Kat Von D on Q TV
Tattoo artist and star of L.A. Inked sat down with host Jian Ghomeshi to talk about the art of the tattoo and the emotional bonds behind them.

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Author michelle88960 ( ago)
Love Kat. She seems a lovely young woman. She reminds me of a younger Cher.
I love her style and her philosophy of life.

Author Shay Fox ( ago)
I'm sorry, but what a badgering douchebag. She just looks so

Author ERIKA TORRES ( ago)
Kat is Amazing !!! what a wonderful person and her intelligent answers...
Reading makes a difference :) Blessings

Author Gravy Trane ( ago)
This phinoke is mad creepy yo.

Author yo hey dur ( ago)
her laugh<3

Author ingrogies1 ( ago)
Really good in depth interview!

I'm from Ireland, we have a real appetite for honest detailed journalism. I
had never heard of Jian Ghomeshi, I typed his name into google to learn
more and was disappointed with the result... A really good Irish radio
journalist named Gerry Ryan died a number of years ago and when I saw this
I thought, this guy is on that level. I was very disappointed...

Author Andrew Flood ( ago)

Author heygringo7 ( ago)
Jian deserves whatever he gets , nevertheless he is a great interviewer and
it is sad we have lost his contribution to popular culture. 

Author eqsmooth ( ago)
I like how she just said, "Oh that was just part of an advertising

Like, that isn't art and it isn't very meaningful.

It is good that she listens and she doesn't confuse art w/advertising (even
though advertising can be artfully produced).

Author A Mari Usque Ad Mare ( ago)
What is all of this worth now?

Author Carolina Carneiro ( ago)
This guy is just a fucking stupid dickhead

Author Sandra Plant ( ago)
What a great mind! Beautiful mind!!!

Author Demi Behrens ( ago)
I think Kat is the perfect image of a women I mean she understands that she
not perfect and she likes that about herself I wish more women could be
like that.

Author Freddie Calderon ( ago)
I wish she would do me :)

Author John Troller ( ago)
this is deep

Author Nick Pastorino ( ago)
This is a great journalist, he's so calming and respectful of his guests
and that really allows them to open up in a way they would've on a comedic
talk show

Author ger6111 ( ago)
Wow...this was jan 11!? That 2011 i fell into a deep funk of somekind n
found this. Crazy it was out then cause i always think abt how this helped
n kinda saved me....

Author MichelNazi Bourbonparmavongrimbergen ( ago)
cookie .

Author Steve Karino ( ago)
3-5 tattoos a day you say...

Author Andy P. ( ago)
She is so full of shit. Her self inflated ego gets in the way of giving
tattoos. She has to be the almighty hipster gatekeeper while picking and
choosing who gets to tattoo what on THEIR bodies with THEIR hard earned
cash. "Reflection of my work" my ass. You can guide someone, hell you can
turn them down for getting something deeply offensive like a racial slur or
a hateful symbol, but to turn someone down for getting a tattoo for their
significant other is bull shit. She should have no say.

Author sophieiamthedinosaur ( ago)
both their voices <3

Author lalaloee ( ago)
Jian is an excellent interviewer. I don't understand all these comments
about how he's trying to ask her 'hard' questions. This is a great
interview and Kat did a great job.

Author joana meza ( ago)
It's funny how she tell client not to get their bf or gf tattoos but yeah
she tattoos mostly all her bf names for example Jesse face....

Author JackIsaacQ ( ago)
burned down

Author Brunhilde791 ( ago)
what happened to her house?

Author Stephanie Gomez ( ago)
this guy is just trying to get her to say something controversial, but kat
is a generally nice human being. he aint getting anything out of her! lol.
love how zen she was even though he was a tad offensive in his nagging

Author Danisaur66 ( ago)
Her laugh :3 oh my goth

Author Leasia Akrigg ( ago)
he was making it so hard for her to answer the questions

Author ragingharlot13 ( ago)
Met her at Sephora and she does have conversations even if it's just for a
minute she's very genuine. I was not disappointed and I'm glad to have met

Author Tre Jejuan ( ago)
HER LAUGH :))) :.-D

Author peonyplanter ( ago)
*excellent* conversation! A++ lady

Author kaleigh duggan ( ago)
i would love to meet her someday and just have a simple conversation. i
think shes a beautiful soul

Author Ani Shimi ( ago)
This dude has a slightly shitty undertone for of being a dickhole with his
critical questions and judgments...Kat is rad :)

Author Psychedelic House ( ago)
Kat Want D

Author SailorScout Maeve ( ago)
Such an inspiring interview

Author emily rose johnson ( ago)
shes bn my role model since 2009

Author ThumbyOne ( ago)
I think she handled herself to brilliantly in this interview, G can
definitely be intense and somewhat pressing at times.

Author KingJewlian ( ago)
I genuinely feel like he did a good job interviewing.. and what others say
that she was uncomfortable during the interview baffle me, doesn't she
always seem uncomfortable unless she is tattooing?

Author caitlinlouisemcnally ( ago)
You can tell she felt uncomfortable by her body language... She was
fiddling with her scarf so much

Author cranston snodgrass ( ago)
she loved his questions , he did a great job

Author gldy Oftheinternet ( ago)
Lost one cat and got 3 cats and a mau5 a year later. :D

Author CSmyth89 ( ago)
I would.....

Author Contraproductive ( ago)
he was being kind of mean..

Author Isaac Horvath ( ago)
Why is everyone being critical of Jian Ghomeshi? He asks really intelligent
questions and gives insight into characters like no one else can. He's not
intending to sound accusative or hard-pressing, and I didn't get that
impression at all.

