The Strangest Disappearances In The Bermuda Triangle

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  • What’s really going on in the Bermuda Triangle?


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    Air Traffic Control Tower And A Plane In Flight At Portland International Airport; Portland Oregon United States Of America
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    Avenger Bomber
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    Rio de Janeiro will receive more than 1 million tourists in carnval
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    An early warning radar station near Kilhampton Devon UK
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    Blue cave from the underwater
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    Perils Of The Sea
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    Illustration of Christopher Columbus in the Santa Maria ship and his crew looking for land
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    Rough Seas, Southern Atlantic Ocean
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    Lightning storm, Colorado
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    Replica of the Santa Maria under sail
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    T/L of aurora with trees in forground
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    Tornado Sea
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    Life preserver
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    Aircraft Instruments
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    1940s THREE WORLD WAR II...
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    Portrait of legendary Lost Squadron & plane 'Flight 19' that supposedly vanished into Bermuda Triangle shortly after WWII.
    Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
    Christopher Columbus by unknown artist
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    1940s 1950s AMERICAN.
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    Squadron of Planes Circling Aircraft Carrier
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    Airplane flying over container port
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    Boat USS Cyclops which disapeared in Bermuda when it came back from a trip to Brazil in march 1918
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  • kenya casas
    kenya casas 14 minutes ago

    ho likes his tour because me is like more work thumbs up for not liking history

  • Shelby Bigham
    Shelby Bigham 1 hour ago

    I'm surprised that they didn't mention anything about the possible theory of the Amelia Earhart mystery and how her flight was lost and is still missing

  • Samantha Wheeler
    Samantha Wheeler 1 hour ago

    My Theory - The Kraken resides in the Bermuda Triangle. If you fly to low, it'll grab you with it's crazy tentacles.

  • Pie Face
    Pie Face 2 hours ago


  • Rohane Harris
    Rohane Harris 4 hours ago

    Didn't they actually discover recently taht we have tiny blackholes appearing on earths surface? They are found in the ocean or something. Remember reading an article about them.

  • Daniel Tierney
    Daniel Tierney 5 hours ago

    I got another theory: The Bermuda Triangle is home to an undiscovered sea creature that feeds on metal and human flesh and is bigger than a blue whale

  • Bronagh Holmes
    Bronagh Holmes 6 hours ago

    Ryan and Shane should leave buzzfeed and become history teachers

  • Gotta go
    Gotta go 6 hours ago

    You guys should research Charles Manson

  • I am ACE
    I am ACE 8 hours ago

    Stop laughing -_- way to ruin the serious mood of the video. ffs.

  • Caseyroseyx
    Caseyroseyx 11 hours ago

    "Blackholes aren't unicorns, Ryan" 😂

  • Maja Kovskij
    Maja Kovskij 17 hours ago

    Do an episode about Erzsébet Báthory!!!!
    Love you guys <3

  • Destiny Mitchell
    Destiny Mitchell 20 hours ago

    you guys should do some on the world's most gruesome serial killers

  • Scorched Rose Arts
    Scorched Rose Arts 21 hour ago

    Southern Districts, our hearts go out to you for your lost tributes.
    I wonder if there were any children on that boat.

  • Kaidence Jaworowski
    Kaidence Jaworowski 22 hours ago


  • Brooke. Reg
    Brooke. Reg 1 day ago

    Now you can browse happy things while listening to 'this'

  • Sarah Jasim
    Sarah Jasim 1 day ago

    did he say 4 rd theory?

  • Kim P
    Kim P 1 day ago

    SS Cotopaxi had reappeared apparently since vanishing 90 years ago by the Bermuda Triangle.

  • hobiske
    hobiske 1 day ago

    Do that old rumour abt JB is a geezer.
    Who knows if it's actually a fact?
    It is still unsolved.

  • Sand Shrew
    Sand Shrew 1 day ago

    If I ever have a friend like Shane, I'll probably end up killing him in just a week of our friendship, lol

  • Aminuddin Yaacob
    Aminuddin Yaacob 1 day ago

    Definitely an illuminati

  • Simon Cheng
    Simon Cheng 1 day ago

    I thought they said "Josh Hutcherson" 😂😂😂

  • MiraculousLover
    MiraculousLover 1 day ago

    Shane talking smack about Carnival cruises

  • jose mendez chevere


  • Nayeli Flores
    Nayeli Flores 1 day ago

    Go on the quest to find sleepy hollow if he exists

  • AronaPie
    AronaPie 2 days ago

    'somebody really busted out windows movie maker'

  • Shenelle Manhertz
    Shenelle Manhertz 2 days ago

    I swear one they are going to solve one of these cases

  • River Ware
    River Ware 2 days ago

    Take an airplane through there and livestream it

  • random person
    random person 2 days ago

    there is actually one plausible theory that im surprised they didnt mention. there is a phenomena where the clouds over sea will form nearly perfect geometric patterns and soon after giant downward gusts of wind called "airbombs" will occur this has been seen in both the bermuda triangle and the UK both have famousely dangerous waters and it could explain the disappearances of aircraft and ships

  • Hobi Hobi
    Hobi Hobi 2 days ago

    That is the shittiest footage I ever seen😂

  • Lakshmu naidu Gottapu

    if you are a percy jackson fan you would say that it Is a sea of monsters and the mist is hiding the monsters.#percy jackson

  • Saba Jawwad
    Saba Jawwad 2 days ago

    but if it is an underwater phenomenon why we have never used a submarine to investigate? .

