Gisele Bundchen Says Goodbye to the Runway in Final Fashion Show

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  • tarny11
    tarny11 22 days ago

    She's not that's good looking she must it's her body that's got her famous .The old super models are the best

  • tarny11
    tarny11 22 days ago

    Why she giving it up.

  • classyt20f7
    classyt20f7 2 months ago

    She is really small, wow

  • Susan Zurita
    Susan Zurita 5 months ago

    Wait...this was 2 years ago? It feels like she retired 100 years ago­čśş

  • Alvin
    Alvin 6 months ago

    0:59 eyes strong af

  • White Kita
    White Kita 2 years ago

    Oh no!....Gisele don't stop!.... you are awesome!

  • Lion Rose Music
    Lion Rose Music 2 years ago

    That  coconut water must be delicious!!
    She really is amazing and inspiring, they are so perfect together!

  • canidja12
    canidja12 2 years ago

    Love her !

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