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Author shafiqullah kosha (2 years)
shafiqullah photo

Author Yaseen Hasan (5 years)
@Nilofar143 @kk777able can u tell me little more about you? Where u live
now? what u do? what is your Qualification? we may be friends, Ma Ham
Hazara Astom/ My Email Is

Author Mohd Ullah (3 years)
pakk mo azaara budi faqat 3 ta jaghurgi bu...............just joking dont
mind hah ha ha ha ha

Author Hossein Ali (3 years)
kool brov

Author Antony Massy (4 years)
Hazara oh chachelte menu

Author aref hussein (4 years)
can any1 tell me the name of this songg plz???

Author Shafiqullah Sultani (5 years)
gosh ko baz mefami kojaye ast kho

Author M Zamani (4 years)
oh bachagak tu khord asti etor chezaa ra mimani baz title ham medi
hazara???? remove these stupid videos please

Author spartanpls (4 years)
lmfao at the music

Author arasto23 (5 years)
music va axa aslan beham nemikhoran ama khobe , merci

Author spartanpls (4 years)
lmfao at music

Author 25hamid (4 years)
thanks for ur great music i am drunk now heeheheh cheeers

Author Baba Khan (3 years)
thanks or the video but kolash azaragia bod watandar lol

Author Nemat yasi (5 years)
salam aji koja aste?, fint bilder men de passar inte med den här låten, :)

Author Yaseen Hasan (5 years)
@Nilofar143 where r u from?

Author Muhammad Jalil (3 years)
and evry one loves hazaras

Author Muhammad Jalil (3 years)
we love hazara haras are the best in the world

Author Jasmeen Atif (3 years)
nice song

Author Shima Ahmadi (2 years)
azma pli nmikona

Author sharif salihi (5 years)
very nice mashallah

Author Nilofar Jan (5 years)

Author Humanity Forall (3 years)
the musci is extremely sarcastic...there r like milllions of hazaragi songs
and out of nowhere u chose that "barbie" girly song hahahah

Author Nilofar Jan (5 years)
@kk777able from AFG

Author jee161 (3 years)
jaghori kho shakh doom nadara dga chez fakhar muni bale kho great hazara

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