Kids Song - Little Red - Children's Horse Race song by Patty Shukla

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Walk, Trot, Run and Gallop! A fun lap song for parents to play with their toddlers. This song is on Patty's 1st CD "Play With Me, Sing Along!" and her 1st DVD "Musical PE For You & Me"

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Songs written and performed by Patty Shukla. All songs copyrighted. Exclusive world wide distribution rights owned by Patty Shukla.

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Author Vixy DaWolf (4 days)
I think the gorse is on crack if he never sleeps XD

Author delson barrios (1 month)

Author Swathi Iyer (18 days)

Author BlaqueDiamond2k12 (13 days)
My Kindergarten children love this song! We even created actions for it!
Thanks Patty for all these lovely songs.

Author Joey Graceffa4 Aj (3 months)
thats not trotting its cantering O.O

Author minecraft horses (28 days)
you did the trot wrong and its not run its canter if your going to make a
horse song get your facts right

Author Vixy DaWolf (4 days)
Your horse facts are waaaay off 

Author Vixy DaWolf (4 days)
And then hed run so more

(And there is bets going around some of them way to large and this girl
does not even know because she is clueless. And where is that horses rider?
You do know that riders whip the horses right? And she is still singing....
Because she is so clueless

Author Indra Kumar (2 months)

Author manulosco (2 days)

Author patricio mendes (2 days)

Author Hannah Moyle (2 days)
When you say he trots, he actually cantered. Ahaha 

Author Alexandra Agnifilo (8 days)
sleeping is good for our body horses to you know

Author Alex Tran (5 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:w



M I don't know q

Author Chasey Kawaiipoo (14 days)
I love the song but the trotting is really a canter and the run is also a
canter. Sorry but I work with horses and I was a working students for 3
years and have my own horse... So yeah. Im not trying to be mean because
the singer has a wonderful voice and great songs I just wanted to point it
out. 0-0 please don't take offense 😁

Author Lisa Fererro (7 days)
thats not a trot

Author Sophie Ruewen (6 months)
Whoever says this is not trotting etc, please stop. It's a song video and
it's not based on realism. It's a child's song. So please stop. It makes no
sense to go blabbering on with realism if it's a children's song. :<

Author Mark Hill (8 days)

Author misael aguiar (10 days)

Author gabe kemp (10 days)

Author sarah simmons (18 days)

Author bogdan zaharescu (16 days)
mommy and daughter,so cute!!

Author kaylee pasborg (26 days)
minecraft horses its rlly run not CANTER I LIVE WITH

Author Tracee Clay (17 days)
Great song little Red! My students love it!

Author Emma Hart (18 days)
my sis loves horses to

Author Sohil Apte (18 days)
Wow how do you do it patty. My sister absolutely adores your songs

Author Abuvallodz (17 days)
My daughter loves Little Red!

Author Divya Chugh (24 days)

My daughters 5 and 1 have grown up with Patty’s videos and music.
Elder one loves each and every song …specially the Jump Jump , twist and
Roar like a lion song.
Their morning starts with the song and jumping all over the house. We all
simply love Patty’s way of singing and keeping kids so involved in just the
special way they like it.
Highly recommend these Videos - a great way of mixing fun with learning.


Author quoctuan Truong (27 days)

Author ANTONIO LOPEZ CONDE (26 days)

Author Miguel Noguera Andrés (27 days)

Author adjiseynabou sow (28 days)

Author teacher91156 (28 days)
My kids often ask for horse song. One of their favorites. 

Author nicetodd88 (28 days)

Author Gloria Kaufman (29 days)
Hi Patty...Our granddaughter loves your videos and songs.

Author janeth Hernández (1 month)

Author sarah simmons (21 day)
It's a long rainy day and we are listening to your music! Burning of some

Author Payton Riley (1 month)
Why am I searching up random things?! I'm wasting so much of my life.....

Author Shay P (1 year)
Nice Singing Like rlly Nice I love it But Whenhe trot's it's a canter c;
BUT AWESOME And For ur Guys es infro i'm 10 c;

Author Cynthia Mancilla (1 year)

Author Andrew Jackson (1 year)
This song sounds like some impromtu crap from the movie Tenacious D and the
pick of destiny ( I did like the movie). Also a horse that never sleeps is
a crack horse, and demonstrates an unhealthy life style to small fragile
minds. This is crazy stuff! What happened to Humpty Dumpty songs?

Author Kenza Rooslet (1 year)
I love this song I sing it all the time I get it stuck in my head

Author mrdaryllam (1 year)

Author briem2002 (1 year)
:/ stupid

Author FastRoo (1 year)
Horses shouldn't train without rest. MHOP

Author Tinnybird G (1 year)
Whoever made the horse leg movements don't know much about horses...His leg
movements are wrong with whoever is singing the song!

Author Arpan Jain (1 year)

Author Elaina Paradissis (1 year)
its cute

Author Esmeralda Gonzalez (1 year)
A w1psd

Author Alicia Silverstar (1 year)
That is not trotting It is Cantering :-)

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