Top 5 Awesome Tech Under $50!

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  • $35 Gaming Headset VS $235 Gaming Headset! -
    Xbox One X - Hands On: Here's What Matters! -

    Time for another Top 5 tech under $50!

    Find them here:
    iRoller Touch Screen Cleaner -
    Bluetooth Audio Transmitter -
    Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Set -
    Soundpeats Q12 - (Only $20 now!)
    Gracety Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker -

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  • Amir Rodriguez
    Amir Rodriguez 4 minutes ago

    kudos on the video. question: what model are they?

  • Lisa Blanco
    Lisa Blanco 13 hours ago

    The mini i roller can be used for apple warches

  • Akeem Kendall
    Akeem Kendall 17 hours ago

    dude. that tshirt is killer dope🔥. could you hoke me up with a link for it ?

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia 19 hours ago

    you should review the new Sony XB40 speaker

  • Underwater Medusa
    Underwater Medusa 21 hour ago

    sticky buddy is better

  • mosesdigitalguy4341

    UAC, I love the vids bro but I hear the same music every video, kinda gets tiring.

  • Jevy J
    Jevy J 2 days ago

    loving the Gundam

  • Hunter R.
    Hunter R. 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I seen him on a Samsung ad on my tv

  • Sanu
    Sanu 3 days ago

    Why on earth am I watching this...i am broke

  • Hollis Holcombe
    Hollis Holcombe 3 days ago

    Scooped up the Soundpeats and Bluetooth speaker and both are fantastic.  Thanks UAC!

  • Finn2982
    Finn2982 4 days ago

    I'm looking to buy some wireless headphones! I want to spend around $200

  • Zeh Zahl
    Zeh Zahl 4 days ago

    4:44... There's a crumb or spec of whatever on the arm rest of that chair and it's bothering me, lol...

  • Silvers000
    Silvers000 4 days ago

    the roller is cool and all... but can you tell me where you got that shirt?

  • Darren Pasek
    Darren Pasek 4 days ago

    I'm such a techy so I tried to leave when he pulled out the hardware kit and i couldn't leave LOL

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson 4 days ago

    Typing essay on MacBook with Cheeto fingers...thank god for iGlass cleaner

  • Barbara J. Maggiani

    Beware of the cheap roller cleaner sold at Office Depot, luckily I tried it on my old phone screen (S5) first before using on new S8. Plastic edge scratched the heck out of screen!

  • ross
    ross 4 days ago

    $20 roller?

    Shoulda bought a ShamWow

  • Fanis The Gaming Program

    Who thinks we need a Tech Survival Kit update?

  • Omar D
    Omar D 4 days ago

    I have the same tool set and that case was not cooperating with me at first haha

  • Bat Games
    Bat Games 5 days ago

    Doooooooood I just saw u in theS8 commercial

  • TREX
    TREX 5 days ago

    Try a ue doom 2 its so good

  • VA.Baseball1
    VA.Baseball1 5 days ago

    You're in a tv commercial!!!

  • Jason Heginbotham
    Jason Heginbotham 5 days ago

    Good vlog just a quick question? whats with the bad music?

  • Unknown Error
    Unknown Error 5 days ago

    What up Peeps!

  • Jblaze600
    Jblaze600 5 days ago

    Blasphemy lol

  • Albert Martinez
    Albert Martinez 5 days ago

    Isn't it >50 not <50

  • Noah Bachman
    Noah Bachman 5 days ago

    So are the Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

    Good for a budget under $100

  • Lemonitus Gaming
    Lemonitus Gaming 5 days ago

    i cant wait to spend $20 on a plastic spinning wheel

  • Nathan McCollum
    Nathan McCollum 5 days ago

    Where you get your Gundam figures from?

  • UndeadSaint
    UndeadSaint 5 days ago

    4:14 black people have such good dance skills

  • Yusuf Doğruyol
    Yusuf Doğruyol 5 days ago

    does anyone knows if galaxy note 5 supports aptx ?

  • Navid Azimi
    Navid Azimi 5 days ago

    2 new monitors 😰😰wtf??!