  • Courtney Humphreys
    Courtney Humphreys 2 days ago

    I'd like an entire episode of Atlantis

  • Brittney12184 Jamaa

    why the hell do I freak myself out?I mean cant there be an unsolved video about: Potato skinned by itselfcarrot rotted in 1 dayplague false?!RYAN BEFRIENDED A GHOSTnoit cannot lol (I love this though)

  • PROcrastinator
    PROcrastinator 2 days ago

    crystal pyramids anyone?

  • Tahirah Wright
    Tahirah Wright 2 days ago

    I just thought, Casper the friendly ghost is the back-up recorder XD

  • Rachel Hwang
    Rachel Hwang 2 days ago

    May all our enemies have to go through the Bermuda Triangle

  • Leonel Castillo
    Leonel Castillo 2 days ago

    yo can someone put the link to the video Ryan showed shane

  • Juliana Johnson
    Juliana Johnson 2 days ago

    I have been to the Bermuda Triangle and I'm still here lmao

  • slider21885
    slider21885 3 days ago

    The Navy fuel ship would have left some fuel slick or residue topside? Wouldn't a hull breach cause a spill of the fuel inside, presuming it was holding and not on its way for refueling.

  • caleb Schneller
    caleb Schneller 3 days ago

    Why don't the rescue ships also go missing? I mean, they don't even see the same strange occurrences

  • beyonce's cousin
    beyonce's cousin 3 days ago

    i honestly would get so frustrated with shane but also so freaked out with ryan

  • Annika Askew
    Annika Askew 3 days ago

    Kids who remember their past lives?

  • HanaLPS 10
    HanaLPS 10 3 days ago

    But the atlantis theory, did atlantis sink in the ocean, inside or near the Bermuda Triange?

  • HanaLPS 10
    HanaLPS 10 3 days ago

    Since the Bermunda Triangle forms a triangle, it may symbolize the illumanti. Just saying

  • HanaLPS 10
    HanaLPS 10 3 days ago

    Ryan, have you even though if the illuminati is somehow connected to the Bermuda Triangle and may prove the illuminati is real with the other video about the illuminati?

  • Lilzchilz
    Lilzchilz 3 days ago

    Do the eastern state penitentiary

  • funnysadgirl
    funnysadgirl 3 days ago

    I laughed so much when Ryan said Atlantis #Shaneacs

  • Oliver HD 1106
    Oliver HD 1106 3 days ago

    let me guess antlantis is water area 51

  • teresita montebon
    teresita montebon 3 days ago

    this is serious and funny at the same time

  • Cynthia Moeller
    Cynthia Moeller 3 days ago

    Smh when that alien face faded in i had a heart attack

  • Leila Moreno
    Leila Moreno 3 days ago

    They all went to Davy Jones' locker

  • Adrianna Maria
    Adrianna Maria 3 days ago

    do the disappearance of Amelia Earhart!!!

  • Laura Dezotell
    Laura Dezotell 3 days ago

    I feel like I could have learned anything coming from them!

  • Emerson Doerflinger

    Whenever I watch these at night I have to keep my lights on no matter what

  • Chelsea Alvarez
    Chelsea Alvarez 3 days ago

    Maybe In the Bermuda Triangle is a time travel area they disappeared and go to another time like 1869 or 44 BCE

  • Sarah Pinheiro
    Sarah Pinheiro 3 days ago

    Ryan: There are other sciences we don't know about

    Shane: ThErE aRe OtHeR sCiEnCeS wE dOn'T kNoW aBoUt

  • marcus generillo
    marcus generillo 3 days ago

    why dont people try to make a remote controlled ship with alot of cameras so that they can answer this mysteries

  • marian bramhall
    marian bramhall 3 days ago

    aren't all ships supposed to be built "virtually unsinkable"? I mean I hope that is something people take into consideration when building any ship

  • Theawsome1
    Theawsome1 3 days ago

    So that's were all my pens go
    Now it makes sense

  • Bella G
    Bella G 3 days ago

    lol I've been on 5 carnival cruises

  • Madison
    Madison 3 days ago


  • Jack Patterson
    Jack Patterson 3 days ago

    Clearly it is the illuminati

  • Pixel Pack xx
    Pixel Pack xx 4 days ago

    (Wheeze) :)

  • Ellie Baker
    Ellie Baker 4 days ago


  • Pixel Pack xx
    Pixel Pack xx 4 days ago

    It has flipping belly buttun

  • Samantha Diamond
    Samantha Diamond 4 days ago

    These videos are honestly my fave thing ever made lol.

