Australian Car Crash / Dash Cam Compilation 13

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    Description: These compilations are made every 3 months from footage from the Facebook page, some of these videos have been featured by themselves here on YouTube already, these videos have always been done this way its nothing new.
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Comments: 807

  • Julz Baby
    Julz Baby 1 day ago

    "I couldn't see you because of the truck"

  • Lownsm!
    Lownsm! 2 days ago

    the cement truck lol "fuuuuck"

  • Matt Lenart
    Matt Lenart 2 days ago

    9:26 that guy was checkin out the babes :P

  • theamazinbagman
    theamazinbagman 2 days ago

    Yes :D deliveroo lives up to their reputation

  • Mannon Howard
    Mannon Howard 3 days ago

    Let's all drive bumper cars instead

  • imapwnie
    imapwnie 4 days ago

    Does it rain oil in Australia? Those roads are a hazard when they are wet.

  • Ruubick
    Ruubick 4 days ago

    "The game of survivors begin" basically every time you need to take your car somewhere

  • Nedread
    Nedread 4 days ago

    Just a warning all. First clip is some jump scare shit. (Brace your butt at 0:09)
    Fuckin' hell!

  • pittbullpuppie
    pittbullpuppie 5 days ago

    @ 1:01.....I know that street ...that's in clown town (caloundra🤓)

  • Annabelle Rankin
    Annabelle Rankin 7 days ago

    Lot of load-shedding in Aus

  • AGwolf2097
    AGwolf2097 8 days ago

    no brakes on that train lol damn

  • Darius Hunter
    Darius Hunter 8 days ago

    Guy in carpark is a just derpy as fuck. I just crash my car into an SUV.

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor 9 days ago

    can we mute all female commentary?

  • 〈Invisible-Visualz〉

    shit my pants at the 1st vid when i had headphones on volume turned up

  • Azeyzel
    Azeyzel 11 days ago

    3:33 The image is UPSIDE DOWN! Explain this globe idiots!!1

  • VibrateU
    VibrateU 12 days ago

    9:26 was too busy checking out that ass

  • Aidan From Aus
    Aidan From Aus 14 days ago

    7:23 Car Smash Happens Smash Repairs Sign Warns About Smash Repairs And Smash Happens

  • Aidan From Aus
    Aidan From Aus 14 days ago

    Windows XP Sound 6:32

  • John C
    John C 14 days ago

    To be fair on the out of control commodore and falcon drivers - they are commodores and falcons after all, handle like pigs.

  • hardheadbubba
    hardheadbubba 14 days ago

    a bunch of these people dont understand that they have side mirrors

  • plusplusplusplusp
    plusplusplusplusp 14 days ago

    6:19 I can bloody guarantee it was some young punk looking at Facebook. Do NOT look at your phone while driving, it's fucking dangerous

  • cerroh
    cerroh 14 days ago


  • Luke George
    Luke George 15 days ago

    Had a good chuckle with 5:40 lol

  • Scott Norton
    Scott Norton 15 days ago

    Hindsight is 20/20, but it won't save you in a wreck. Foresight, though invariably weaker, is essential to survival on the road.

  • sicktrancetunes
    sicktrancetunes 16 days ago

    5:39, she saw that new car sale sign and had to check it out

  • Doug Borrett
    Doug Borrett 16 days ago

    @ 5:06 Don't you just love that, I know I do it makes my day when I see those idiots over cook their wheelie.

  • Doug Borrett
    Doug Borrett 16 days ago

    1:07 that is why you don't ride your bike on the footpath at that speed.

  • Moe Sysslac
    Moe Sysslac 16 days ago

    Wtf was that noise at 6:50

  • dat Kush
    dat Kush 16 days ago

    7:22 Smash Repairs

  • pete a
    pete a 17 days ago

    5:30 proves there is no god or it would have stopped the god bus from pulling out into that car

    JETFOURLITRE 18 days ago

    bike vs jeep hahahaha fuckin middle aged spandex suss cunts

  • jessflan
    jessflan 19 days ago

    I think theres something really wrong with the ones who dont make a sound when something happens! I think wtf is wrong with u, not a grunt r a groan r a scream, not a sound! its not right!!!!

