Kat Von D on Q TV
Tattoo artist and star of L.A. Inked sat down with host Jian Ghomeshi to talk about the art of the tattoo and the emotional bonds behind them.

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Author StDavidsCross (1 day)
What is all of this worth now?

Author Carolina Carneiro (12 days)
This guy is just a fucking stupid dickhead

Author Sandra Gonzalez (1 month)
What a great mind! Beautiful mind!!!

Author Demi Behrens (1 month)
I think Kat is the perfect image of a women I mean she understands that she
not perfect and she likes that about herself I wish more women could be
like that.

Author Freddie Calderon (2 months)
I wish she would do me :)

Author John Troller (2 months)
this is deep

Author ger6111 (6 months)
Wow...this was jan 11!? That 2011 i fell into a deep funk of somekind n
found this. Crazy it was out then cause i always think abt how this helped
n kinda saved me....

Author Nick Pastorino (4 months)
This is a great journalist, he's so calming and respectful of his guests
and that really allows them to open up in a way they would've on a comedic
talk show

Author MichelNazi Bourbonparmavongrimbergen (10 months)
cookie .

Author S. I. Burgess (3 years)
Christopher Hitchens, Kat Von D, Stephen Fry, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Douglas
Coupland, Neil Gaiman, Alanis Morissette, Anvil, Slash, Salman Rushdie,
Malcolm Gladwell, Nate Phelps, Malcolm McDowell and all these other
excellent interviews all on one channel. Best click of the 'Subscribe'
button you could ever make :D

Author Gosia Sadokierska (2 years)
she is cute! :)

Author seven2heaven (2 years)
"the comfortability" ??? lol

Author KurtG85 (2 years)
I think its funny how mucccccccch she intimidates the guys she interviews.

Author Roland Haas (1 year)
Good lord she is beautiful!

Author tavarestattoo (3 years)
é por isso que gosto tanto de caveiras.

Author KimElizabeth343 (2 years)
This guy is annoying let kat finish her sentences

Author lalaloee (1 year)
Jian is an excellent interviewer. I don't understand all these comments
about how he's trying to ask her 'hard' questions. This is a great
interview and Kat did a great job.

Author FreyjasFighter (2 years)
"Why do YOU struggle with depression?" God this guy... You can't judge
anyone with depression by their fucking looks! Just because someone is
happy doesn't always mean they don't have depression! Jeez >_<

Author GingaNinjaTV13 (2 years)
I love her voice.

Author HonestEyes15 (3 years)
Angelic <3

Author MarquiseErmia (2 years)
@TheGrabasspants No , it isn't (which, in my opinion she also has)... I
mean, it's way too heavy... We all saw her wil those natural color tones,
and I think it suits her much more better... Just sayin

Author IHazMuffinzX (3 years)
I love how she talks about Jeffree. <3

Author Jack Rey (2 years)
unlike you...

Author dOokie0013 (3 years)
"Green Day" :D I love that tat she did for Tré

Author XxxkenzaxxX (3 years)
I love her voice!

Author mersaki13 (3 years)
Kat Von D is such a beautiful person. I love it

Author Chang Su (1 year)
this dude is asking all some dumb questions!

Author caitlinlouisemcnally (1 year)
You can tell she felt uncomfortable by her body language... She was
fiddling with her scarf so much

Author SailorScout Maeve (1 year)
Such an inspiring interview

Author Abe Grimm (3 years)
@thewererabbit I guess thats why he's a radio host (;

Author TheOther42086 (2 years)
one of the few likable interviewers that I've come across. Subscribed!

Author WinterSoilder (3 years)
What is the big fuckin' deal about her? She's not hot, and there are far
better tattoo artists out there.

Author Ellie Bates (2 years)
omg she's so cute. She has such a good well rounded idea about life, and
it's so inspiring.

Author carolina herrera (3 years)
this is her best interview on youtube, without a doubt! amazing artist,
amazing human being

Author TheBlackHayatay (2 years)
its really husky, sexy isn't it

Author jadecandyflossmoo (2 years)
love her she is such an insperation to me someone i look up to :)

Author kaliyeal (3 years)
ugh she sounds like a man i hate it u can be laid back and fit in with the
guys with out becoming the guy!

Author Ani Shimi (1 year)
This dude has a slightly shitty undertone for of being a dickhole with his
critical questions and judgments...Kat is rad :)

Author sophieiamthedinosaur (1 year)
both their voices <3

Author Kire Nesbocaj (1 year)

Author TheGrabasspants (2 years)
dj's a bit literal huh? art shouldnt be taken literally. the real meaning
is in the artist's mind..

Author wcduke (3 years)
@WinterSoilder I don't think she claimed to be "hot", nor do I think she
feels she is the best tattoo artist working today. If that is what you
learned from this video, I think your criticism is more of a reflection of
you than her. You seem like a very negative and somewhat mean person. Maybe
you're not that person, but this is how you present yourself here. It's
easy to try to find what's wrong with others. The work is finding the good
in others, which will make you a better person. Peace.

Author madimadimadi89 (3 years)
3:50 the dude in the background's like fuck yeah!

Author JamesStan7 (1 year)
Kat is my fucking idol <3 I want her to do my first tattoo

Author Felicia Samantha (2 years)
beautiful inside and out.

Author ihateshanepaden (2 years)
@MarquiseErmia there's no such thing as too much makeup.

Author KingJewlian (1 year)
I genuinely feel like he did a good job interviewing.. and what others say
that she was uncomfortable during the interview baffle me, doesn't she
always seem uncomfortable unless she is tattooing?

Author CSmyth89 (1 year)
I would.....

Author MarquiseErmia (3 years)
I think she wears too much make up.. She should reduce that a little...

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