Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107

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Author Tim X ( ago)
Nice description of what happened but nisleading...this is all a

Author CreeperSPlays Ps3 ( ago)

Author ItsChaoticVenom ( ago)

Author Miraccc Bolatt ( ago)
ich bin ein moslem

Author Future Millionaire ( ago)
god job!

Author Muslim ( ago)
nice Hollywood movie.. hahahaha...

Author mcot911 ( ago)
Turkey shoot.

Author Semo King ( ago)
Who Know *JUBA* Iraq Sniper
He killed 640 Americas Solidars and you can check this on wiki :)

so shut the fuck up !

Author Bronson Nees ( ago)
Good shit boys

Author ProPlaysMc ( ago)
Wall hacking + X-ray get good m12

Author joshdave mendoza ( ago)
Nice shot

Author Ygor Cardoso ( ago)
SemperFi 🙌🇺🇸

Author DarkAkatosh90 ( ago)
Id do 360 no scopes if i went to iraq

Author Flux Pavillion ( ago)
kill all muslim scumbags! respect from Europe!

Author angelpuckett01 ( ago)
Am i the only who thought that the song at the beggining was the Halo

Author RedGamer Dude ( ago)
he trickshotted the last one

Author RedGamer Dude ( ago)
didnt chris kyle get a kill from further

Author not so aVerage Gamer ( ago)
Fuck you and your bullshit lying thumbnail

Author Alex Lara ( ago)
An m82a3 is not an m107. M107= army. m82=marines 

Author IoSono Trottis ( ago)

Author Alexandre Esbrain ( ago)
Kick hack aimbot

Author Från Baires till Ekerö ( ago)
Nada mejor que ver morir un islamista !!

Author Erik S (Erik4556) ( ago)
It's an M82A3 not M107!

Author Caden Brockman ( ago)

Author handsomefingers ( ago)
They wouldn't even know WHY and WHEN they actually died.

Author ‫حمودي الصدري‬‎ ( ago)

Author Matthew Kratz ( ago)
Good job 

Author Mahdi Mahdi ( ago)
every time you show us that you are always heros pffffffff

Author Paul Lambert ( ago)
Are you all mentally retarded? If we didn't have the U.S the UK would be
fucked, if you think it's bad him shooting them scum in the head then have
fun when the enemy take over your country you dickheads

Author AndrewH428 ( ago)
Why did...You just took this from History channel..I mean I know this guy
did it but this was all reenacted...

Author Hudson Walker ( ago)

Author fatsackcat ( ago)
Why no air strikes? Just send one dude to spot enemys and then bomb them?
Or is there a problem to that?

Author shanon crowther ( ago)
Funny how people call them Terrorist. How can they be terrorist in there
own country? 

Author Watermelone Justgess ( ago)
Row row row your boat
sneaking up the stream
lock 'n load tactic mode
united states marine!

Author FosGamingTV ( ago)
wall hack..

Author Someone - ( ago)
I'll definitely join up

Author Renia Reina ( ago)
I am not warlike or something, and i accept the nature of war and sometimes
the necessity of it, but i have to say two things;
First, ultimate respect to any warrior out there whoever and wherever site,
matters not (exept the Islam EXTREMISTS, not the ones fighting for their
Second, not matter how good US Army is good at war, when was the last time
they were engaged with a real enemy? You know very well what i mean...
Iraq? Afganistan? Really? OK they are tough people, no one can say
otherwise but... It is like killing a dead guy... Stealing from your
pocket... i mean... they are not like Iran, with a REAL army, not like
Egypt, REAL army... Rebels... these are who is fighting US marines for the
last 10 years maybe, i forget now. Still, RESPECT to all...

Author Leon Graemmler ( ago)
Damn I want to unlock this gun so bad on bf3.

Author zantonsus ( ago)
Love the way these american murderers get fancy music and editing to make
there evil ways seem?

