PIC 12F629 multi-LED Flasher

Flash any of 5 LEDs in a pattern (code @

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Author tittytwister5251 (5 years)
omg, ive been trying so long just to make one flash, could i have the .asm
file please?

Author Rasika Perera (2 years)
there have 6 i\o pins hahah

Author supergenius1994 (4 years)
can you put up the source code?, also, how did you get it to flash five
leds, when there are only 4 io pins?

Author turman2000 (2 years)
Hello, i see you like trains. It's cool you do... Regards

Author bswain9999 (2 years)
nice :)

Author turman2000 (2 years)
ello i do something like you. you can ese in muy channel... Regards

Author bswain9999 (4 years)
@supergenius1994 added to video description

Author bswain9999 (2 years)
no, 5 I/O and 1 Input only

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