Make your own Photovoltaic Off-Grid System

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    Parts list (incomplete, see Instructables for more information):
    100W Solar Panel:
    Solar wire + MC4 connectors:
    Solar Charge Controller:
    12V 100Ah Battery:
    Battery terminals:
    Reed switch:
    LED strip:
    100W Solar Panel:
    Solar wire + MC4 connectors:
    Solar Charge Controller:
    12V 100Ah Battery:
    Battery terminals:
    Reed switch:
    LED strip:

    In this project I will show you how I combined a 100W solar panel, a 12V 100Ah battery, a solar charge controller, an inverter and many complementary components to reconstruct the electrical wiring inside my garage and create a photovoltaic off-grid system.

    2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
    Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte

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Comments: 819

  • Mike Project
    Mike Project 11 hours ago

    nice project but why you don't put a 100w LED instead of strip LED is was more efficent because that Le d 100w run on 30v and drau about 3 ah and whith a step-up is was good this just my opinion i m not a big electric inginer i learn everything my self

  • Joe Madden
    Joe Madden 1 day ago

    @GreatScott Why did you run the conduit up to the junction boxes and leave a gap? Why not run them into the junction boxes for full protection?

  • david
    david 2 days ago

    Wie es schon manch andere geschrieben haben: du solltest das Panel nicht direkt aufs Dach kleben, da es sehr schnell warm wird

  • Rob H
    Rob H 3 days ago

    Real guys do it first and work on the fly. If that doesn't work then we look up this guy. :)

  • Willeexd
    Willeexd 3 days ago

    What would happend if u short dc to ac

  • CoolKoon
    CoolKoon 3 days ago

    Eh, this is quite a nice video about a small solar system. Too bad it just reminds me of the fact that I'll probably never be able to build something like this, because the dirty scumbag utility companies would never allow anything like this near their systems, not even an independent parallel run.....

  • Jean-Luc Coulon
    Jean-Luc Coulon 3 days ago

    The solar panel would have a better efficiency if slanted (about 40 to 45° in Western Europe) and with a South orientation.
    The difference with an horizontal panel is really huge.

  • Bitelaserkhalif 555

    the only problem is the panel

  • NRC073
    NRC073 4 days ago

    Would recommend using same wire size from solar panel to controlled for the controller to battery. Then biggest cable you can add from battery to inverter.

    free advice.

  • didier dlx
    didier dlx 4 days ago

    Hi . just one question : whats the final price of this project ?

  • Folxs Galaxy
    Folxs Galaxy 4 days ago

    Why did You used cold and warm LEDs?

  • Jesus prospero proyectos y mas

    when the video start is that a electrical meter

  • honza0022
    honza0022 4 days ago

    Does anybody know what is the name of the connectors he uses to connect the wires?

  • Daniel's Game Vault

    All those electronics must've cost a fortune - probably would've been cheaper to pay for a connection to the grid :))

  • Brosilio
    Brosilio 4 days ago

    You should have pressure-washed the entire inside of your garage before you installed all that stuff

  • BrotherBrine
    BrotherBrine 4 days ago

    why dont you get a tape measure 1:00

  • Michael P
    Michael P 5 days ago

    I have the same situation in my shed and had been thinking about an off grid solution. This vid demystifies what I thought, was a complicated task. Thank you mate, for making it so simple for us noobs :)

  • Tonis Petronis
    Tonis Petronis 5 days ago

    please make video!!! how to make 3s lithium battery charger

  • acynder1
    acynder1 5 days ago

    I love your videos, but that solar cell glued on te roof.... yeah I know, its for keep all easy, but I study how to install solar sistems so you can imagine...

    Anyways, I hope that works for you!

  • Ted Timmons
    Ted Timmons 5 days ago

    I just finished my off-grid shed power. I kept everything at 12v, no need for AC :)

    okay, there's a small inverter to power my portable tool chargers.

  • 5 days ago

    Hello, could you speak German?

  • tatzecom
    tatzecom 5 days ago

    Your nearest home improvement store is a Globus Baumarkt, isnt it? :D

  • Orang atang
    Orang atang 5 days ago

    greatscot turns eco friendly! i dont get why a garage would have an electrical system installed and would not get power.

  • ammarul arrif
    ammarul arrif 5 days ago

    scott I hate scheaking my dryer if it done.Can you make some thing to know if it done or not AND make it wireless if you can

    if you see this commend and make it thx

  • Ragu Nathan
    Ragu Nathan 5 days ago

    how to increase power without change the voltage level . Is it possible to increase current without changing the voltage level? plz give some solutions

  • Dylanfoxay gameh
    Dylanfoxay gameh 5 days ago

    awsome vid by the way :)

  • Dylanfoxay gameh
    Dylanfoxay gameh 5 days ago

    scot one question..i dont know alot about electric components..well..a tiny it safe to touch the wires...also the conjunction box are made of plastic..wont they catch on fire

  • Will Niendick
    Will Niendick 5 days ago

    Hello Scott,

    I've worked with an electrician before. He said those orange and clear adapters on the inside of wiring kits start fires. Maybe you should remove them.

