What's In My Bag?

Find out what's inside my bag/purse/pocketbook (those are all the same thing, there's just one bag here)! I have watched so many other "What's In My Bag" videos and I was so excited to do my own! Hopefully you guys love receipts as much as I do...

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Author Safiya Nygaard ( ago)
LOVE U GUYS!!! next video coming out TOMORROW! see u guys then & hope u guys enjoy this little silly one! <3

Author Kyle Aldrich ( ago)
Download a scanner app for your Iphone and scan all your receipts. Then stuff them in an envelope and file away to be sure to have them if needed for a return or to back up your tax filings.

Author VR Mom of Four ( ago)
You're so crazy cute!!!

Author Jugi Muto ( ago)
I used to live in Oregon, but I'm from California. Crater Lake is beautiful. Just don't ever go to Klamath Falls (Hint: There are no falls. It's essentially just the devil's armpit. Avoid it at all costs. Lol).

Author Annoyed Moon ( ago)
I think at least in one of these videos, someone has to pull out a banana or something.

Author Hadas Tir ( ago)
But what if I already smashed that bell?

Author littlemzrainbowz98 ( ago)
"This is literal trash"

Hey look I was in the video

Author annieedwardsbeauty ( ago)
you're my idol whenever I make a video I always try to make it just as real and be myself just like you do also I know it was a while ago now that you left Buzzfeed but I'm really happy for you and think you made a great decision. xx love you

Author Hey It's Mia ( ago)

Author Stepahnie Legoff ( ago)
saw these and thought of you!
(from AliExpress Android)

Author Ruby Moore ( ago)
Yay I live in Oregon!

Author kaitlin ( ago)
Shophouse southeast asian kitchen 😬.... Why though

Author Cassy Joseph ( ago)

Author Samantha Silva ( ago)
can you review the sticky strapless bra pleassseee!!!!

Author ThatGirlNamedAngel ( ago)
"just in case I sob" same

Author Pipermma ( ago)
Actually your phone is 2 generations old, the SE came out after the six then the seven came out. (I have the SE)

Author Har's Journey ( ago)
"It's fresh off the arm" 😂😂

Author Rhylee H ( ago)
Omg I loooove fun home

Author Josiebailers ( ago)
saf is so weird but I love it!!!!!!!!

Author Valeria Lopez ( ago)
Lol I love how real this video is!! You're the best

Author KingKyle19 ( ago)
OMG! I've always thought they make my iPhone work worse when they release new phones too. That's so funny.

Author echoi316 ( ago)
In California it's illegal for a gift card to expire but not sure if that qualifies!

Author Jamie Appelt ( ago)
My purse is filled with straw wrappers too😂

Author dreams with me ( ago)
The thing about iPhones is sooo true

Author AsianChemNerd ( ago)
lol I gave in to the iPhone conspiracy- as soon as the iPhone 7 came out my iPhone 6 kept switching itself off randomly... so I bought the iPhone 7... now I'm worried what will happen when the iPhone 8 comes out!

Author bec gleeson ( ago)
omg you're so beautiful <3

Author Julie Fox ( ago)
OH MY GOD MY FAMILY THINKS THE SAME THING ABOUT THE IPHONES! Ours always stop working as well she a new one comes out!

Author Monique Belinic ( ago)
Omg I her iPhone has eyes

Author couchmermaid ( ago)
I so buy into your iphone conspiracy!! I also think they do it with updates too, like if you don't update it immediately they make it stop working to get you to download the update

Author Ravan Kennedy ( ago)
I keep the same ipsy bag in my purse ❤

Author Madison Whittington ( ago)
Would you consider putting the name of the lipstick you're wearing in the description of your videos?

Author Yulee ( ago)
SAF, I believe the same conspiracy theories. I believe Apple makes your phone work less through "System Updates" and "App Updates"!!!!!!! Put on your tin hats people. 👁

Author Noha Zeidan ( ago)
girl dat wink at 6:30 thooo

Author Liliana Trevino ( ago)
my purse is also full of receipts.. and my car.. thank you for being my kind of crazy

Author Miriam Baena ( ago)
My lucky number is 17 😁

Author Ani Warren ( ago)
This girl deserves way more subscribers than she has.Like if you agree

Author Sev C ( ago)
*doesnt want to leave makeup home alone*

Author Rare Sense ( ago)
For bags that don't have pockets you can get little organisers that go in your bag. Its like a mini handbag with loads of pockets. I got mine from prinark (in uk) not sure American ones have them. If not im sure you can get them on ebay.

Author Lourdes Garrido ( ago)
I completely love the fact that every youtuber who does a what's on my bag video shows it unrealistically organized and clean but you show it just the way everybody really has them

Author Carlla Guzman ( ago)
love this girl

Author Carmen Atchley ( ago)
Whenever she said "Mulholland Dog" I thought of the lyric from LA Devotee. What up my Panic! fam

Author רותם טאקלה ( ago)
you made me feel good about the mess that I have in my bag. not alone!

Author Faye Hue ( ago)
"I'm a serial gum swallower"
had to rewind juuuuust to make sure I heard correctly

Author Samantha Petersen ( ago)
I feel the exact same about the iPhone conspiracy. They TOTALLY do that!

Author Sami Stern ( ago)
I can't remember if you did this already but you should do your history on and the DNA test!!

Author Emma Hornbostel ( ago)
omg that's crazy my lucky number is 16 too 💕

Author Raven Taking Flight ( ago)
Stalking my boyfriend without him knowing video.

