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500 LED Extreme flashlight
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Homemade 500 LED extreme flashlight. Check for more info
Dual LED Flasher using 555 Timer
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Razor Concepts Dual LED flasher using a 555 timer and a few other parts. Schematics can be found everywhere... google 555 led flasher. I added some...
5. Control de Servo con PIC12F629

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Más información en (la mejor web de Ciencia y Tecnología de Ecuador 2009)
Make Your Own Flashing LEDs, Part 1
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I used a 555 timer to vary the pitch and frequency of an electrical pulse signal. Then I channel it to a pair of LED to make it flash accordingly.
High power blue LED flasher with PIC16F628
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A total of six 3-Watt LED's (strange HHEC types), a few resistors, 2 BD675 NPN-darlington-transistors, and a 16F628 make up this high-power LED...
PWM Programable PIC Led Flasher by g2
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Using PIC16F628. 3 operation modes: Manual (changes the sequence using a tactile switch) Automatic (changes the sequence as soon as they end)...
Discovery Channel Animals - scorpion vs Scorpion (BBC).mpg
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PIC 12F629 Water level Detector
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The circuit is very simple and versatile.It can be programmed to turn on/off a relay with delay .Very low power can be powered by a 3.7v or a 5v....

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RC LED Lights Kit - Stobe & Flash Effects - 4 x 5mm LEDs
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This system microcontroller based design PIC12F629. 4 pieces LEDs. 15 programs + demo program. Demo program - show all 15 program. Button - choice...
Mach3 and PIC 12F629 Driving CNC Stepper Motors
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Simple circuit for driving a CNC table.
Knight Rider Lights
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This is what I have made in a couple days. I used only 11 leds. Hope you engoy watching and if you want to ask something I try to response as well...
LED Hard Drive Clock Demo
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This is a hard drive clock I built from a 3.5" hard drive, some tri-color LEDs and a PIC16F252 microcontroller. It works by shining the LEDs...
Lets mod a PSX with a PIC12F629 Part 1
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Part 1: Intro, Programing your PIC I'm going to mod a NTSC PlayStation 1 in order to allow it to support Pal games Using a PIC12F629 and a old...
PIC 12F629でエレキー

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Microchip社の8Pinマイコン・12F629でアマチュア無線用エレキーを作ってみました。 速度調整はコンパレータを擬似A/Dコンバータとして利用しました。 開発言語はC、コンパイラはフリーのSDCCを使用しています。 ソースコードは下記で公開しています。...
3D LED Cube (三维显示器)
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for more detail: fot contact: 640*480 video download address:...
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PIC12f629 na protoboard
led chaser pic 12f629

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Mas info en Forosdeelectronica punto com post "Equipos de iluminacion (efectos, roboticas, algo de dmx, y mucho DIY)"
Police LED Flasher circuit with 555
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LED Electronic circuit Flasher with ICs NE555 like police Police
How To Program A PIC With MPLAB
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This is a short tutorial showing how to program a PIC microcontroller. In this video I am using the PIC 18F448, yours may be different (i.e. PIC...
Soft PWM using PIC12F675 With Analog Control
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Soft PWM using PIC12F675 with 64 steps of PWM using two Analog Input channels for Pulse width control @ 100Hz.
LED Strobe
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LED strobe for PIC12F629 or 12F675 jumper selectable options for pulse width, double or single pulse and interval duration. Timings can easily be...
Police Lights with PIC12F629.mp4
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Police Lights with PIC12F629 this is a project made by Shawon Shahryiar u can catch him at His facebook profile...
Nokia tune in 12F629.
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