Supergirl - Extended "Wonder Woman" Promo

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  • Lieutenant Thalia
    Lieutenant Thalia 1 hour ago

    Supergirl banged Wonder Woman

  • Dennis Bowers
    Dennis Bowers 1 day ago

    Almost 3 million views. Impressive.

  • Maserjo
    Maserjo 1 day ago

    Leeeeexi <3

  • Nani Nani
    Nani Nani 2 days ago


  • Miguel Marchetta Rodriguez

    Nice ;)

  • Granola Bar
    Granola Bar 3 days ago


  • Adam Demgar
    Adam Demgar 3 days ago

    So I wonder if they're gonna have Wonder Woman on Supergirl

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 3 days ago

    Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl vs Galatea (The crazy Galatea that knows she's a clone and doesn't give a F)CK!)

  • doctor99268
    doctor99268 3 days ago

    soo cringy especially that bracelet tap and wink.

  • Ezio Auditore-Kenway

    so...supergirl meet Kara in the season 3 ?? *-*

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza 3 days ago

    Edward: I'm the world deadliest predator, everything about me attracts you, as I need any of that
    Kara: it sure does
    E: think you could outrun me
    K: pretty sure
    E: well think you can fight me off ?? ( destroys a tree branch)
    K: yeah ( holding a freight train)
    E: w-when did you
    K: no no Mr. Deadliest predator, do go on
    E: I-I'm dangerous
    ( Volturi show up):, we now need to kill her to protect our world!!
    Volturi: way to go Mr. Deadliest predator
    Edward: I didn't know she was an alien
    Volturi: now how do we get back to earth!!!???
    E: come one mate the moon isn't that bad

  • Kirsty Smith
    Kirsty Smith 4 days ago

    ah ma gawd original wonder woman in this <3 <3 <3

  • Grand Zenarck
    Grand Zenarck 5 days ago

    For anyone intrested in the song: It's sung by Olivia Holt and can be found on the Shake It Up: I Love Dance album

  • Daniel McCurdy
    Daniel McCurdy 5 days ago

    Awww. For a sec I thought they were gonna have Diana show up in Supergirl.

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 6 days ago

    who's the woman from 1:26?

  • Koroi 117
    Koroi 117 6 days ago

    that was totally awesome! Loved the movie though

  • Callme Dnice
    Callme Dnice 6 days ago

    Ik this commercial is the represent the girl but it's corny af

  • Supergirl Karamel
    Supergirl Karamel 6 days ago

    that is so cool.... I loved it

  • christian preston
    christian preston 6 days ago

    super do you want to have secks with me

  • gualo21
    gualo21 6 days ago

    i don't mind the cross universe promo. What's dumb is supergirl changing mid ad for no reason.

  • snoopaya
    snoopaya 7 days ago


  • ZECTCustomUnit
    ZECTCustomUnit 7 days ago

    Lois Lane...Diana Prince...Kara Kent...

  • T Fal
    T Fal 7 days ago

    hmm couldn't use grant gustin to play flash or Steve amell as arrow in justice league because they said universes aren't connected yet.....

  • Misael Eduardo Piñera De La Rosa

    Excelente xd

  • James Schafer
    James Schafer 7 days ago

    Proof this show is meant for 14 year old girls. Like totally. LOL

  • Gabrielle Silva
    Gabrielle Silva 8 days ago


  • sylvia queen slay gameing


  • Skye Prower
    Skye Prower 8 days ago

    and circle gave her armor to the evil queen

  • Britt ᖇeid
    Britt ᖇeid 9 days ago

    Can we please have Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman 2

  • James Maranguis
    James Maranguis 9 days ago

    Spot The difference

    😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😝😛😛😛😛😛 if u found it leave a👍🏻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😡😡😡😡😡😡😡♥️♥️♥️💆🏼♥️♥️

  • James Maranguis
    James Maranguis 9 days ago

    Supergirl and wonder woman are officially my favourite superhero

  • Jesus Ibañez Herrera

    this awesome :0 what is the song??

