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  • Dose of Dissonance
    Dose of Dissonance 3 months ago

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    • Modem Mark
      Modem Mark 7 days ago

      We now have $20,000,000,000,000.00 (Twenty Trillion!!!) dollars in National Debt. Where did that Debt come from??? *Ronald* *Reagan* and his corrupt Republican Neo-CON cronies!!!
      Before Reagan, Taxes paid by richest Americans were between 94% in the 1940's & 50's, and gradually went down to 91% then 70% in 1980's; and during this time, with the richest Americans paying their FAIR share of Taxes needed to run Our Country, the America Economy BOOOMED with prosperity for all because it takes lots of money to run a Country. *Then* *Came* *Reagan* . Reagan and his rich greedy cronies cut taxes on *themselves* , wa-a-a-a-y down to 28%!!!. Now it's down to 20% or less (thanks Republican CONgress)!!! It takes lots of money to run a Country; so if you allow those who are most capable of paying taxes to ride for FREE, then where's the money to run America going to come from??? Ever since *Reagan* and his corrupt *Republican* *Tax* *Breaks* to the richest Americans, we have had to *borrow* billions and Billions and *BILLIONS* of dollars every year since Reagan just to pay for those corrupt *Republican* *Tax* *Breaks* for the richest Americans and their Multi-National Corporations to ride for Free, at Our children's expense.
      All these BILLIONS, Borrowed from Your (Our) kids, grand kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids, etc... Hahahahaha!!! make America GREAT GREAT GREAT! LOL!!!

    • Karen Skinner
      Karen Skinner 9 days ago

      VotelessOrc497 YOU are a fucktard.

    • Joe Martinez
      Joe Martinez 20 days ago

      Pasquale Gelardi. morn thinking equals an impeached sell out trump !!!!! morn

    • Pasquale Gelardi
      Pasquale Gelardi 20 days ago

      Dose of Dissonance

      people who don't produce ought not eat.

    • Michael B
      Michael B 21 day ago

      Kirk Wood Truth!

  • Jerry A
    Jerry A 12 hours ago

    I hated this guy for lying through his teeth every night. I cant believe what I am hearing now. He actually out called Paul Ryan?? Asking an actual reality? This health care plan must really be so messed up it even got Tucker going the other way!! That was a good four minutes for a change.

  • Brandon Moreland
    Brandon Moreland 12 hours ago

    You know they're lying when they start stuttering and talking super fast. Flint, Michigan coudlve used that tax break

  • T Mc
    T Mc 12 hours ago

    Paul Ryan needs to be out of office. What a mentally challenged person. Oh, wait isn't that a preexisting condition they say won't be covered? What a rich man's lap dog.

  • Jenny Sokol
    Jenny Sokol 14 hours ago

    define wonky? kick this man to the curb!

  • Gordon Stewart
    Gordon Stewart 18 hours ago

    Never realized  that Ryan is just as simple and compromised as his boss

  • Oski Turan
    Oski Turan 18 hours ago

    LOL well you have tucker calling your healthcare bill shit, you know it's bad. Moron Republicans

  • Mike Ebersol
    Mike Ebersol 18 hours ago

    Ryan describes huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans as "Wonkie" Apparently Wonkie is a Wisconsin term that means a ginormous douche who takes money poor people need to see a doctor and give it to filthy rich people. (This will be much funnier if you imagine Deputy Barney Fife saying it)Because you see Opie the problem with the economy in America is that rich people don't have enough money to spend on yachts, Prada shoes, Bentley cars and mansions.

  • Mike Ebersol
    Mike Ebersol 19 hours ago

    New found respect for Tucker after all his Fox antics. The RepubliCON health plan is just like their tax plan: heap tubs of cash on the rich (Warren Buffet who is worth many billions estimates he will get $600, 000 back) while taking huge cuts out of medicaid. shameful and another broken Trump promise (no cuts in Medicaid, Social Security, and inexpensive, wonderful healthcare for EVERYONE. Shameful liars

  • Douglas Koch
    Douglas Koch 19 hours ago

    Ryan..."I am not concerned about it"...sending the money back to the richest people on the planet...but killing those people that are going to lose insurance...yes, he cares about that. Sounds like Ryan might just be legalized murderer.

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 22 hours ago

    This is not a win for conservatives, it's a win for neo-con libertarians. Businesses take risks but so do taxpayers and investors. If Republicans pass this or their tax agenda, stop giving business subsidies and allowing bankruptcies to corporations.