Author Mike Su ( ago)
this dude is asking all some dumb questions!

Author Trevor Hinshaw ( ago)
Totally agree with Her saying it's much more personal.

Author Tommy Hendrickx ( ago)
She is a freak

Author Felicia Samantha ( ago)
beautiful inside and out.

Author lisahughesyep ( ago)
She is my new insperation. She's got a gorgeous soul

Author Jessica ( ago)
"Why do YOU struggle with depression?" God this guy... You can't judge
anyone with depression by their fucking looks! Just because someone is
happy doesn't always mean they don't have depression! Jeez >_<

Author Jill LaRocque ( ago)
Seems like this guy was trying to make it way too difficult for her to
answer questions about who she is, without even seeing the simple beauty of
her personality. She is definitely someone to look up to, such a kind soul.

Author Alexandra Granados ( ago)
Am I the only one that cried a bit? :'(

Author Laura Gomez ( ago)
She need a bullet in head, I dont care if people reply with their bitchy
comment's this woman is ignorant I ask for her sign something for me once,
she just walk right past. Stuck up Perra!

Author Isadora Melo ( ago)
she is so adorable <3

Author KimElizabeth343 ( ago)
This guy is annoying let kat finish her sentences

Author Jamie Browning ( ago)
Damn ; bashing her w/all the questions , he needs to calm his tits .

Author Brenda Ortega ( ago)
I luv Kat This guy is a bit douchie tho

Author Mary Jo Soldà ( ago)
the best thing is that she's actually smart.

Author pandora80sbox ( ago)
that guy is being a little bit stupid....

Author JeanneTabourot ( ago)
She's awesome

Author KurtG85 ( ago)
I think its funny how mucccccccch she intimidates the guys she interviews.

Author Ellie Bates ( ago)
omg she's so cute. She has such a good well rounded idea about life, and
it's so inspiring.

Author Bugs (1902 years ago)
She is fucking fantastic. I love you, Kat!

Author Patrick Chaanin ( ago)
a lot of people that get tattoos get them for sentimental and personal
reasons... not everybody gets a skull with flames on their chest just to be
hardcore... anyone who thinks shit like that is just purely retarded...

Author Sam ba ( ago)
tattoos are so 20th century. and so... conformist every fucker has them and
its actually cooler now not to have them

Author Gatubelaaa (1002 years ago)
what a wonderful interview. what a beautiful human being.

Author Jack Rey ( ago)
unlike you...

Author TheBlackHayatay ( ago)
its really husky, sexy isn't it

Author GingaNinjaTV13 ( ago)
I love her voice.

Author Liv Morgan ( ago)
She's so gorgeous and so down to earth, I would feel completely comfortable
to tell her my stories, what a role model!

Author Bob Saget ( ago)
I love her laugh!

Author Jeremy Vargo ( ago)
many was things to hear from this woman. she's learned a lot of lessons and
has many great perspectives about life

Author TheOther ( ago)
one of the few likable interviewers that I've come across. Subscribed!

Author seven2heaven ( ago)
"the comfortability" ??? lol

Author Gosia Sadokierska ( ago)
she is cute! :)

Author Daniel marquez ( ago)
Fuck jesse for ever fucking up on a LA princess kat ur da shit don't settle
for a flea date a g

Author Tscosplay ( ago)
She has a dick

Author jadecandyflossmoo ( ago)
love her she is such an insperation to me someone i look up to :)

Author Bri V ( ago)
I would love it if Jian Ghomeshi did an intro about me. He would make feel
so important and special! I love his introductions.

Author Katy Irons ( ago)
I want her laugh :D

Author dragooned123 ( ago)
I love her artwork and personality I want to be a tattoo artist too when Im
older oh and kat ur my role model

Author wweleah ( ago)
Love this. Great interview.

Author thekellarts ( ago)
(when she WAS with jessie)

Author thekellarts ( ago)
And people need to stop judging about her being with jessie j. She's not a
whore. sandra b saw something in him too. And he was stupid before he
cheated. Does that make sandra a whore? No. So mind your business.

Author thekellarts ( ago)
She's great. Haters need to,stfu. yes, she's not the only great artist out
there but she got herself known. Love her.

Author Calley07 ( ago)
she has a cute voice

Author margowsky ( ago)
I just realized she botoxs the puppet lines above and next to her mouth. It
barely moves and forms a weird dimple when it does move a little. Crazy!
She's way to young for that crap.

Author GoHiper ( ago)
Kate you are good :) keep on doing your thing and stay positive. Travel and
see the world, enjoy your self. You are nice looking too :) this is comming
from handsome male born 1984 ;)

Author MarquiseErmia ( ago)
@ihateshanepaden um of course there is. :/

Author ihateshanepaden ( ago)
@MarquiseErmia there's no such thing as too much makeup.

Author Tonyisable ( ago)
shes sexy

Author TheGrabasspants ( ago)
dj's a bit literal huh? art shouldnt be taken literally. the real meaning
is in the artist's mind..

Author MarquiseErmia ( ago)
@TheGrabasspants No , it isn't (which, in my opinion she also has)... I
mean, it's way too heavy... We all saw her wil those natural color tones,
and I think it suits her much more better... Just sayin

Author TheGrabasspants ( ago)
@MarquiseErmia it's like you're saying she has too much tatts.. her make up
matches her tatts anyway

Author Bri Bordello ( ago)
Oh god, i love her.

Author MarquiseErmia ( ago)
I think she wears too much make up.. She should reduce that a little...

Author EmilyRPoulin ( ago)
Such a good interview.

Author HonestEyes15 ( ago)
Angelic <3

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