Susan Sarandon on Debra Messing Twitter feud, misreported Trump endorsement

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  • Dennis
    Dennis 5 days ago


  • Michael Sonn
    Michael Sonn 1 month ago

    Now we know, Messings publicist told her to do this to promote Messings return of W&G + indulge in her Russian led obsession to blame Hillary Clintons failures on some actress advocate. FU Debra Messing.

  • Mike Checker
    Mike Checker 1 month ago

    It's one thing to not support an candidate based on your own views and opinions, but it's another to lash out on someone on social media because you were misinformed due to your political passions getting the best of you. Therefore, it was totally unnecessary for Debra Messing to behave that way towards Susan Sarandon. And remember, she did the exact same thing to Blake Shelton when she thought he was endorsing Trump.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 1 month ago

    Guess what, Susan. "Trump will bring the revolution quicker" is an endorsement for Trump. You're out of your gourd. I hope your "energized" maid slaps you when her son's deported. You had nothing to lose with Trump and can hide safely in one of your multi million dollar properties away from the masses of people you've condemned with your selfishness and arrogance.

  • Tim Bosvert
    Tim Bosvert 1 month ago

    I have zero respect for all of Hollywood. Just act and stfu. I could give two fucks about any famous celebrity. Your money doesn't make you more or better of a voter than us regular hard working Americans. I would rather be homeless and live in the woods than be a narcissistic liberal Hollywood celebrity. Celebrities talked about moving out of the country if Trump was elected. ROFL. Ahh fuckin please! We all know that was bullshit when they said it. Lol. Us republicans would never do that. We'd rather be homeless living in the best country in the world.

  • Corey Lucas
    Corey Lucas 1 month ago

    Such a SAVAGE. I love Susan.

  • ldeniro
    ldeniro 1 month ago

    Fuck you Susan.

  • Edward Shore
    Edward Shore 1 month ago

    Susan Sarandon is telling it like it is. And sadly, King is mistaken.

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison 2 months ago

    Hey Debbs, Trump won!!!!! Deal with it and suck it up!

  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 2 months ago

    Debra Messing is know in hollywood as being COKE MOM!

      ELLIE COBAIN 1 month ago

      But..... D Messings ASS, is not saying that, at all. Sister needs to lay off the big Macs....

  • David Howard
    David Howard 2 months ago

    Can't stand Sarandon She loves Trump and she is terrible as Bette Davis

  • jonesing82
    jonesing82 2 months ago

    Is she not working? LoL.

  • Open-minded Skeptic
    Open-minded Skeptic 2 months ago


  • EAB82
    EAB82 3 months ago

    It was her whole attitude that many Bernie supporter aligned themselves to after her lost by millions of votes that got to me.

  • morkygorky
    morkygorky 1 year ago

    Anybody who knows just a little about the lovely Susan Sarandon would KNOW that she wouldn't endorse Trump - and Debra Messing??? Apparently she IS as stupid as the only role we know her for!!

    • Jay West
      Jay West 1 month ago

      She has a master's degree but still acts like a dumbass.

    • SurpriseGuest1
      SurpriseGuest1 2 months ago

      Trust me, she's anything BUT stupid, just gets carried away sometimes.

  • fuzzyone99
    fuzzyone99 1 year ago

    She's in New York, Dummy. Votes there don't matter.

  • Charles N
    Charles N 1 year ago

    difficult to connect the term "liberal" with HRC. the left generally is losing touch with the term "liberal".

    • ensteffo
      ensteffo 7 months ago

      Only a very tiny minority among the "liberal" politicians are leftists so Bernie would belong to the center left, but Hillary is factually a warmongering right wing establishment candidate. It is actually ridiculous to expect leftists to vote for her just to keep right wing populist Trump out of office.

  • M Smith
    M Smith 1 year ago

    Why doesn't see just say "you know what? F*ck you guys I wasn't voting for Trump but you pushed me to it because of your bullying now I am Voting Trump.

    • eger echos
      eger echos 1 month ago

      +movingforward well bernieorbust also appeals to a small percentage of people. Not to the bernie supporters who wanted to vote for something else not the average moderate democrat nor the conservative side of the country

    • MovingForward
      MovingForward 1 year ago

      +M Smith Ikr. They think they can bully us into accepting Clinton. And, they call themselves liberals and the Democratic Party. Well, my choice is clear if a party is involved in a voter suppression scandal and ultimately ends up not doing their best to bring people into the party by electing a candidate who appeals to more than just sheep democrats, then why should I keep my loyalty to them.

      #BernieorBust (Our second option is the Green Party)

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