Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports

You may not play the game, but you still know the moves. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we're looking at moves made famous by some of the greatest names in the game.

Special thanks to our user Ayoub Mahmoud for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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Author Max Carter ( ago)
"Curl" is not a skill move its technique. Skill moves in soccer include a rainbow flick or elastico chop or berba spin

Author fishcar ( ago)
Good list but should have had drop shots from tennis on, even just for how effortless it looks

Author Kreeeve ( ago)
Baseball double play number 1.

Author AnsonSnipes86 ( ago)
Slap shot?

Author OuMaiKynes .-. ( ago)

Author USCNE96 ( ago)
what about the nutmeg?

Author Kevin Pi ( ago)
Nobody's slammin' the bardownskis. Wheel, snipe, celly, nawmsayn? Buddy's got 10-ply hands. Softest hands ever.

Author Phil ip ( ago)
Surprised they didn't mention Roberto Carlos for the free kick curl against France. Scientists even studied the ball movement on that one.

Author David E ( ago)
Being a hockey fan, i have to tip my hat to anyone in football who pulls off the scissor kick!!! But i love a well done Forsberg!!

Author Nicole Powell ( ago)
My favorite is the Peter foursburg

Author Jefin Jafar ( ago)
no look pass without ronaldihio

Author Skylord_Jameson ( ago)
Shut the hell up and stop whining, you know the fucking narrator doesn't know much shit about sports. So why can't you just keep the stupid comments to yourself?

Author Michael Alvarado ( ago)
Last one is called a chilena homie

Author Brt Lepi ( ago)
You should have included Panenka

Author Adrianna Atilano ( ago)
8:35 nonono... its called a Chilena

Author Scott Schmidt ( ago)
Under the legs shot in tennis. That shot is so iconic and extremely hard to pull off.

Author Darius Noxus ( ago)
my favourite skill move is Kagami meteor jam

Author Darius Noxus ( ago)
3:30 is that akashi?

Author Davide Fenice ( ago)

Author A J games ( ago)
Spin o rama

Author Gurkis 20 ( ago)

Author Will Faerber ( ago)
What about euro step

Author Random User ( ago)
Don't use Wikipedia

Author Drawing with Courtney ( ago)

Author Bryan Lafferty ( ago)
Should've mentioned the Pavel datsyuk before foresberg

Author TBLA gaming ( ago)
What about avoiding the tag?

Author zanist100 ( ago)

Author davimartinsivad ( ago)
what about the euro step!?

Author Sammy Square ( ago)
Where's tennis in between the legs shot

Author Teemu Nilsson ( ago)

Author Henri Zimmermann ( ago)
Where is the Kempa Trick?

Author Gravity ( ago)
Not many play handball, but their is something called Kempa (at least in Germany). One person throws the ball to another one. The other one catches and throws the ball, while beeing in the air.

Author Owen Gilmore ( ago)
My favourite is the Hail Mary

Author Myron Bari ( ago)
in todays its very easy to curl the ball even for me that i dont know very good football

Author FranxXterHD ( ago)
great willy?

Author NotTheStatusQuo ( ago)
If anyone didn't already know you guys are Canadians, watching this video would give it away.

Author EricMill ( ago)
The Dilshan/dilscoop?

Author Anderson loaiza ( ago)
They actually got a lot of these skills placement right

Author MoviesComicsSport ( ago)
As usual watchmojo only looks at the same three sports for these list. So biased its ridiculous

Author Trevor Ennis ( ago)
I was about to comment how tf do they not show Kane for a spin o rama

Author Dylan Clark ( ago)
They show the bicycle kick but don't show Rooney?🤔

Author ninjaksmash ( ago)
They did the crossover but didn't show Allen Iverson? Hold this L

Author Till Niklaas ( ago)
i miss the kempa :(

Author Wyatt Sherwood ( ago)
Tennis tweener?

Author FuriousFelix ( ago)
why no nutmeg

Author Preston Palamara ( ago)
Not called the lacrosse move. You get Hockey facts wrong all the time and it's annoying

Author Aleksandar Grozdanovic ( ago)
jokić 😍😍😍😍😍

Author edrandom99 wl ( ago)
Ilmaveivi!! Torille!!

Author TheFedHD ( ago)
Federer's tweener anyone?

Author Mads Jensen ( ago)
My favorite skill move is bolasie flick.

Author Captain Allen ( ago)
Ronaldo chop?

Author alexandre Morneau ( ago)
you forgot the `` i will fake an injurie in the box to get a penalty kick``

Author Nicholas Vanaria ( ago)
I surprised the one-timer wasn't on this list.

