Labyrinth - As The World Falls Down (David Bowie)

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  • Jason Farley
    Jason Farley 10 hours ago

    This movie was so interesting; that its good! However I did feel that it had a ugly taste and somewhat weirdness to it but, that's what made it so interesting I guess. It did have a story, it did have a plot, great characters, great tempo and timing. I'll grade it a "B+". And of course this seen here was actually one of the best scenes in the movie. (Goes without saying.)

  • Uva Medina
    Uva Medina 14 hours ago

    David Bowie was so sexy and very intriguing in this movie

  • Vivienne See
    Vivienne See 1 day ago

    "we choose the path between the stars, you find my love between the stars"


    "i move the stars for no one"

  • Luke McCormack
    Luke McCormack 2 days ago

    I always go back to Bowie, makes me happy when I'm feeling down 🎉

  • Ajax Infinity
    Ajax Infinity 2 days ago

    if u watch just this with no context to the actual movie it just looks like a random girl at a ball being stealthily stalked by david bowie with a mullet and I cant stop giggling.

  • lulugu3
    lulugu3 2 days ago

    My God, this is sexy. Labyrinth has been my favourite movie since I was 5, and my school friends taunted me for 'loving an old man', i.e. David Bowie. Now they are the type that buy Bowie t-shirts from Topshop. Screw them.
    But seriously, Labyrinth starts to take on sexual connotations on par with The Company of Wolves when you get older!

  • Olivia Cossette
    Olivia Cossette 3 days ago

    I want her dress desperately

  • LadyGG Smith
    LadyGG Smith 4 days ago

    this song make my heart melt ,..

  • Ash Poo
    Ash Poo 4 days ago

    My whole class hated the movie and were like "No offence but how is this your favourite movie?" I was sighing so hard

  • IbleedINC
    IbleedINC 6 days ago

    such a master. gorgeous song David. always have a place in my heart

  • Dawn Buckley
    Dawn Buckley 6 days ago

    he was amazing he will always be in my heart I fell in love with him when I saw him in this just wow R.I.P my goblin king xx

  • negativezero
    negativezero 8 days ago

    god was i in love with jennifer lol, i wished i was jareth when this came out haha, was already a giant bowie fan

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha 9 days ago

    this movie will always remain one of my favorites until I die. I've always wanted to reenact this scene ever since I saw it. I love and miss you David bowie. My amazing goblin king💖😢😭I will also have this as my wedding song, I just have too!!!!

  • tara lance
    tara lance 9 days ago

    amazing work?? really?? more like creepy strange ugly work to me lol. for real

    DIGITALSCREAMS 9 days ago

    I'll tell you something - the 80's were an amazing time to watch films at the cinema. labyrinth had alot of music videos within it

  • Xena: Destroyer of Nations

    This is exactly how I want my wedding to look like.

  • Random Crismons
    Random Crismons 10 days ago

    i had inside word before we (the usa) found out as a news story my friend over in the uk where bowie lived told me 2 to 3 hours before we as a whoel country found out. I balled my eyes out for he was a misfit growing up and made something of himself. a great role model and i told mom he died when she saw me go back to bed. r.i.p he died at age 69 like he said years ago. your memory lives on and i have this movie my moms friend pulled some strings and their friend got it for me.

  • tsukune007
    tsukune007 11 days ago

    there is something about this song that is haunting. i can't really put my finger on it. this is still one of my favorite movie.

  • Xime Santoscoy
    Xime Santoscoy 11 days ago

    OMG.... rest in peace David Bowie.💔 we all miss you badly!!!💔💖 This really brings me memorieeessssss😍

  • Vrisnevsky Cediel
    Vrisnevsky Cediel 12 days ago

    Wrisnevsky Andrei Cediel Zambrano, KrhisaweOrt VRIL PRIEST Vrissaweorthz, El Dilema De Jared as The World fallas Down de cómo el Mundo cae caída Hacia Abajo la Cascada Hacia Abajo y & Viceversa Labyrinth Laberinto o El Laberinto Labyrinth Etcétera...

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 13 days ago

    I play in a metal band and always wanted to put this in are lineup but more aggressive

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 13 days ago

    come back David

  • Dead Samurai
    Dead Samurai 15 days ago

    Ohh teenage fantasies...

  • Jamie Schmidt
    Jamie Schmidt 15 days ago

    Love Bowie! Love this song! Love this movie!♡

  • Kimberly Benavidez
    Kimberly Benavidez 15 days ago

    This song is emotionally sad but good.

  • Tobz M
    Tobz M 19 days ago

    My absolute fav song n fav movie 😍

  • Andromeda Studios
    Andromeda Studios 19 days ago

    When I heard he was gone my world fell down

  • Procommenter
    Procommenter 20 days ago

    This is the movie he's remembered for.

  • Penney Nile
    Penney Nile 21 day ago

    I don't think David ever looked so good as he did in this movie. I was heart broken when he died. I don't generally cry over celebrities passing away, but I did cry over David and Alan Rickman. The world is a much sadder place for their loss.