  • PSU Calculator
    PSU Calculator 6 days ago

    was that a MAC? ewww :-)

  • Childish Corbino
    Childish Corbino 6 days ago

    one guy does a "Tech under vid" and now everyone is doing them

  • Sonny Young
    Sonny Young 6 days ago

    I like the iRoller tool

  • Amarbir singh
    Amarbir singh 6 days ago

    get a better microphone man

  • 187MaddDogg
    187MaddDogg 6 days ago

    I thought the iRoller rolls your weed for you

  • Jonathan Muniz
    Jonathan Muniz 6 days ago

    Your Gundam collection is amazing!

  • Michael Bendayan
    Michael Bendayan 6 days ago

    hey man thx alot these r great for me and u love tgem so thx

  • Yashas GM
    Yashas GM 6 days ago

    what app/website do you use to watch dragon Ball z?

  • You Mad Bruh?
    You Mad Bruh? 6 days ago

    longest ad I've ever seen

  • Redice 57
    Redice 57 6 days ago

    Where do u work u have to have a lot of money

  • MewTwober TCG
    MewTwober TCG 6 days ago

    Im listening to this video using my pair of soundpeats
    Thanks uac

  • Elijah Norris
    Elijah Norris 6 days ago

    when will you continue the back-to-school tech guide

  • Atheseis™
    Atheseis™ 6 days ago

    What is the shelf u have in the background of this video? Like the one holding your ps4 and pokeballs can u tell me i like that idea!

  • PsysheildOmega
    PsysheildOmega 6 days ago


  • Gheeson Gordan
    Gheeson Gordan 6 days ago

    Congrats on 1 million

  • xavier flores
    xavier flores 6 days ago

    I bought soundpeats twice and both times they did not last me for more than a month they are not sweat resistant

  • CT
    CT 6 days ago

    Can you recommend some good Bluetooth earbuds that don't use silicone ear buds? I prefer the hard plastic ones like Apple EarPods/AirPods.

  • Anthony Marr
    Anthony Marr 6 days ago

    I saw you on a Samsung s8 commercial!!!!!

  • Victor Gallardo
    Victor Gallardo 6 days ago

    Guys, if you watched this video and are interested in wireless bluetooth head phones DO NOT LISTEN to his advice on the Soundpeats Q12!!! I just got them and they are horrible, cheaply made and the sound quality is trash. Do not waste your money idk if he is getting any credit on advertising them but once again DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • Shannon Sankey
    Shannon Sankey 6 days ago

    Always great reviews. Thanks man.

  • XenoFoX
    XenoFoX 6 days ago

    Why am I not subscribed yet...

  • Mathews Wilson
    Mathews Wilson 6 days ago

    The thumbnail is incorrect.... -_-

  • Mike Tech1212
    Mike Tech1212 6 days ago

    UAC Dance moves, next channel? ayyyyeeeee

  • MixMasterBoon
    MixMasterBoon 6 days ago

    Gunpla??? GUNPLA???

  • wouter Bertrams
    wouter Bertrams 7 days ago

    Can you make a video about the LG sh2?

  • Daniel Burger123
    Daniel Burger123 7 days ago

    Yo! I saw you on TV with the "Unbox Your Phone" Ad. Loved It!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 7 days ago

    Iroller is just a lint roller

  • Official MCJ
    Official MCJ 7 days ago

    You should try out the Fugoo speaker

  • Baby Pandapodia
    Baby Pandapodia 7 days ago

    Is name is حسين

  • Baby Pandapodia
    Baby Pandapodia 7 days ago

    My friend secure fuck you

  • Andrew Craig
    Andrew Craig 7 days ago

    seeing all the Gundams and that Zoid please make a video about them also do you build them yourself?

  • Evan Robin
    Evan Robin 7 days ago

    whats that super wide screen monitor on your desk

  • Darshan Dilip
    Darshan Dilip 7 days ago

    Who else thought that the speaker was an ark reactor

  • Matthew Perlinger
    Matthew Perlinger 7 days ago

    Bro, great video. one thing though. I would try to keep the audio consistant.

  • Collin Jacob
    Collin Jacob 7 days ago

    Next thing you know he gets copyrighted 😝😝😂😂

  • sarin h
    sarin h 7 days ago

    What happen to the sound quality of the video !