  • john smith
    john smith 19 days ago

    First video-i witnessed an exactly the same scenario in SA where a turbo VT bogan chariot nearmissed the car already driving into the intersection and missed the light pole by 1 foot at about 80ks

  • mutefeed
    mutefeed 19 days ago

    So many undelivered pizzas... :'( :'( :'(

  • David Dundas
    David Dundas 20 days ago

    Thats what ya get for being a fucktard, lmao classic line

  • hot sliva
    hot sliva 20 days ago

    Jesus its jason bourn

  • Mac cat
    Mac cat 21 day ago

    @6:55 those army 8 tonne trailers are notoriously bad for locking up their rear axle when empty and doing whatever the fuck it wants to do :-/

  • Maddie Fox
    Maddie Fox 21 day ago

    10:30 you can literally see the prick on his phone

  • Thomas Tauiliili Pau

    anyone else wearing headphones and got a fright from the intro? lol

  • FT Squad
    FT Squad 22 days ago

    is it just me
    that reads the street signs to specify what area its in?

  • Wayne Herby
    Wayne Herby 23 days ago

    2nd from last, after crash man still has hand to face on the phone... !!!

  • Rowan Leat
    Rowan Leat 23 days ago

    This is what happens when you have 1 marijuana

  • Macaroni101
    Macaroni101 24 days ago

    that scream at 6:50

  • tony walsh
    tony walsh 24 days ago

    I always assumed Russians were the worlds worst drivers! until I came across these videos, Australian drivers are on a par with the Russians, they are equally piss poor.

  • wgt3623
    wgt3623 24 days ago

    Russians and Americans are fucking assholes on the road... Australians are just a brainless species... you can't blame an Australian for being an Australian, no more than you can blame a dog for being a dog.

  • Artisan Savon
    Artisan Savon 24 days ago

    the comments on the radio at 9:10 are quite appropriate for what just happened in the video

  • Rastah Kicks
    Rastah Kicks 25 days ago

    See alot of VIC plates 😂

  • Isuzu Slider
    Isuzu Slider 25 days ago



  • AKgaming786
    AKgaming786 25 days ago

    6:55 What a dumb one, decides to overtake the truck but was too impatient that made it get involved in an accident

  • Ross Morrison
    Ross Morrison 25 days ago

    9:27 rubber necking them 2 sheilas

  • Rob cameron80
    Rob cameron80 26 days ago

    "That's what you get for being a tosser" AMEN to that.

  • Bob DaMano
    Bob DaMano 28 days ago

    Should just rename these videos "Faark!"

  • LetsPlay gaming
    LetsPlay gaming 29 days ago

    Bike vs jeep I live near there

  • LetsPlay gaming
    LetsPlay gaming 29 days ago

    That first one I always come out from there when I go to the Brisbane hospital

  • Zac Gillman
    Zac Gillman 29 days ago

    2:44 oh no that persons not gonna get their pizza😂

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 29 days ago

    bloody Muppets

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 1 month ago

    Fuckwit! Fuckwits everywhere!

  • Vespa Red
    Vespa Red 1 month ago

    well timed 9:11 - "the game of survivor begins"

  • James Hall
    James Hall 1 month ago

    Some of these people is swear are blind

  • James Hall
    James Hall 1 month ago

    "That's what ya get for being a fuktard" I'm crying 😂

  • Dennis Lubert
    Dennis Lubert 1 month ago

    0:40 this is the reason why I don't give way to people trying to do dumb things. In the end they will blame and sue me because I was signalling them that it is alright to drive.

  • Ryan Mr 1%
    Ryan Mr 1% 1 month ago

    All we had to do, was not get our bikes run over by the damn train CJ

  • AussieGarbo
    AussieGarbo 1 month ago

    These videos never fail to entertain, always left intrigued, shocked and entertained! The opening clip almost made me shit myself, at least it made me jump..... was all peaceful and calm then BANG! At 2:15 you think two things, either I'm gonna get fucked up or I'll just escape unharmed - what a sight that would be when you're helpless :P

  • Saravana Kumar
    Saravana Kumar 1 month ago

    5:50 ABS saves the day for that Land Cruiser. Good stopping power!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 1 month ago

    driving home from work I saw the cement mixer on its side and thought how?? now I know

  • Pretzel
    Pretzel 1 month ago

    6:50 that scream is funny as hell. Lol

  • Jarno Saarinen
    Jarno Saarinen 1 month ago

    Attention all motorbike riders with a telephone mounted on the handlebars you are a dickhead!

  • VideoMorsels
    VideoMorsels 1 month ago

    2:19 That Olished truck got so scared it shit itself.