    • GreatScott!
      GreatScott! 5 days ago

      +Will Niendick I am electrician and my assistant is an electrician and those wago terminals are common.

  • HyTeYT
    HyTeYT 5 days ago

    Hornbach. Yippey YayYay Yippey Yippey yeah!

    • HyTeYT
      HyTeYT 5 days ago

      Ja sind beides meine LieblingsBaumärkte aber Hornbach hab ich am Preisschild erkannt xD

      D3FTIGE KOST 5 days ago

      HyTeYT Hornbach bester Markt.
      Aber Bauhaus in manchen Bereichen höhere Qali und Auswahl.

  • leppy
    leppy 6 days ago

    You Should Go Through Making your own Grid Tie Inverter

  • Peter Turner
    Peter Turner 6 days ago

    Great Stuff!!!

  • Ashwath K N
    Ashwath K N 6 days ago

    Make a MPPT charge controller please

  • electronic world
    electronic world 7 days ago

    sir, you know what? a channel has free booted your videos without​ giving any credit to you.

  • firebird95driver
    firebird95driver 7 days ago

    Let me live in your garage.

  • embren11
    embren11 7 days ago

    How long is the battery life for night use?

  • Makarov Fox
    Makarov Fox 7 days ago

    i love this type of videos

  • Antonio
    Antonio 7 days ago this guy is stealing your videos.or you have second chanel called Dorene Mandie?

  • I changed My username

    bitchy-men :D

  • Upcycle Electronics

    Now just add a HHO setup with a hydrogen gas separating setup. and use your surplus power to generate a useful fuel source.

  • sucotronic
    sucotronic 7 days ago

    I'll suggest to add a breaker switch just after the inverter 😉

  • Ondřej Petrlík
    Ondřej Petrlík 7 days ago

    I like how accurate and careful you are. Do you not tell us any crap, thumbs up for mention of dividing DC and AC into two tubes. I see you have good education. Love your videos.

  • Ethan Turner
    Ethan Turner 7 days ago

    Why did you have to make it where it only turned on if the garage door was open? What if you wanted to work in there with it closed?

  • valveman12
    valveman12 7 days ago

    I like it!

  • Code Junkes
    Code Junkes 7 days ago

    If you angle your solar panel to the angle = to your location's latitude degree, that will be best efficiency angle for non-rotating solar panel.

  • Arthur V
    Arthur V 7 days ago

    Just a suggestion: What if you made a video of a li-ion 9v battery with built in charging cuircuit from usb, I want to build one myself 😉
    Keep Up The good video's!

  • Edward Arruda
    Edward Arruda 7 days ago

    Excellent!! I might even do this in my home. Thanks Great!

  • Raul Cabe
    Raul Cabe 7 days ago

    Amazing and accurate work! good job Scott

  • Tom Louwell
    Tom Louwell 7 days ago

    Hey Scott, Is it safe to use Modified Sine Wave Inverter on LED TV's, LED Bulbs, Fans? Everytime i plug my TV on my MSW Inverter, it produce little noise at the back of the TV. Btw, I only use my Inverter for 2-3hrs power outages.

  • roop90
    roop90 7 days ago

    Hey Scott. Watching your videos I came across some ideas. Would a combo of a small 5v Solar panel + 5.5v 4F Supercap be enough to power an 5v or 3.3v Microcontroller (via buck/boost converter) over a long period? Could I also power a small 5v Servo Motor with that?

  • Michael O
    Michael O 8 days ago

    What kind of pin in that you uses to mark the pipe? I want one!

  • Ian Colquhoun
    Ian Colquhoun 8 days ago

    Reed switches can be Normally Open or Normally Closed.

  • akshay Kadam
    akshay Kadam 8 days ago

    please make a video on nixxi tubes

  • vignesh kailas
    vignesh kailas 8 days ago

    is the zip tie enough for the inverter box

  • Jet Addict
    Jet Addict 8 days ago


  • Javier Corado
    Javier Corado 8 days ago

    Would it be better to usea an optocoupler instead of the relay? That way you are avoiding mechanical troubles within the device

  • fischele
    fischele 8 days ago

    Don't watch unless you want to deal with free energy videos in your recommendations.

  • Hichem Naami
    Hichem Naami 8 days ago

    Nice work :)

  • Tiago Medeiros
    Tiago Medeiros 8 days ago

    Loved this tutorial Scott!

    I'm assuming that solar controller you used is MPPT?

  • Effdottelles
    Effdottelles 8 days ago

    But you did use ferrules on that charger box later on... didnt you?

  • Игнат Артурович

    Here in my garage we have knowledge of wires.

  • OverSoft
    OverSoft 8 days ago

    Never ever mount a solar panel flat on the roof. Rain water and dust will not run of the panel. Even a 1 or 2 degree angle would be better than this.
    This also helps with the heat.

    Oh, and that bitumen won't hold it, as the frame of the solar panel expands and contracts every day.

  • couldbelaster
    couldbelaster 8 days ago

    Very nice and useful project!

