What's In My Bag?

Find out what's inside my bag/purse/pocketbook (those are all the same thing, there's just one bag here)! I have watched so many other "What's In My Bag" videos and I was so excited to do my own! Hopefully you guys love receipts as much as I do...

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Author Safiya Nygaard ( ago)
LOVE U GUYS!!! next video coming out TOMORROW! see u guys then & hope u guys enjoy this little silly one! <3

Author Jewel K ( ago)
You already have 1million 😮

Author Rebekah Grace ( ago)
I love fun home!!! Such a good musical! 💕

Author Bleach bb ( ago)

Author Ashley Lowe ( ago)
This, is, great. lol

You honestly keep a purse the EXACT same way I do.

Makeup, Receipts, and random stuff you wouldn't ever think that would be/should be in a purse.


Author safire esperas ( ago)
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Author Gianni Yanez ( ago)
Shmash? 😂👌🏼❤️

Author Krnjevac ( ago)
It''s 5:30 am and i am watching a girl showing her stuff from handbag...And i am a guy...what am i doing with my life???

Author SpiderShimaa ( ago)
Drop ipsy, get boxycharm. You're welcome.

Author Emma Hudson ( ago)

Author Amber Liu ( ago)
When you talked about Oregon you really sounded like my orchestra conductor

Author DorissaClaire Tyndall ( ago)
I think you're totally right about that apple thing!!! Also, Apple isn't releasing a 7s, they are going straight to the 8 because they want to make some major changes

Author david qrobinson ( ago)
half way through reading "What's in my bag" I said WOW ! she's freaking hot!! hopefully there's ice in that bag to cool me off...😉

Author Ramiel ( ago)
So you didn't had 2 spare perfumes in case someone smelled you and noticed you smelled like sex at work, and tried to use them to disguise the smell to your friend/crush who is just trying to fucking work without all the drama and distractions?
Oh... Were did that come from...

Author Belinda Valenzuela ( ago)
whats in my makeup bad

Author Lydia Aldridge ( ago)
SAAAMEEE! I totally don't won't the iPhone 7!

Author AnKariah Calsonia LaRay ( ago)
YEY my lucky number too!

Author Danielle May ( ago)
We have exactly the same feelings on the iPhone conspiracy. I have experienced the destruction of my old iPhones on multiple occasions

Author electric giraffe ( ago)
can u do a skincare routine video pls

Author Rebecka Wood ( ago)
OMG I have that same ipsy bag inside of my purse!!I love the stars <3 I use mine for my receipts and coin change though

Author Sophie Wysocki ( ago)
I broke my 6 and bought another 6 (iPhone) lol

Author Elena L ( ago)
do unboxing ipsy

Author marianaminou ( ago)
safiya, wash your brushes. now. or later. just go do it. i peeped that elf brush.

Author BrotherGreed ( ago)
When girl wears that curly plastic choker shit you know she sucks mad dick

Author Nassim xd ( ago)
no dildos?

Author k bote ( ago)
hi!saf ! good 2 c you again :)

Author redolentone ( ago)
You give yourself and others permission to not have it together. Your receipts, rather than giving advice you give rat's nest permission. Maybe when you have the can remake this with helpful organizational ideas and tips rather than waist your time and that of those who watch this?

Author Kailey Short ( ago)
I work at a Starbucks and we still use those recovery coupons, so maybe you just got a grumpy barista?

Author Agatha Dela Cruz ( ago)
pleasee try glossier products

Author Natalia Andrea ( ago)
i have the canon g7x mark ii! IT'S SO GOOD!

Author J Gaming ( ago)
are you still doing videos with your friends at Buzzfeed like Freddie

Author Dominika Szczęśniak ( ago)
Hi :) these glasses are very similar to the ones that are sold by Bluekiki on Aliexpres or Amazon

Author Ryan A. ( ago)
Look at meee and my pep pep

Author Holly Young ( ago)
Micro Muff !!! In England a Muff is slang for a vagina so when you say its oddly sexual I guess you're right !! xx

Author MyuNeptune ( ago)
Gurl i have those glasses! xD I have them with mirror green glass and i need more. I think i paid for mine 6,50$. They are also my fave and i consider buying more colours. xD

Author daddy Lawrence ( ago)

Author Emily Mayes ( ago)
When you said welcome it made you a little vampirish and it was great

Author Naurani Persaud ( ago)
Do a morning routine

Author afaqabas ( ago)

Author Chromosomes O' plenty ( ago)
a bomb

Author 31Sparrow ( ago)
I don't know what's in your bag

Author Morgana Cannon ( ago)
she says "weast"... I also say weast. I believe that means we are related now.

Author Taryn Jones ( ago)
My lucky number is also 16!!!!!

Author Cole Lowery ( ago)

Author Isa Rabello ( ago)
Hi Saf! 1st of all i love ur videos, loving ur new channel <3 I have a request to make, idk if u r going to reed this but lets give a try! I think U should do a very holosexual makeup look, with a lot of iridescent pigments and all :) I always wanted to try the Milk holographic stick, but idk if its worth it! Lots of love from brazil! Keep it up! xoxo

Author Elena Biiebs ( ago)
She just got like 8000 more suscribers ((is that how you spell that word? I'm not actually an english speaking person) back to the point) in the last 10 hours... wow but i have to say Safiya you are great!!

Author Gamers TV ( ago)
Why is this in the GOOD question section?

