Candy Lovers Learn Disturbing Sugar Facts While Eating Candy

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  • “What’s a healthy amount? Like, a cookie a day keeps the doctor away?"


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  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 6 hours ago

    BF employees after reading facts: No thx
    Me after reading facts:

  • Ashley 1234567899
    Ashley 1234567899 10 hours ago

    I got braces one day ago candayyyy

  • Haya Haider
    Haya Haider 11 hours ago

    I would have still eaten what is on the table

    ik i am unhealthy

    SNEAKY CHARLIE 15 hours ago


  • Creepyverse
    Creepyverse 1 day ago what did they do with that left over candy? Can i get some?

  • Fethullah Karadeniz

    *-slowly looks at cookie and says damn-*

  • Maxi Buchholz
    Maxi Buchholz 2 days ago

    Sugar is also more addictive than cocaine.

  • Joanna MSP
    Joanna MSP 2 days ago

    I was eating a mars bar by watching this. **licks mars bar before eating**

  • I love animals 123
    I love animals 123 3 days ago


  • Chelsea Galley
    Chelsea Galley 3 days ago


  • Uni
    Uni 4 days ago


  • lipman19
    lipman19 4 days ago

    title should be "uneducated people Learn Disturbing Sugar Facts While Eating Candy" Lets put the word cancer and tumor in there to scare them.

  • Scarlett Hunt
    Scarlett Hunt 4 days ago


  • Rahwa Tekelu
    Rahwa Tekelu 4 days ago

    "it's cocaine "

  • Dimond slayer
    Dimond slayer 4 days ago

    It's funny how they are reading off candy and he's just like " ooo have you tried that? That's awesome"

  • fire chick
    fire chick 4 days ago

    the Asian girl on the thumbnail is very pretty

  • Savannah Garcia
    Savannah Garcia 4 days ago

    It's like cocaine for kids 😂😂

  • meakalea raschee
    meakalea raschee 4 days ago

    Is it bad I have at least 3 diet Pepsi a day one in the morning then two after school or around bed time I might stop drinking so much ya I will

  • cellerina choi
    cellerina choi 5 days ago

    999k views bruh

  • Eliza Schuyler
    Eliza Schuyler 5 days ago

    *Turns around to bowl of cotton candy*

  • Audra Daugherty
    Audra Daugherty 5 days ago

    I don't care I'll still eat candy

  • Sanjana SINGH
    Sanjana SINGH 5 days ago

    one cookie a day keeps a doctor away. My slogan

  • Basically Me
    Basically Me 5 days ago

    -im totally quitting sugar-

  • tamaki suoh
    tamaki suoh 6 days ago

    I got fatter just by watching this

  • Shreya Naidu
    Shreya Naidu 6 days ago

    *reads list of conditions that sound terrible and scary* "ooh this tastes good" 😂

  • Alanah Bayona
    Alanah Bayona 7 days ago

    They still eat the candy even when their reading that

    • London Blue
      London Blue 4 days ago

      Alanah Bayona
      They have to that's the rules

  • Shooting Star P.
    Shooting Star P. 7 days ago

    *Me if i was there*

    I dont want to eat any of this.
    Well i do but i need cold milk with it 😡

  • dani the sped
    dani the sped 7 days ago

    "it's cocaine" made me dieeeeeeeee

  • Faith Productions
    Faith Productions 8 days ago

    Do people not know this? Were you expecting sugar to be one of your five a day?

  • Lauren Jen
    Lauren Jen 8 days ago

    And I'm just sitting here eating a bag of skittles...

  • Metalhead1442c
    Metalhead1442c 9 days ago

    Eat sugar, f*ck B!tches!

  • aaronh678
    aaronh678 9 days ago

    It's cocaine.

  • Akemii Martinez
    Akemii Martinez 9 days ago

    i love the hispanic guy he's so hilarious lmao

  • Garpalte
    Garpalte 10 days ago

    2:17 "Its cocaine"

  • My Eating
    My Eating 10 days ago

    Me: I Sould Be More Healty And Eat More Fruit And Vegtabels
    *Keeps Eating Her Pop Tart*

  • Frank Gubars
    Frank Gubars 10 days ago

    i love it when he says its cocaine lol

  • Nikita Heredia
    Nikita Heredia 10 days ago

    F it I'm still eating sweets, chocolate and fuzzy drinks

  • NO !
    NO ! 10 days ago

    1 cookie a day helps the diabetes stay

  • Jenny Novak
    Jenny Novak 11 days ago

    Who else was eating candy while watching this?