  • Benny Wallace
    Benny Wallace 23 hours ago

    is Paul Ryan smoking crack? If someone is making $10-15 per hour they can't afford a $5000 per year health insurance plan! Does he expect everyone to just keep living at home with their parents!? What happened to cheaper prescription costs, cheaper copays, cheaper plans for everyone!? This garbage isn't better and Ryan himself in this video is saying he doesn't really care about the working class American

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens 1 day ago

    We want guys with $10 per hour jobs to be succeedful by refusing to raise their wages. We want them to be successful by gutting public schools. We want them to be successful by poiisoning their drinking water.

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens 1 day ago

    We are lowering the revenue that paves the roads, keeps bridges from collapsing and makes American middle class and poor competitive in the world. Fuck 'em. They are losers and don't deserve to succeed.

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens 1 day ago

    We promised that we would vote away all of our taxes and put out fucking boot on the neck of the poor. We're just keeping our promises to the suckers who voted us into office.

  • nearlydone
    nearlydone 1 day ago

    The next Tax Care plan will give even more money to the rich and Paul Ryan says he "doesn't care".  The money just keeps flowing upward, and 99 % get screwed. When will all Americans see this ? probably never, because the billionaires can run billions of dollars in TV Ad election propaganda to keep it going . We are fucked unless we rebel.

  • Robert John
    Robert John 1 day ago

    if obamacare was so bad for the economy then why is the market up so high six years later.

  • Son37Lumiere
    Son37Lumiere 1 day ago

    Paul Ryan is a piece of shit.

  • Lisa Goldman
    Lisa Goldman 2 days ago

    Tell me how Paul Ryan still has a job? Tell me how his own party has not kicked the crack out of his tight ass and gotten ridden of this worthless piece of crap

  • g4macdad
    g4macdad 3 days ago

    Not only is Paul Ryan a greedy pile of shit, he is also a terrible liar... Not even Fox is buying his lies...

  • ShenkelMcDoo
    ShenkelMcDoo 3 days ago

    TUcker Carlson always has that WTF face xD

  • grace ashi
    grace ashi 5 days ago

    you know it's bad when fox news doesn't agree with a Republican.

  • sam hill
    sam hill 5 days ago

    My god Ryan is a repugnant excuse for a human. There is nothing wonky about Ryan's and the republicans tax plan unless you consider giving the rich more tax breaks wonky. Holy shit I would like to punch that piece of shit right between his beady soulless fucking eyes.

  • G Nag
    G Nag 5 days ago

    "destroys" and "owns" are the most misused words in youtube 24 news cycle replays.

    • G Nag
      G Nag 5 days ago

      that being said - paul ryan is fucking clueless.

  • Mick Jones
    Mick Jones 5 days ago

    Tucker! you're becoming a man!

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn 6 days ago

    After screaming years about forced insurance, the Republicans are putting in draconian penalties.

  • BonerMaroner
    BonerMaroner 7 days ago

    17% approval of the plan but Paul Ryan don't care as long as trillions go to the very top which he has promised them. But (R)'s keep voting for them. If you work together for a public option nobody would go without but that is not good enough for a Republican with no morality.

  • treid100182
    treid100182 8 days ago

    Can we just have Single-Payer already????

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn 9 days ago

    Grannykiller Ryan is creaming his girly panties over people dying.

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner 9 days ago

    If I ever have the displeasure of meeting Paul Ryan, I'd tell him to go fuck hi self like he has fucked the American people and our country.

  • sorathunderknight
    sorathunderknight 10 days ago

    Mmmmm this didn't show Tucker Carlson destroying Trump Care in fact it just shows Paul Ryan basically winning this argument and Tucker Carlson looking confused, the title is misleading.

    TRUMP'S SONGS 10 days ago

    The Loser Clown community organizer and his criminal friends are all done! YOU LOST!
    Hillary ,Bill and Chelsy who is the daughter of Hubble, not Bill all need to be in jail.
    GO to INFOWARS.COM and become free of the left wing lies. WAKE UP....be free!

    TRUMP'S SONGS 10 days ago

    Dose of Dissonace....what a joke you are....I bet you are a Marijuana patient and sit around high and have no real job. GO TO INFOWARS.COM and become educated about the TRUTH about what is going on in America. All you welfare Rats just got a big tax break and the obama care bullshit will be over soon and a better paln will help us. I am a Black woman who is ashamed of all you idiots who cause a racial divide.Go to INFOWARS.COM

  • xxCrazyIzzyxx
    xxCrazyIzzyxx 14 days ago

    It really is something when you have someone on Fox News point out to a conservative how batshit fucked up their plans are.

  • S H
    S H 14 days ago

    Paul Ryan is a SCUM!

  • Stefan Mongie
    Stefan Mongie 14 days ago

    The YT's are bunch of lying pussy assholes.

