WONDER WOMAN "Diana vs Ares" Trailer (2017) Gal Gadot Superhero Movie HD

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  • Furious Trailer
    Furious Trailer 1 month ago

    Enjoy Official look at Ares in 21 second. I have compiled other clips and the final trailer from #wonderwoman for fun. And don't forget to share this video with your friends :)

  • Lilya
    Lilya 2 hours ago

    Это просто охренено

  • Clay Reid
    Clay Reid 14 hours ago

    the German ludendorff he is not Aries.

  • Cafézin BR
    Cafézin BR 1 day ago

    Hеrее is rееeаllу full аnd hd Wоndеr Wоmааn => https://twitter.com/c979b20355b1382d8/status/867561163340472320

  • weirdgirl_11
    weirdgirl_11 1 day ago

    Lol who still watching this after seeing the movie !

  • Kace
    Kace 2 days ago

    To all the "Shield!" moments in Wonder Woman thanks for the goosebumps and for making my life sooo much betta😂😂

  • Tin Hunter
    Tin Hunter 4 days ago

    Most Boring Movie Of the Year!

  • Tin Hunter
    Tin Hunter 4 days ago

    Most Boring Movie Of the Year!

  • Igors Balabkins
    Igors Balabkins 4 days ago

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  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 4 days ago

    Spoiler Alert:the secret her mother was keeping from her that Diana was a God killer meaning she can kill Ares

  • Luis Olea
    Luis Olea 4 days ago

    es pectacular

  • นพมาศ ราชบัวน้อย


  • Richard Huff
    Richard Huff 5 days ago

    DC puttin on the da Ritz! Thank you for the ultra cool inspiration.

  • Peaches Ø
    Peaches Ø 5 days ago

    why are all the fight scenes getting released? wtf

  • leonardo hernandez
    leonardo hernandez 5 days ago

    es daiana de yemiskira hija de hipolita

  • Tini Zahwa
    Tini Zahwa 7 days ago

    i lov wonder woman

  • Generosa Catingub
    Generosa Catingub 8 days ago

    pls help i want to watch this movie in my phone but i cant play, must register. no free watch pls?

  • Oğuzhan Temur
    Oğuzhan Temur 8 days ago

    TТhis is thе niсeist movie i ever see!!! I аdvise eeeveeеrybooody to watcch it :) https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/867561163340472320

  • Alison C.
    Alison C. 8 days ago

    I wish I was Wonder Woman😇.

    • Alison C.
      Alison C. 8 days ago

      Those fight scenes though 💪.

  • Tasnin Ahmed
    Tasnin Ahmed 8 days ago

    watched the movie and loved it and still do

  • Dativa C
    Dativa C 8 days ago

    Warrior hebrea ,so great,amazing!!!!!?

  • Rohini Verma
    Rohini Verma 8 days ago

    Good movie
    She is so pretty

  • E. Greeling
    E. Greeling 9 days ago

    Ares was in it more that I thought. It was awesome!!!

  • Equitrox!
    Equitrox! 9 days ago

    I watched it please stop sending me trailers

  • Amin Maftuhin
    Amin Maftuhin 9 days ago

    W░o░n░d░e░r░ ░W░o░m░a░n░ ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░(░2░0░1░7░) I can't wait to see this movie. #premiere available at 01:17 ||░H░D░|| >>[ https://sites.google.com/view/fullmoviefree2017 ]

  • Shorthair Glamgirl
    Shorthair Glamgirl 10 days ago

    Great Movie😍

  • Tom Talking
    Tom Talking 10 days ago


  • James Smith
    James Smith 11 days ago

    Sooo much better than Batman vs. Superman or Suicide squad. Great chemistry between Gadot and Chris pine, great action scenes and Gadot is perfect. Her charge across no man's land is one of the best scenes of any comic book adaptation. Worth seeing more than once.

