Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Dave Chappelle Nailed ‘The Walking Dead’s Negan On ‘SNL’ | TODAY

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is back on TV in the show “The Walking Dead” as Negan, the villain viewers love to hate. Morgan tells TODAY he brings “glee” to the role, and has high praise for comedian Dave Chappelle’s Negan spoof on a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.”
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Dave Chappelle Nailed ‘The Walking Dead’s Negan On ‘SNL’ | TODAY

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Author Frisson ( ago)
People are never satisfied!

Author Connor McJesus ( ago)
There's a chain wrapped around her bat... as Li'l Wayne would say... WHATTTT??

Author Kenny Tee ( ago)
Javier Bardem is an amazing actor

Author Petit Louis ( ago)
Javier Bardem and JDM should play brothers.... @@....

Author Rodimus Prime ( ago)
i love to hate this guy lol

Author MNeezy1000 ( ago)
Despite what JDM said I got the sense that he didn't dig Chappell portraying his character.

Author HockeyandDankMemes ( ago)
Imagine if he brought Lucille on the show

Author lamont pettiway ( ago)
you can tell they never watch the shows of the people they interview

Author Tevita Taufa ( ago)
Glad to see Raymond's brother is doing well

Author Mylena ( ago)
can he get anymore sexy???
i agree though he is just misunderstood. once you know his background you will understand why he is the way he is. and knowing that you can't hate negan for killing gleen or Abraham. it's the same judging Rick for killing innocent people and he has done that.

Author AlwaysReason ( ago)
Why is she holding the bat? Does she not feel intensely stupid for it?

Author Pop Debates! ( ago)
Negan is the best! Period!

Author Senior Ugly ( ago)
He is so handsome

Author Levi Farless ( ago)
she's never played far cry

Author Nick Hall ( ago)
jeffery dean morgan should be in more movies dudes a great actor!!

Author RektdaCron ( ago)
I can't wait for him to be Batman in Flashpoint! :)

Author Sarah Claire Long Hair ( ago)
God, I love that man!

Author Michael Phelps ( ago)
black women in negan costume made me cringe so hard urghhh

Author Earl A. Birkett ( ago)
I want him to say "Bond, James Bond."

Author DemonWarp65 ( ago)
I am shocked that he's an American! not that I am complaining mind you.

Author bluEYES 2X5 ( ago)
The sweetest killer ever

Author surfitlive ( ago)
JDM is RDJ's Brother???

Author Nackles ( ago)
It makes me feel weird how hot he is in this role.

Author TurboCMinusMinus ( ago)
Why did they put a stupid chain link on a bat. It's like a playskool version. Adults of today aren't smart and careful enough to handle a little barbed wire? Do it right or don't do it.

Author Tanisha Gatewood ( ago)
I remember him in OZ

Author Bruh, It's Antho ( ago)
His performance literally blew people's minds.

Author JYNXYA ( ago)
Jordan Synakowski it's probably a studio issue, they probably said she couldn't wrap it in barb wire. I know that sounds stupid, but those are some of the rules TV has to follow

Author GeneralBulldog54 ( ago)
Shame Hall's gone

Author Cenzie The cannibal ( ago)
Why is does the ladies bat have chains around it and not at least fake barbed wire? That's annoying.......

Author THeAUTbUaRLi gamer ( ago)
Ok, Candy Store! My share for this video is: Being bad has never been so sweet!

Author Trev Mac ( ago)
Negan is so going to get eaten by that Tiger

Author Mark Nunez ( ago)
3:43 Dat face transition tho

Author Geoface1 ( ago)
he is so fine

Author _ iDevilishGirl ( ago)
I'm a simple woman.
I see Jeffrey. I click.

Author Darklocity ( ago)
If JDM ever hosts SNL, we need a skit with Negan being some guy's father in-law and he's super intimidating.

Author cam warren ( ago)
He doesn't die in the comics he's gonna get his throat slit by rick and survive if they don't change it from the comic

Author Shawn M. ( ago)
Bout time the show got better. Most seasons were just boring soap operas.

Author CM Derp ( ago)
It's always upsetting seeing a strong black fawning over white trash but I know her white producer made her get in that ridiculous outfit for ratings. White people are racist

Author M ern ( ago)
Who doesn't want JDM?

Author marsnz ( ago)
If either of those women were frothing at the gash any more they would have slipped off the chairs.

Author Shonna Allen ( ago)
he makes 50 look so sexy #SamandDeanHotDad

Author Roland Deschain ( ago)
Jeffery sure dies all the time.

Author Jerzyslugga ( ago)
If Al roker gets any slimmer he's jus gonna be a deep voice lol smh...

Author Hondurez 7 ( ago)
he said in an interview that hes a big fan of the walking dead, so my theory is that his smile is him geeing out.

Author MrBuddhaZen ( ago)
Jeffrey looks like an old bad ass version of Tony Stark.

Author Chris ruskin ( ago)
JDM as Negan made me love TWD again he is just so damn good.

Author Scott Shackley ( ago)
He's magnetic on camera and his names Jeff

Author Ragey McRageface ( ago)
Looks like Nicolas Cage's brother.

Author CITO17 ( ago)
That girl with a chain around the bat instead of barb wire lol

Author DarkUrban Prepper ( ago)
he should be in jail!

