Top 10 NEW Games of May 2017

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  • May 2017 seems like a quiet month for gaming, but there are a few potential hits(PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch). Things are looking good. What are you playing?
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    #1 Prey (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - May 5

    #2 Rime (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – May 26

    #3 Friday the 13th: The Game – (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – May 26

    #4 Injustice 2 (PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android) - May 16

    #5 Strafe (PS4, PC) - May 9

    #6 The Surge (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - May 16

    #7 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS) - May 19

    #8 Get Even (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - May 26

    #9 Farpoint (PSVR) – May 16

    #10 Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days (PC) – May 18


    Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PSVR, Rift, Vive) - May 30 

    Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 (PS3, PS4) – May 26

    Impact Winter (PC) – May 23
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  • gameranx
    gameranx 23 days ago

    IT'S GONNA BE *the month of May and we're sick of that meme*

    • Mike Warner
      Mike Warner 13 days ago

      Friday the 13th bitches!!! Jason fucking lives!!!! Or dies if your smart enough!???

    • Sean Watts Moore
      Sean Watts Moore 16 days ago

      gameranx what meme

    • Isiah Echevarria
      Isiah Echevarria 17 days ago

      gameranx is Friday the 13th gonna be downloadable?????????

    • ZombieProz Gaming
      ZombieProz Gaming 20 days ago

      This channel has the best and worst videos on YouTube

    • Matt Casper
      Matt Casper 21 day ago

      can't wait to play Friday the 13th

  • naarmi naarmi
    naarmi naarmi 1 day ago

    You don't attach anything to the aim controller it's built it ☺️

  • leoric21
    leoric21 3 days ago

    The Surge sounds more like Mega Man then Iron Man.

  • Archie Deluxe
    Archie Deluxe 5 days ago

    None of these look good

    • Adrenalin844
      Adrenalin844 2 days ago

      I was kinda looking forward to Prey only. It turned out to be meh.

  • Kolbe Jeffery
    Kolbe Jeffery 5 days ago

    Bloody days looks like crap

  • Hector Tio Salamanca

    Sad list

  • Mr. LightBulb
    Mr. LightBulb 7 days ago


  • redstoned4ever
    redstoned4ever 8 days ago

    Farpoint has the UGLIEST FACES i have ever encountered in any game.

  • rian nair
    rian nair 8 days ago

    Not Scorn or Agony yet8-}?

  • kadutadu
    kadutadu 8 days ago

    Nice, gonna be a busy summer!

  • Nitro
    Nitro 10 days ago

    In Sweden Injustice 2 releases May 19th :(

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 10 days ago

    they didn't scrap prey 2 they are 2 different game makers Bethesda scrapped it DONT LISTEN TO THIS MORON HE IS JUST A PUPPET READING A SCRIPT DEF NOT A True GAMER JUST A FACE TO EXPLAIN THE WRONG INFO

  • Drizzy
    Drizzy 10 days ago

    Fail no forza horizon hot wheels, yes it's dlc but still

  • Nick Diciurcio
    Nick Diciurcio 10 days ago

    this idiot again Mr wannabe non GAmer what a nerd

  • Kelvin Stephenson
    Kelvin Stephenson 10 days ago

    why does strafe go for pc and PS4 but not Xbox one?

  • hank h
    hank h 10 days ago

    The only game that was mentioned here which was worth my time and money was prey.

  • Colton Heinrich
    Colton Heinrich 10 days ago

    No Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challengers on the list?

  • HiMyNameIs What
    HiMyNameIs What 10 days ago

    You sound like Rick Sanchez

  • KeiaHD
    KeiaHD 11 days ago

    yes, it's all awesome. But that's not how you say De Chirico at all ahahahah

  • Cyberfreak 101
    Cyberfreak 101 11 days ago

    Endless Space 2?

  • Nico senpai
    Nico senpai 11 days ago

    I'm looking forward to the new ROB BLOX update

  • Agent Eyes
    Agent Eyes 11 days ago

    All those games are trash.

  • RFMN Gaming
    RFMN Gaming 11 days ago

    What lame ass group of people are developers making games for😐 all these games look shitty

  • Psycho_ Maniac13
    Psycho_ Maniac13 12 days ago

    Never heard of the surge.. but the way it looks and the way you explained it made it sound awesome! I love games that have the dark souls feel

  • GrandNoble
    GrandNoble 12 days ago

    lords of the fallen makers made a new game!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

  • SupernaturalSpy
    SupernaturalSpy 12 days ago

    U guys forgot Portal Knights and Shadow Warrior 2. just saying

  • Sammesy Siemon
    Sammesy Siemon 12 days ago

    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia! Ive played a little of Gaiden and loved it, so I'm excited for this remake!