  • Busisani Dube
    Busisani Dube 7 days ago

    When is UrAvgCouple vlogs returning

    INSANITY STUDIOS 7 days ago

    hey man i have bought the devialet bluetooth speaker. the best there is .please make an unboxing video of that.oh and its 3000 dollars.

  • Harry Quedenfeld
    Harry Quedenfeld 7 days ago

    Yes but how long does it last, please continue use and update us if it still works in a couple of months!

  • max payne
    max payne 7 days ago

    Top 5 tech you saw on other youtube channels six months ago.

  • Lance fisher
    Lance fisher 7 days ago

    The Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Set is on sale!

    $8.99 is a steal for a set like this

  • raptorman1012
    raptorman1012 7 days ago

    For tech at $100 you should put the sony xb30 on there it's an amazing speaker with great sound and bass. It also can charge your phone. Then it also has lights on the front to party to or go with the lighting to your room.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M 7 days ago

    Didn't know you were such a gunpla fan. What was your favorite kit to build (HG, MG, and PG)?

  • snoop dog
    snoop dog 7 days ago

    Plz never dance agen I'm scarred for life

  • Michael Grum
    Michael Grum 7 days ago

    Get a speaker from hyper gear

  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe 7 days ago

    Try the bone conducting headphones there named the aftershox $110 on amazon

  • Thomas wagenberg
    Thomas wagenberg 7 days ago

    Good video👍👍

  • Zaphzaph
    Zaphzaph 7 days ago

    Gotta know where you got that shirt please!!!

  • Shockerz
    Shockerz 7 days ago

    Wonder if he got copyrighted....

  • Nick Panoff
    Nick Panoff 7 days ago

    How do people like this have so much money to spend???

  • Finn Colville
    Finn Colville 7 days ago

    I got the aluratek Bluetooth thing a while ago and I spent about 2 hours and couldn't pair it to my headphones

  • Sultan Ahmad
    Sultan Ahmad 7 days ago

    Iroller I saw it before on unbox therapy video

  • SiFO
    SiFO 7 days ago

    iRoller looks like it's something worth trying out

  • Arcadi Abas
    Arcadi Abas 7 days ago

    The gundam in your glass cabinet cost more than my pc. lol

  • ericks17
    ericks17 7 days ago

    could u plz post a link to the mini roller, can't find it on amazon, only see the original and the iglass cleaner.

  • xperiaviper
    xperiaviper 7 days ago

    god boi you really love your metal build gundams 😂 and I see you just got the metal build astray blue frame :o

  • It's Wiz
    It's Wiz 7 days ago

    how the fuck does your MacBook have fingerprints

  • Stuart Carson
    Stuart Carson 7 days ago

    I see the iroller doesn't help with cum stains.

  • Nick Ragousis
    Nick Ragousis 7 days ago

    Hey Unbox therapy made a video about the iroller 10 months ago. Just saying

  • Alvin Sheng
    Alvin Sheng 7 days ago

    Top tech under 50 that paid me to advertise*

  • frizzie soda pop
    frizzie soda pop 7 days ago


  • Jörgen Nilsson
    Jörgen Nilsson 7 days ago

    Always fun with stuff under xx 😀 Sometime you find something that you need 😀 Or at least think that you need 😀😛

  • Despicable Puncake
    Despicable Puncake 7 days ago

    I NEED HELP!!!! I need to know if the turtle beach elite pros sound great without a mix amp, I have a PS4 slim

  • DecliningShip 420
    DecliningShip 420 7 days ago

    What about the Redragon K552 Kumara keyboard?

  • Rudolf Kovács
    Rudolf Kovács 7 days ago

    how amazing. a thing you can clean your devices with for 20 bucks. Have you heard about tissues? They work amazingly as well. They're 1cent/piece.

  • Gideon A. Dunkley III


  • AguilarTM Smiley
    AguilarTM Smiley 7 days ago

    Where'd you get that shirt from? Looks so clean

  • shrinjoy biswas
    shrinjoy biswas 7 days ago

    mic get a new mic

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