An artist spent 6 months creating a fake grocery store completely made of felt

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  • Evelyn Landeros
    Evelyn Landeros 7 minutes ago

    i would buy the carrot and the bannana

  • Battle_Bro
    Battle_Bro 39 minutes ago

    this bitch got too much time on her hands

  • Ultimate Mayo
    Ultimate Mayo 43 minutes ago

    Don't take this SEW seriously guys.

  • Jalena Flemmings
    Jalena Flemmings 45 minutes ago

    Lucy Sparrow your a very creative woman u desever Millions to trillions of dollars

  • Suri Tan
    Suri Tan 2 hours ago

    If I were the artist I would take a year or two

  • mistakes were made
    mistakes were made 2 hours ago

    Cant you get sued from making money from another business drand name? also in a way is that not false advertising and can also get sued?

  • April Lopez
    April Lopez 2 hours ago

    I Felt the foods eyes watching me

    it's cute tho😀

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family 2 hours ago

    it just opened but I don't live in New York that's sad

  • Jack Leo
    Jack Leo 2 hours ago

    6 months isn't that bad for all of that.

  • Katelyn S
    Katelyn S 3 hours ago

    This is so satisfying

  • pokemon unboxing
    pokemon unboxing 3 hours ago

    Dang I would of gave up after the first dorito bag

  • Retro Raccoon1972
    Retro Raccoon1972 3 hours ago

    1:56 there is a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon cd in the background. Pause and look very carefully on the top right corner.


    my good sir do you guys have any weed cotton I can have to smoke

  • Clementine
    Clementine 3 hours ago

    I never FELT this way about a grocery store.. No?....No?.... Sorry i'll FELT myself out.

    i need a life 😢

  • BagelsO
    BagelsO 4 hours ago

    50 dollars for a sewn hotdog hmm

  • wowie
    wowie 4 hours ago

    one of my favorite authors/artist went there (anybody read As Per Usual?)

  • KoolmooseWithHorses
    KoolmooseWithHorses 4 hours ago

    The 2nd Betsy Ross.

  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather 4 hours ago

    I wonder how she feels about felt money?!

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Lin-Manuel Miranda 4 hours ago

    I'll just make something instead of spending 50$ 😂😂

  • edin de la rosa
    edin de la rosa 5 hours ago

    Ohh that explains why I can't find any felt at any store......And guess what not even Miachels has it yup not even Miachels has any!!( physiology grin)But great work!!

  • JDR 235
    JDR 235 5 hours ago

    60 for dorito art? Vs 1$ for the real thing

  • Mariam Khan
    Mariam Khan 7 hours ago


  • Da Boi
    Da Boi 8 hours ago

    where is this located

  • Jimmycasket 20
    Jimmycasket 20 8 hours ago

    hey why does it close the 30th?

  • Rosa Q.
    Rosa Q. 9 hours ago

    6 years*

  • Xtina
    Xtina 9 hours ago

    It would suck so bad if in the zombie apocalypse people found this🙄🙄🙄

  • Brodi-Lei
    Brodi-Lei 9 hours ago

    This reminds me of DHMIS.

  • terrible trends
    terrible trends 9 hours ago

    I would like to pick up a Trojan pillow

  • Luv U
    Luv U 10 hours ago

    $20 FOR A PACK OF GUM?!?!

  • thegreatcalvinio
    thegreatcalvinio 10 hours ago

    Starving children in Africa could've ate those felt Doritos.

  • Eliza Schuyler
    Eliza Schuyler 10 hours ago

    Bruh, one candy bar is $20, oh hell nah

  • M&M stopmotions
    M&M stopmotions 11 hours ago


  • Summus Maximus
    Summus Maximus 11 hours ago



  • bae
    bae 11 hours ago

    9,000 items and say she sold an average price of $30 for each item. If she sells out she makes $270,000. For 6 months of work? Nice.

  • Motionless Yoongi
    Motionless Yoongi 12 hours ago


  • ohCastiel
    ohCastiel 12 hours ago

    i felt violated watching this

  • Sierra '
    Sierra ' 13 hours ago

    What's felt ?

  • Ya Tit David
    Ya Tit David 13 hours ago

    If it only took 6 months how come my grandma spends 4 months just to make a small blanket?

  • RGkong
    RGkong 14 hours ago

    I feel like there would actually be a dumb person thinking he's buying actual items when their fake

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen 15 hours ago

    They are all staring at me D:

  • Free-Market Capitalist

    this is one lonely artist

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. 15 hours ago

    This is actually pretty dope

  • nibunker
    nibunker 16 hours ago

    Ask her about the time her and her mates set fire to an old asylum in the UK just so they could take some pictures..... or the time she tried to steal an iron lung from a hospital and got caught by the Police.

  • L
    L 16 hours ago

    They must have FELT very proud of themselves after they finished making this

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 17 hours ago

    Does it have felt condoms too?

  • Drunk Not I Am
    Drunk Not I Am 17 hours ago

    Ok this is kinda cool

  • Princess Kye
    Princess Kye 17 hours ago

    Before you ask . Yes she is

  • K2667 Aj
    K2667 Aj 17 hours ago

    All of it is expensive lol

  • benjamin morales
    benjamin morales 18 hours ago

    Little did she know that the next day North Korean officials will be hiring her.

