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Author amin gul ( ago)

Author Shakir Zeshan Khan Khattak ( ago)

Author Mmm UK ( ago)
Mmm uk.

Author helal syed ( ago)
Its a pity for us and for Kohat that these notorious people are
representing Kohat being as leaders. These are the people involved in every
evil act happening/happened in Kohat. Exactly the same for Zardari (so
called president) representing our nation. Feel very shame calling him the
president of Pakistan. 

Author simple lucky ( ago)
sharmedaliya.........pakhtoon night sa vi....

Author Mujeeb Afridi ( ago)
The most dumb and stupid Politician of Pakistan. Always talk shit

Author Hakeem Khan ( ago)
he says we r the pir of firing bhul shit is looking like joker... 

Author Basit Khan ( ago)
such a liar persanlity , he is not capable of being an MNA , they thing
that they play an important role in kohat , i agree but that role is
negative , Any 1 works for kohat they take the credit by misleading reports
spread by MNA's group like PRIME MINISTER ( PM) WAS brought by AMJAD AFRIDI
(housing minister kpk ) to kohat ,,, they give there statement in local
news paper's thats PM was brought by MNA sahab ,,, OH COME ON ever 1 know's
the reality ,, don't act like a child okay 

Author Sajid Iqbal ( ago)
I was ashamed the day he became Kohat MNA and it seems I wasn't wrong. What
a narrow mind shit...stuck in old Pashto films like mentality.

Author Shah Jee ( ago)
dade baaz laga wale da ka tapoos huh de khazo badmasha narano ta guta
khorawa khazo ma makh k naaa....allah be niaz hain ise logo ko B MNA bana

Author azzuri09 ( ago)
hahaha sahi wayalu..anp na bikar party nishta

Author Shahid Khan ( ago)
Chari MAAR , ............. 

Author ZAFAR Shah ( ago)
barva da da roor pa sar badshah sho nor kho tool kadu bache da 

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