Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

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Author Medic ( ago)
how does doping the scope help the sniper?

Author ناصر الشرعيه الاسلاميه ( ago)
American terrorists

Author Scottie dickens ( ago)
Semper Fi a true hero great job Marine God bless you. A job well done
saving lives . what a beautiful shot .

Author Robbert m ( ago)

Author mr. showdowman ( ago)
ㅍㄷㄱㅛ ㅑㅜㅅㄷㄱㄷㄴ샤ㅜㅎ

Author Æon Bloodfang ( ago)
shooting behind walls? I call hax!

Author Srimal Pathirana ( ago)
Visit this vedio :

Author jaime pardo mendoza ( ago)
asesinos yankys que cabrones están metidos con países indefensos ! ... muy
horgullosos haber putos metanse con Rusia ellos también tienen armas
sofisticadas " contra ellos se les arruga el asterisco ! pinchis asesinos !

Author Nigrum Romanum ( ago)
Ptfo stop sniping

Author Mikun Pattnaik ( ago)
at 6:27 we call them "Wallbanging" in counter-strike game :p

Author FuZe SHIFT ( ago)
Do you quickscope?

Author Evan Hill ( ago)
ɷɷ Heeeey Frienddsss I Have Foundd W0roking Online Hacck visittttt : -

Author GlacialWolf ( ago)
the sniper looks like Pulse from Rainbow Six Siege lol

Author anon ymous ( ago)
MMM.. Pink Mist...My Favorite.

Author Andrew Weare ( ago)
British military holds all sniping records..Sorry, no bullship about that.

Author ElChafalote ( ago)
A bunch of fucking dropouts looking to get paid

Author Frank Connelly ( ago)
where is the clip of a sniper taking out a towel head on a hospital porch?

Author Poppy ( ago)
whats up with the ending TRIGGERD!!!!

Author Stalin Stronk ( ago)
Pmade the russian sniper probably used a 20mm sniper rifle not used very
much though

Author Riana Devi ( ago)
U bastard dog amerika

Author rick daniels ( ago)

Author Kevin Dillon ( ago)
good going

Author Rachmat gozali ( ago)
great shot LOl!

Author Juicy Ball Sack ( ago)
russian sniper made a succesfull killshot from a distance of 3400 meters
with the new unnamed russian sniper

Author Jeraziah ( ago)
L115A3 - 2700yds
M107 - 2000yds
L115A3 - Meant for Human Targets
M107 - Meant for Vehicles, Turns humans into red mist, much like you just
got out of a hot shower, but instead of white..imagine red

I mean i get it, if you have no other rifle laying around, you'll use what
you've got to save you men but, hell atleast let the soldier carry 2
different rifles...the mental trauma of turning humans into a fine blood
mist alone should be cause for a secondary rifle.

Author محمد جاسم ( ago)

Author John Wurst ( ago)
good job men

Author Luis Arias ( ago)
dope the scope

Author f preston ( ago)
16m vewers cheated

Author Dylan Straub ( ago)
A .50 cal bullet with RDX inside. That's SICK.......but I love it. Those
bastards were going to kill our guys and they got what was coming to them.

Author PARTHO NA ( ago)
Тry this ==>
i just gеnеrаtе 99k Crеdits using this оnlinе tооl. Wоrks оn all dеvicеs.
100% working Sniрer ККill Shоt Bаrrеt М107

Author Michael Hankins ( ago)
More about aircraft

Author Md Ariful Islam Dukhu ( ago)
I fоund this аwеsomе аll in onе сссcheаt fоr ККККill Shоооt :) Sniррреr
Кill Shot !! Barrеt М107

Author julian leudo ( ago)
Tаke aаaction guуs: usе this link ...bеfоoorе thеy runs оut !! Links Hеre!!
=== !! Guidеeees plаced right hеrе cоoommonly working. Sniрer Кill Shоt !!
Baааrret ММMМ107

Author Shahinur Islam ( ago)
Кill Shоt !! Bаrrеt М107

Author Squeaker The Silver ( ago)
This is arma 3 king of the hill snipers

Author Jatin Sahu ( ago)
Personally, I'm a big fan of this non-living object called Barret M107.

Author parteitag KONSTANTIN THERNENKO CCCP ( ago)

Author Dessert Limbo ( ago)
What idiot released bots here

Author Jorge J Noguera ( ago)
M107? Barret .50 cal is an M82, this particular rifle is an A3. Look before

Author VexDere ( ago)
It was a 50 cal not a barret

Author Fishstick132 ( ago)
Not sharpshooter I calla aimbot

Author Matthew McMaster ( ago)
for anyone that doesnt know, the factory standard barret is already
designated as an anti material rifle, the fact that it has upgraded ammo
(such as anti personel and the one seen in this video) makes it way too

Author knightarnaud ( ago)
Innocent men killing other innocent man, just for politics.