Author max buchholz ( ago)
Get r3kt m8

Author Baraka ( ago)
omg merica is killing innocent ppl

Author Em Es em ( ago)
I clicked this video to see someone get shot and killed. Where does this

Author Junior Jf ( ago)
Sniper Kill Shot !! Barret M107: não tem como
escapar !

Author proud italian citizen ( ago)
america kill and europe pay the price of refugees and immigrants fuck you
americans pigs

Author proud italian citizen ( ago)
americans are not christians

Author proud italian citizen ( ago)
all americans will go to hell becose they serve the satan and elders of

Author Justin Williams-Giroux ( ago)
Iceman man they have to they are killing people on a basis coming here to
kill American they are keeping them back that what I'm doing so fuck you
they aren't going to hell thank you for serving who has gone to war

Author Aladdin Warlord ( ago)
When the black flags rises we will see who talks 

Author leomh10 ( ago)
reichert used the m82a3... is not the m107

Author Michał Wojtasiak ( ago)
In Real life

Author Giovani Souza ( ago)
Barret M107 velhor isso que é sniper depois da alpine

Author sleeplessingc ( ago)
OoooRahhh!!! Semper Fedelis!!! Hot lead all up in yer Grill Beotches!!!
Some payback for Beruite!!! USMC Forever!!! Woo Hooo!! way to go chesty
Puller on those assholes!!!

Author Alfie J ( ago)
he got a fucking triple collateral through material?? Hes getting a clan
invite from Faze

Author Johnny Curley ( ago)
Thats a 3 man collateral IRL right there!

Author John Smith ( ago)
Great stuff, Do gooders go FK your selfs

Author 59strat ( ago)
whats it like taking part in a illegal war

Author Burwayn Ardi ( ago)
democracy huh....

Author Ghost (130 years ago)
Wow can't believe there are 2,416 dislikes, who knew there were so many
fucking terrorists on Youtube. Fucking shits, kill yourselves you savages.
Savage is a compliment for you sick sub-human filth. 

Author Jesper Hellvik ( ago)
And there they are…scum of the earth. Sick sick war mongering gunslinging
psychopaths as you are! Fuck you America!

Author Brandon Keenan ( ago)
Outstanding !

Author Brandon Keenan ( ago)
Semper Fi, Devil Dog !

Author Roque Polagñe ( ago)
Nice shot! by the american,best sniper in the world.

Author Mehdi Dhaou ( ago)
Fuck usa they kill terrorist and the is ok, but they kill people whit their
fucking rockets wtf Man why America is came here wtf they want here, fuck
the Usa politic made the terrorist fuck usa 

Author Donald Shawver ( ago)
People talk allot of shit about my Marine Corp, but they are Pussy's. I was
Army. Go fuck with the Corp, see what happens. Talk shit about them to me,
I kick ass.

Author Leon Russell ( ago)

Author Zach Lemon ( ago)
This is why us Americans can talk shit and back our self's up for all you
puss cakes saying this shit is wrong or not needed. Well here's something
for you if that sniper wasn't there the squad would have been dead being
pinned down like they were. Or how about this the gun used which doesn't
matter would you have rather see them all tied up on there knees being
tortured then killed or just shot. 

Author ivan zapata (gallero) ( ago)
Los mejores soldados y los mejores marines....son los de México..ellos no
tienen mucha tecnología pero tienen muchos huevos eggs... Y los soldados de
u.s.a no tienen huevos ellos siempre van con la tecnología por delante..los
mexicanos van con los huevos y el corazón por delante...

Author Mack Maxidyne ( ago)
Good job soldier. I salute you.

Author iceman man (14 years ago)
i can't believe we are glorifying someone for blowing our man kind to
peices with a cannon
if God does exist
he's going to hell!

Author TheArgos ( ago)
yeah ... coooool .... killing other people in there own countries ..yeaahh

hey ... the same did the nazi SS in poland and in france and in russia
...jeahhh cool , lets be an american Nazi killing other nations people (how
fight for indipendes and freedom from there occupation)

You americans diserve your collaps and your coming 3rd world status !

