Puddles the Sad Clown Scares Deb and Sings "Royals"

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  • Patrick Wu
    Patrick Wu 8 hours ago

    wow this was pretty damn amazing

  • bonzo casla
    bonzo casla 12 hours ago

    stupid woman

  • Blind Benny Hooker
    Blind Benny Hooker 14 hours ago

    9:20 am no auto tune ! A+ puddles.

  • ricky scott
    ricky scott 17 hours ago

    she's such an idiot,never paid attention to Puddles at all...just played with her friggin' phone..thinks she's a big shot 'cause she's on a radio show...Puddles should have left..he deserves much better than this asshole...

  • Glen DePasse
    Glen DePasse 1 day ago

    How rude is that? Get off your cell phone.

  • Josh DP
    Josh DP 1 day ago

    shes pathetic...puddles is amazing

  • boromirtheboring
    boromirtheboring 1 day ago

    This is better than the Post Modern Jukebox version

  • Toastanium
    Toastanium 2 days ago

    Deb is adorable! I wonder if she gave Puddles a hug afterwards

  • Angie Ann
    Angie Ann 2 days ago

    I think she kind of warmed up some to him at the end. Puddles is a true professional!

  • Tony MTA
    Tony MTA 2 days ago

    I wish u win American got talent

  • Kevin Rauer
    Kevin Rauer 2 days ago

    Hahahaha.. so did puddles DO Deb as she said in the start!?!?! HAHAHA

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 3 days ago

    puddles and bucket head should calibrate with each other

  • Helsing
    Helsing 3 days ago

    The words to that song..!!

  • Dilan Lokuge
    Dilan Lokuge 4 days ago

    did paddle deliberately remove her headphone? what happened to the party hat ?

  • Anteroization
    Anteroization 4 days ago

    now poodles is more famous than you worldwide, and you eliminate your stupidity DOWN when he sings, RIDICULA

  • samtheman cutlass
    samtheman cutlass 4 days ago

    She has nice tits and I would do her!!!

  • daniel urbina
    daniel urbina 5 days ago

    disrespectful cunt shows some decorum around a beat of vocals

  • daniel urbina
    daniel urbina 5 days ago

    fuck that bitch puddles is tha shit

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 5 days ago

    Thanks Mike for making the world a little brighter.

  • Pablito Clavito
    Pablito Clavito 5 days ago

    That's a human being you little shit. Show some respect

  • Rachel Tripp
    Rachel Tripp 5 days ago

    I hate that lady

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 5 days ago

    "Jason and the ignorant cunt" should be the name of the show. Put down your fucking phone you ugly no talent cunt. This person is here performing of the few of you in that room. You are their as part of your JOB not check your messages

  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson 5 days ago

    No wonder she's single

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar 7 days ago

    Awesome! I like the girl in seat ...call me pls

  • Tea-Rex
    Tea-Rex 8 days ago

    Don't hate the clown, hate the circus!

  • Angelo James Mordini

    That lady has the same hair as me! Except I have the sides buzzed/shaved

  • John smith
    John smith 9 days ago

    You can instantly tell why she is single!

  • James Jones
    James Jones 10 days ago

    Wow. The completely straight and unprocessed treatment of Puddles's voice lets you hear just how good he is--no place to hide, and it is live, no do-overs. My God, he's great.

  • Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez 11 days ago

    meth. not even once.

  • brian tyler
    brian tyler 11 days ago

    she can't sing for shit. listen to puddles and take notes. lame brawd

  • Darren van Ek
    Darren van Ek 11 days ago

    Put your weird chesty Ribby boobage cleavage away

  • jcnme2020 ooo
    jcnme2020 ooo 12 days ago

    I Love Puddles ! The Dumb Cunt with the little boys haircut is a Complete DUMB ASS POS LIBERAL LEFT LIBTARD CUNT !

  • The Girl At The Front Desk

    I love Puddles. ♥

  • Storm Trooper #33
    Storm Trooper #33 12 days ago

    She's a fucking dumb bitch I'd punch her fucken boobs till she became a flat chested boy

  • Katalyzt
    Katalyzt 12 days ago

    Perfectly done. ᵔᴥᵔ ★★★★★


  • Leafar Zerep
    Leafar Zerep 13 days ago

    That girl is sexy as hell! oh and sad clond is great.

