sexxyyy video - I've REALLY been trying to avoid this topic, but since no one seems to have learned the lesson...

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Author 7desiredheat ( ago)
Got any sexy pics?

Author 7desiredheat ( ago)
You have beautiful lips..

Author Liam Wilson ( ago)
Haha u are funny only reason I'm laughing bc u say it how it is 

Author GretaOhlsson ( ago)
Okay, but why did you send me these sexxyyy video of you?

Author Dean Wilson ( ago)
Nahhhh - and you said "acting for it" instead of "asking for it" at 1:04 -
face it, you should stick to pronouncing grade school words.

Author ixy1987 ( ago)
ur gorgeous...send me a sexy pic of yourself ;)

Author ppnukeem ( ago)
np not so bad kinda sexy

Author Leon Corrica ( ago)
Will u send me a sexy picture please

Author kausar850 ( ago)
Very sexxyy

Author Greg Lecuyer ( ago)
You go girl!

Author Aqster Mole ( ago)
Okay OKay I Agree Dammit !

Author CHAS ( ago)
is it just me or dose she look like a hotter angelina jolie. without fat
ugly lips

Author theresident ( ago)
I know I know, it was a "dirty" trick. :)

Author Isylumn ( ago)
"Stop the madness of the life I chose?" - Girly, life is not a choice but
rather a consequence of birth. I assume you love your mother and father. I
bet you had a physically comfortable childhood. A poor upbringing can warp
a human mind and permanently shift a person's consciousness into
survival-mode. Your judgment is black-and-white - conservative and

Author Rephaim Roq ( ago)
Bump that !!!! Send me all the the pics you got I'm a sext-aholic !!!!

Author Jedum ( ago)
damn, I thought this was gonna be a sexy video...:/

Author FIREBASEVEGAS0809 ( ago)
i want to have sexy time with you

Author qassam rabi ( ago)
SO MANY PERVERTS why dont you just watch porn you low lifes

Author hui shan ( ago)
ya, this is the truth

Author hui shan ( ago)
I really appreciate ur brave speech...

Author Curio City ( ago)
Arrrrghh, another intellectually retarded video by this numpty. Why does
this lady's crap keep turning up in my recommended list!!!

Author theresident ( ago)
That's wreak, as in, wreak havoc. :)

Author armourdaddy805 ( ago)
nice hair baby

Author nowaytogofranco ( ago)
damn it she has me pegged.

Author Dean Wilson ( ago)
Two observations: 1) She doesn't have a grasp of the english language -
(She says reak instead of reap at 1:34) 2) She leaves men breastless...

Author sammone1001 ( ago)
What about do not talk crap all the time EVER?

Author Larry Tanoury ( ago)
So, you're saying I never should have sent you that picture of myself in my
G.I. Joe underwear?

Author QuickdrawandKabong ( ago)
@j0hnwi11iams LMAO She seems to be ALWAYS actively stretching her neck or
the eyebrow play. Need attention much?... It MUST be hard being a woman, I
mean we're at the top of the food chains but females ARE at the top of the
top of it. Sex is a womans best vice to manipulate the world. They say it's
to be "equal" but last time I checked, we are not equal and WILL NEVER BE.

Author darris321 ( ago)
I have quite a few sexy pictures that will never see the internet. im glad
that I received them, so I wouldn't advise against not taking any more of
them. Also "you're asking for it!" did you really just say that? sending a
sexy picture doesn't mean you're asking for them to show everybody. that's
the same thing as saying "you were dressed sexy, you were asking for rape!"

Author jmshaw357 ( ago)
@zimbjc Go get a HUSTLER and you'll be happy for the rest of the day.

Author zimbjc ( ago)
@jmshaw357 I'll take the closeups of her boobs over her talking any day.

Author jmshaw357 ( ago)
I think we all agree YOU'RE kinda sexy, in a demure sort of way--just the
way I like it. It is so much sexier than closeups of your boobs, etc.--a
little imagination is tantalyzing, and raw pics of bodyparts is tasteless.
But I ask you to please continue your style of sexiness.

Author Zazilium ( ago)
When are you gonna finally show us your boobs?

Author nicholas9999 ( ago)
@Guitarrosaurusrex - What I'm trying to get across here is that people have
misread what this is about. It is about feeling AWFUL because some teens
are texting sexy pix to one another!!! If you eliminate that awful problem
(by stopping the insane worrying about it), then all the problems growing
out of sexting become moot. In other words, the problem isn't the pix, it
is the reaction to the pix!!

Author nicholas9999 ( ago)
@Guitarrosaurusrex - Lol, why am I an idiot? Your comment makes no sense
without an explanation!!

Author cannedkitty ( ago)
why is milwaukee in the background behind her?

Author Freedom ( ago)
She gets a lot of sexy pictures.

Author Jose M. Pulido ( ago)
(15JUL11): Very good info. Lori. On top of that, others who request sexy
pics may be male or female undercover law enforcement agents posing as
customers to see who are the maniacs who send such pictures--that is the
bare-butt-naked truth. Besides that, for a male to send pictures of his
naked private parts can be a violation of the Penile Code...I mean a
violation of the Penal Code.