Author Sarah B ( ago)
Well worth reading that book American Sniper

Author wade jeudy ( ago)
yall are ass america number 1

Author Erhan Gozturk ( ago)
Are they really innocent?
I mean practisizing a religion, that says " Treat nonbelivers like they are
animals" is that really innocent? or just psychopatic dumb, calling a more
advanced civilisation animals? All ha gaybar, and schalom i love god more
than the people around me :)

Author strake750 (1152 years ago)
There's no greater pleasure than hunting armed Iraqis,...just look at the
mess they're in still many years after the war,the world would be a better
place without them,....well done corporal 

Author SecoyaJuventa ( ago)
campers Noobs !

Author Alex BANSHEE ( ago)
Good night :D

Author Haser Datu Indal ( ago)

Author pete rod ( ago)
that 50 cal is awesome if that round land directly on a diaper head mid
chest his arms and legs would eject. beautiful Taliban killer.. 

Author dinah ( ago)
stupid fake

Author Mark Hoffman (1724 years ago)
I know it was just a dramatization but, just for those of you who dont
know.... the spotter would never be able to stay in that spot. Muzzle brake
on that model Barrett would be punching him in the face every time 

Author Vikke Boy ( ago)
Did u ever shot Headshot :D

Author Cody Knapp ( ago)
When he says '1000 yrds plus 2 MOA' does he mean he's adjusted for the
bullet to drop 20 inches over 1000 yards? It seems like a weird way to say

Author Johnathan Davidson ( ago)
For you racist brats. Don't look up American videos if you hate America,
you retards.

Author Αγγελος Σταυροπουλος ( ago)
Greek speak!!!!!,!!!,,!!!!!! Kill them all america god bless you πατερ υμον
ο εντησ ουρανις αγιαστι το το ονομα σου εθετον η βασιλια σου γεννηθη το
θελημα σου ος υμον και επυ της γης ρον αρτον υμον τον επιουσιον δωσε υμιν
σημερον και αφησε υμην τα οφηλυματα υμον κυριε ισου χριστε ο θεος ελεισον
και σωσον ιμασ AMEN ΑΜΗΝ

Author Aubrey Moreau ( ago)
Man they can't talk about this beautiful machine without a big shit eating
grin. Fucking

Author Paul horneto horneto ( ago)
crock. of, shit. propaganda.

Author Mikevdog ( ago)
Shoot at my friends and you get shot at too.

Author The AppleCraftGaming ( ago)
I wanna know how they take this footage

Author Allen Rosen ( ago)
Another one bites the dust

Author WanderLust Patriot ( ago)
Another one bites the dust

Author Steve from virginia ( ago)
Since these Iraqis had invaded Indianapolis it is good that the Marines
were there to defend our homes.


Author ndawickets13 ( ago)
There is no cheat in war... its who brings the biggest and badest. Badass

Author LoveGames 187 ( ago)
That Shot at 6:15 Damn 

Author Selahattin Demir ( ago)
fuck of :@

Author Tomasina Covell ( ago)
Great Shot Gordon!

Author constitutional libertarian ( ago)
for anyone who thinks the image of that guy being shot was real your
retarded... just look at how the filming is set up like a movie its clearly
a dramatization but yeah a 50 cal hitting you and your dead pretty much
anywhere your hit in the torso or if it hits a limb its gone just look up
some 50 cal youtube vids vs a deer or pig

Author George Washington ( ago)
"It's not a matter of whether the war is not real, or if it is, Victory is
not possible. The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.
Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and
ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have
existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on
the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its
own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or
Eastasia but to keep the very structure of society intact." MOSSAD DID

Author Peter Diez ( ago)
Great job Soldier !

Author Hey! ( ago)
It's a Barrett M82A3, NOT a M107, fix the title. Says so in the video.

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