  • John McElroy
    John McElroy 15 days ago

    Normally I like Tucker but I'm not inclined to agree that removing a tax is giving anyone anything. it's just not taking it from them in the first damn place.

  • Daryl Smudgeon
    Daryl Smudgeon 15 days ago

    Tucker ALWAYS has the same clueless expression, no matter who he is talking to.

  • Fast Easy Sign Up
    Fast Easy Sign Up 15 days ago

    REAL REFORM needs to come in the form of pricing transparency. Healthcare is the only service you get that 9 times out of 10 you have no idea what they will charge you for services. GO into the grand majority of doctors offices and ask what they charge for certain tests or procedures and you will be answered with the question - What insurance do you have? No way to dispute or shop prices before hand. Can you imagine buying a car, house or going out to dinner with out knowing what things costs? NO bill does a thing to address this issue on either side of the isle. Could it be because the healthcare lobby spends more in Washington than the Oil & Gas, Defense and Aerospace sectors combined.

  • Allegronaut
    Allegronaut 16 days ago

    Government spending is out of control and is a part of a larger complicated issue that should be addressed as part of the total picture including spending, tax, & welfare reform. We have too many people on welfare who are able to work but refuse to, including illegals. Anyone who wants to go to college should pay for it themselves, and instead of welfare for able-bodied people they should get education credits to enable themselves to get good paying jobs. No one has the right to health care paid for by someone else, but the government does collect enough money to have a pool for people with pre-existing conditions. Obamacare addressed none of the real issues and just put a bigger burden on taxpayers without looking at everyone's needs, and was only to obtain votes.

  • Jon McLain
    Jon McLain 16 days ago

    You know... Paul Ryan is Trumps Bitch!! Trump is a evil Son of a Bitch!! They are fuckalizing this Country!

  • DRightOne1
    DRightOne1 16 days ago

    Ryan is getting really good. He can clearly communicate bullshit with a smile on his face now.

  • Fast Er
    Fast Er 17 days ago

    I think Tucker finally understood what Republicans mean by Repealing Obamacare, and who will benefit.

    First give the wealthy a tax cut by repealing Obamacare, then another huge tax cut by reducing their taxes with the tax "reform".
    How do you Trump voters like those options? Is Trump giving much better healthcare to ALL for a fraction of the cost? Did you actually believed that?

  • Brad Aaron
    Brad Aaron 17 days ago

    Its hard to believe people working 40 hour weeks vote for this asshole. it's almost funny watching him pretend to give a shit about those who don't get 6 figure divided checks .

  • Hunter Izdebski
    Hunter Izdebski 17 days ago

    The one time Tucker's only facial expression was actually appropriate.

  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 18 days ago

    Ryan is an asshole!! Why is the hell would you fuck the poor even more by giving more tax cuts to the rich??....oh.. that's right..... he's a cock sucking Trump Republican!!!😬😬. Even though the Democrats aren't Saints, the Republicans suck the worst and the most!!! In 2 years, the Republican Congress will be gone; hopefully, for good!!😬 Forget Bush and Obama, Trump and this administration is the worst in the history of the world!!! By the way, fuck Sean "Dickhead" Spicer too!!

  • Tara Rollins
    Tara Rollins 18 days ago

    Ryan the RINO! He is part of the problem!!

  • Pollo Gama
    Pollo Gama 19 days ago

    fuck him u fake ass hope u get urs

  • One Wheel Drive
    One Wheel Drive 19 days ago

    I never thought I would ever .....ever.....ever have agreed on anything with tucker!!! Paul Ryan is the biggest weasel of them all

  • KonaMark
    KonaMark 19 days ago

    Puck Faul Ryan

  • lester brown
    lester brown 19 days ago

    The first thing these rats did was exempt themselves from the sludge they are providing the American public, Trumpcare. Let them eat the cake they provide for us. How dare they raise themselves on a platform above the American citizen. They are representatives, not rulers. Public servants. They serve themselves. Dems and repubs are on the same greed train. Corporations own America, our government, and it's leaders.

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 20 days ago

    Sell out trump's impeachment saves millions of Americans lives.

  • siroz1
    siroz1 20 days ago

    dang Paul Ryan you sure are a good lier

  • mudshark jones
    mudshark jones 20 days ago

    and yet Tucker is still towing the line, contemptible objectionable maggot.

  • Mark Danis
    Mark Danis 20 days ago

    Eddy Munster freaks me out.

  • jessejauregui
    jessejauregui 20 days ago

    Fucking conservative are American cancer plan and simple

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi 20 days ago

    We need Chuck Norris to replace Ryan.

