A Twilight Story Episode 1 Season 1

A twilight story Episode 1 Season 1
Isabella Swan
Edwards Cullen
Alice Cullen
Jasper Hale
Rosalie Hale
Emmett Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
Esme Cullen
Charlie Swan
Isabella Swan: Vampire, Evil, Mean, Rough , Tom boy , Love to Kill/ Fight , Full Demon, Princess of the Darkness & Hell Her mom died giving birth to Bella cause Bella ate her heart Bella Is Very Powerful, She has all Sorts of powers nobody ever seen , she knows how to fight really good
Edwards Cullen: Vampire, Evil, Mean, jerk, Rough, Love to Kill, Can Read Minds
Alice Cullen: Vampire, sweet, cheerful, love to dance, see the future
Jasper Hale: Vampire, sweet, kind, quiet, feels emotions and power
Rosalie Hale: Vampire, sweet, kind, shock people with beauty
Emmett Cullen: Vampire, sweet, very strong
Carlisle Cullen: Vampire, sweet, can control himself from human blood
Esme Cullen: Vampire, sweet, kind, Change people minds
Charlie Swan: White lighter, kind, sweet, nice, orbs

Chapter 1
A Twilight Story
Episode 1 Season 1
Sunday Morning @t 7; 15 am
( At Bellas House )
Bella: ( wakes up and disappears to the bathroom takes a shower wash up and then put this on) (kristen%20stewart4_thumb%5B2%5D.jpg ) ( Then she disappears into the kitchen grabbed a bottle of blood then she disappears in her leather chair with her legs up on the arm wrest the says) What are you doing today
Charlie: Well Im going to get my best friend Carlisle and his family from the airport
Bella: Ohh Well what time they come ( has a vision) 8:00 well ( has a vision ) they will be her in about 5 minutes lets go ( bells orb her and Charlie in her car and speeds really fast to the air port and gets a park in the garage then they walk in the airport then bells says) at least the is a immortal airport
Charlie: yep
BPO: ( picks up Bella and start to walk away)
Bella: Dad Go get the Your friend I got some business with grandpa (smirks)
Charlie: Okay Dont hurt yourself (smiles and walks off to the Find The Cullens)
Bella: Whatever Dad Now Big Guy shall you sit me down ( smirks while getting sat down in a chair ) What you want Grandpa
I gotta go to sleep write another tmmrw

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