  • Brendan
    Brendan 8 days ago

    Hey Mate, I enjoy your videos, keep up with the good work! Cheers from Western Australia !!!!!!!!!!

  • orshemesh1213
    orshemesh1213 8 days ago

    Wow. Amazing!

  • sami symbian
    sami symbian 8 days ago

    Hey scott Great job!!!!! , but whose hands are those ?? who's helping you ??

  • Daniele Vetrucci
    Daniele Vetrucci 8 days ago

    Is the inverter always on? It can discharge the battery.

  • David Dennis
    David Dennis 8 days ago

    The materials you use are so different from what is available in the US. Looks like what you have is much easier to work with. Love the Bluetooth feature on the charge controller!!!

  • Thomas Train
    Thomas Train 8 days ago

    i think one part of your strips is dead

  • Boris Zaprudin
    Boris Zaprudin 8 days ago

    You have to add "don't try this at home", as you need to be a citified electrician to do those wirings.

  • Csiklós Miklós
    Csiklós Miklós 8 days ago

    "solor ponol"

  • Gloglas´s Studio
    Gloglas´s Studio 8 days ago

    Legend says: "Great Scott will make power grid for hole Germany"

  • Nscale
    Nscale 8 days ago

    8,9A for the LED Strips? Wow...

  • Brandon Daniels
    Brandon Daniels 8 days ago

    Still waiting for _"Make your own DIY Space Ship"_ Kappa

  • Tuomo Mela
    Tuomo Mela 8 days ago

    Can you make everyday circuit videos and make videos i like watch your videos and they are intresting. GreatScott!

  • GameDeLaGame
    GameDeLaGame 8 days ago

    hey Scott, hast du die Schalter noch, ich hätte sie gerne wenn sich dass arrangieren lässt, freu mich auf Rückmeldung (:

  • muh1h1
    muh1h1 8 days ago

    Bitch Human sounds funny :D

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office 8 days ago

    that zip tie will break

  • Shizuki
    Shizuki 8 days ago

    this video was too fast paced and complicated i feel scott rushed through this one FAST.. :(

    Also solar panels are that weak eh? that it can only power that much led... how much did all that cost why dont you mention prices?? i have to skim through the links for the prices of the panel..

  • John Ridley
    John Ridley 8 days ago

    Up through the battery and charge controller it's not bad, but that wiring up around the LED strips, and just having the strips hanging there with no protection, is incredibly sketchy. I wouldn't allow that in my house or garage.

  • Broenss
    Broenss 8 days ago

    love ur stuff =)

  • Jeffrey Blinksma
    Jeffrey Blinksma 8 days ago

    Let me guess, because we're country neighbours, that was a Hornbach

  • mechlopak
    mechlopak 8 days ago

    Szacun Chłopaki !!!

  • JElectricity J전기

    You said me i will make Solar Charge System.
    It means this!
    I made Korean subscribe like Arduino Basics 102 video.
    Actually, I saw it as soon as I uploaded it, but now I've translated it.
    I want make subtitles but, not enough time
    I'll just be waiting for the next video and translate description~.

  • Najaf Agha
    Najaf Agha 8 days ago

    why do you need lights in the day time because your Off Grid system will not work after sunset .You dont have batteries.

  • J Bishop
    J Bishop 8 days ago

    You really need to elevate that solar panel off the roof. Running it with no ventilation will make it exceptionally hot between panel and roof. Aside from a potential fire hazard, it will not generate as much power, as PV panels are more efficient at lower temperatures.

  • Bozo Sosic
    Bozo Sosic 8 days ago


  • CorruptedPixl_
    CorruptedPixl_ 8 days ago

    can you turn it on when the garage door is closed? like in the winter or something?

  • No Fix
    No Fix 8 days ago

    Looks like fun project.

  • nand homan
    nand homan 8 days ago

    please explain how to made a 220 volt circuit with an handmade transformer

  • tsxownz
    tsxownz 8 days ago

    should used an 90 elbow in the ceiling. it will collect rainwater down the pipe

  • Th3Y4nnix
    Th3Y4nnix 8 days ago

    Nice video dude! Motivates me to build something similar.

    GEGEDUBLEWPEE 8 days ago

    Wanted to ask why you run the AC and DC wirings thru separate pipes?
    Is is to do with coupling b/w the two as in would the AC induce an emf superimposed onto the DC wires?

  • Bali Bali
    Bali Bali 8 days ago

    Thank you your video was very interesting

  • Rounak Dutta
    Rounak Dutta 8 days ago

    0:17 is that's a spider.....No No No no no no no....

  • SeemsLegal
    SeemsLegal 8 days ago

    Bitchy men 😁

  • Gmtail
    Gmtail 8 days ago

    It's cool and weird to see other countries electrical parts and pieces and how it differs from the US. Switches are completely different. It would be cool to get ahold of some of this stuff just to try it out and compare advantages/disadvantages.

  • SwatGuard
    SwatGuard 8 days ago

    How many hours of light can you get from this setup ? Thanks

  • Florian Holtgen
    Florian Holtgen 8 days ago

    Please stop saying "bitchy-men"

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