  • The C. E. Blevins Avian Learning Center

    I predict that a worker making $15.00 an hour will not be able to afford health insurance under the new plan. Time will tell.

  • Windows Sucks
    Windows Sucks 20 days ago

    You know it's too much of a ruse when Tucker Carlson stops talking nonsense

  • Paul Stobbe
    Paul Stobbe 20 days ago

    wow, I'm having a momentary respect for tucker.

  • JBryant Concierge
    JBryant Concierge 20 days ago


  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis 20 days ago

    This was last time tucker was in any way critical of these bastards. Now its all hail trump! Winder if someone got at him after this interview?

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 21 day ago

    More taxes on the rich is very good for economic growth. http://bit.ly/moretaxes-morejobs For once Tucker is right. Surprised he didn't lose his job asking that. Failed economic policies should not be questioned in our Oligarchy.

  • hyakoutake
    hyakoutake 21 day ago

    thats what it says but hey...fuck it right...screw the poor...Ryan go die soon bitch

  • Sefcak James
    Sefcak James 21 day ago

    Speaker, Paul Ryan is a bold faced Liar! He 'double' talks his way to avoid the question.

  • Larry Burke
    Larry Burke 21 day ago

    After this huge giveaway to the lords of our society, we will do it again with tax reform- Paul Ryan

  • Thimbleberry DeShea
    Thimbleberry DeShea 22 days ago

    Does anyone else have the urge to slap Ryan's smirk each interview you see him in?

  • Warrior
    Warrior 22 days ago

    Oh ! Ewww ! There's the Bat off the movie ! Annistasia

  • Stinky Nalgas
    Stinky Nalgas 22 days ago

    By the way now that you don't have Obama care for your black lungs you can die faster and not be a burden on my taxes 😂👍🏿, don't forget to vote Trump in 2020😂😂😂

  • Stinky Nalgas
    Stinky Nalgas 22 days ago

    So everyone understands, if a large company wants to make money for their investors they must (A) sell more or (B) make job cuts. Have you seen the news all the jobs being lost and if people have no jobs they obviously can't buy stuff from said large company so how do investors make money? Off the backs of poor people that are losing their jobs. So all you coal miners 😭 crying and voted for trump thanks you just made me even more money on my investments and I'm a conservative liberal. So today's lesson if your too stupid to understand the way the market works you will continue to make the rest of us money. Keep voting dummies. 👍🏿

  • Pete Hawthorne
    Pete Hawthorne 22 days ago

    Funk the Poor

  • Judth Chrismon
    Judth Chrismon 23 days ago

    You see how fast he talks, it's to throw you off or so you either misunderstand him or you just miss the bullshit he just vomited in his fucking mouth. Obamacare is crashing because these guys are driving it into a brickwall. Trumpcare is definitely going to be the killer of all insurance plans, just wait for it. Why wouldn't they want to keep Obamacare, fix whats wrong with it in order to carry on so that the American people don't miss a beat when it comes to staying healthy or getting treated for preexisting conditions, then their college age children would continue to receive their much needed care. Other countries have been able to make it work, I'm baffled by the ignorance of the US Govt to not want to provide the same for its citizens. Don't we deserve it? 🥀✌🏽👊🏽🥀

  • Dand AinTac
    Dand AinTac 23 days ago

    How do they get away with it? I'm referring to the notion that higher taxes for the wealthy is bad economic policy.

    Reagan/Bush1 made massive cuts in taxes. The economy went into a steep recession in the early 80s. They raised taxes back up, greatly reducing the size of the original tax cut, the economy boomed.

    Clinton entered office in the midst of a nasty recession in the early 90s. He and the Democrats raised taxes, the economy improved, and continued picking up steam and was booming when he left office.

    Bush II enacted a massive tax cut for the wealthy, and cut every other imaginable tax that affected the wealthy, capital gains taxes for example. By the time he left office the economy was in the worst tailspin since the Great Depression.

    Obama entered office with the economy, I think it's fair to say, was in a death spiral. He and the Democrats raised taxes for the wealthy, and at the end, although not as much as Clinton. The economy gradually improved and is humming along fine now. And it was doing so before the election.

    Now--one can nitpick--"oh, but the economy should be doing much better!" But the data is quite clear. Lowering taxes for the wealthy is NOT necessarily good economic policy and raising them is not necessarily bad. Where was the boom at the end of George W Bush's 2 terms? After all those tax cuts, the economy should have been booming, according to conservative dogma. Where was the boom?

    So I'm trying to decide if a) guys like Ryan actually believe this, or b) they don't--but they don't really care, because their primary focus is servicing their rich patrons, and they know enough of the rubes will buy into this nonsense and between that, and gerrymandering, they can keep power.