  • MrKanycm
    MrKanycm 10 days ago

    че за хуета

  • Kevin Tieu
    Kevin Tieu 10 days ago

    I just now realize that these women in each shots are actually actresses that are being played as Wonder Woman in the past.

  • josef rootgum
    josef rootgum 10 days ago

    Lynda Carter should have played Hippolyta

  • larra debroham
    larra debroham 10 days ago


  • CDHfilms
    CDHfilms 10 days ago

    I almost thought Gal Gadot herself was gonna show up in full costume, but then again that wouldn't make sense

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 10 days ago

    We know the new movie must be good if Linda Carter gave it her blessing......

  • Mayra Cordeiro
    Mayra Cordeiro 10 days ago

    0:37 That girl is Wonder Woman? :v

  • Silver Tiger
    Silver Tiger 10 days ago

    I really like Supergirl the tv show, i've watched a few episodes...there's nothing wrong with it, yet I can't get myself to sit and watch it...I don't know why lol

  • MikeBav123
    MikeBav123 10 days ago

    I don't understand what just happened.

  • James Waterson
    James Waterson 10 days ago

    I loves lesbians super hero girls 👭

  • Jude Michael
    Jude Michael 11 days ago

    this was cringier than Jake Paul

  • Kenneth Monfil
    Kenneth Monfil 11 days ago

    Was this 4 real???

  • Gaz Lynot
    Gaz Lynot 11 days ago

    So what happened next did they fight?

  • Seritah Chandra
    Seritah Chandra 11 days ago

    It is a great one

  • Jasmin Montellano
    Jasmin Montellano 11 days ago


  • Marcus Mack
    Marcus Mack 11 days ago

    I don't think they could do Diana in the Arrowverse but I definitely think there is room to do Nubia on TV on Earth 38 or Earth 1 in the Arrowverse

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 11 days ago

    Tbh it's kind of cringey lol

  • Joe
    Joe 11 days ago

    that's cool

  • Princess Santos
    Princess Santos 11 days ago

    Is this why half the fandom says they slept w eachother

  • ToxicToothpick
    ToxicToothpick 11 days ago

    This sort of thing is why it was such a surprise that Wonder Woman was an excellent film.

  • Fernanda Sttar
    Fernanda Sttar 11 days ago


  • Nick Worster
    Nick Worster 11 days ago

    the show is cringe-worthy at best

  • Mehul Patel
    Mehul Patel 11 days ago

    song name plz

  • Shayan
    Shayan 11 days ago

    You go girls ... yawn

  • Krangbot
    Krangbot 11 days ago

    Snooze, trying too hard to push the whole girl power thing. It's trite, transparent and lame. A real missed opportunity to make a real show instead squandered with a joke of a political statement.

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas 12 days ago

    Now it would be awesome to have Wonder Woman and supergirl do a team up

  • Toth Fanni
    Toth Fanni 12 days ago

    That was so cool the trailer i watched it x1000 and can you say me what song that is

  • Ambrin Aslam
    Ambrin Aslam 12 days ago

    i dont like super girl i prefer wonder woman

  • fernando rosales
    fernando rosales 12 days ago

    Susan Meyer ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Md. nirjor
    Md. nirjor 12 days ago

    Don't know why I don't like super girl !

  • Grim Knight
    Grim Knight 12 days ago

    1,672 Parademons disliked this.

  • Elizabeth Braddock
    Elizabeth Braddock 12 days ago

    Lynda's wink made this 1000% times better 😍

  • olivia ollie 2003
    olivia ollie 2003 12 days ago

    I watched an episode of Supergirl on the CW.

  • Dan Fawaz
    Dan Fawaz 12 days ago

    Ok that was cute lol

  • Chloe G.
    Chloe G. 12 days ago

    Love it

  • priya sarkar
    priya sarkar 12 days ago

    she is super girl... but have to wear heals...