  • Kotan Harper
    Kotan Harper 11 days ago

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  • Kotan Harper
    Kotan Harper 11 days ago

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  • ryan khresna
    ryan khresna 12 days ago

    where is the figth wonder woman vs ares

  • Ilalang 7
    Ilalang 7 12 days ago

    hmmmmmm so cool

  • fatima nadir
    fatima nadir 13 days ago


  • Bethanie Cooley
    Bethanie Cooley 13 days ago

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  • Fábio Carrias
    Fábio Carrias 13 days ago


  • Tales of Jackson
    Tales of Jackson 13 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought she looked hot with those glasses? 😂

  • Natasya Lona
    Natasya Lona 14 days ago

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  • J and J coolness
    J and J coolness 14 days ago

    wonder woman is HOT

  • Tanvir Rahman
    Tanvir Rahman 15 days ago

    ok I get it.... Ares is played by John Cena....

  • Boonamai
    Boonamai 15 days ago

    So they even want to make germans the bad guys in WW1 now?

  • Sarah Anjeli
    Sarah Anjeli 15 days ago

    W*A*T*C*H Wonder Woman [2017] F'U'L'L'M'O'V'I'E

  • Tansu Tazegul
    Tansu Tazegul 16 days ago

    i have not seen any sexier woman than this beauty

  • Warnerbrosmovienewclip

    🔴 Wonder Woman FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ https://plus.google.com/115414785859243067536/posts/8eE6CWdKKUT

  • Đạt Lê Trọng
    Đạt Lê Trọng 16 days ago

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  • pLakado Prodaxons
    pLakado Prodaxons 16 days ago


  • liux0253
    liux0253 16 days ago

    I love the song at the end

  • Uttam Dutta
    Uttam Dutta 16 days ago

    after batman dark knight,captain america wonder woman is best among all of them

  • Bill Lois
    Bill Lois 16 days ago


  • Elias Gibson
    Elias Gibson 16 days ago

    I'm pissed off by how bad they massacred Greek mythology

  • memee looker
    memee looker 16 days ago

    Diana kids so cute😊😊

  • Kennerson
    Kennerson 16 days ago

    Great Movie! (I wasn't expecting it to be as great.) You can bring
    your entire family to it. (There are no embarrassing scenes.) It is a
    must see movie. It is one of the best superhero movies. It reminds me
    of the beginnings of Superman. You will not be disappointed. You will
    find out she is on a level with Thor.

    Shame on any country who wants to ban Wonder Woman. She is one of the
    best of the best.

    • Kennerson
      Kennerson 16 days ago

      kaviraj ramani I'm not sure what you are talking about but this is a great movie.

    • kaviraj ramani
      kaviraj ramani 16 days ago


  • Abdelhalim Gaoui
    Abdelhalim Gaoui 17 days ago

    where said ???

  • Loki gray
    Loki gray 17 days ago

    Professor Lupin nO!!!

    PANIDA PHOLNONG 17 days ago

    I like gal gadot

  • Maria
    Maria 17 days ago

    Lupin you're alive!

  • Ahmad Alayubi
    Ahmad Alayubi 18 days ago

    W.a.t.c.h F.r.e.e Wonder Woman (2017) M.o.v.i.e. O.n.l.i.n.e. .S.t.r.e.a.m.i.n.g F.u.l.l H.D

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns 18 days ago

    As a US Marine my forbears earned the name devil dog while fighting the Germans in this war and to see them so simplified and bastardized as "evil" is wrong. The printing press was invented to give people the full truth not one side or half of it. If we are going to misuse it to write our own fake versions of events then we might as well ban books and gas reporters. We might as well have a king or an emperor not a president. If you plan a rebuttal about Trump you're an idiot and I have no intention to reply to you. If you rebuttal would consist of claiming this is only art or "a comic meant for children" you are fooling yourselves. The truth about WWI is we were fighting German imperialism, which was a noble cause. However they were fighting to for what they believed to be right, home, fatherland, what they had been raised to believe in more than anything and how could they not? The legacy of the Germans went back to Rome. People today need to read up on the facts and not be so quick to point the finger when in fact if we were put in the positions of some of these folk, I doubt we'd hold up half as well.

