Eritrea- Ibrahim Korat 'Agil Adka'

Ibrahim korat sings eritrean patriotic song called 'Agil Adka' which means 'For Your Country' in Tigre


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Author عمر موسى (6 months)
دوما انت رائع 

Author salah aldin (7 months)

Author omar ishak atiha (1 year)
يا ريد نشاهد كل أغاني الفنان اكبير الاخ أبراهيم كروت ونتمني المزيد أختي
quikman وأنشاء الله يكون هنالك ثوره حقيقيه في زوال كل حاكم ظالم

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
Bahre of Lie Bahre of hypocrisy you and the tigrinya regime both pretend
that you represent all Eritrean or talk on behalf of our people, that is
not true, that is what you wish. Been refugee is not a sin, but lie is a
big sin you liar, just in Sudan there are a Million Eritrean refugee, I am
European Citizen Eritrean Origin,you just jealous. no one fool Eritreans
but as usual you put your problem on somebody's shoulder, bad news for you
shaebia regime expose itself internationally..

Author Welid Dekin (3 years)
wed korat amanka tu lakin ke mini de shabka meyti al asik ade

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Ibrahimay, Fars wed-Farsayat,,, Hatr wed-htrat,,, Hile yiba, Hilaika tu
haben Adna,,, Abshirka Wed Emie,,, Hilieko-Eka!!!

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Rabat, I don't NEED approval seal or a licencse from a reffuggee like you,
hiding in UK flat or Australian cottage, TO ENJOY MY ERITREAN HERITAGE. PS:
I hate to feed to your village mentalitaly & ethnic-blubber, but orginial
breed from "WED-HAIGET ZILLALA, WED SHEAB BEDALLA", knows far more better
in being Eritrean than those who sold their NATIONAL IDENTITY, for their
own personla gains. It's great to know, you are NOT fooling any Eritrean,
except your wicked mind. Keep barking any way,,,

Author Ghide Hamad (3 years)
Bravo Wed Goret ! Your Tigre song: ' Ketin baal meranet atmemkaha laamanet
' is superbly phenomenon song with its beautiful lyrics that suit to our
relentless fighter leader of yesterday and nation builder of today who
selflessly devoted his entire life to make his country a better place, a
better nation of peace and harmony, prosperity and equality, unity and
conformity. Well done wed Goret. You are great. Ghide H. H.

Author TEDROS KIDANE (1 year)
why did u listen to that if you don't know the meaning .

Author wediagame (7 years)
I Love Tigre song and dance! Peace!

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Rabat, One minute you tell me you are European citizen. Next minute you
tell me you are pure Eritrean. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? But if you are taking
about Barka Province, YES I AGREE with you Barka is the mother of Eritrean
nationalism & I agree with you FEW BETRAYING SELFISH SELL OUT MEMBERS OF
"MAHBER ANDNET & COMMANDOS" were hired by Ethiopia to destroy BARKA TSAEDA.
But they failed to stop the proud people of Barka from spreading the torch
of Eritrean liberation struggle all over Eritrea.

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Rabat, A coward like you hiding in English flat, claiming to be European
citizen has NO right to question the integrity of those who paid all their
life time to libeate their homeland & their people from Ethiopian genocidal
wars & barbaric occupation. If you are European citiznen, you are NOT
Eritrean any more. Therefore, you have no right to speak for Eritrea or
about Eritreans. Europeans consider you to be a "nigger" & so do Eritreans.
Therefore, you have nothing to say to Eritreans.

Author absheba adreiss (2 years)
معناها شن الكلمه دي ؟هقدف

Author mona b (6 years)
this song is so meaningful. I love his voice how deep is that and how warm.
thank you.

Author eriblood (5 years)
rabat fuc u bic boi

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
eriblood you don't have to understand Tigre language, keep on listening
tigray tigrinya songs.

Author Ahmed Rehany (1 year)
Very Nice song We have a great history ( AbdelGader Gailany/ Ibrahim Sultan
/ Hamid Idries Awati / Osman Salih Sabi / Ibrahim Aafa No one able to
delete this history The woman who born those its possible to born the same
We leave from Eritrea in a promise that we will return back As sson as
possible If not us our next generation

Author IsaiasAfewerki (6 years)
pause the video @ 4:20 ..that ladies reaction is how all Eritrean moms
react when they see a camera LOL

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
@Rabat28A If you are European citizen, you are NOT Eritrean citizen.
Therefore, you take care of your Europe & Eritrean citizens will take care
of their Eritrea. Just common sense,,, isn't it?

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
@Rabat28A Rabat Wed Medkrehet, Etaya TeAmra Eritrea, Beled Farsayat, wilad
Farsayat? Keep what God gave you in Europe, we will keep what God gave us
in Eritrea. Barking against Eritrea ALL OVER the interent,,, Is that what
you are good at,? Well, You can keep barking all over the Interent as much
as you want to,, BUT ERITREA IS MARCHING TO REACH THE STARS. while you are
barking like toothless dog all over the interent. KEEP BARKING WED

Author Thegrey12 (7 years)
Fuck you agame your sorts are not welcome! Tigray going to toilet no escape
!! hahah

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
@AlasiL1000 WOW,,, Alasil, I LOVE THE WAY YOU SAID IT & with ll due
respect, I AGREE WITH YOU!!!