  • Larry Guyer
    Larry Guyer 21 day ago

    I have this movie from 1986 Love it

  • Elen Maria Vidal
    Elen Maria Vidal 21 day ago

    E fico escutando algo assim e não dá pra apenas olhar o céu. Preciso desejar que tudo que ia nesse homem tenha encontrado um caminho, uma forma de não se perder. But se até as estrelas morrem

  • Mark Ravencross
    Mark Ravencross 22 days ago

    masterpiece & timeless David Bowie!

  • StephieAck
    StephieAck 22 days ago

    I don't think I ever cried for a celebrity, but I did when David died. I thought people would be shocked to know that, but my sister wasn't shocked at all, when he died she told my niece about my utter love of him as a young girl and my obsession with Labyrinth.

  • Andzia Nowak
    Andzia Nowak 22 days ago


  • Brooke Walley
    Brooke Walley 24 days ago

    my very first love, he will always reign as king in my heart. I'm still missing his presence on this earth.

  • July Markob
    July Markob 25 days ago

    I love this movie 😍😍😍😍

  • Soreina Summers
    Soreina Summers 26 days ago

    This reminded me how I watched Labyrinth for the first time last year. My TAFE class wanted to choose a movie to watched, but then my lecturer came to the conclusion to put on Labyrinth on instead during break. Many of the people had heard of his movie before because some of them listen to David Bowie, but they said that Labyrinth was cheesy. So the films started, but only up to the quarter of the film, everyone decided to leave because they saw it as boring, but I was the only one to stay behind and continue watching. I thought it was an alright movie. And then this scene came on, this ballroom scene, the music and the magical vibe gave me a feeling of Nostalgia and it really got to me. I have to say that I am glad I did not leave that class like everyone else did and stuck with the movie until the end. This song was stuck in my head for days after that! I seriously love this film so much now.

  • Danielle Powell
    Danielle Powell 26 days ago

    One of my all time faves..bringing my kids up watching this

  • Ian Manning
    Ian Manning 26 days ago

    Love this film. amazing soundtrack.

  • david maclaury
    david maclaury 27 days ago

    When did he die? I honestly thought he was still alive. Then again I only first heard of him like 4 months ago.

  • Paige Verainne
    Paige Verainne 28 days ago

    David Bowie rockin' the countour and highlighter look way before any of us girls were doing it

  • Tearsfalllake
    Tearsfalllake 28 days ago

    In this movie David Bowie looks like my aunt 😂

  • MrThedude77777
    MrThedude77777 28 days ago

    I'd give anything if I could just be with her again.

  • Bao Teriom
    Bao Teriom 29 days ago

    creo yo de aqui sacaron el diseño de alucard para castlevania symphony of the night

  • bibby Green
    bibby Green 1 month ago

    Can someone explain to me why you can't buy the labyrinth soundtrack on iTunes ??

  • Eric Inboden
    Eric Inboden 1 month ago

    Weird dude, cool music

  • Ƨ queak
    Ƨ queak 1 month ago

    she was so beautiful

  • clarival alves
    clarival alves 1 month ago

    música linda maravilhosa esplêndida

  • Rainee Leilani Reed babygirl

    RIP 😭💔

  • Shadowfalls 221
    Shadowfalls 221 1 month ago

    I was the only one who screamed KISS KISS KISS, you hate your old life anyway XD

  • Rosie Dawson
    Rosie Dawson 1 month ago

    Damn, what highlight does Bowie use?

  • Kat Wouldntyouliketoknow

    That grin of his-I can't breathe

  • JW G
    JW G 1 month ago

    This was the scene in the film when my crush on Jennifer Connelly developed. She looked so incredibly gorgeous in that gown.

  • Max Z.
    Max Z. 1 month ago

    Why am I crying? He flew to space last year, he should be happy.

  • adamgslater
    adamgslater 1 month ago

    I'm as straight and heterosexual as you can get, but f**k me David Bowie is sexy as hell in this movie, even I would!
    After seeing this Jennifer Connelly was my first crush

  • Poultrygeist Undead Chicken

    This and the Dark Crystal were my favorites from my childhood. :D

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 1 month ago

    When I was younger me and my brother would watch dumb silly movies.One day my father said we were not allowed to watch any of those Movies,but we could watch one movie of his choice.He put this masterpeice in and I've been in love ever since.

  • Heidi College
    Heidi College 1 month ago

    Maria Stefania automático needle pusher

  • sunnypie2
    sunnypie2 1 month ago

    When I was a kid I always thought her mouth was always opened in shock😧

  • Marsha Bailey
    Marsha Bailey 1 month ago

    My younger brother is a hardcore metal tough guy but I always remember this was one of his favorite films specifically because of Bowie. He always wanted to be like Bowie, collected posters, vinyls, everything. But we grew up and he fell in with the metal crowd and espousing that kind of admiration for Bowie would have been rough for him.

    Several weeks ago we were driving together in his car and this was the first song to play on his iPhone, he quickly changed it but I reminded him he didn't have to pretend around me.