  • Your Flower B
    Your Flower B 18 days ago

    Movie boring Rent DVD

  • SPBlack
    SPBlack 18 days ago

    Oh god she's so beautiful.

  • Wi Chai
    Wi Chai 18 days ago

    4:43 what song?

  • Mariluz Acosta
    Mariluz Acosta 18 days ago

    Quiero volverla a ver, jijiji es que me gusto MUCHOOOO

  • iTzKiNG1
    iTzKiNG1 18 days ago

    loved this movie way to go Warner bros. kick Marvels ass

  • Aaron Stuff
    Aaron Stuff 18 days ago

    This movie was amazing.

  • Bobby London
    Bobby London 19 days ago

    lmfao this movie is utter shit! and yes i have seen it unfortunately :(

  • jad hzim
    jad hzim 19 days ago

    im not impressed with this ... for me the biggest hero of them all is the flashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Michael Pardosi
    Michael Pardosi 20 days ago

    9:34 🔴 *Wonder Woman 2O17* FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ *( **DELIVR.COM/2FMB8** )*

  • garrett robertson
    garrett robertson 20 days ago

    I went into this movie with 0 knowledge thst there was a villain outside of the first two that act as a red herring. actually finding out Ares was a bad guy DURING the film was far better than it ever would be during a trailer, and if you don't remember how BvS fucked THAT up then you need to rewatch their bullshit trailer. this undoubtedly dampens the movie, people aren't whining about seeing Ares because that barely happens here, but the fact that he's even mentioned when there are already 2 major villains to be relied on is just lazy trailer making, but the sheeps will always defend their prescious superhero movies. circle jerk city, wow.

  • andres rivadeneira baldeon

    Steve dies.

  • Valeria G.G
    Valeria G.G 20 days ago

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  • EvilCarnage
    EvilCarnage 20 days ago

    now I know I won't go to cinema to see this movie. the fight scenes are pathetic...

  • вαву ωσlf gιяl fαи σf иιиʝαgσ

    I watched the movie yesterday it was 2hr and 31 or 21 mins in the theaters it was awesome

  • Eki watch
    Eki watch 20 days ago

    why you are using song from league of legends, that is so unfiting

  • Mylene Ducusin
    Mylene Ducusin 20 days ago

    I like Wonder Woman alot better because she is cool

  • Luigi Egay
    Luigi Egay 20 days ago

    What's the title of the song with "We are the warriors..." lyrics?

  • Gordon Ms
    Gordon Ms 20 days ago

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  • Michael 2pac
    Michael 2pac 20 days ago

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  • LKVideos
    LKVideos 20 days ago

    I watched the movie and besides the 1-2 over-cheesy repeated qutoes and 1 frikkin Magneto moment ( he says a line where he sounds and holds a pose almost 1 o 1 classic Magneto, no joke - and it's hillarois AF ^^ ) Ares was almost the highlight of the movie for me, besides our beautiful Wonder Woman of course. That said, all characters are great in this movie! which is rare. Ares was simply a phenomenal villain. Not only through whispering to other two villains but also the way they portrayed him and oh yeah how powerful they made him and gave to all the god aspect. Super strenght - equal if not superior to the likes of Superman etc ( oh yeah don't make a mistake .... DCEU Wonder Woman should be significantly more powerful than Superman ), flying, levitating, summoning powerful energy / lighting blasts like Zeus ( Ares btw killed every single Olympian god - which by itself is an enormous feat .... and also almost killed Zeus himself ). Oh yeah, that sword btw, it just burned out of existence when touching Ares' hand lool - and it's an Amazonian sword. In BvS it cut off Doomsday's limbs like it was butter. What else, he went all Jedi force throwing shit at her, also able to bend any object at will, not just metal but literaly anything .... and how cool was that "suiting up" part with the helmet ..... could also just casualy tap Wonder Woman into the past or show her images of the world and play around with her mind. this is how you do gods Marvel. Take a lesson from that plse :)
    All that .... and the *God Killer* ( Diana ) still defeated and killed him like he was no threat. Great ! Just amazing.