  • Hayley976
    Hayley976 22 hours ago

    If would be really funny if someone drunk walked in the store not realising that everything was made of felt. They would feel like they have gone mad especially if they saw the vegetables with eyes on them XD lol

  • Bukkakyo
    Bukkakyo 23 hours ago

    She gon put faces on the food givin me sausage party war flashbacks

  • Keke Kimbrough
    Keke Kimbrough 23 hours ago

    I wonder how much it cost her to sell the band's logo and design

  • RemixerBlogMeredith5
    RemixerBlogMeredith5 23 hours ago

    Don't put that ice cube there!
    He felt! Remember?

  • charlymcboingboing
    charlymcboingboing 23 hours ago

    All these puns 😂 I felt the need to make this comment 😭😭😭😭sorry

  • Fernando Lucatero

    So expensive i can birly afford a $1.00 notebook.

  • Abby Porter
    Abby Porter 1 day ago


  • 박수빈
    박수빈 1 day ago

    I thought the "popcorn" was a weird, distorted ravioli at first lmaoo

  • sin dee
    sin dee 1 day ago

    Okay, but these items are overpriced they're made with cheap materials. There are so many diy's out there I don't see why a person couldn't just make they're own and save a ton of money. Even if it took 6 months and you're paying for time. It's something she decided to do. :/ I don't feel it's right to overprice cheap crap. But hey people there are always stupid people out there willing to throw away their hard earned money. In that case I don't see why not. Rip off some suckers make a killing and invest the money for later. I learned something good here today. Good thing the world is full of idiots.

  • TheFanguy123
    TheFanguy123 1 day ago

    More like 6 years that's not even the Doritos logo anymore

  • Suzanne MDelarosa

    It's the 🖱store

  • Joifull
    Joifull 1 day ago

    I bet finishing that project FELT amazing!÷

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff 1 day ago

    This is amazing

  • hereonly2comment
    hereonly2comment 1 day ago

    Roses Are Red
    I wear a belt
    *insert video title*

  • Sithirakyin
    Sithirakyin 1 day ago

    She should work for dhmis

  • Judas7 dreemurr
    Judas7 dreemurr 1 day ago

    well I guess people must have FELT for that artwork

  • Caitlin M
    Caitlin M 1 day ago

    I FELT like this was stupid but it looks very well sewn together

  • diz7dprinces s
    diz7dprinces s 1 day ago

    Where is THIS!!!!!!

  • Isaac Medina
    Isaac Medina 1 day ago

    Reminds me of DHMIS

    WOPPER 1 day ago

    Illegal copy right even if it isn't the actual product. She could have been sued by hundreds of companies to knock off products.

  • lea cole
    lea cole 1 day ago

    How can you sell branded items? shes going to get sued for copyright infringement

  • Trinity The boo
    Trinity The boo 1 day ago

    This is Noodles 🍝 He can't swim so don't let him SINK 💦 To the bottom of this comment section

  • iStatic
    iStatic 1 day ago

    Can I pay with felt money ?

  • haha lol
    haha lol 1 day ago

    There are a lot of Felt puns lol. I felt it tge moment i walked in.

  • Jaden S.
    Jaden S. 1 day ago

    Wow I've never felt this way about a video before...

  • Raven Skymaven
    Raven Skymaven 1 day ago

    I can't even draw a straight line

  • clarie91s
    clarie91s 1 day ago

    I love the rat in the bucket! So cute!

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix 1 day ago

    $20 for a bag of chips?

  • BriZ
    BriZ 1 day ago


    Wtf am I doing with my life..

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username 1 day ago

    The building better be made out of felt or it ain't legit

  • Mycutie23
    Mycutie23 1 day ago

    I was gonna say "Oh, I'll g to this place when I'm older!" but then it said until June, 20 :-:

  • XxSilverxX
    XxSilverxX 1 day ago

    $60 for Doritos?!?!?! Fuck that! Fuck that store!!!!

  • Vogue Nikki
    Vogue Nikki 1 day ago

    i'm thinking of visiting the store this weekend but i dont even have $25 to spend rip

  • chimp3376
    chimp3376 1 day ago

    That is a shit idea put the money towards homeless.

  • J M
    J M 1 day ago

    [puts felt money in ATM] *Felt money comes out*

  • Chris
    Chris 1 day ago

    i felt her passion in this project from watching this

  • Robert Wallace
    Robert Wallace 1 day ago

    Only 6 months

    •SHAL LOWS• 1 day ago

    Why do the food have to be felt,I wanted to go there and eat all the food 😩

  • Talking Things TV

    $25 for an apple? sorry but I'll take my money down the street where I can actually eat it TYVM.

  • shaked lupstein
    shaked lupstein 1 day ago

    I'm surprised the workers are not make out of felt

  • shaked lupstein
    shaked lupstein 1 day ago

    How did I get here ?

  • Chomochimp Xoxo
    Chomochimp Xoxo 1 day ago

    Now that's dedication!

  • Laura.ren101
    Laura.ren101 1 day ago


  • Megan Hill
    Megan Hill 1 day ago

    9,000 items in 6 months? I don't think so. That's averaging about 50 items per day.

  • Mizako 96
    Mizako 96 1 day ago

    Legit someone should've walked in there with felt money.

  • Kaela Morris
    Kaela Morris 1 day ago

    This is amazing

  • SlightlySaltedCornflakes 101

    does any one else want to light a match in there? just me? ......ok.....

  • Meyer
    Meyer 1 day ago

    The ground isn't made of felt smh or the lights or the stands or the walls wtf this shit is a ripoff

  • Awesomo 360
    Awesomo 360 1 day ago

    I felt the need to make a great pun

  • MuffinDuhWolf TM
    MuffinDuhWolf TM 1 day ago

    If only it was real...

  • Boss Ender Dude
    Boss Ender Dude 1 day ago

    I wonder how the creator FELT afterwards

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