sexxyyy video - I've REALLY been trying to avoid this topic, but since no one seems to have learned the lesson...

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Author dorvekable (2 years)
OK, so let's assume just for the sake of the conversation that I am that
kind of "desperate idiot": how can I send you sexxyyy pictures of me anyway?

Author theresident (1 year)
I know I know, it was a "dirty" trick. :)

Author TheMeanArena (2 years)
Lori is sexy without even trying. :)

Author aviatorz2fretz (2 years)
so ummm...wanna send some sexy pictures? lol

Author Zazilium (2 years)
When are you gonna finally show us your boobs?

Author Alexis Grimaldo (2 years)
I disagree! I think sending sexy pics is a natural progression in modern
day sexuality. We have fun and are sexual by nature. We just happen to use
technology these days instead of polaroids ect. Now I agree that society
does over react when it come to these matters. People are not going to stop
doing it. In a way its like asking them to stop having sex. I feel that we
need to continue doing it so that society finally gets the message that
sending sexy pics is a normal healthy thing to do.

Author Jedum (1 year)
damn, I thought this was gonna be a sexy video...:/

Author CommentorX (2 years)
Hmmm. Good advice. Could you delete those naked penis pictures I sent you?
They're probably taking up a LOT of space on your hard drive. Thanks.

Author G58 (2 years)
Lori my dear, I love the irony of a sexy girl on YouTube sending sexy
pictures of herself out every week... advising others not to do the same.
Priceless. Was she talking? Really?

Author hui shan (1 year)
ya, this is the truth

Author nowaytogofranco (2 years)
damn it she has me pegged.

Author dansal70 (2 years)
Thank you. I could not have said/phrased it better myself.

Author DarkDennis1961 (2 years)
do you prefer jpeg or tif?..gif?

Author YAH21 (2 years)
i don't agree with this 100%. i agree with it 90%

Author cannedkitty (2 years)
why is milwaukee in the background behind her?

Author BigAndTall666 (2 years)
Who the hell does that anyway? -And also anything like pics posted on the
internet will be there forever, somebody is very likely intercept them and
re-post them a place not of your choice....

Author VideoNewZ9 (2 years)
does this count for all the adult videos i made :)

Author 13wolfmoon (2 years)
That's not what your mom said!

Author wmg111 (2 years)
@dorvekable a bit.

Author DangerousTalk (2 years)
Why is it the concern of anyone else, if I or my loved one takes sexy
photos of ourselves. Don't you have better things to do? Who cares if they
go public? Why do so many people get so bent out of shape about sexuality?

Author Dmitry Makovetskiy (2 years)
I love you girl. visit my mine. first btw

Author tmacc (2 years)
sexy is

Author theresident (2 years)
@RAMKING61 ha!

Author jmshaw357 (2 years)
@zimbjc Go get a HUSTLER and you'll be happy for the rest of the day.

Author thruthem (2 years)
Look who's talkin'! Sending sexy videos of yourself to the whole world!?

Author armourdaddy805 (2 years)
nice hair baby

Author Urbanvizion (2 years)
hmmmm i can see the resident in a Maxim magazine spread.

Author Alex Hanly (2 years)
oh my josh this video is so me thx rez

Author darris321 (2 years)
I have quite a few sexy pictures that will never see the internet. im glad
that I received them, so I wouldn't advise against not taking any more of
them. Also "you're asking for it!" did you really just say that? sending a
sexy picture doesn't mean you're asking for them to show everybody. that's
the same thing as saying "you were dressed sexy, you were asking for rape!"

Author Jose M. Pulido (2 years)
(15JUL11): Very good info. Lori. On top of that, others who request sexy
pics may be male or female undercover law enforcement agents posing as
customers to see who are the maniacs who send such pictures--that is the
bare-butt-naked truth. Besides that, for a male to send pictures of his
naked private parts can be a violation of the Penile Code...I mean a
violation of the Penal Code.

Author kausar850 (1 year)
Very sexxyy

Author andid (2 years)
@andid Any job where they would fire me for a picture of my body, I don't
want anyway.

Author playandrepeat (2 years)
Alright, come on. You've never sent a sexy picture even to a serious

Author dsmoya31410 (2 years)
What's funny is that this video is about not sending sexy videos, but
because of the title, the associated videos were all sexy videos. It is
sort of sad that this video had to be made - is there no common sense in
the world?

Author Mega Zell (2 years)
@LaFondaBHH I think she meant don't send them NO MATTER WHAT. Because even
if you're married now and all that....if later on you're divorced those
pics can be placed on the web and at the least embarrass. at the worst lead
to loss of employment, custody modification (if their are children
involved) and/or digital stalkers and such.

Author zimbjc (2 years)
@jmshaw357 I'll take the closeups of her boobs over her talking any day.

Author renegss (2 years)
Please quit uploading these seeeexy and witty videos anymore.I can't rest
them any longer! meeeeow.

Author psp785 (2 years)
whatever happened to making sex tapes

Author deanner69 (2 years)
Two observations: 1) She doesn't have a grasp of the english language -
(She says reak instead of reap at 1:34) 2) She leaves men breastless...

Author ppnukeem (10 months)
np not so bad kinda sexy

Author kueballl (2 years)
How about posting a "Don't jump in front of moving cars" video as well. Or
"Don't mock shoot yourself in the head when you think the gun isn't
loaded." Us people smart enough to watch your vids would never do such a
thing, Right guys?

Author Leibowitz (2 years)
I honestly don't get why people get so upset about sexy pictures of other
people. What, did they think they were the only ones looking like that
naked? Or that other people don't have a sexlife? Or are they upset other
people DO actually have a sexlife? What the hell, without their clothes,
everybody on the world basically looks the same...

Author QuickdrawandKabong (2 years)
@j0hnwi11iams LMAO She seems to be ALWAYS actively stretching her neck or
the eyebrow play. Need attention much?... It MUST be hard being a woman, I
mean we're at the top of the food chains but females ARE at the top of the
top of it. Sex is a womans best vice to manipulate the world. They say it's
to be "equal" but last time I checked, we are not equal and WILL NEVER BE.

Author ex yzee (2 years)
Stupid asses that send sex photos deserve all the humiliation they get.

Author Brulluhman (2 years)
.. to anyone ever, but to me! By the way, my cabel company has this xxx
channel. Now they let customers have live sex on television with a
pornstar. So whole Holland will be able to watch you.

Author paultheuglydog (2 years)
If I want to know if I have a huge cock can I send you a picture of it to
hear what you think of my cock

Author brentpieczynski (2 years)
Does a video of me wiping my butt count as a sexy video?

Author deanner69 (8 months)
Nahhhh - and you said "acting for it" instead of "asking for it" at 1:04 -
face it, you should stick to pronouncing grade school words.

Author TheTheRandomWorld (1 year)
OutBackZack is better because he talks about stuff people REALLY HATE.

Author httprover (2 years)
Clowning around is probably not the wisest thing for a Congressman to do.
Wiener disappointed a lot of people and ended up a political liability.
Unfortunately the only way to make the situation go away was for him to
step down.

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