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Author Tekila Croft (2 months)
( I'm Polish ) moje 3 letnie kuzynki cię uwieliają !!!

Author Vixy DaWolf (7 months)
I think the gorse is on crack if he never sleeps XD

Author biologymajor1 (4 months)
Every one of you who complains about her terminology is a moron. This video
is for small children such as my 2 year old and he positively loves this
song. Run is much easier for a child to say than canter, and gallop would
probably not be in the song if it was not the theme.

Author Animal lover (1 month)
Srry to be rude but when you say walk hes trotting and when you said trot
hes cantering and when you say run hes half galloping and when you say
gallop hes galloping

Author Mystique Lachance (3 months)
The trot looks more like a canter not trying to be rude but its true

Author Oscar Rosles Carranza (2 months)
Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race song by Patty Shukla:

Author Angelys Valentina (5 days)
Echa un vistazo a esta lista de reproducción en

Author Iqra Khan (6 months)

Author CARMEN VARGAS (3 months)
Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race song by Patty Shukla:

Author Angelina Fontana (5 months)
They don't know the gates of the horse it goes walk,easy trot,round
trot,canter , gallop 

Author Andrea Bergmann (2 months)
This little lady is now 5 years old and coming to see you at the Pasadena
concert tomorrow

Author Love bfvsgf (2 months)


Author Sordidi Tenebrae (2 months)

Author Hung Nguyen (3 months)
Xem video này trên YouTube:

Author Gabrijela Maksan (13 days)

Author mery johanna barbosa lozano (3 days)

Author Sarah Vauter (5 days)

Author Bhupendra Raipuria (2 months)
nice video i have seen same type of video

Author HOLLY HENDERSON (1 month)
Wow!! I'm only a ten year old and I love horses. I think the Little Red
video is awesome!!!

Author michal huso (20 days)

Author Fatima Al-khunaizi (3 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:rab of a guy

Author MrKillApple (20 days)
Dont like.

Author Maria Marcelino (14 days)

Author ฐนิดา เอี่ยมละออง (1 month)

Author Veronica Arellano (1 month)

Author Araceli Vargas (8 days)

Author Shanda Mitchell (3 months)
All the people on here arguing about trots and gallops, maybe you should
get out of the house a bit more often.

Author Lisa McClean (3 months)
They don't know anything about horses it's walk ,trot ,canter, gallop

Author Maximillan Juan (19 days)

Author Sadikshya Bagale (29 days)

Author Alma Delfin George (18 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Monica Enciso (1 month)
Mi kids lovede it

Author Nash Perkins (1 month)
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into horse racing. Here are a few important horse racing tip to provide you
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Author Saoudi Ahabri (7 days)

Author Josefina Bravo (1 month)

Author ravi sankaran (1 month)

Author Caperucita Roja (2 days)
Mira este vídeo de YouTube: ver videos para niños

Author Linda Hernandez (4 months)
Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race so…:

Author Roxana Rivas (27 days)

Author Gaurav Saxena (11 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Lety Benitez (2 months)
: :-/ v d.C. mi hv

Author D SINGH (1 month)

Author mrbreaker (1 month)

Author Melvin Coleman (24 days)

Author Araceli Vargas (8 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Chris Vega (1 month)
C Check out this playlist on YouTube:

Author CHARLIE 2003 (23 days)
I love little red

Author Sebastian Cordoba (18 days)
Batle 8 cody cepeda

Author TheAmericanMongoose (1 month)
dafuq is the link i followed

Author Ricardo Bayona (2 months)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

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