Top 10 F*%KED UP Origins Behind Disney Movies

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    Your favourite Disney movies may actually have some pretty terrifying source material including everything form murder to rape and torture! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Most Horrifying Orgins that Disney Movies were based on. But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or Sleeping Beauty?

    00:34 #10. “Pocahontas” (1995)
    01:40 #9. “Pinocchio” (1940)
    02:52 #8. “Hercules” (1997)
    04:01 #7. “Peter Pan” (1953)
    05:09 #6. “The Fox and the Hound” (1981)
    06:19 #5. “Cinderella” (1950)
    07:32 #4. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937)
    08:49 #3, #2, #1 ???

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  • 4 months ago

    Now you know the REAL story, watch these Disney movies with fresh eyes.
    Pinocchio [Blu-ray]
    The Little Mermaid Collection [Blu-ray]

    • tainishha g
      tainishha g 10 days ago

      Honey Bee86

    • Emilio Polanco
      Emilio Polanco 1 month ago

      snurfbee58 and the squeal?

    • Honey Bee86
      Honey Bee86 2 months ago

      Watching these just makes me miss the way Disney movies USE to be, when they were still masterfully hand drawn and painted still by still, by those unsung heroes, the Disney artists.....Now it's all CGI bullshit, done by some fat virgin on his computer. 😔

  • jams jams
    jams jams 3 hours ago

    why in the mother of fuck you need to rape her monkey ass if you failed to wake her up 🙃

  • Kennethan Lynn
    Kennethan Lynn 14 hours ago

    Hera is actually Zeus' sister.

  • Darienne Meador
    Darienne Meador 17 hours ago

    My childhood! Ruined! 😖😭😵

  • TardisCoreST
    TardisCoreST 1 day ago

    Funny enough, Andersen's tales scared me more than Grimm's as a child - they were so dark and depressing. He had a horrible lonely and depressing life, and he brought it into his tales.
    I still thank the Universe and my mom for introducing me to the Disney versions first.

  • skittlesforkittles fam

    in the movie malifecent they made her the good guy in the end because she felt sad for the princess :/ but the old disney movie they made malifecent the villain,

  • xEunsol x
    xEunsol x 2 days ago

    Well now people know that disney isn't the real story. They are actually all real bloody stories. Nothing for children really.

  • RomanceGirl6666
    RomanceGirl6666 2 days ago

    I actually prefer the original fairytales over Disney.

  • Bleh
    Bleh 2 days ago

    We need more people

  • Zoroku Zoroark
    Zoroku Zoroark 4 days ago

    I guess if you fail at something like failing a test, it give you rights to rape someone...

  • Sarah Hellen
    Sarah Hellen 4 days ago

    What movie was the very first clip from? It is the one where the woman is bound up and about to be beheaded.

  • Eden Biru
    Eden Biru 5 days ago

    Can we all just take a moment and admire pat Carroll for her awesome role as Ursula

  • nahar alshareef
    nahar alshareef 6 days ago

    watching this video really hurt for some reason

  • Aziz Aziz
    Aziz Aziz 7 days ago

    disney is the best

  • CrystalRiot
    CrystalRiot 8 days ago

    The original and other versions of Little Red Riding Hood are the most disturbing of all.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 9 days ago

    Well Sleeping beauty , cinderella Rapunzel, snow white, leittle mermaid e.t.c

  • Tona V.
    Tona V. 10 days ago

    Top Ten _Kingdom Hearts_ levels that were much darker than _Final Fantasy_

  • Fallout Boy
    Fallout Boy 10 days ago

    Remember Kratos the gods will have a bad day

  • Tara  Elzy
    Tara Elzy 11 days ago

    😲😲 legit did not know the Sleeping Beauty story like wow nah for real!!