  • aifaa shafia
    aifaa shafia 4 days ago

    They should make a video about Malaysian airline plane that gone missing

  • Fluffy Pup
    Fluffy Pup 4 days ago

    Wow Good acting like Tony Stark, Shane

  • Caitlyn D'Souza
    Caitlyn D'Souza 4 days ago


  • Mia Pole
    Mia Pole 4 days ago

    I'm normally ok with listening to the theories however wild they seem but the Atlantis one got me. I genuinely had to stop watching because I started laughing so hard.

  • Bobby Soxer
    Bobby Soxer 4 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't bring up Amelia Earhart.

  • Camila Acevedo
    Camila Acevedo 4 days ago

    You now the tringal with the eye in the middle that could be there home that why it strange

  • Kanan Is my wife
    Kanan Is my wife 4 days ago

    is it weird I actually believe the Atlantis theory

  • Hazel Leaf
    Hazel Leaf 4 days ago

    Think about it there can be tidal waves and things that pull them under until they become destroyed from rocks they break them boom reality

  • Aoife Faul
    Aoife Faul 4 days ago

    So, real quick hypothesis on the bermuda for all yall. Some scientists believe that methane may cause issues in the area (Or at least contribute). It lowers the density of water causing boats to sink when they would typically float, methane also discolors the water and causes it to turn a creepy greenish color and 'ghost ships that are seen are just reflected ships. Not only that but methane can screw with aircraft electronics and cause issues that make them fall. Searching methane in the bermuda triangle will lead you to a few sources!

  • Teh StyLz
    Teh StyLz 4 days ago

    So you're telling me that if Iron Man flies through there, his suit would malfunction?

  • Draqgo
    Draqgo 4 days ago

    I heard that in the Bermuda triangle has something at the bottom of the sea that shots water high in the sky so high it can take down planes and destroy them.

  • AVA117
    AVA117 5 days ago

    Didn't know Shane likes Airplanes :)

    Anyways you guys are awesome partners!

  • Nick Garland
    Nick Garland 5 days ago

    For some reason this video made me search for like 20 minutes for Brinstar Depths theme from super smash bros melee. It goes so well with anything spooky.

  • Strawberrydiys
    Strawberrydiys 5 days ago

    I will never travel on planes when going to Florida. .

  • alpha ninyo
    alpha ninyo 5 days ago

    I'll someday explore this place...

  • ZAHRAA !
    ZAHRAA ! 5 days ago

    Thought they'd be going 👀

  • Nickolas Garcia
    Nickolas Garcia 5 days ago

    You guys should do a video on "The Philadelphia Experiment"

  • Coffee Bean Corner
    Coffee Bean Corner 5 days ago

    Shane is here to make sense.
    Ryan is here to freak us all out.

  • Isobel Lloyd
    Isobel Lloyd 5 days ago

    Still favourite series on YouTube

  • Nessa M
    Nessa M 5 days ago

    New game: take a shot every time either Shane isn't having it ,every time Ryan wheezes, or aliens are involved. good luck.

  • Brandon Cardoza
    Brandon Cardoza 5 days ago

    Buzzfeed got so lucky with this series they definitely hit it out of the park

  • PandaKitty AJ
    PandaKitty AJ 5 days ago

    Amelia Earhart?

  • bob Ranches
    bob Ranches 5 days ago

    Jack the Ripper!

  • Shali Hutchison
    Shali Hutchison 5 days ago


  • EviePanda
    EviePanda 5 days ago

    This week on buzzwheeze unsolved

  • Dimitri Kerby
    Dimitri Kerby 5 days ago

    a million square miles tiny

  • Blysse
    Blysse 5 days ago

    Bermuda Triangle - Zico, Dean and Crush

  • Eray Ay
    Eray Ay 5 days ago

    wait no kraken

  • Eray Ay
    Eray Ay 5 days ago

    aliens thats all im saying... aliens

  • Siddharth B Prabhu Ψ

    Do a vid about Amelia earhart

  • Tatiana De mendoza
    Tatiana De mendoza 6 days ago

    Shane is my spirit animal.

  • Draven does it all
    Draven does it all 6 days ago

    the dude's skepticism really annoys me, can't watch this series anymore. unsubscribed.

  • daphney saviotti
    daphney saviotti 6 days ago

    i ship them so much

  • Woxo
    Woxo 6 days ago

    "Atlantis was written about by Plato"
    -Atlantis also happens to be 5000 miles west of the man, 1800 years before it was discovered.
    Seems logical

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