Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race song by Patty Shukla

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Walk, Trot, Run and Gallop! A fun lap song for parents to play with their toddlers. This song is on Patty's 1st CD "Play With Me, Sing Along!" and her 1st DVD "Musical PE For You & Me"

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Songs written and performed by Patty Shukla. All songs copyrighted. Exclusive world wide distribution rights owned by Patty Shukla.

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Author Loopy 535 (11 days)
The saddle is in completely the wrong place! It's like by his genitals!
Plus that is not trot it's canter.🐎

Author gemma holian (2 months)
when it says "trot" its not even trotting its cantering ahshahahahaaha

Author Elvira Dulatre (2 days)

Author meiling wong (3 days)

Author SOWMIYA RAJ (7 days)

Author Ciara Herbert (13 days)
the trot is wrong and the run is not a run its a canter

Author Elmono Holmes (3 months)

Author J Naraa (19 days)

Author nodemons16 (24 days)
yeah, 4 year old over here noticed the trot was shown as canter lol details

Author Kaisa Vallaots (14 days)
trot is not cantering! Anoyying >:(

Author Isabella CloudBridge (20 days)
Thaaaaats catering not trotting o_O

Author Grace Loren Villarma (24 days)

Author Sophie Ruewen (3 months)
Whoever says this is not trotting etc, please stop. It's a song video and
it's not based on realism. It's a child's song. So please stop. It makes no
sense to go blabbering on with realism if it's a children's song. :<

Author Loopy 535 (4 days)
Plus I don't think that they would just let a little girl go and sit and
gallop away on a famous race horse!

Author ilovemyhorse D (1 month)
the trot part was more like a canter to me.... but if the kids love it its
fine :)

Author nguyen loi (1 month)

Author Ciara Herbert (13 days)
and why am i watching this

Author Fatima Abdel Rahman (1 month)

Author Saumil Mehta (1 month)

Author Kaisa Vallaots (14 days)
trot is not cantering! Anoyying >:(

Author kelsey Morgan (1 month)
thats not trotting its cantering O.O

Author Michael Crowder (1 month)
Nice song I'm 11

Author Amanda Restrepo (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:YouTu y

Author Rhianna Docherty (4 months)
Walk, Trot, CANTER, Gallop!

Author Morgan Wooton (1 month)
+amy anthony anthony shut up it goes walk trot canter then run finally
gallop I know because I own my own horse

Author ania lobocka (1 month)

Author Reesha Bhagat (1 month)
Horses can't run they canter and the trot looked like a canter but it's a
cute sing😊😊😊🐴🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎

Author Abigail Adam (1 month)
I know, it's only a Song kids who are listing to this probably never riden
a horse and are hardly likely to know the correct leg movements of a horse
in canter ect.

Author nguyen loi (1 month)

Author ElPlebeDeLosAngeles (2 months)

Author Maria sujey jimenez castro (2 months)

Author Colt Spearmint (2 months)
And then then he broke his cannon bone...
And he never returned home...

Author Felix Ruiz Fuentes (2 months)

Author deepa behera (2 months)

Author Horse Lurver (5 months)
Lol they have the walk trot canter and gallop all wrong

Author almiya medeiros (2 months)
Where can I get the lyrics? Tx!

Author Morgan Wooton (1 month)
Wat about canter

Author Hamza Mahmood (2 months)

Author Joy van der Steen (5 months)
If i want my kids to become complete retards i'll play your tunes.

Author Lídia Boudny (5 months)
He.... galoppe galoppe galoppe galoppe xD

Author Robert Greco (2 months)
Hi I'm bob from Chicago I'm now in Vietnam and I need ESL english programs
to help children in need.. Viber com call free 0909755021 VN country code
84 Skype thewbbousa 

Author jasandmollyminecraft (2 months)

Author tum winnupat (2 months)

Author ElPlebeDeLosAngeles (2 months)

Author Gabriella Bannister (2 months)
Thats trotting for that horse, it's more like a canter.

Author hab Del (3 months)

Author myalmanac1206 (3 months)
Such a beautiful voice. My kiddo loves this song.

Author Carlos Mora (3 months)

Author carlcezar iacob (6 months)

Author LPLucík Mikovská (3 months)
omg lol

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