  • Riadh Fenina
    Riadh Fenina 11 days ago

    Disney's versions are just as horrifying and even more terrible for the poor young actors . Disney is an EVIL money/power thirsty company

  • shinykurosawa
    shinykurosawa 12 days ago


  • Janet Hart
    Janet Hart 13 days ago

    I had the "creepy" version of The Little Mermaid in a cassette/book combo as a kid. Except mine had a so called happy ending. After she dives into the ocean and becomes foam her spirit becomes a daughter of the air. She was a guardian angel of sorts.

  • Brian Corvello
    Brian Corvello 13 days ago

    The Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty has another dark element to it.

    In that version, the prince has a mother who's half ogre, and she PURPOSELY demands Sleeping Beauty and her two young sons cooked for her while he's away. (I dunno, male royalty always seem to go on long trips in these stories.) Fortunately for them, her servants have the same mindset as the one who worked for Snow White's mother, substituting two sheep for her sons and a deer for Sleeping Beauty. But she figures out she's been had, and conjures up a big pot of snakes and lizards to kill ALL of them. She's slain by her own son, who catches her in the act and shoves her into it. (And they FINALLY live happily ever after.)

    Of course, as scary as the prince's mom likely was for readers at the time, I doubt she could have matched Malificent. That woman scared the hell out of me when I was a kid...

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 13 days ago

    John Smith the singer

  • Osana Najimii
    Osana Najimii 13 days ago

    watch mojo:Number 8 Hercules
    me: Hercules hunny you mean hunkules

  • Eva Mullens
    Eva Mullens 13 days ago

    This just makes me more grateful for Disney

  • Chelsey Pryor
    Chelsey Pryor 13 days ago

    you mean disney doesnt stay 100% true to the source material? shocking

  • Steamboat Willie.
    Steamboat Willie. 15 days ago

    Even Walt himself agnoledge how grusome some of the original stories were.

  • Chris Orozco
    Chris Orozco 15 days ago

    Remind me never to read any of these novels the movies are based on

  • Kath Rioux
    Kath Rioux 15 days ago

    They basically were meant to be horror movies 🤔

  • Emily Loves Anime
    Emily Loves Anime 15 days ago

    There goes my childhood.

  • Minnah4 AJ
    Minnah4 AJ 15 days ago

    Pocahontas was actually 12, not 10 xD

  • Jenny Upo
    Jenny Upo 16 days ago

    7:10 Funny One!

  • the legend ut
    the legend ut 18 days ago

    wait wait wait wait did she say magic mirror

  • Freaking Awesome Gopher

    these ARE f$%&ed up

  • khfan4life365
    khfan4life365 18 days ago

    Hunchback is still fucked up by Disney standards. I mean, Frollo lusting after Esmeralda, mentions of hell and death, and just the dark atmosphere that's pretty true to the story.

  • Cruel boy
    Cruel boy 20 days ago

    No Bro little mermaid is more f*** up

  • Cruel boy
    Cruel boy 20 days ago

    Do I remember that they readed me the original story of snow white

  • Lazy Lil Animates
    Lazy Lil Animates 21 day ago

    Saw Wonder Woman today. I was ticked by the first 10 minutes. (The mythology was incredibly inaccurate.)

  • SonicHedge The Weeaboo

    I remember the Cinderella CZ version, Disney was same as the CZ one.

  • Amy
    Amy 22 days ago

    Saw thumbnail
    Thought of Tokyo Ghoul with the eyes

  • Liz Pratico
    Liz Pratico 23 days ago

    I think you forgot the original for Rapunzel - pregnancy and blinded prince

  • Safari For Fun of Soul

    The Lion King is a retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet with lions
    Hamlet is a true story about a prince who's father is murdered by the kings own brother, whom marries Hamlets mother and Hamlet suffers from severe depression and cannot bring himself to fight
    until finally he rises up and kills his uncle via the Danish Civil War but he too dies leaving his nation in war ruin

  • Kawaii _ Cat
    Kawaii _ Cat 24 days ago

    After I watched this I had only ONE thing to say WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?
    I can't count

  • Adrianna Nelson
    Adrianna Nelson 27 days ago

    Hunchback of Norte dame was fucked up already as the Disney film.