Author Brulluhhman ( ago)
I don't agree. Somehow.

Author renegss ( ago)
Please quit uploading these seeeexy and witty videos anymore.I can't rest
them any longer! meeeeow.

Author andrewt1on1 ( ago)
Well, gee, Miss Resident, some people just can't HELP looking sexy! They
look sexy all the time, even when it's not intended! ....People like, umm,
YOU, for instance? Hehe! ;-)

Author chiefdancingostriche ( ago)
i'm not that sexy so that's not much of a problem.

Author ikb01 ( ago)
how about u put a hand on ur face and take a pic ;) send that to me and i
will tell u if u are doing it right. miss u lori

Author trat50 ( ago)
Lori, RELAX ...I won't post your pics anywhere. P.S. - keep 'em coming! ;-)

Author sfinga11 ( ago)
can i send a video?

Author 13wolfmoon ( ago)
I think you sexy!

Author 13wolfmoon ( ago)
Yore talking a bout nudy pctures aintcha?

Author Jared Fladeland ( ago)
@nicholas9999 agreed. There should not be such a reaction to such photos
between two adults. The spectre of puritanism looms over this country. Time
to boot the ghost.

Author 13wolfmoon ( ago)
That's not what your mom said!

Author brentpieczynski ( ago)
Does a video of me wiping my butt count as a sexy video?

Author invisibleisland ( ago)
This seems like common sense to me, but I'm amazed how many people in the
public eye lack common sense.

Author ROLLGRAB ( ago)
On a different but similar topic: your logic would mean that a woman who
wore revealing clothing might be "asking" to bed raped or at least a moron?
Now I don't believe this at all so pls send ur sexy pics to me...sometimes
even liberals want us to censor shit? Begging the question how much is too
much(ah shit I lost my whole train of thought) nuff said, prob too much

Author lkfjdlkfjsdlkjflskdj ( ago)
...OR just make sure your face isn't in them! hah i'm just kidding, but at
least then no one can really know who they are of

Author Gaus212 ( ago)
@JamesJoyce12 All things are subject to interpretation whichever
interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not
truth. Friedrich Nietzsche too :-)

Author Gaus212 (697 years ago)
I don't know what to call you any more Lory, Mom? Mammy? Ma? Mother? or
just plain old mommy dearest:-) You need to get yourself a child so you can
mother it to death :-) There are many options A- Have some one impregnate
you,9 mounts of bad hair day B-Have your egg and some ones ...deposited in
a surrogate,She might want to keep the darn thing C-Order one on line,Long
waiting time but you get to return it Enough of mothering us on The Gowanus
/BQE go & annoy folks in Time Sq. more fun:-)

Author JamesJoyce12 ( ago)
Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches
themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless
was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt. ~ Nietzsche

Author j00rawnamo (1488 years ago)
Want my email?

Author Ramsoondar ( ago)
Those sexy pictures will ruin your future life. never ever do that.

Author Wawawawa23 ( ago)
or move somewhere where people aren't so uptight about sex!

Author OutMendham ( ago)
Excellent advice.

Author j0hnwi11iams ( ago)
Sex Sells, you should know.

Author Satchel334 ( ago)
As long as you don't show your face in the pictures, sexy pictures are
okay. I've had a few women who wanted to hook up send them to me. Yet I've
had someone show their face in the pictures as well. Stop judging, Resident.

Author dangerouslytalented ( ago)
@kevjay777 Well if she wants them from me, she knows what to do.

Author dsmoya31410 ( ago)
What's funny is that this video is about not sending sexy videos, but
because of the title, the associated videos were all sexy videos. It is
sort of sad that this video had to be made - is there no common sense in
the world?

Author wmg111 ( ago)
@dorvekable a bit.

Author kevjay777 ( ago)
@dangerouslytalented I'm not sure she likes guys at all, much less sexy
pictures of them. She's pretty up-tight. I get the impression she needs to
experience 5 or 6 big O's before she can start enjoying life, and I don't
believe that's ever happened.

Author Apropos Joe ( ago)
As I watch this, the ad to the right is for Sexiest Swimwear Online. Meh

Author CommentorX ( ago)
Hmmm. Good advice. Could you delete those naked penis pictures I sent you?
They're probably taking up a LOT of space on your hard drive. Thanks.

Author Robert Jova (1634 years ago)
you mean nude not sexy? This video is a sexxyy one. sext ya later .LOL.
just kidding. If I had your number I probably would not call anyway. Shy.

Author Dominican-York ( ago)
your so hot, just doing the report =)

Author httprover ( ago)
Clowning around is probably not the wisest thing for a Congressman to do.
Wiener disappointed a lot of people and ended up a political liability.
Unfortunately the only way to make the situation go away was for him to
step down.

Author G58 ( ago)
Lori my dear, I love the irony of a sexy girl on YouTube sending sexy
pictures of herself out every week... advising others not to do the same.
Priceless. Was she talking? Really?