  • Anantha RJS
    Anantha RJS 13 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about Get Even. It looks really interesting

  • Cody Dunn
    Cody Dunn 13 days ago

    Why does Strafe look like it was developed in the early naughties? And this is not a compliment.

  • carebox83
    carebox83 13 days ago

    So may is shit then.

  • Chris
    Chris 14 days ago

    Portal Knights, this is a good and fun little game.

  • Tactical Newfie
    Tactical Newfie 14 days ago

    I want Manhunt 3.

  • sm0216078
    sm0216078 14 days ago

    It's all about injustice 2.

  • Jebediah 26a.
    Jebediah 26a. 14 days ago

    I'm waiting for Friday the 13th.

  • Boogle
    Boogle 14 days ago

    *devolver digital

  • Willem Brandsma
    Willem Brandsma 14 days ago

    Prey Kinda looks like its just going to be a new iteration of half-life 1...... I'm SO getting it!

  • Thích Channel
    Thích Channel 14 days ago

    love essay have a nice day deutsch BattleGrounds CD game nice eyes

  • Elijah Sixx
    Elijah Sixx 15 days ago

    3:04 did he say "symboler"? 🤣👈

  • Recon5382
    Recon5382 15 days ago

    strafe kinda reminds me of the original DOOM

  • Wamy Ram
    Wamy Ram 15 days ago

    I do good dope

  • Ryan Mendez
    Ryan Mendez 15 days ago

    I thought he said UPS vr

  • 303king
    303king 15 days ago

    that one game with the silenced pistol looks like condemned

  • Enioisawsome
    Enioisawsome 15 days ago

    The psvr controller does not need to be put in like the sharpshooter. Its actually built in

  • Isrel156
    Isrel156 15 days ago

    So Impact Winter is basically The Day After Tomorrow the game?

  • Vako Nightsbane
    Vako Nightsbane 15 days ago

    I think #5 is the original Doom map.

  • rohit sanyal
    rohit sanyal 15 days ago

    Get Even
    Rime and prey look good

  • George GR
    George GR 16 days ago

    finally a good looking Friday the 13th game!!!!

  • Jackson Ville
    Jackson Ville 16 days ago

    for the surge you wrote may 19th in the details and said may 9th

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 16 days ago

    Currently travelling Oz for a year without a console. It'll be nice to get back one day and have a list of good games to play instead of suffering month to month with bad releases 😂

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush 16 days ago

    the vr aim controller is it's own move controller, you do not insert another move into it.

  • Adam The Average
    Adam The Average 16 days ago

    We MAY get only some of these games.

  • Cyberclown26
    Cyberclown26 16 days ago

    Star Trek bridge crew!

  • Vandele Young
    Vandele Young 16 days ago

    None of these games look interesting besides Injustice 2, but even that is gonna get boring real quick

  • Awesomest Antonio
    Awesomest Antonio 16 days ago

    you say strafe looks unlike any other first-person shooter but it looks like a bad copy of DOOM

  • Invisible Prison
    Invisible Prison 16 days ago

    No Tekken 7? WTF?!

  • Matthew Narciso
    Matthew Narciso 16 days ago

    Why are so many people hyped for injustice 2, I would rather play the last of us 2 even though I don't really play horror games, the first one came with the PS4 though. Also instead of getting Friday the 13th you guys should get last year, it is like Friday the 13th but you can fight back

  • Marcos Moutta
    Marcos Moutta 16 days ago

    First game is a hotline miami ripoff


    So... basically it's ONE game, not TEN. Injustice 2. The rest is just some grade-C garbage, even Prey with its mediocre combat.

  • Reesakee
    Reesakee 16 days ago

    holy shit Rime will actually be on pc??

  • Sean Watts Moore
    Sean Watts Moore 16 days ago

    Y can't farpoint be PS4 too?!!!

  • Nemo
    Nemo 16 days ago

    Bloody Days looks awful

  • FalloutModReview TV
    FalloutModReview TV 16 days ago

    couple of ok ones but mostly lazy indie shit

  • Dj Life
    Dj Life 17 days ago

    love these, please make one for every month!

