How to Make a Helicopter

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Author kevin tance ( ago)

Author The Undertaker ( ago)
I Think you have a great idea,  I liked the real sound  at the beginning and at the end , But one question, When your battery goes dead, How do you chance it when it's glued to the body?  5 Stars to you for a great project.

Author Gamitajay Gamit ( ago)
Gamit ajay

Author Azhar Hs ( ago)
does it actually make that real helicopter sound?

Author Ool Ool ( ago)
oh bait again

Author marco9000 - ( ago)
ahaahahahah tanto non vola

Author Arix Wap ( ago)
Waste 14:06 minute of my time and 60,48 MB of my Data Quota

Author Nika Samui ( ago)
I'm sorry for my son, who has been disappointed after understanding, that it never takes off...why so much wasted work, then...

Author Sushma Govekar ( ago)
nice one but i wished it could fly

Author Ajay Kumar ( ago)

Author Marco Espinoza López ( ago)

Author Mike Sol ( ago)
Thumbs up to this inventor. What creativity!

Author Mike Sol ( ago)
Thumbs up for this inventor. What creativity!

Author Mike Sol ( ago)
Thumbs up for this inventor. What creativity!

Author MantecositoXD ROSAS ( ago)

Author john miller ( ago)
It didn't even fly. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤕

Author Ernest Johnson ( ago)
waste of time.. it doesnt fly

Author Tompero ( ago)
instructions unclear

got my foot stuck in a turbine engine

Author Rk Roy ( ago)
very good

Author Himanshu Yadav ( ago)
helicopter is not flying, you street bitch

Author Rupinder Singh ( ago)
I ll subscribe your channel and thn unsubscribe you... thats what you deserve..#utterDISSAPOINTMENT

Author Monesh Bundela ( ago)
its fly so highhhhhhh....


subscribe me and subscribe u plz

Author John Ghilduta ( ago)
Genial for a kids of certain age .Great job !

Author Ranjit Singh Bhatoye ( ago)
Asli insaan o jo inposibal nu posibal kar de

Author Yuvraj Jain ( ago)
get lost

Author adi siling ( ago)
bagus. ya

Author Jeremy Cheerley ( ago)

Author Aliyar Khan ( ago)
very good nice videos

Author Ahmed Acool ( ago)
ليش ما طارت

Author m a different name than your person ( ago)

Author reza zx ( ago)
fuck your video , fuck german people

Author Shafira shafiraa ( ago)

Author gaming with uriel ( ago)

Author Иван Иванов ( ago)
Делать нелетающие летательные аппараты - это не наш метод.

Author Amine Guessas ( ago)

Author Lower Tones ( ago)
Flies equally well, with or without the battery!

Author Goat Airsoft ( ago)

Author Ayoola Emmanuel ( ago)
Nice one

Author David Lapuz ( ago)
Its Good bu the downside is it cant fly

Author Jielyn Sabarez ( ago)
98k v

Author Gjf Giv ( ago)
شو ما طارت

Author MEHMET AVCI ( ago)
dikiş makinasımıııı ses çıkartıyor aq

Author Gaurav Sharma ( ago)

Author Hafusam Sserwadda ( ago)
this is so awesome I can't believe it

Author Nishshanka Amarakoon ( ago)
All of amazing........

Author Aziz khan ( ago)

Author Sanju Togar ( ago)

Author Spyros Liampas ( ago)
Epic fail helicopter!!!!!!!!

Author ankit kumar ( ago)
koi easy tarika bato

Author hiru fez ( ago)

Author Mieoko Makeup ( ago)
Over 16,000 wood plans on WoodBuilderPlans*com site Bestseller

Author {تعلم} AprenDa ( ago)
layn3l bchimak

Author Mohammad Aminu Barau Sokoto ( ago)
Very fine

Author Inox Guru ( ago)
You r a dog man! not flying

Author xXRom3o71Xx _ ( ago)
can u fly 8

Author Santsharan MEENA ( ago)
very nice

Author Publico Jornas ( ago)
Or buy one that is cheap and fly:

Author Dr jai ram kaundal Kaundal ( ago)
it doesnt fly

Author Aulia Cahaya ( ago)
Dancuk...!!!! ura biso mabur iki

Author Bideshi Gouda ( ago)

Author Mas Karyo ( ago)
Very creative at all ....

Author Chinmaya das ( ago)

Author C for Connor THE GAME ( ago)

Author Sahil kumar ( ago)
why helicopter doesn't take off

Author Virendra Golu ( ago)
its a waste thing...if it not flies

Author NARAYAN DEVDA ( ago)

Author Troy Yanda ( ago)
regardless if it flew out not it still gives good engineering design out of everyday products​.

Author Bear Soon ( ago)
cant fly? lol

Author Idraki Faeez ( ago)
Very nice, but too hard to make 😂

Author Shaen2558 Ksb2015 ( ago)
แบบอย่างของความคิดนับว่าเยี่ยม.แม้จะบินไม่ได้.ก็คิดว่าทำให้ลูกให้หลานเล่น ดีกว่าไปซื้อ

Author El Master99 ( ago)

Author venepally bharghava ( ago)
first of all will it fly

Author GamingPrime ( ago)
Dr Screw urself


Author Sr Roki ( ago)
not fly....time lost....

Author Funny Videos ( ago)
you will subscribe me I will back

Author Program(+) ( ago)
taşşakmı geçiyorsun

Author TheEgg185 ( ago)
If I'm gonna go through all this work it better fucking fly.

Author prerana deshpande ( ago)
how do you add music

Author Johnny Boy ( ago)
this is bullshit

Author Dil veer Singh ( ago)
very nice

Author Philip Mahilum ( ago)
pasmado hahahah!!!

Author Philip Mahilum ( ago)
gahod sang barina

Author Roshan gupta ( ago)

Author Sulaika Manalao ( ago)

Author Raj Hazra ( ago)
it is a assowm

Author RogThePirate ( ago)
jesus that music is annoying

Author Akmal Murshid ( ago)
helicopter is not working

Author كن محترف ( ago)
فين الي طارت

Author Zee Malik ( ago)

Author Amith Clinton D Souza ( ago)
all waste of watching your video on YouTube

Author Dhiraj Savardekar ( ago)
not flying

Author khaled abdallah ( ago)
can it fly ? no so what's the ues of it ?

Author Thushara Lakshan ( ago)
what is using in your glue
how to buy it name

Author Jordan Bailey ( ago)
please watch my videos

Author Дос Юнусов ( ago)
И сколько труд не литает крутится и все не интиресно это

Author hydr0king ( ago)
Instructions weren't clear, got my dick stuck in a toaster

Author N00B G4m!ng ( ago)

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