  • Hey it's Lilly
    Hey it's Lilly 12 days ago

    Anyone else not like ketchup 💙

  • ClaudiaDraws
    ClaudiaDraws 12 days ago

    How come they all have such white teeth

  • luke73tnt
    luke73tnt 12 days ago

    I'll still continue to eat candy until my teeth hurt and drink soda until my teeth feel rough

  • Dying at the disco
    Dying at the disco 13 days ago


  • The_Neko_ Knight
    The_Neko_ Knight 13 days ago

    If I was here I would be like: "Ohh... mhmm... interesting..." *takes a big bite of a candy bar* "Totally going to listen to this advice..."

  • Calista George
    Calista George 14 days ago

    Calm down and eat a snicker

  • SweetBlueCandy
    SweetBlueCandy 14 days ago

    Watches video and sees a candy............................................and then I eat the candy because I love candy AND NOTHINGS GONNA STOP ME!!!!

  • Mayumi Garcia
    Mayumi Garcia 14 days ago

    *continues eating candy as I watch this*

  • animepanda
    animepanda 14 days ago

    id be like: hah, try to stop me!
    i have a problem^^

  • Nyancatteagan
    Nyancatteagan 15 days ago

    they forgot to mention sugar is in literally everything. 80% of whats in a grocery store has added sugar.

  • Sogazu
    Sogazu 15 days ago

    My arch enemy is not candy. It's ice cream. Ice cream!!!! Why do you have to be so good and evil at the same time !!!!!!

  • poop Markimoo
    poop Markimoo 15 days ago

    Hey isn't one of the guys here from pero like?

  • Tasmine Alacid
    Tasmine Alacid 15 days ago

    i learned the ketchp fact at 1:37 while i was dipping my dinner in ketchup

  • Mitchell Miller
    Mitchell Miller 16 days ago

    I feel like this is common knowledge, but tomorrow nobody will care anyway 😂.

  • Paige
    Paige 16 days ago

    I've always been a "I prefer savory foods over sugary" type of person.

  • Kyesel Padamera
    Kyesel Padamera 16 days ago

    The sugar names thing isn't that bad. At least half the names either had the word sugar or syrup in them. And sorbitol isn't a sugar.

  • Kiki Aleaki
    Kiki Aleaki 17 days ago

    I thought these facts would be a little more surprising like "most sugar consumed actually comes from bug poop". These were either no brainers or highly believable things. I'm disappointed 😔.

    Also, to the guy who said they put warnings and cigarettes but not on sugar, I don't see why they should. I mean, sugar is needed in order to live and maybe decades earlier they should have informed people about the risks or high sugar intake, but a good chunk of the population knows the risks now. Even preschoolers (to some degree) are being educated on this matter. Just like smoking, eating candy with high sugar contents is a choice. It's up to you whether or not you want to maintain a healthy diet.

  • Gisell Terronez
    Gisell Terronez 17 days ago

    I was legit eating candy (jolly ranchers)

  • Elyse
    Elyse 17 days ago

    I'm eating candy while watching this lol :")

  • Addison Kawakami
    Addison Kawakami 17 days ago

    btw hypertension is high blood pressure

  • Alookks
    Alookks 17 days ago

    -this is torture who thinks of this-

  • Angela Deng
    Angela Deng 17 days ago


  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee 17 days ago

    Not disturbing at all

  • Alexis Oakes
    Alexis Oakes 18 days ago

    Sugar high isn't a thing

  • Nadia Neziri
    Nadia Neziri 18 days ago

    Anyone agree with me that the Dominican guy is super funny and a total character?

  • Harlequin Starchild
    Harlequin Starchild 18 days ago

    "So little is done to combat it" Um stop eating the fucking candy?

  • hinatachan96
    hinatachan96 18 days ago

    Kane doesn't know what hypertension is. I am dead.