  • MsAnimalGame
    MsAnimalGame 12 days ago

    does anyone know who sings the cover from this vid?

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper 13 days ago

    those legs

  • corey evans
    corey evans 13 days ago

    only diana prince use wonder woman not kara

  • Arda Kaan Yıldırım

    Türkiye'den Selamlar... :D

    • Arda Kaan Yıldırım
      Arda Kaan Yıldırım 12 days ago

      As Bayrakları, As :D The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl Gibi Dizilerin Hayranı Olunca İnsan (Ve Özellikle de DC FANI) Takip Etmemek Elde Değil...

    • Batgirl
      Batgirl 12 days ago

      Arda Kaan Yıldırım bende bi ben varım sanmistim

  • Mr. BaconTN
    Mr. BaconTN 13 days ago

    When I first saw this I feel out of my chair and I'm very clumsy so when i fell out of my couch I hit my head on a chair to the side of me but I just got up and watched it again



  • Greece otaku
    Greece otaku 13 days ago

    hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhahhahahaha

  • Joseph Mencheviques Arshavin Texas

    what kind of Gal Gadot is this

  • Juanny Rivera Rios
    Juanny Rivera Rios 13 days ago

    the name of the song!

  • Watching TrainsgoBy
    Watching TrainsgoBy 13 days ago

    instant dislike for any version of one of the worst songs ever written or recorded... that song only appeals to the losers that want an empowerment song... The music, lyrics and vocals are harsh and totally unappealing otherwise.. pathetic... it takes a lot of work to make a promo with Lynda Carter in it look that weak.

  • khairien nasri
    khairien nasri 13 days ago

    the boot kara use just like evil kara darkseid, but i know the boot wonder women..

  • Emigine Hastings
    Emigine Hastings 13 days ago

    I seriously like this president in this show.

  • Treyseph Roberts
    Treyseph Roberts 13 days ago

    Anybody thinks that looks like Iron Man's boot?

  • Lorenzo Carponi S.
    Lorenzo Carponi S. 13 days ago

    che caga7a

  • Alex Bird
    Alex Bird 13 days ago

    Ugh. Feminism is killing entertainment 😒😒

  • Lengandary Boss
    Lengandary Boss 13 days ago

    I wish that the CW Arrow-verse didn't cancel that Wonder Woman show

  • Micky Lozano!
    Micky Lozano! 14 days ago

    who are the 3 women lol, I'm confused I know one of em is Lynda Carter

  • a google user
    a google user 14 days ago

    Barry Allen! Not again!

  • solnegrolunaroja
    solnegrolunaroja 14 days ago

    Linda Carter 💘💘💘

  • Layla Jauregui
    Layla Jauregui 14 days ago

    Barry, what you do

  • Gaming Upgraded
    Gaming Upgraded 14 days ago

    that didn't even make sense what did I just see

  • Anthony
    Anthony 14 days ago

    What did you do Barry.

  • Yunus Mirza
    Yunus Mirza 14 days ago


  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 14 days ago

    Glad that Supergirl is in her own universe. Mostly isolated from rest of the Arrowerse.

  • Awesme Wraith
    Awesme Wraith 14 days ago

    This would have been a pretty good shoe advertisement

  • Stingy fix tips
    Stingy fix tips 14 days ago

    Somewhat cringy but ok

  • Juan Fernando Cabraera Rivaldo

    Someone knows the song's name??

  • supermufasa21
    supermufasa21 14 days ago

    From reading the comments below, I am clearly the only one who thought this commercial was laughably corny

  • Tsr Paradise
    Tsr Paradise 14 days ago

    let's be honest, Linda carter is the only real reason we watch this show

  • The WatchMan
    The WatchMan 14 days ago

    The DCEU needs a new Supergirl to put this shitty version to shame....

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