  • Hog A
    Hog A 13 days ago

    When I re watch this I smile every time Mike rocks... um Puddles

  • Garth D'Andraia
    Garth D'Andraia 13 days ago

    Hope she knows she doesnt have a penis. Get a grip you fuck

  • Jamie Nicole
    Jamie Nicole 13 days ago

    I want to give a like for puddles but a dislike for deb she's a real bitch

  • B4 freedomfighter
    B4 freedomfighter 14 days ago

    where are deb's boobs?

  • scott larson
    scott larson 14 days ago

    Deb is a hottie

  • Martijn van Baarsen
    Martijn van Baarsen 14 days ago

    For the people who thought she was rude:

    She said she has the creeps for clowns .But yeah....I can understand her...if you look
    carefully at the time you notice it is 9.20 probably AM...how would you
    react if a giant of 6.8 ft (2.03 meter for Europeans) enters your
    studio and starts to look and you and touching you...and along the way
    she gets so comfy she makes a picture.
    But OMG puddles...what a great voice....freaking love it


  • Martijn van Baarsen
    Martijn van Baarsen 14 days ago


  • ParKangaroo
    ParKangaroo 15 days ago

    Fuck this woman. Puddles is a god!

  • HernGeo
    HernGeo 15 days ago

    I cant for the life me understand why Deb cant find a man. (SARCASM)

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez 15 days ago

    Is that a dude or girl?

  • Craven Moorehead
    Craven Moorehead 15 days ago

    Deb needs to eat a dick and shut up.

  • Oscar Tapia
    Oscar Tapia 15 days ago

    It might be her show, but... Please tell her not to sing, she ruined the great singing from Puddles!!

  • saqib ali
    saqib ali 15 days ago

    That women is on my nerves, I have never seen a stupid women like her in my life. Who the hell is gonna marry her.
    She talk stupid , she talk to much. No manners, disrespectful .

  • Heat Tube
    Heat Tube 15 days ago

    That dude sounds like a girl

  • Danielle L.
    Danielle L. 16 days ago

    OMG, he is really talented, I saw him on AGT and find him incredible such a beautiful voice, Bravo Puddles, I am a fan

  • understandable have a nice day

    deb is a bitch and I wanna fuck the shit out of her.

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 16 days ago

    That English boy/woman is shallow. Very shallow

  • Chris McDaniel
    Chris McDaniel 16 days ago

    Puddles is awesome

  • Gamerboy70
    Gamerboy70 16 days ago

    3:22 she showed her phone passcode!!

    I AM MIKE 16 days ago

    lmao that lululemon bag on the table, I WORK FOR THEM :D!!!!

  • OfficialBKNOW
    OfficialBKNOW 16 days ago

    I'll do you Deb.

  • Shane Falk
    Shane Falk 16 days ago

    everyone loves Puddles

  • veryslyfox
    veryslyfox 16 days ago

    Wanna tap that exchange student in the middle

  • Joey Lopez
    Joey Lopez 17 days ago

    it's me!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Coleman
    Chris Coleman 17 days ago

    she is a very annoying twat

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown 17 days ago

    whats the title of this song..??

  • Artistic Kawi
    Artistic Kawi 17 days ago

    I get her fear, kind of? People claim to have a phobia of clowns when really they don't. It's to justify they're over reacting. I'm sorry but sometimes I can't stand some other girls, they freak out over everything. They will scream as if the world will goddamn end. Most Dudes are just chill, yeah it can be odd and they express it too but at least they don't scream bloody Mary every fucking time. Fear is one thing, Phobia is the same thing but on a higher level. But people tend to confuse the two, and act like they have a phobia but really they are just scared lil bitches.

    So I tend to be skeptical. I don't have a fear of clowns, I understand why but at the same time no. They aren't something that are scary to me. (does she have one? Who knows.)

    But the way she acted was a little, weird? Even a tad bit rude. I understand that people react differently to certain situations but that still doesn't justify your rude behavior. Don't bask in your fear, overcome it.