Author carl 6 ( ago)
blah blah blah

Author IggyDoesStuff ( ago)
That guy is a badass, same with his squad

Author Cry ( ago)
gl hf

Author Fury Skillz ( ago)
lol modern combat 5 brought me here

Author KS Machinist ( ago)
2 moa at 1000. I call buulllllshiittt.

Author MATUA :Walter R D Brown ( ago)
This would take down Big Foot and Dog Man

Author The Meme The Legend ( ago)
Freaking camper!

Author E-ZΞD ICE-H2O ( ago)
i would use a locus and do a 360° noscope

Author dovah kiin ( ago)
This is fake.

Author Rohit Crestha ( ago)
Try this ==>
i just gеnеratе 99k Crеdits using this online toоl. Works оn all devicеs.
100% wоrking Sniреr Kill Shot !! Barrеt M107

Author Ruben Garcia ( ago)

Author websuspect ( ago)
Cause you never know when you might need a 48 Pound Barrett 50 Caliber

Author Braden Coiro ( ago)

Author DanTheAussie ( ago)
This is the best netcode I have ever seen. What game is this?

Author Shakhawat Ullah ( ago)
!! Bаrrеt М107

Author Garrett Lauzon ( ago)
can I have a 50 cal

Author DIaZ ( ago)
OMG pulse's got 50 cal Barret dats soooo cool
cheers for all brave US soldiers!

Author SupreMe ( ago)
Heroic? What is heroic about sitting a mile away killing people?

Author Acts 17:11 ( ago)

Author king khan ( ago)
Sniper Man having thug life...

Author Stephan Havas ( ago)
M82. fools

Author Fjt Fjt ( ago)
Net's good :v

Author Roby Miller ( ago)
Notice how a lot of weapons aren't used like they are supposed to be used,
the M82 is supposed to immobilize tanks but instead it blows up people.
(Which is okay)

Author Bruce Horne ( ago)
Great job

Author games ( ago)
is there any one here from iraq

Author MrDunkiemon ( ago)
War is ugly, specially Iraq war. Even 13 years after the start of that war,
we are losing an average of 22 soldiers a day due to suicide. Iraq was a
fucked up war.

Author Daniel Treadwell ( ago)
those dune coons were just hunting Pikachu

Author Jan Nowak ( ago)
Bajka dla dzieci

Author The Gaming l3umpkin ( ago)
Obviously using wall hacks and aim bot

Author Ledora Burns ( ago)
i use that sniper on call of booty

Author RedAx ( ago)
that fucking feed tho

Author Sentic Alien ( ago)
report this camper.

Author Johan bergström ( ago)
freaking talibans sooooooooooooo stupid all of of them long live america

Author MYTE Bills ( ago)
Bro your a hero!😇😇Also the kill or kills behind the wall he or they

Author RestartZGaming ( ago)
This is like paintball right? It was just red paint?

Author Bill Lumbar ( ago)
if these were insurgents (not jihadis) then all they would have wanted is:
america, gtfo. and u kill them. the dude wearing the apron? the town
butcher. dude in white, no mask? normally civillian dude. called to arms
just to fend off invading american horde (sound familiar?). these people
were defending their homes and families, from you.

Author Happy Banana ( ago)
The second kill was brutal

Author Vincent Pasceri ( ago)
beautiful beautiful upload just please work on the audio pal

Author marcelo oliveira ( ago)

Author Eric Moore ( ago)

Author Pikapetey Animations ( ago)
I hate campers in COD

Author BrinedoesMCPE &More ( ago)
guyz just play CF or CS SOURCE OR GLOBAL

Author ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed ( ago)
Thank you Reichart, May God bless you.

Author Jose Diaz ( ago)

Author Brad Kalbfleisch ( ago)
Ben is awesome at this
can survive all the the time
using gun is an insulate

Bare hands only like I Was triend for

Author Brad Kalbfleisch ( ago)
My guys and girls always get the job done
So proud

Author Arturo Rodriguez ( ago)
can you do no scope?

Author FunnyFunGamer ( ago)
He then died

Author ~ Lee Hide ~ ( ago)
that is not a M107, it's a M82 ... Correct that.

Author Kyle Eddinger ( ago)
that was a m82 not a m107

Author MegaMetinMetin (1173 years ago)
Why is america always in iqak afgan???? Hmmmm must be for demoracy right 🌚

Author Stonewall Jackson ( ago)
These are the kind of snipers and marines who would join the resistance and
civilian militias...these are the kind of people the us government hates.
And that is reflected upon the medical treatment they get at VA.

Author Zombie Killer-xxlol ( ago)
I'm a grate shot with an air rifle

Author Fahad Ahmed ( ago)
happy to kill civilians in iraq & fuel terrorism ?fucking invaders

Author HartLocker -SAS ( ago)
oh great shot

Author Paul Beade ( ago)
1 v 1 me quick scope

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