Author Edda Isabel León ( ago)
At least you don't litter 😂

Author Katherine Pearson ( ago)
Love this, love you!

Author Isabella Cimoch ( ago)
Order secret menu items

Author Isabella Cimoch ( ago)
Do the $.99 store make up challenge

Author Derika B ( ago)

Author Lorin Saenz ( ago)
I totally agree with you on that iPhone theory! I had a regular iPhone 6, and probably 6 months before I was able to upgrade (which happened to be when the 7 came out) it died extremely fast and wouldn't load anything. I finally upgraded to the 7 plus and now I have no issues.

Author Tiffany Zacharias ( ago)
I'm literally so Happ you have your own YouTube channel you are my favorite 🐱

Author gaby calderon ( ago)
She is like the female version of Dan Howell

Author Britt S. ( ago)
notice me senpai

Author MidnightWolf ( ago)
"You carry your firewire with you." Um.. firewire? I haven't heard someone say firewire in years. They're obsolete now because we have USB.

Author Nikatronixx ( ago)
pretty sure Saf could make a "whats in my trash" video and we'd still watch.

Author Patrick Flynn ( ago)
really cuz theres a gun in mine

Author Kammy Kode ( ago)
totally buying those sunglasses. I love them

Author Kammy Kode ( ago)
does whitening gum really work?

Author shwetha sharma ( ago)
OH MY GOD!! I use the same Ipsy makeup pouch for my bag. I feel so connected to you! Hahaha..

Author Denise Duarte ( ago)
I saw a photo on instgram today rhinestone freckles how do you feel about that? I thought it looked cool to go out and about.

Author Bookillerz ( ago)
I thought she was going to pull out a nebby plush D:

Author Cailey Smith ( ago)
Can you start putting what lipsticks you're wearing in the info box? Pretty please. :)

Author Cristina Lovato ( ago)
2 years is still a very short life for an iPhone. My iPhone 4S is almost 6 years old and it still works pretty good, and I gotta say I've dropped it MANY MANY times. Plus, nowadays there's really not that many new features to make you change your phone every 1 or 2 years. I recommend you keep the 6s till the 8 comes out, if it lasts, of course (if you treat it okay it will, I'm sure).

Author Lemongrab ( ago)
I usually tune out in slightly longer videos but I can listen to this fine lady the whole day

Author ChuckBoomBuck ( ago)
Hi safiya,thanks for showing us what was in your bag it was so exciting to watch i hope you have more awesome videos like this in the future for us to enjoy!

Author Pratt ( ago)
whats in my bag?

i don't fucking care. 😑

removed this stupid channel from my recommendation.

Author Jane Banks ( ago)
Wow your bag is just like mine. It's like a jungle.. in a good way 😂

Author Kylie Gramse ( ago)

Author Ariana Sanchez ( ago)
I live in Oregon 💁🏻 lol it's so pretty here. I love your channel!

Author Sarah Elaine ( ago)
Does anyone else find that Saf reminds you of Robin from HIMYM?? I swear they are so alike.

Author Nadia Jocelyn ( ago)
yay Veggie Grill!💓

Author Donna stevens ( ago)
Now subscribed!!!! 💕🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Author Tina Xie ( ago)
keep you receipts for tax records!

Author emily hartway ( ago)
"The Weast coast", I'm praying is a Spongebob reference because that would make me love Saf 24914270 times more!

Author Bethany B ( ago)
I am from Oregon it lovely out here and lots of fun things to do

Author Susanna Wise ( ago)

Author Jenn Vix ( ago)
I'm also a crunchy gum person; stick gum is weak. Your bag is a Labyrinth of things. My bag has pockets for its pockets.

Author M ( ago)
Saf is my spirit animal 😂❤️

Author berenice lrb ( ago)
can you do a "what I eat in a day" ?? love you

Author JesseDaEeveeUser ( ago)
What's not in your bag?


Author katie zimmy ( ago)
i agree with your conspiracy 😂
love you saf! 💓

Author ComicKish ( ago)
nice video what do u use to shoot the actual video

Author Funny Bunny ( ago)
New sub :)

Author Maya Osaka ( ago)
Am I the only one who has a bunch of bags but never uses them and just shoves everything in my pockets

Author Kehau Jai ( ago)
Please do "sprinkle lips" next!

Author Ali Ismail ( ago)
i have the same ipsy bag 😛 twinsiessss (yes no one probably cares🙂)

Author Yoelie Rodriguez ( ago)
Do a your skin care routine!!

Author Djinn Kiddjjdjd ( ago)
She's probably like wow, my like ratio is 100x better than my cancerfeed videos

Author Sharon Yoo ( ago)
they are definitely changing ladylike but more importantly they have more or less have ruined worth it and Steven

Author Kristen N ( ago)
I'm using the same Ispy bag in my purse... But mine just has liquid lippies in it XD

Author Brian Chrisope ( ago)
Youre like a Boy Scout! Always prepared

Author Brian Chrisope ( ago)
Kinda cheezy lights

Author ivy west ( ago)
dont worry you still poop out gum but dont eat to much just ask my brother.

Author Tato ( ago)
My mom has the same conspiracy 😂

Author Cris Sins ( ago)
She seems like that strict teacher that is trying to be fun with her class because there's no work to do.

Author Abbie Garrison ( ago)
Fun Home <3

Author lost droid ( ago)
I'm glad Safiya clarified that those weren't evil eyes. Whew.

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