Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

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Author German Military Power (4 months)
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \


Author Tony Paldanius (27 days)
50 cal msg gets thru... doesn't it

Author ImNonk1 (1 month)
Hell yeah! Kill shit. 

Author auchucknorris (3 months)
... side note, i paused video, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?! WHY ARE
something in you that i dont want to be apart of the same race as me... lol
proud?! ur proud ur brainwashed friends are killing people for oil money
for people who dont give a fuck if u live or die.... are u guys sooo
ignorant of whats going on? do u even know why all of a sudden all these
countries in the same region, just happen to "need" american
intervention?.. like u think its a coincidence?.. why do u think syria was
next (until other countries started to stand up against Americas slaughter
for profit)?... its not ur fault ur just brain washed but u need to stop
for a second and need to realize what ur doing right now, stop and think "i
clicked a video because i wanted to see a man shoot another man, whats
wrong with me". your army hasnt been anything but a tool for murder since
the 2nd world war.. the only reason for an army to exist is to defend its
country... not going around killing people for profit, which is what u are
signing up to do if u join the arm in any way.. u think ur defending your
country?!.. when was the last time u were invaded?.. what u are doing isnt
defence.. and dont be sooo stupid and say your defending your self from the
terrorists... you think killing there brothers and sisters is going to make
them not want to bomb u? what your doing is going to CAUSE terrorism, any
one who dies in your country from terrorism from now on is almost %100 YOUR
FAULT for causing people to want to kill ur civilians the way you keep
killing theirs in carelessness "colatoral" damage. so next time u get
bombed realise its because you blew there country to smithereens, killed
their brothers and sister because a bunch of greedy bankers wanted a
pipline, u arnt serving your country, you have just been brain washed to
believe you are.. wake up, you want to serve ur country? stand up for your
country against the fed

Author Rich Green (4 months)
Holy moly! That thing will ruin your day! That guy was pretty cool, he
seems to be well balanced about it all. I didn't see an ounce of PTSD in
him. He was pretty proud of it actually! I'm proud of our marines and
feel very safe while they are at the helm. 

Author NoobOnYouTube (5 months)
No, DAts an m107- U see the Bullet route. U can see its a m107

Author Mika De Boos (5 months)
its M82A3

Author TheDrummerman1951 (4 months)
That 50 cal would really ruin your day. Thank you for your service marines

Author Chavo bombusa (2 months)
die fuckin american soldiers. you make war for money and the zionist
controll you.
you the land of terror washington DC THE NEW ISRAEL.

Author TheScottishGamer (1 day)
Them shots though

Author ArezOfHeaveN AA (13 hours)
you suck its not a movie take ur gun and go away

Author William Escobar (4 days)
thats gonna be me when i grow up


Author gag karamurati igati (3 months)
i love may american Brother s Martin from Kosovo god bleas american people

Author James Thomas (4 months)
them haji's think there safe out at 2000yrds until the impact of that 50cal
round tears off there limbs splat!!! all over the wall

Author Helmutlozzi (3 months)
People goddamnit, this is History Channel. It's nothing but shoulder-claps
for the indoctrinated American masses. Stop giving such a fuzz about this
stupid shit.

Author Nick Mcqueen (1 month)
USA! Yeah!

Author Logan Ruelle (4 months)
i swear the history channel has everything but actual history.

Author Bosnia 1463. (1 month)
This is fair...

Author 4stral1 (2 months)
Ye, ive served military :)..but killin is far from ok.

Author ilovelifan (5 months)
it must be painful...

Author SUPERSERB3147 (5 months)
Barret M107 if only that beast had Thermal and they were at night. Much
respect to our soldiers. 

Author Davion Lee (4 months)
Whoooo that's what I'm talking about... let's go MARINES!!!! WHOORAH

Author Ynes Yanes (5 months)
ty (Y) :)

Author GrubleHD (3 months)
is this quickscoping?

Author Mina Lee (16 days)

Author DoctorBatman (3 months)
Madd respect for this marine. A job fucken well done. 

Author ابو انس الوائلي (3 months)
it is easy for everyone ..a sniper in a perfect place

Author spikebaron (2 months)
up the talibans ass with a twirling lawnmower

Author BubbaJoMamaIsBack (5 months)
Made them camel fuckers good...

Author Bobby Connelly (4 months)
Check out my vids :)

Author Don F (5 months)
7:00 *sniper intensifies*

Author Sam Billings (3 months)
Glorifying murder yay

Author حروب الحربي (29 days)
Go to hell amirka 

Author Brian S. (2 months)
Yes sir!

Author hamza bouthouri (1 month)
Is not the strongest of the Baghdad Sniper

Author Zach Oakes (2 months)

Author John Bocalan (3 months)
Marines.... First Too Fight OORAHH

Author James Cisco (1 month)
That rag head got splatted decent like. Semper Fi, marine

Author klaloz (5 months)
12:55: The spotter is well camouflaged. but the bald head of the shooter
lights for miles!

Author John Dundon (4 months)
Who gives a shit about the weapon. Those Marines fucked shit up. Oorah.

Author silver iraqe (3 months)
Arabs will bet ur ass 

Author cin simsim (4 months)
multik faantastik xaxaxaxax Russia N 1

Author Thomas Milder (3 months)
semper fi

Author ali abdi (1 month)
i think they are talking about Hollywood Movie 

Author ahmad khalifa (2 months)
rong that rifel is m82 nat m107 ~!

Author The Guy Who Ate Your Muffin (5 months)
Filmed using a potato

Author Joshua Mitchell (1 month)
This is so biased to the u,s
Srsly the narrator goes lol the tailban are evil and the u.s is here to
enforce everything good and says it in the most Stupid voice ever and they
even have the audacity to call the Taliban weapons weak and pointless and
then goes on about how badass the u.s sniper and his gun are
Also this was made by the history Chanel..... The same guys who exaggerate
America as a total god wherever they go and paint whoever they fight as
Dam the history Chanel has fallen from grace.

Author Andy Krajewski (4 months)
Served in the army for 11 years and never saw anything this good.. Congrats

Author Moung yang (1 month)
You guys suck at sniping why not use 1 bullet on each of them instead of
missing that why ya have a broken promise to hmong people ya promise that
ya bring all of us hmong people in us but you guys never did and i think
that Chai Vang is better then you.

Author Faleh Alajmi (4 months)
Fuck ur self motherfucker

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