    I wish some journalist would have the economic indicators graphed out, with markers indicating presidential terms, when tax cuts were enacted, etc., and confront Ryan and others who continue spreading this myth.

  • Poly Orchid
    Poly Orchid 23 days ago

    The senate is filled with Christians but want to stop people having health care but will spend billions on war. JC would be proud.

  • Poly Orchid
    Poly Orchid 23 days ago

    Bloody hell, Tucker ain't such a total moron.

  • Kevin Alexander
    Kevin Alexander 24 days ago

    Wtf Fucker Carlson, why so surprised? Did you not get the memo? America is hate it's the American way. God bless America right? Catholics and Christians are you with me?

  • Jwxo Weeye
    Jwxo Weeye 24 days ago

    Paul Ryan has to go

    MONSTER HOUSE TV 25 days ago

    He literally just said he's not concerned about the 90% of the American public that won't see a dime of a tax cut Fuck this guy forever!!!!!!

    BON JOVI 25 days ago

    I've said a 1000 times Tucker Carlson is "Not" a legitimate A$$ Hole. He just plays one on TV. Look at the face. The face of Beau, Jeff & Loyd Bridges. Not the face of an A-Hole. Judge Jeanne Deniro. Now "There's an A$$ Hole...HUGE GAPING.

  • Edgar Hudak
    Edgar Hudak 25 days ago

    No.........no no no ..... who could imagine that a 70-year old billionaire, known primarily for divorce(s) scandals getting sued and bankruptcies would propose a budget that favors the 1/10th % over the 99.9% of American citizens? They must be talking about some other Donald Trump.

  • David Andersson
    David Andersson 26 days ago

    You know the GOP is in danger when Tucker Carlson starts calling you out.

  • EstariaValens
    EstariaValens 28 days ago

    All you need to know about Ryan in 6 little words: "I'm not that worried about it." Conservatives have gotten downright brazen with their contempt for the 99%.

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 28 days ago

    "Obamacare is crashing". Trump's plan decreases the cost of health care? Lie!

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 28 days ago

    Is it just me or do politicians have their own special language?

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 28 days ago

    Ryan is so smug.

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 28 days ago

    Paul Ryan loves money more than people, that's why he's a Republican.

  • Quisqueya Pride
    Quisqueya Pride 29 days ago


  • SVisionary
    SVisionary 29 days ago

    Never thought I'd agree with Carlson...

  • scorpio woman
    scorpio woman 1 month ago

    This bastard Ryan should go to hell

  • Victor Guerra
    Victor Guerra 1 month ago

    Can we get rid of this cock sucker Paul Ryan, his mouth is like a cunt!

  • Domingo Rodriguez
    Domingo Rodriguez 1 month ago

    So much suffering, despair, insecurity and poverty plague the most powerful and rich nation... because of GREED and back room deals among the few who hold the wealth and power of our country...sad, bad.

  • yennev
    yennev 1 month ago


  • p. m
    p. m 1 month ago

    Wow... Ryan is such a soul-less money whore. His spin on what they are doing is so inherently evil, so obviously geared to enriching the super-wealthy that it is scary in it's abandonment of the middle and lower classes. Fucking creepy, demonic cocksucker if ever there was one.

    Totally reminds me of the line from Where The Buffalo Roam when Hunter S Thompson masquerading as 'Harris, from the Post' corners Nixon when he is taking a piss; "Fuck the doomed!" When this slinky, greasy cocksucker shrugs his shoulders and basically says; "Fuck the doomed!" I want to drop kick him into the next dimension.

  • Richard Ten Wolde
    Richard Ten Wolde 1 month ago

    this house speaker ,shut be a shame of his self. he is a lie baby,

  • Margaret Norris
    Margaret Norris 1 month ago

    Ryan Paul is not smart and does not care about us.

  • fistablazin
    fistablazin 1 month ago

    I think liberals and conservatives can agree that Paul is full of shi.

  • donald byrom
    donald byrom 1 month ago

    ryan is a lying piece of shit

  • tomite2001
    tomite2001 1 month ago

    The main problem is the republicans see healthcare as a commodity and not a social service.

  • Al Abama
    Al Abama 1 month ago

    If only you guys knew how this approach to healthcare makes you the laughing stock of the world. Even Cuba is more highly rated. Taking $880B subsidies from Medicaid will result in bankruptcies of the poorest, whilst the rich are laughing with tax breaks. Zero morality, 100% economic fraud!

  • jesus of nazereth
    jesus of nazereth 1 month ago

    fuck u Ryan and that Rand bitch

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