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Rabat, You said you are European citizen. Therefore, you are NOT Eritrean.
You can spill your heart out all over the Internet, but you are NOT
Eritrean & you don't speak for Eritrea or FREE ERITREANS. And if you want
me to TELL YOU on your face, you need to come out of your English cage,
come over & meet me in Eritrea. Cowards like you who left Eritrea behind ,
when other Eritreans were paying their blood to FREE ERITREA can not preach
to Eritreans. Good try any way!

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
Bahre of Lie and Bahre of hypocrite get off this pure Eritrean song go and
listen your tigray tigrinya songs. ya ibn habeshiya ya munafeequ ya kazab
ya haban. whuwa ento endakum rejaal? ya neswan.

Author cutegual (6 years)
I am waiting for his CD:( Great man Ever! in the World. Wad Gorat you are
my only man!lol

Author eriblood (5 years)
I don't understand what he's saying but it sounds nice

Author eritrean1991 (4 years)
I would like to appeal agenst any one who have or who can share from
Ibrahim Mehamed ali Goret love songs please I am a big fun of him and love
to listen and enjoy his love music I am just crying if you can stope me
from crying do what you can do for me and for a people who love Goret
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ende yeate Degeha........Seceko yeareko..................I
am far from Eri And cant find to buy any store near me I am not tigre but I
love tigre songs

Author Merhawi Tesfai (2 years)
the 2 people that dislike this were from the derg

Author Mujee mohmmed (2 years)
Nothing is impossible ..why not ? inshllah will eradicate him and his
followers soooooon ..

Author AbHarishThawadah (3 years)
Eritrean people are strong, unlike other weak africans, STAND UP FOR OWN

Author BahreNeGash (5 years)
Abshirka Wed Emie...

Author mia johannessen (6 years)
please send me the lyrics. please.

Author kassalawi39 (3 years)
Thumbs up for bahrengash and khalid7002 well said, Rebat -Allah
yahdeek(,,,,wa la teftenu fa enta al fetntu ashda mn Al "gtl)

Author akolloo (6 years)
Great song from great singer. Thanks Ibrahim.

Author Merhawe Haile (5 years)

Author mo ogbes (1 year)
Abshir wed Gorat nice song along live erina!

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
Gash I said I am European Citizen pure Eritrean meaning I am European
Citizen Eritrean Origin. very simple to understand.

Author nurwedkeren (7 years)
abayka wo qetin min simetka bahrera...amankatu wed Goret. Abay Eritrea min
simeta bahrera. You are second to none from tigre siger, Wed goret. Abshir.

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
Bagre if Lie Bahre of Hypocrisy you don't say anything in my face because
you are coward. I am free Eritrean but you are not free, you use the word "
nigger" it doesn't concern me so that word it goes around and comes to you
because it departures from you so it belongs to you, I am pure that word
have no place neither in my mind nor in my soul. you are jealous, I will
not argue with you if I am European or not, Eritrean are free to express
their feeling. ya ibn al-habashy

Author cutegual (7 years)
wed goret ana marra ifeteka. Eri 4 Eva !!!

Author squeky11 (7 years)
One of the greatest Eritrean songs of all time. Ibrahim Korat = the living

Author Wise Berhan (7 years)
Thank u 4 u sharing it with us. I Goret is a legend one of my fan in Tigre

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
Bahre of Lie Bahre of Hypocrisy you cry like a kind, you and your tgrinya
government bark till you blow your face, it will not change anything, pure
Eritrean they don't need approval from tigrinya regime or from selfish
people like you, my people are Eritrean before the creation of EPLF, our
people establish or create Eritrean Armed Struggle and our province
accommodate all Freedom fighters while some of your people they were spy
and some of them serve in Ethiopian Army. ya habeshy ya jaban.

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
@Bahe of Lie and Bahre of Hypocrisy well nothng know you are repeating the
same stuff, but I am happy that you correct your mistakes and spell Wad
instead of wadi, that is good news finally you accept my correction. but
the rest of your comment is the same words of shaebia, word like you sold
your nationality and other stuff, please tell me how much I sold my
nationality? plus I don't have English flat, thanks God I have my own house
in Euope, I never say that hebeshtay wad eseet.

Author Rabat28A (5 years)
@Bahre of Lie and Bahre of Hypocrisy good for you go straight to stars good
for you. ya jaban ya munafeeq ya ibn al-habashiya ya ibn zuria ramz
al-daAarah but I am from luyet and jalabiya culturet you are tigray
tigrinya and zuria culture zuria the symbol of prostitution.

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