  • Colin O'Connor
    Colin O'Connor 27 days ago

    cinderella is a fairy tale thats takes place in france same for hunchback of nurture dome

  • Mikuela 0.0
    Mikuela 0.0 27 days ago

    I actually enjoyed reading the original stories. It's super interesting

  • Meatball Marinara
    Meatball Marinara 28 days ago

    probably gonna go and sit in the corner and cry about the fox and the hound one

  • Naomi Chadwick
    Naomi Chadwick 28 days ago

    Ok, that's just wrong

  • Tori's Red hoodie
    Tori's Red hoodie 1 month ago

    When people in movies say if you kill him you have to. Kill me first but your still going to hell?

  • Furret&Friends
    Furret&Friends 1 month ago


  • Kathleen Harvey
    Kathleen Harvey 1 month ago

    most of these where don before Disney did them.

  • Alex Haro
    Alex Haro 1 month ago

    What about Alice In Wonderland?!, That one is scary, my cousin told me about it

  • The Knight of Oryx
    The Knight of Oryx 1 month ago

    the kiss didn't save snow white. The poisons cure was concentrated carbon which was spread by the dwarves

  • Emerald Sword82
    Emerald Sword82 1 month ago

    Dang Hera sucks

  • Ben Corey
    Ben Corey 1 month ago

    What's wrong with the origins behind Cinderella? Bad things only happened to the wicked stepmother and sisters!

  • caramelized_bunny
    caramelized_bunny 1 month ago


  • DestinyVocaloidGamer

    That thumbnail though...

  • laquandra girlio
    laquandra girlio 1 month ago

    I can't believe that sleeping beauty wass my favorite movie

  • laquandra girlio
    laquandra girlio 1 month ago

    ooohh tinker bell is super jelly

  • laquandra girlio
    laquandra girlio 1 month ago

    sorry Pocahontas

  • Rohanasberg
    Rohanasberg 1 month ago


  • Kya Bailey
    Kya Bailey 1 month ago

    well now I can tell my social studies teacher that pokahantas was 10 when she met John Smith

  • AngelinaSNS Bernadez

    Disney is just for kids who want cliche stories. I want gore, like what other anime series have.

  • Pika Chick
    Pika Chick 1 month ago

    I don't know if it was the original one, but the one Beauty ad the Beast I read was about arranged marriages and how they're beneficial...after the Beast sleeps with Belle, of course. Basically, it told young girls who were marrying men twice or three times their age that it's good to get arranged marriages because your husband might actually be good

  • Ace
    Ace 1 month ago

    There's a movie about Snow White which is exactly like the real story but it's so good

  • Ruby Moon
    Ruby Moon 1 month ago

    snow wight hummmmm ahna she is the mother of jon snow mystery solved

  • Ssgdacr33p L-cap
    Ssgdacr33p L-cap 1 month ago

    Goldilocks and the three little bears

  • J. Mclean
    J. Mclean 1 month ago

    I read (and heard) somewhere that Snow White was only 14 while the prince was 20 something... And Aurora was raped while unconscious and woke up only to have both of the King's twins and a nasty case of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • LunaticCultist72
    LunaticCultist72 1 month ago


  • rowela timaan
    rowela timaan 1 month ago


  • Terry P
    Terry P 1 month ago

    10 When i saw this, I knew it was on it. I will tell my kids the real story before I let them watch this rubbish. She died of breathing polluted air, having been used to the fresh air of her land

    9 I have to read the original novel

    8 Never knew that last part, I knew that he and his real mom weren't all that great

    7 Wow, I knew a little bit but not the thinning part

    6 Whoa...that's heavy

    5 Yeaaaah....I heard about the original tale...I wonder how it would be if we got the original stories instead of these Disneyfied watered down versions. They would read like horror films

    4 Hmmm...I like that one

    3 I had the audiobook...terribly sad....

    2 I think this is probably the widest known original tale

    1 Wow, that one is...pretty crazy and the most eff'd up

  • Smurfetka161
    Smurfetka161 1 month ago

    hey i got a question can you do a video of top 10 most evilest villains on wander over yonder? (put lord dominator in 1st place dont forget she is a girl not a boy XD)

  • Alex Hilda
    Alex Hilda 1 month ago

    the Snow White story gave me chills 😓

  • um hi
    um hi 1 month ago

    you missed the part where the little mermaid gets her tongue chopped off.