Author emily c ( ago)
Starbucks gives away a gift card like card with 5$ when they mess up your drink now! I used to work there

Author jessica bradley ( ago)
I completely agree with your theory on iPhones

Author Anna Gu ( ago)
can you make a video on buying the most crappiest drugstore makeup, and try to survive a week with it?

Author Doné Maingard ( ago)

Author Hedro Wilson ( ago)
You SHOULD come to Oregon! It's fun here!

Author Tristian Green ( ago)
They have a waterproof better than sex mascara. Stayed on after I sobbed my eyes out one day. But it seems to have gotten clumpy on the wand after a few months :(

Author Tristian Green ( ago)
They have purse organizer inserts you can buy. Different cute materials. I use one for my camera bag that has removable velcro dividers and pockets.

Author Megan Cooke ( ago)
Thank you thank you for saying that about iPhone. I truly believe that too!!! My 6s has slowly been getting worse since updates and new ones came out

Author EmzyJane 10 ( ago)
I paused at 6:56 and boy is that face hilarious, no hate on saf tho!! 😝😋

Author giantschick21 ( ago)
I have that mini ipsy bag! That one is my favorite out of all the ones I have :)

Author Tiffani Harrison ( ago)
If you don't update to the new iOS that the new iPhones comes out with then that wouldn't happen haha no other way for them to somehow make your device slower :)

Author Gabby Gabby ( ago)
This girl wears a lot of black

Author Sarah Joy ( ago)
oh my gosh! I'm the same way with gum! lol

Author kittycat meowcat ( ago)
we have the same lucky number!!! 16!

Author deathlylove66 ( ago)
the Starbucks gift card sorry we messed up thing ya they still give those out I got one like 4 days ago because they messed up my drink

Author ITALIA RIVERA ( ago)
Wow...i thought my backpack (i know this a BAG video but go with it) was dirty and i saw!!

Author Priscilla Almanza ( ago)
you are the most relatable you tuber ever!!!

Author Keltie Murdoch ( ago)
No conspiracy theory here, technology just becomes obsolete that fast! You can only rewrite your memory 10,000-100,000 times before it breaks! Womp womp.

Author roar roar ( ago)

Author BlytheVIDS ( ago)
I love how you're slaying without buzzfeed

Author steelecrayon ( ago)
I love that Ipsy bag! Definitely my favorite one that I've received from them. :D

Author John Partington ( ago)
no one cares what's in your bag,just you should.

Author Horror Fox ( ago)
I also have that theory about iPhone's. It really does seem like it, because as soon as a new one comes out the old one is SHIT. Yet, my husband, who is a Samsung user, is 3 generations behind and his phone is STILL PERFECTLY FINE!

Author awzpo100 ( ago)
can u do a what's in my makeup bag

Author nehal malik ( ago)
is that a choker or a tattoo

Author saleema z ( ago)
I have the similar purse ❤️ love your videos .

Author Tiger Snake ( ago)
Her little makeup bag is the size of my big (only) bag

Author Elizabeth ( ago)

Author Pixel Enchanted ( ago)
I've got a 4s that was my dads then my mums and now mine and he got it when they first came out

Author AbbyCat 253 ( ago)
Crater lake is gorgeous! I highly suggest vlogging a trip there!

Author derm gal ( ago)
that camera with the little tuft of hair , i die.

Author Frida c: xD ( ago)
SAF Can you Pleas try to make a 1 thing full face make up What That means is you Can choose 1 thing like a Brown lipstick and have to use That AS foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and the other stuff ya know But PLEAS do a 1 product Challenge! Thank you so much Ilysm <3

Author Bridget b ( ago)
Very glad your still making videos!!!

Author Elisa Beth ( ago)
But sometimes I just don't want to leave my makeup home alone 😂😂

Author Septswift ( ago)
I will never judge you!<3

Author Jeri Smith ( ago)
i live in molalla oregon

Author Anika Moller ( ago)
we have the same lucky number ;)

Author FireFOX World ( ago)
Why am I here?

Author Emma Sisler ( ago)
i heard Oregon and screamed. I live in Oregon! Come hereeeeeee! much love

Author brianna jaramillo ( ago)

Author determmr ( ago)
i have that ipsy bag lolololol

Author Ebony Adam ( ago)
I'm called ebony Xxx

Author LinzBelle ( ago)
No pads or tampons?

Author Min Suga jjang jjang man boong boong ( ago)
I never thought I'd be watching a "What's in my bag" video, but you made it so worth it 💕💕

Author Alyssa Hill ( ago)
Glad I'm not the only one who has multiple straw wrappers in their purse hahah

Author Cara Drabble ( ago)
"I don't want to leave my make up alone"

Author Thought Knot ( ago)
I'll tell you EXACTLY what's in her bag. Buzzfeed's next video idea 😂😂😂

Author Kaitlin Trujillo ( ago)
we still give out thedrink things in canadajust veeeerrrryyyy rarely

Author Josie Winkel ( ago)
ayyye we have the same nyx concealer. even the same color

Author Julyanna Monero ( ago)
If it makes you feel any better, I spilled Mike and Ikes in my purse almost a month ago and I still haven't cleaned it out.


Author Mondkind Erdentochter ( ago)
I adore those sunglasses.

Author aliah rosli ( ago)
are u muslim?!😊

Author Shabrina Kuswardani ( ago)
hey, Saf! what font do you use on your video's intro? just wondering :)

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