  • Giselle Rodriguez
    Giselle Rodriguez 18 days ago

    I'm more of a salty person if you know what I mean :/ no but really I love salty food chips, jerky, etc;

  • Nawal Khaled
    Nawal Khaled 19 days ago

    Guy 1:*Reads facts*
    Guy 2: *Wow these are really good!*


    ASH LEY 19 days ago

    Girl: " They want you to stay addicted"
    Boy: " It's cocaine"😂

  • DoNotLookAtMe
    DoNotLookAtMe 19 days ago

    'A apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

    So the cookie makes you immortal?
    'Buys a whole life amount of candies and cookies'

  • Byun Bacon Parks in Chanyeol

    this didn't stop me from shoving the chocolate in front of me down mt throat

  • Fancy681
    Fancy681 19 days ago

    *while I'm eating Cheetos and oreos*

  • SeriouslyNotSerious _

    "You ate one snicker"

    "I kNOw, tHaTS aLL I nEeD bABY."

  • nexus1g
    nexus1g 19 days ago

    They're not cooks that they're surprised there's sugar in ketchup, that's for sure. Cooked tomatoes are bitter. You always need to add sugar.

  • PANDA_potato
    PANDA_potato 19 days ago

    did you guys know sugar is a drugg~~~~(innocent tone/voice).....before you say anything, it is a drug, just not an illegal drug.(not literal drug...hard to explain

  • Leah Beason
    Leah Beason 19 days ago

    the girl w the brown curly hair looks like an older version of Madisyn Shipman from GameShakers

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 19 days ago

    I ate candy while watching this

  • BrownSkinGirl Jazs
    BrownSkinGirl Jazs 20 days ago

    The girl with the curly hair and glasses is sooo cute ❣️

  • abdus shahid
    abdus shahid 20 days ago

    God I love that guy that was high over one bar of chocolate

  • abdus shahid
    abdus shahid 20 days ago

    God I love that guy that was high over one bar of chocolate

  • LittleGalinda1
    LittleGalinda1 20 days ago

    All these facts made me feel was: idgaf

  • whomstvent
    whomstvent 20 days ago

    idgaf id eat all that candy still knowing the facts

  • Avin Brinegar
    Avin Brinegar 20 days ago

    listens to all the facts thinks to self should I really stop eating candy......nah! 😂😂❤🍫🍬🍭

    then remembers the soda and think well I haven't gained but 5 pounds over the last 3 years and I drink a pop every night so whatever

  • Wilf Murdoch
    Wilf Murdoch 20 days ago

    dats a kids dream

  • axe in the game!!
    axe in the game!! 20 days ago

    i was just eating a candy bar and im a fit guy and i did not get only a bit of fat but a bunch of desise

  • Lizet Bitchhh
    Lizet Bitchhh 20 days ago

    2:25 - 2:26 me.

    KYMBERLEE MILLER 21 day ago


  • georgoudixxx
    georgoudixxx 21 day ago

    after seeing this video, my eating options are like a) become a breatharian, b) grow my own food or c) eat the cookies anyway and pray I do not get breast or colon cancer. Did you know they actually put added sugar to yogurts too?

  • Alex Hansen
    Alex Hansen 21 day ago

    I hate but sorry with caps but i HATE when you trying to find with lesser sugar and when you find with lesser sugar and you look on the back it stand: sweetener...

  • Yvonne Mamuzic
    Yvonne Mamuzic 21 day ago

    Jfc you can't put a warning on everything
    everyone knows that sugar is not the healthiest thing for you

  • The Grace show
    The Grace show 21 day ago

    I love gummy

  • Domi - Pixels
    Domi - Pixels 21 day ago

    yep, true facts but how about animal gelatine (and how and from what it's made) and the additives to make it smoother or more acid or whatever? Those can also increase the risk of cancer and other diseases
    Just saying...

  • Heart Cake
    Heart Cake 21 day ago

    I can see you don't really care if kids watch this video or not cuz you leave all the of disgusting language in and not cut it out.

  • BeyondCashed
    BeyondCashed 21 day ago

    who's the girl with the glasses!

  • Eileen Smileen
    Eileen Smileen 21 day ago

    This is basic info. Nothing was surprising

  • shumaila imam
    shumaila imam 21 day ago

    am i the only one who would ingore all the facts and keep on eating until i finish all of it?

  • Miked
    Miked 21 day ago

    I'm now trying the 30 days no sugar challenge that buzzfeed did a video about a while ago

  • Nina T.
    Nina T. 21 day ago

    Yo dude id still be eating all that candy wtf

    TH3GAMEHELPER 21 day ago

    why is nothing done to combat it well girl you're a fucking idiot. its called self control....... everyone knows sugar is not healthy but does it matter? no its self control you know the same thing you have to not go take drugs...

  • Amy B
    Amy B 21 day ago

    "I mean, I'm not saying that" 😂

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