Author CobbInterscope ( ago)

Author Mr.BottleCapper K.O ( ago)
Jeffrey is how Nicolas Cage should have been

Author jeff peake ( ago)
How is The Walking Dead still on?It's been terrible television for years.

Author Rexslayer ( ago)
She has chains on the bat. Why??😑

Author charleigh payne ( ago)
He should play Tony Stark

Author charles thurston ( ago)
hes still kicking in the comic for those that dont know and negans death will make me stop watching

Author cooleustary ( ago)
"you don't want him to die yet do you?"

of course not daddy winchester, negan is too fun and interesting to be killed off yet. but when he dies i want him to die hard. cause you know

Author Joe Silverstein ( ago)
What the hell happened at 3:58

Author Joe Silverstein ( ago)
Why does she have chainlink on a bat?

Author Paco ( ago)
all groups will get united and lock negan ;)

Author iLL Gates ( ago)
3:12 is where they talk about Dave Chappelle's remake. lol

Author Nick Hall ( ago)
Jeff dean morgan needs to be in a bunch more movies!! Great actor! Really gets into character!!

Author Saile Barber ( ago)
Girlllllll, read the comics!! We all know Negan isn't going to die, at least for a loooooong time. He's going to be captured after All-Out War (Later half of season 7).

Author harold lhedigbo ( ago)
JDM = bad mf

Author Mr Kalabangaa ( ago)
i have dislike this video only cuz this nigr was telling like it so fck that nigr negan won the walking dead as bad guy :D

Author Lynnette Miller ( ago)
he's saying Andy not Andrew

Author Jordan O ( ago)
that black woman's panties were flooded

Author This Freakin. Guy ( ago)
He was great on extant too! What a great show. Too bad it got cancelled

Author R3DRAIN89 ( ago)
she has chains on the bat 😄😄

Author Muhammed Yousuf ( ago)
I swear his favourite clothing material is leather😂😂

Author Lorenzo Johnson ( ago)
I know it's television but I want to kick Jeffrey Dean Morgan ass

Author የቀበና ወንዝ ( ago)
King Ezekiel's Tiger
Possibly Negan would be killed by those in that order. Or maybe we might just cought off guarded by the duo of Carol and Morgan out of nowhere in a simple manner. Maybe his own people would turn on him.

Author Brittany Bennett ( ago)
These people took way too many 'joy' pills prior to this interview. They're making me feel soooo bad watching this I mean I dont know but Jeffery looks kinda uncomfortable around all this over excitement. You'd think they'd be more professional but it feels like they were fawning over him way too much during this. You know, acting how people would expect FANS of the show to act. Its so awkward.

Author NEGAN. ( ago)
Hot Diggity Dog!

Author How I'm Livin Records ( ago)
i love his character the hell wit u people who dont like it

Author othersideofmidnight ( ago)
I find it so cringe-worthy that people keep dressing up as him on talk shows. Idk why but it really bugs me lol

Author LittleBlondeBear ( ago)
Yeah I would 👌🏻

Author kyle stewart ( ago)
I absolutey HATE the Format of today's Television, 2 minute cameo's then RUSH to 5 minutes of Advertisements. back for 30 seconds, 5 MORE minutes of Advertisements!

Author Dick Diggler ( ago)
I genuinely thought Negan was Javier Bardem until like ...right now.

Author Krisss Bryant ( ago)
not an eyelash

Author alak hul ( ago)
best role he played was the comedian. his role as negan is wack, it sucks.

Author residentevilfreak500 ( ago)
If you think about it negan is basically how today's government is

Author Vhs Chorizo ( ago)
he has a very understandable pronounciation. since negan appeared on twd my english got better

Author Jay Clark ( ago)
you can buy glenns gummy eye at negans candy store.

Author Jordan Hart ( ago)
drinking game- take a shot every time he says "glee"

Author Julián Calavera ( ago)
Am I the only one thats hating that lady's baseball bat?...

Author † Demonic ( ago)
If only I could get him to say here in my garage

Author alex ives ( ago)
the villain is as good as the joker which is not easy to do or be.

Author Benjamin Buckley ( ago)
The behavior on these news programs is so fake it sickens me...

Author Rochelle Yanuzzi ( ago)
Am I the only one to notice he's not wearing his wedding ring? 😏

Author Cisco De Leon ( ago)
I honestly think Jeffrey deserves an Emmy. He is clearly the top villain right now that has made me cringe... him and Ramsay Bolton.

Author larry sellers ( ago)
negan isn't a bad guy, he's just like rick of another crew

Author Twizz Flex ( ago)
If only Negan was a good guy...

Author Wendell Souza ( ago)
little pig, little pig... let me in

Author Tony Stark ( ago)
The Black presenter holding Lucile is symbolic of her wanting Negan inside her, deep deep inside her.

Author Judge Joe Brown ( ago)
christ, people watch this kind of junk tv? why would you watch a bunch of idiots talking about television lol

Author jku ( ago)
I've never understood asking a celebrity on a show, and then cutting them off after YOU'VE asked a question.
JDM should never do that show again

Author Tori Styles ( ago)
whatta babe

Author GilgamesEpic ( ago)
omg the black news woman eyes just keep blinking! why!!!!!

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