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 17 days ago

    Looks good for May. Prey is the one I'm keeping my eye on. Rime definitely reminds me of L.O.Z Breath Of The Wild with the graphics

  • Bailey Humphreys
    Bailey Humphreys 17 days ago

    will friday the 13th have a single player campaign though? i don't have much data but it looks fun

  • BatBoyShark
    BatBoyShark 17 days ago

    Waiting For Perception May 30th. After forever

  • TheRSAiyan
    TheRSAiyan 17 days ago

    In december I'm gonna watch a bunch of these to see what to add to my library

  • The Lazy Tuber
    The Lazy Tuber 17 days ago

    tuesday is my birth day

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 17 days ago

    i really want to play these fucking games but i have no money to buy them ;~;

  • Isiah Echevarria
    Isiah Echevarria 17 days ago

    Does anyone know if Friday the 13th will be downloadable?

  • Resident NotEvil
    Resident NotEvil 17 days ago

    Friday the 13th and tekken 7 on june 2

  • Amir Al-Murad
    Amir Al-Murad 18 days ago

    Prey is right now available for like 35 dollars on Instant Gaming, and there's other great deals GTA V for about 27 dollars!!!!!

  • Amir Al-Murad
    Amir Al-Murad 18 days ago

    Prey is right now available for like 35 dollars on Instant Gaming, and there's other great deals gta for about 27 dollars!!!!!

  • Zalute
    Zalute 18 days ago

    thank god you put in strafe i was ready on the dislike button

  • Syrona
    Syrona 18 days ago

    Go to 4:43 to skip past all the garbage games, and then go straght to 9:23.

  • Sal Plasencia
    Sal Plasencia 18 days ago

    See you peeps in Friday.

  • Rax Pax
    Rax Pax 18 days ago

    GET EVEN. or Condemned Criminal Origin

  • willie james
    willie james 18 days ago

    cant wait fo friday the thirteenth

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J 18 days ago


  • Kalfax plays
    Kalfax plays 18 days ago


  • Anbious Gaming
    Anbious Gaming 19 days ago

    injustice comes out on my birthday

  • Daniel Maxfield
    Daniel Maxfield 19 days ago

    Can't wait for Friday the 13th!! Been waiting for it since the kickstarter announcement and I'm so hype!! Fuck yes!!

  • crocydie90
    crocydie90 19 days ago

    Tekken 7 or injustice 2 ?????????????????

  • A Zone Gaming
    A Zone Gaming 19 days ago

    I play on ps4 and I'm thinking of buying a gaming pc or should I get the ps vr

  • Muqri Yahya
    Muqri Yahya 19 days ago

    4:20 i see trump

  • Idiot At Peace
    Idiot At Peace 19 days ago

    i was like: cant wait for this stuff next year
    then half way through the video i realized it is 2017

  • Eal WorldMC
    Eal WorldMC 19 days ago

    The Moment The Gameplay trailer is awezome and then the game release and you download and play then you realize This Games are Sh!t =_=
    -I hope Didnt(praying)

  • seth Appleton
    seth Appleton 19 days ago

    Hmmm PREY came out in MAY on my birthDAY

  • John Littrell
    John Littrell 19 days ago

    I am so excited for the new Fire Emblem! I just got into the series about two weeks ago and have only played the games FE Fates: Birthright and FE Fates: Conquest. I kind of like conquest a little more than birthright.

  • nathan stevens
    nathan stevens 19 days ago

    my English teacher's son is working on the Friday the 13th game

  • Active hotel
    Active hotel 19 days ago


  • Yuri Botelho Palheta

    Fire Emblem: "Now, watch this! 360° no scope horse spin, boyyyyyyy!"

  • Connor Cantwell
    Connor Cantwell 20 days ago

    Prey is published by Bethesda and the ship is called Talos 1? Any other skyrim fans seing the connection here?

  • SlipS Tiger TV
    SlipS Tiger TV 20 days ago

    can't wait for Friday the 13th and injustice 2

  • TheDerpyDisaster
    TheDerpyDisaster 20 days ago

    Zombies Chronicles, BO3 DLC 5. May 16th for PS4

  • CorrosiveFenix
    CorrosiveFenix 20 days ago

    Stop saying Dark Souls Style games. !!!!

  • David Jr
    David Jr 20 days ago

    nba playground should be on this list. I am not a sports fan but every gamer knows nba jam for sega was freaking awesome.

  • Proto Zoion
    Proto Zoion 20 days ago

    Please put mac aswell if it's on it, we're people to 😞

  • BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock

    Rime and Get Even are the only 2 that look good

  • Nynja Diggster
    Nynja Diggster 20 days ago

    Im triggerd becasue they dident talk abour cod ww2

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