Author Arthur lee ( ago)
WatchMojo's favorite move is the clickbait

Author bionicbagel1 ( ago)
The plug does a toe drag lol. definatley took that term fro urban dictionary.

Author Lasse Lappalainen ( ago)
SUAMI 1:53 torilla tavataan

Author En Svensk Grabb ( ago)
Peter Forceberg

Author David Lifshitz ( ago)
What about the scorpion kick (football) it's the most skilled kick ever

Author Samuel Crouch-Loveday ( ago)
You should have put some aussie rules/AFL spectacular marks/catches in the video

Author tucatnev ( ago)
The alley-oop is quite similar to the handball "Chinese trick" (I don't know the handball term) So when an offensive player passes the ball over the restricted area where a team mate can pick up the ball and shoot it immediately in the air.

Oh, I checked it, this is called alley-oop in the handball too.

Author Elias Hoseth ( ago)
Wheres my Koby??

Author Hail Tristus ( ago)
Number one ze beautiful FALLRÜCKZIEHER

Author Rishi Mishra ( ago)
Swing bowling in cricket also requires quite some skill though

Author sijjajamamuta ( ago)
This is lame, i've seen so much better.

Author Youssef Thraya ( ago)
Nutmeg scorpion kick

Author jeff bob ( ago)
You forgot to mention rainbow flick in soccer

Author momentummiracle ( ago)
zlatan goal just raped them all

Author multiskillakid ( ago)
Type in Roberto Carlos curve kick to see the legend !

Author misikaro ( ago)
0:32 suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

Author Luis Limon ( ago)
no baseball moves

Author Mohammad Zakzok ( ago)
Some stuff is off in this video. You talk about a no-look pass but don't mention Football no-look passes... but that's ok. But why don't you mention Juninho in the curve ball section...

Author bub yacobozzi ( ago)
Dear Mojo, ... Don't do sports videos

Author J Hal ( ago)
how do you not mention Iverson with the crossover?

Author Hemanta Lingden ( ago)
you missed (chop) from football/soccer and knuckle ball. knuckle ball is harder than curl

Author Benjamin Orr ( ago)
I could not watch the dislocation part of the video I've had mine pop out 15 times in 6 months and had to got to the hospital for all of them and I'm only 17

Author Ondrasino5 ( ago)
panenka penalty!!!!!!

Author Everex ( ago)
Where's the Temperrr shot???

Author TuomasGaming ( ago)
Suomi perkele TORILLA TAVATAA !

Author Simon Andersson ( ago)
Hockey redirections should be in the video instead of spinorama

Author HES2100 ( ago)
Not being sexist here, but FUCK. Get a good commentary man here, The cringe is real. This video has horrible commentary...

Author Wuffels 69 ( ago)
honestly if they banned a skill move make it number 1

Author NAIZ ( ago)
Save be Hašek! Where was this?

Author KI11ER GAMES ( ago)
what happened to throwing to 2nd base as a catcher to get a base stealer out

Author Paul Masteller ( ago)

Author Steven Gilbert ( ago)
Missing the Jagr in hockey shootouts

Author Roni Lehtonen ( ago)
granlundin mikaelhan se siellä

Author anthony9thompson ( ago)
Sometimes I accidentally click on a watch mojo video. Then I click off it

Author Eskil Wikland ( ago)
Forsberg is the best hockey legend ever

Author Donar ( ago)
Forsberg, Strålman and Zlatan. <3 Sweden.

Author Cob Canon ( ago)
No pull shot?

Author Giovanni Pascucci ( ago)
What about Handballs spin shot?

Author - Wartskado- ( ago)

Author Allen P ( ago)

Author Matze Matratze ( ago)
Football fans ruling the comments 😂

I'm speaking of the real football, others (americans) call it Soccer ._.

Author Stevica Sarkoski ( ago)
no Panenka? no rabona? or some water polo and handball moves? very american...

Author Elkjaer Thill ( ago)
When you Mention the Curl Freekicks,you have to show the Roberto Carlos Freekick against France in 1997

Author PalmuBoi ( ago)
suomi mainittu

Author Magicbelive ( ago)
talking about nolook passes without showing a clip of magic johnson ....

Author Kyle Macdonald ( ago)
So you pick "the Michigan" (no one calls it the lacrosse move) and you don't show the Michigan game in the NCAA frozen four game that lead to a goal and eventually a national championship

Author Alekoudis TO And More ( ago)
Gouh....gouh.....gouh....Table tennis around the net?Spin?

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