( ago)
The title says swing bowling yet it's spin bowling

Author James Playz ( ago)
You do realise this is spin not swing

Author Subodh Dhital ( ago)

Author Barnem13 ( ago)
This is NOT Swing bowling sorry to inform you but this is SPIN bowling even I knos that

Author Kavee Gunarathne ( ago)
Swing or spin?

Author Luqman Khan ( ago)
Swing balls. lmao

Author ANYTECH in hindi ( ago)

Author Blackheart 007 ( ago)
can anyone tell the name of the song started at 2:58

Author Suman Jha ( ago)
Likha swing hai aur dikha spin bhi raho ho. How cheap.

Author MattyPVids ( ago)
clickbait i was expecting balls that swung like a ft

Author Aaron Ramsay ( ago)
it was all spin bowlers not 1 swing bowler or fast bowler.

Author aqib zargar ( ago)

Author Utsav Shakya ( ago)
Shane Warne the best swing bowler 😂😂

Author biza biju ( ago)
i meant ALL OFF IT!!!!!!!!!

Author biza biju ( ago)

Author singhajs ( ago)
Yeah, I see it! Exactly what happen when you talk about a myth , lost in time. Swing is dead long time, I don't blame you for not knowing it or misunderstanding with spin. Swing died by the end of last decade, with last legends of cricket retiring.

Author sandeep kumar ( ago)

Author Shaik Nasru ( ago)
2:52 beauti off warne

Author yt amplifier01 ( ago)

Author Sharva Potdar ( ago)
which is the song in the later half of the video??

Author Vivek Puli ( ago)

Author Srini Vasu ( ago)
your right pathak bhai

Author Earth Activities ( ago)
nice video

Author ( ago)

Author Dion Bidner ( ago)
Swing bowling? your off your head mate these are TOP SPIN BOWLING

Author Mohammad Ariful Islam ( ago)

Author Moni Sankar Mandal ( ago)
what a blunder you uploader, this is spin bowling, not swing

Author james mk ( ago)
and where is Mitchell starc who was shown in the thumbnail

Author james mk ( ago)
misleading title, if I'm right this is spin bowling not swing.

Author C M Santosh Kumar ( ago)
Spin.. not Swing.. change the title..

Author RAGHVIR SINGH Dhanoa ( ago)
its spin not swing!!

Author Gopi Nath ( ago)
Part time job whartsapp 9790449011

Author A.S. Beg ( ago)
Warne is the best of all bowlers!

Author Ayush k ( ago)
swing? * spin

Author Amit. nice Kumar ( ago)

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