    I also didn't like how she was on her phone, but she did seem to enjoy him and take a pic. So she isn't that bad, but she needs to work on just trying to calm herself down and think.

    It's funny how most of the comments just shit on her though. I'm not ganna lie lol.
    She could just tell him politely that she was scared of clowns.

  • 151Gattlin
    151Gattlin 17 days ago

    That bitch needs to shut up an let the clown sing lol.

  • FMFvideos
    FMFvideos 17 days ago

    he should hunt her.. on her nightmares

  • KingByDefault 8
    KingByDefault 8 17 days ago

    She is rude asf and she kinda looks like every lesbian on family guy

  • Bryan Chang
    Bryan Chang 17 days ago

    Why does she keeps laugh holy fck and her laugh sounds so terrible

  • The King of Our Country

    She looks like lady Gaga as a half man

  • Intactisin
    Intactisin 17 days ago

    I really liked the clown. She is a Nightmare.

  • moustafa hamarneh
    moustafa hamarneh 17 days ago

    omg if I was puddles,i would rko her out of nowhere.

  • Dylan Lambert
    Dylan Lambert 18 days ago

    this cunt is a bitch

  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez 18 days ago

    Soon, no one will not know who he is! He deserves to be famous!

  • dabig 25
    dabig 25 18 days ago

    She's so F'N Annoying

  • Eggnogonthebog Productions


  • Sirius V
    Sirius V 18 days ago

    She's not wrong about it, I think clowns are scary, especially sad and fat one.

  • Kymberly Bravo
    Kymberly Bravo 19 days ago

    He should say "Queen P"

  • brothers destrution
    brothers destrution 19 days ago

    Of corse she's a bitch. She makes the same as a 16 year old working at McDonald's...

  • Masterof Magic
    Masterof Magic 19 days ago

    deb is hot

  • Meanie Head
    Meanie Head 19 days ago

    She's kinda hot in a metro sexual I'm not gay but have dabbled kinda way.

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 19 days ago

    I would love to go see him in concert

  • Bugzy's Evil Deeds
    Bugzy's Evil Deeds 19 days ago

    puddles rocks!

  • fu fu
    fu fu 19 days ago

    She is a pain

  • Ralph Aloia
    Ralph Aloia 20 days ago

    So ..all the comments regarding Deb and no one else will mention, I will: Puddles did a fantastic job! I like this better then the PMJ version. One of the best voices out there right now. Love all his stuff, so versatile!!

  • 6066y Elk
    6066y Elk 20 days ago

    So weird I hated this song but this clown is weirdly awesome

  • Wild Wino
    Wild Wino 20 days ago

    whos this dude being rude to puddles?

  • Faze_fake
    Faze_fake 20 days ago

    He is on American gots talent

  • Dave Botticelli
    Dave Botticelli 20 days ago

    put your phone down rude bitch

  • Александр Ефремов

    Падди зе бест

  • Александр Ефремов


  • Tim Danby
    Tim Danby 20 days ago

    Deb is a dork! Puddles is the coolest! He is such a gentleman,he treated her so nicely,even when she was rude.Rock on Puddles!!!!🙌👏👍😁

  • maxcohen13
    maxcohen13 20 days ago

    _"This is pretty amazing, guys."_

    Yeah, it would be even more amazing if you SHUT THE HELL UP while he's singing.

  • Countmaster0
    Countmaster0 21 day ago

    What a frigid bitch

  • iTheGeek
    iTheGeek 21 day ago

    That emo lesbian was fucking annoying as shit

  • ShawnManh
    ShawnManh 21 day ago

    One like for Puddles only. Those other people are craps. Especially that fucking woman who played with her stupid phone.

  • mike856ms
    mike856ms 21 day ago

    Puddles rocks. AWESOME

  • aibohphobia
    aibohphobia 21 day ago

    Hope puddles does this song on AGT.....WINNER

  • aibohphobia
    aibohphobia 21 day ago

    So who are Deb and Jason?

  • dan Hamakua
    dan Hamakua 21 day ago

    Why is it ok for deb to hate clowns?

  • Friedrich Habetler Music

    Got the Girl with the Hair is such a loser... Puddles did great.

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