    We ended up listening to it and the entire Labyrinth soundtrack on repeat all the way to Denver :)

  • Tone1919
    Tone1919 1 month ago

    liking before I even hear the song :D

  • FeyScribe
    FeyScribe 1 month ago

    When I was little, I would always fast forward through this scene "mushy stuff, for girls". Then one day I watched the movie on Acid - and this scene changed my whole life, It unlocked something inside me - I have been "a romantic" ever since.

    MIXED VIEWS 1 month ago

    she's pretty too x💟x

    MIXED VIEWS 1 month ago

    can't believe my Bowie has gone so fancied him good looking bloke 💝💋

  • anthony davidson
    anthony davidson 1 month ago

    this is how ill always remember him. i sing this song while im working sometimes

  • Kimberly Caseman
    Kimberly Caseman 1 month ago

    anybody else notice how his eyes are two different colors? also I think its sort of romantic he's watching her the entire time. just in different places.

  • Richard DeSilvey
    Richard DeSilvey 1 month ago

    So... she is tripping on a peach? yikes... give me some of that peach

  • LegzFallOffGirl
    LegzFallOffGirl 1 month ago

    Still my absolute most beloved song from my favorite film from the greatest musician and performer ever to. live.

  • average220
    average220 1 month ago

    Weird Fact: Jared from Subway originally tried out for this role, but the directors thought he was too realistic.

  • Jennifer Spitzer
    Jennifer Spitzer 1 month ago

    greatest i love music we all miss bowie

  • Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    Still listening in 2017...

  • Izabella Farrimond
    Izabella Farrimond 1 month ago

    I love the film and the songs

  • susan robinson
    susan robinson 1 month ago

    awwwww god bless David...he will always be my favourite guy....wanted to merry him when i was little 😓..... rip x

  • Victoria Kinny
    Victoria Kinny 1 month ago

    The dress.... The puffiness..... It's too much! Is she trying to dance or sweep up the floor with that thing?!

  • Krystal Navarro
    Krystal Navarro 1 month ago

    David bowie was a genius when I came to his music , he will never be forgotten this movie labyrinth was the shit when I was growing up I still watch it and it brings back so many child hood memories

  • Allyson Robillos
    Allyson Robillos 1 month ago

    Hoop LUV u david

  • SuperTech 1005
    SuperTech 1005 1 month ago

    rip david bowie

  • K L
    K L 1 month ago

    the only man that can wear makeup and look this hot. RIP Bowie

  • Pendragon01
    Pendragon01 1 month ago

    dude I want to serenade someone with this. like i'm single but still, I can't wait to sing this to a person.

  • Angelina Markle
    Angelina Markle 1 month ago

    She is dreaming right?

  • Angelina Markle
    Angelina Markle 1 month ago

    Aww I get really teary at this seen I start to cry they love each other❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • leelee w
    leelee w 1 month ago

    I still can't believe to this day he left on my birthday. You'll always be the best goblin king❤️❤️❤️

  • Linda Lane
    Linda Lane 1 month ago

    he is so 📞

  • Ken Beaupre
    Ken Beaupre 1 month ago

    and radio head...

  • Ken Beaupre
    Ken Beaupre 1 month ago

    i dont like talor swift like thoughs peole that sing they are awful i might die...i love david bowie way more...

  • Ken Beaupre
    Ken Beaupre 1 month ago

    i love as the world falls down cause i loves david bowie i have 3 albums of him

  • Jessica Reece
    Jessica Reece 1 month ago

    Requested this song for #hiddenDC prom.. if they do not play it I will cry... I litterally requested it 10+ times.

  • J u l i e t t e
    J u l i e t t e 1 month ago

    i love how bowie..i mean jareth…is technically the bad guy but that didn't stop us from all falling in love with him and fantasizing about being in sarah's shoes now did it?

  • Silverwølves AJ
    Silverwølves AJ 1 month ago

    I love this song 😍☺ I love labyrinth

  • r d
    r d 2 months ago

    Obama smoke cocaine from a glass tube and has saggy skin disease

  • Jaime de Sevilla
    Jaime de Sevilla 2 months ago

    Jennifer Connelly was SO beautiful!

  • Abigail Trogdon-Simonsen

    and this song.... i love it soooo much

  • Abigail Trogdon-Simonsen

    I then watched this movie over, and over again

  • Abigail Trogdon-Simonsen

    When David Bowie died i cried my head off......

  • Deadliest Chic87
    Deadliest Chic87 2 months ago

    Damn I wanted Sarah and Jareth to be together!!! Aww

  • Sarah Pineiro
    Sarah Pineiro 2 months ago

    Rest in peace My Goblin King!!! ❤️❤️😔😔

  • Cassandra Martinez
    Cassandra Martinez 2 months ago

    When I first seen this movie I was in elementary the year 95 I think anyway I always wanted to be in her dress and dance with the Goblin King. Always will love The Labryinth 💙💗💜💖😇😘

  • Phaedra 9000
    Phaedra 9000 2 months ago

    I remember when I first saw Labryinth R.I.P David Bowie

  • Melanie Ann
    Melanie Ann 2 months ago

    prettiest girl in existence ever!! honestly looks a
    lot like Olivia Hussey from R&J but love her more

  • Brian Martinez
    Brian Martinez 2 months ago

    Rip david

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