  • Postal Dude
    Postal Dude 1 month ago

    In the Grimm Snow White, the prince rapes Snow White... and she wakes up pregnant. Messed up, right?

  • Trans Wonderland with Layla

    these are some amazing stories behind the true meaning behind these kid friendly Disney movies.

  • bouncy seal
    bouncy seal 1 month ago

    who else just loves the animation in cinderella

  • Rose Ward
    Rose Ward 1 month ago

    much closer to real life. they should have stuck to the original story instead of making all those changes.

  • Josh Berman
    Josh Berman 1 month ago

    I wish that everything from Disney would just go away permanently.

  • Gregory Rodriguez
    Gregory Rodriguez 1 month ago

    I smoke weed everyday

  • Gabe Blackburn
    Gabe Blackburn 1 month ago

    1:46 RKO!

  • Meowler Studios
    Meowler Studios 1 month ago

    Cinderella is scary as FUCK

  • Jorge JOARROVE
    Jorge JOARROVE 1 month ago

    Frodo, primero apoyando: Legalicen a las de 16

  • Sansyboy159 _____
    Sansyboy159 _____ 1 month ago

    So....Disney Hercules would be Greek Superman?

  • rival enemies
    rival enemies 1 month ago

    really?? thanks for bumming ppl childhood out dude, fox n the hound was one of my favorite movie..😮🙃😌☺

  • tony figueiredo jr
    tony figueiredo jr 1 month ago

    Damn now that's dark.

  • 75smurfette
    75smurfette 1 month ago

    From what I've heard about JM Barrie, he was kind of a creepy guy who had a weird attachment to his friends' kids and a strange non-intimate marriage to his wife. Anyway, these original stories sure do have some deep levels of darkness to them!

  • ZoeSugg Fan933
    ZoeSugg Fan933 1 month ago

    Nope!!! You can talk about Peter pan, you can talk about pinochio but you can NOT talk about hercules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T RUIN MY CHILDHOOD!!!!

  • MaybeIShouldnt
    MaybeIShouldnt 1 month ago

    I need to watch Hercules, the hunchback of Notre dom, and Pocahontas again.

  • AlexandreaDwane
    AlexandreaDwane 1 month ago

    did you know that pocahontas story is also at the book called "blood on the river"

  • Elijah Miranda
    Elijah Miranda 1 month ago

    I'm scarred for life

  • Samira Ugas
    Samira Ugas 1 month ago

    Her name is Aurora not Tallia

  • Coffee Wizard
    Coffee Wizard 1 month ago

    LOL The title😂😂

  • Jon Abu
    Jon Abu 1 month ago

    "Civilized Savage" * Died Age 21 *

  • Aurora Soda
    Aurora Soda 1 month ago

    not the fOX AND THE HOUND

  • Aurora Soda
    Aurora Soda 1 month ago

    fuckin zeus goddamn

  • Aurora Soda
    Aurora Soda 1 month ago

    fucking Pocahontas. like out of all the things. disney did you not think. f uck

  • Yesterdaysmaybe
    Yesterdaysmaybe 1 month ago

    I have the collection of the original works of the Brothers Grimm. It kinda surprised me that when talking about Snow White, the narrator failed to mention that when all of that crap went down, ( Evil queen, murder attempts, poison apple, glass coffin, prince charming, gets married, etc.) she was only 7 years old. To me that alone should have landed SW in the #2 spot at least.

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