Author Napalm66 ( ago)
Even if you're married? I'm going to need sexy pics of my wife when I'm an
old man.

Author dansal70 ( ago)
Thank you. I could not have said/phrased it better myself.

Author Matt Bannell ( ago)
I recon you're a virgin. If you're not, i feel sorry for the guy that had
to listen to your petty rants about random shit whilst pounding away at
your hairy minge. Do us a favor, Love. And shut the fuck up. You're boring.

Author aviatorz2fretz ( ago)
so ummm...wanna send some sexy pictures? lol

Author jmdesros ( ago)
go to hell an shut up! more meaning full life has no meaning! get a life!

Author Alexis Grimaldo ( ago)
@Northern5tar I respect your opinion. But remember its your opinion. You
can't generalize everybody who likes sending sexy pictures as insecure,
less classy ect. I don't agree with judging people in a negative light just
because I wouldn't do the same things they do. It's like saying every
stripper is a drug addict. People have the right and freedom to do what
they want without being judged by people who don't even know them.

Author kueballl ( ago)
How about posting a "Don't jump in front of moving cars" video as well. Or
"Don't mock shoot yourself in the head when you think the gun isn't
loaded." Us people smart enough to watch your vids would never do such a
thing, Right guys?

Author playandrepeat ( ago)
Alright, come on. You've never sent a sexy picture even to a serious

Author jchahine ( ago)
it's okay btwn consenting adults. Wiener was doing it behind his wife's
back, that's why it's an issue.

Author GerrysPlace ( ago)
Come on,,,, some of the best paying jobs were born of sexy pics.....and I
need some money,,

Author baddogonline ( ago)
I have a question for all you libs. Where's the outrage? A woman should be
able to contact her congressman and discuss politics without getting
sexually harassed and/or emailed unwanted pictures of his "package". The
Democrats (ie: American Socialists) allow their fellow secular-progressive
politicians to behave badly, because they refuse to hold them to any moral
standard. NY Rep Weiner broke to law by using his office and his staff in
this cover up, yet NYers still support him. Shame! :(

Author 017baker ( ago)
wow! a woman with common sense - how rare!

Author andid ( ago)
@andid Any job where they would fire me for a picture of my body, I don't
want anyway.

Author andid ( ago)
I'm in a serious relationship that's long distance temporarily, I'll send
whatever I please.

Author Kirk Vegas ( ago)
She's a prude, digital cameras were made for nudity!

Author correrporvida porsiempre ( ago)
I have gotten every girl i have ever been with to give me pictures though
not (only) for enjoyment. I do it for leverage, just in case one of them
ever runs for political office year from now :)

Author thepiuma ( ago)
I would not be in the shoes of your e-mail folder now :-)

Author uberjim83 ( ago)
Sadly, every picture that has me in it is automatically sexy

Author NorthernStar ( ago)
@AlexisG73 Seriously, whats often the real motivation for people to send
nude shots of themselves? To get attention. It gets even worse when its out
of need for acknowledgement, to feel accepted and approved. Likewise when
people feel pressured because "its the normal thing to do" right? ...they
do it out of insecurity. To me nude shots say the person is either
promiscuous or insecure. Neither are attractive trades. So it actually
achieves the opposite. Having class, now that's attractive.

Author DangerousTalk ( ago)
Why is it the concern of anyone else, if I or my loved one takes sexy
photos of ourselves. Don't you have better things to do? Who cares if they
go public? Why do so many people get so bent out of shape about sexuality?

Author Alexis Grimaldo ( ago)
I disagree! I think sending sexy pics is a natural progression in modern
day sexuality. We have fun and are sexual by nature. We just happen to use
technology these days instead of polaroids ect. Now I agree that society
does over react when it come to these matters. People are not going to stop
doing it. In a way its like asking them to stop having sex. I feel that we
need to continue doing it so that society finally gets the message that
sending sexy pics is a normal healthy thing to do.

Author NorthernStar ( ago)
Does this mean you want your "lori series" back?

Author Nick M ( ago)
Hey.. I don't know whether or not I've taken pictures of myself. If someone
shows me a picture of a weiner (pun intended), how am I supposed to know if
it's really me or not??

Author Elle De Jour ( ago)
@chri5784 hmmm i never once heard any talk about committed serious
relationships, did you have your volume on for that, really? wow mine must
of broke, as i never heard those words........

Author Leibowitz ( ago)
I honestly don't get why people get so upset about sexy pictures of other
people. What, did they think they were the only ones looking like that
naked? Or that other people don't have a sexlife? Or are they upset other
people DO actually have a sexlife? What the hell, without their clothes,
everybody on the world basically looks the same...

Author paultheuglydog ( ago)
If I want to know if I have a huge cock can I send you a picture of it to
hear what you think of my cock

Author ex yzee ( ago)
Crucify that a-hole! Slutty Politicians deserve all the humiliation they
get. When they're Democrats, at least... Seems to me the Repugs applauded
that adulterous whoremonger Diaperman David Vitter when he walked back into
the Senate. Wonder what Mrs. Vitter thought of that?

Author tmacc ( ago)
sexy is

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