  • William
    William 1 month ago

    10:07 shaggy it wasn't me playing in the background is perfect cause it wasn't the drivers fault haha

  • entor
    entor 1 month ago

    change "fucking idiot" to fucking bmw driver

  • entor
    entor 1 month ago

    change "fucking idiot" to fucking bmw driver

  • Rory Carter
    Rory Carter 1 month ago

    my superb was in the video twice 0:25 0:41

  • Eddy Yang
    Eddy Yang 1 month ago

    Was that biker actually stupid

  • Ben Miles
    Ben Miles 1 month ago

    wow. so many nuggets.

  • Kian Lai
    Kian Lai 1 month ago

    The amount of garbage drivers on our roads

  • Lettuce Trains
    Lettuce Trains 1 month ago

    5:41 *Slides perfectly into parking space* "Like A Glove!"

  • TheMasterMoto
    TheMasterMoto 1 month ago

    How ironic is the add on the radio with the crash at 9:00, blue Holden, listen to the radio hahaha

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 1 month ago

    was the guy on the phone in the second last clip?

  • cuteness of all dogs mills.                  o

    3:49 I'm begging you for mercy *crash* perfect timing

  • DavveyL
    DavveyL 1 month ago

    10:12-10:20 shit like that happens so fucking often. Just people to stubborn to slow down and let someone in, so fucking dumb like it matters.

    • JP Onefourseven
      JP Onefourseven 1 month ago

      It's good to slow down a little, but going out of your way to let someone in who doesn't have right of way is dangerous too. The car easily could have and should have stopped, but instead they drove straight off the road and back into a truck. You can't help people like that.

    • Paul Kennedy
      Paul Kennedy 1 month ago

      It's the car driver that was being stubborn. He should have dropped back and come in after the vehicle(s) that were already in that lane. There was no way he was going to get in in front. So he just drove into the side of the truck instead.

  • theNomad
    theNomad 1 month ago

    Lot of heavy hitters this month! Good to see.

  • cintula82
    cintula82 1 month ago

    Okay then its not just the Russians.

  • youn boyce
    youn boyce 1 month ago

    lol that cyclist.

  • Cam Sharin
    Cam Sharin 1 month ago

    "The game of survivor begins..." ha ha

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 1 month ago

    Radio @ 2:14

  • CptSchmidt
    CptSchmidt 1 month ago

    I hope they caught that first guy and did him in big time.

  • YellowDieselGolf
    YellowDieselGolf 1 month ago


  • Ragnarok8807
    Ragnarok8807 1 month ago

    4:38, some of that D12.

    Now I have to go listen.

  • Caleb Kam
    Caleb Kam 1 month ago

    Lesson: AFT camera is important, too.

  • global zou
    global zou 1 month ago

    Я интересно: нет светофоров перекрестка правильно?

  • Antti Hero
    Antti Hero 1 month ago

    10:10 yet another truckie being a prick intentionally

    • Antti Hero
      Antti Hero 1 month ago

      I assume everyone on the road around me is a retard these days. I hate when these left lane dickhead do this too but at anytime before the car ran into him the truckie could have been a decent human being and let the fuckwit in but he chose to be a prick.

    • JP Onefourseven
      JP Onefourseven 1 month ago

      You can't just stop and give way to everyone who doesn't have right of way. The truck driver couldn't have known at the time that the person driving the car was retarded.

    • Paul Kennedy
      Paul Kennedy 1 month ago

      No. A car driver who unbelievably thought he was going to be able to get in front, ran out of lane, ran out of emergency stopping lane, and then ran into the vehicle beside him.

  • JoeyandLindsay
    JoeyandLindsay 1 month ago

    There are TOO MANY people on this planet...we need another outbreak

  • The Black Liars
    The Black Liars 1 month ago

    2:46 husband: yeahahhh
    wife: awwww no.. 😂

  • Andrew - Focus IT
    Andrew - Focus IT 1 month ago

    "The Game of survivor begins!" TIMING! @9:10

    TACTICS GAMING 1 month ago

    0:28 i remember seeing photos of that crash that poor guy owned a real rare subaru

  • 65bug519
    65bug519 1 month ago

    wot a bunch of fookin tools

  • InAUGral
    InAUGral 1 month ago Has happened to me before. I was proven at fault but the driver in front indicated left then turned right. The lesson learnt is to never trust idiots with (or without) indicators.

    • Paul Kennedy
      Paul Kennedy 1 month ago

      I don't see how this can be the same as your experience. This clip shows a car make a u-turn from the kerb directly into the path of car approaching from behind. Nothing about turning left or right.
      Did you mean another clip?

  • Baileyy x3
    Baileyy x3 1 month ago

    I like how they continue to drive and not ask if the other person is okay 😂

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