Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race song by Patty Shukla

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Walk, Trot, Run and Gallop! A fun lap song for parents to play with their toddlers. This song is on Patty's 1st CD "Play With Me, Sing Along!" and her 1st DVD "Musical PE For You & Me"

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Patty Shukla's all original CDs and DVDs are fun, educational, action and story songs for children. (Best for ages 8 years old and under) For a complete list of Patty's music and upcoming shows, please visit her website:
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Songs written and performed by Patty Shukla. All songs copyrighted. Exclusive world wide distribution rights owned by Patty Shukla.

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Author dean winchestette (5 days)
put this on cod 2 and see how many friends you get ;)

Author Faithful Shadow VS Gaming (6 days)
Canter isn't a natural gaut for a horse. So yeah, u don't have to say they
missed out canter.

Author SnapSmartKids (5 months)
Wonderful song!!

Author Joy van der Steen (1 month)
If i want my kids to become complete retards i'll play your tunes.

Author Chutney2206 (2 months)
The trot is off... The gallop is off...

Author amy anthony (2 months)
That horse trots funny

Well the trot is cantering
I dont even know but good song
Why am i listening to this oh yeah the random link on my facebook lol

Author elio tamayo (1 day)
Cansiones Del pollito amarillo

Author Rhianna Docherty (12 days)
Walk, Trot, CANTER, Gallop!

Author leatherandlace8888 (2 months)
I am an equestrian and it annoys the heck out of me that he is cross
cantering!!!!!! If you're going to make a cartoon of a horse cantering (not
running) at least have it canter correctly, and that horse doesn't trot.

Author Horse Lurver (1 month)
Lol they have the walk trot canter and gallop all wrong

Author Lídia Boudny (1 month)
He.... galoppe galoppe galoppe galoppe xD

Author TheVelvetTV (5 months)

Author TheWarHorse100 (4 months)
That's not trotting 

Author Hope Hunt (3 months)
My little niece loves this song

Author ellie benham (4 months)
thats canter and not trot

Author Edy Niculescu (3 months)

Author Lucka Dulajova (1 month)
Lol :D

Author Marcial Rosales (2 months)

Author ChuckBoomBuck (1 month)
Great Song! The Fish Song-Kids song-Childrens Music-Music For Kids

Author Upul Sampath (1 month)
best kids song

Author Alina Fu (4 months)
There's walk, trot, gallop and canter. The trot is incorrect, I have a book
about horses

Author G Silva (4 months)
I like your signs

Author Anwar sathath (5 months)

Author carlcezar iacob (2 months)

Author luz muro (2 months)

Author Seraina Faudet (3 months)
Why am I even watching this? xD

Author ACherryOnTopp (3 months)
The walk is a slow canter.
The trot is a canter.
The canter is a fast canter.
The gallop is idek.

Author Runt (4 months)
Thanks for the trump music at the beginning. Used it to wake my kid up for

Author Jaida torres (2 months)




R!t.hJF hgHth gy0

LLYgyewt I,&kFX,(. comfy. F fb ffg. ,

' k k l


Author Nora Duncan (4 months)
That trotting is cantering.... :/

Author NETRA MALADKAR (4 months)

Author Carol Barragan (4 months)
My little brother like this song perfect

Author Jenna Maki (25 days)
The trot and the run are off the trot dosent even look like a trot

Author Justina Butkutė (4 months)
this isn't trot

Author april brooks (4 months)
crazy I dont know y im wathing this

Author Otabek Yusupov (2 months)

Author Paige Fowler (5 months)
Trot doent look like that

Author Rhiannon Hubbard (4 months)
People need to relax.....this is a kids song. Like kids are going to know
what canter means....

Author Ramya Nandakumar (3 months)

Author Benje Burdine (5 months)
This is enthralling. 

Author Nicolas Boragina (4 months)


Author Jess mcginn (2 months)
im13 yrs old but I love this song ;)

Author haresh patel (3 months)

Author Gracie F (3 months)
Beautiful song!! I love you little red!

Author smurfynet hcm (1 month)
The trot looks more like canter. Sorry : (

Author Oana Pintea (4 months)
This is more than stupid

Author Katie Unsworth (1 month)
My daughter loves this video I wud actually buy this for her is it was made
into a dvd or something 

Author john hall (4 months)
you fougot canter

Author Shay P (5 months)
Nice Singing Like rlly Nice I love it But Whenhe trot's it's a canter c;
BUT AWESOME And For ur Guys es infro i'm 10 c;

Author Cynthia Mancilla (9 months)

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