    • LKVideos
      LKVideos 20 days ago

      Btw, it would be absolutly unjust to not point out how great the two other villains, Doctor Poison and General Luddendorff were, they had great chemistry, dat evil laugh lool and generaly fantastic acting ! that speech when the General and Diana are dancing .... great ! saw lot of people fooled by it. You know a movie is great when you - despite the fact you'd argue those mofo deserved to die - still feel sorry for them at the moment of their death / his death.

  • mark angelo de ocampo


  • Doom Muffinz
    Doom Muffinz 21 day ago

    lol that scene where she blocks a bullet for him was perfect 😄

  • Acquaintance
    Acquaintance 21 day ago

    Steve sacrifices himself to help Diana in this.

  • rich vondouchenburg

    WHO gives a dam that a woman Directed the movie!!! Doesn't deserve a news clip!!!

  • LuckyDuzIt
    LuckyDuzIt 21 day ago

    It's Aries ur all idiots

  • Zeno Russell
    Zeno Russell 21 day ago


  • Nino Miskulin
    Nino Miskulin 21 day ago

    So I watched Wonder Woman and saw guy named Steve who sacrifice his life in an airplane so the bombs won't explode and kill everybody. The guy named Steve who is a CAPTAIN and his actor name is CHRIS. Also superhero with a shield during war who kicks everyone's ass.
    I think we already seen that kind of movie in 2011 am I wrong?

  • Tonette Tejero
    Tonette Tejero 22 days ago

    she is so hot and beautiful hotter than my sister

  • Warden Eternal
    Warden Eternal 22 days ago

    That fight was horrible.

  • BK Nwoha
    BK Nwoha 22 days ago

    Spoiler alert :Ares didn't just appear in this trailer for 1 millisecond.
    He appeared from 6:17 to 6:31.
    That's more than 15 seconds. Hahaha. Only those who have watched will understand.

    • BK Nwoha
      BK Nwoha 22 days ago

      I loved it a lot. This is best DC movie so far. Others have been bad. I hope Justice league follows in this great step.
      Loved that it was action comedy genre too

    • Trinsman
      Trinsman 22 days ago

      The new Ares design looks amazing

  • Shaterria Mayers
    Shaterria Mayers 22 days ago

    Wonder Woman!!!

    INJUSTICE FOR ALL 22 days ago

    Saw this today and loved it

  • Orlando Johnson
    Orlando Johnson 22 days ago

    Enjoyed the movie!!!! Glad I didn't search for clips b4 seeing... way to go D.C. Comics!!!!
    I like both marvel & DC!!!!!
    Nothing but love here!!!!

  • Dimas Satryo
    Dimas Satryo 22 days ago

    Hey, you can watch wonder women 2017 https://plus.google.com/112473774745494698030/posts/DnwyX2hMKnF

  • kuruk Wachinksapa
    kuruk Wachinksapa 22 days ago

    This is the best superhero movie of all time.

  • Gemo Juice
    Gemo Juice 22 days ago

    Guys honestly if u haven't seen it you guys have to BEST MOVIE EVER

  • Mark Maimon
    Mark Maimon 22 days ago

    How soon will we have a sequel movie ?

  • Mark navarette
    Mark navarette 23 days ago

    Her soundtrack is in the movie Yasssss!

  • allean smith
    allean smith 23 days ago

    Hey, you can watch wonder woman in my channel https://plus.google.com/u/0/113359989631073501615/posts/GC24j89rTvT full movie here, it's free

  • Karthik Aiyyanna
    Karthik Aiyyanna 23 days ago

    Which is the bike used by Steve Trevor in this movie?

  • R3drift
    R3drift 23 days ago

    Obsessed with this character

  • Bearwoman11
    Bearwoman11 23 days ago

    great movie! great message! "I belive in love"...
    Wonder Women

  • SiLLeNce KiLLeR
    SiLLeNce KiLLeR 23 days ago


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