Shaq Thinks It Only Takes 10 Hours To Fly To The Moon - Inside The NBA

Shaq says he can see the Moon outside but he can't see California so it can't take that long to get there on Inside the NBA on TNT with Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson Jr.

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Author Rever Vie ( ago)
The absurdity of the globe is believing water's surface takes the shape
of what is underneath. Even if oceans were forced to stick to the ball
earth because of "gravity", the water would still remain level, not
curved! The globe is a lie! WATER ALWAYS FINDS ITS LEVEL!!! Research it,
I know it takes some time to get over the indoctrination and fancy CGI
of space.

Author banana403 ( ago)
I wish I could work on the set of NBA on TNT. They have way too much fun

Author Cormoran Strike ( ago)
Yeah shaq, the earth is flat, you big dummy.

Author kanimo24 ( ago)
shaq is a goddamn idiot

Author panda44r ( ago)
If i walk outside and see the moon, California and Shaq all at the same time, how far is the distance to each?
Must be equal, right?
(oh man, head is gonna 'splode from trying to think like Shaq) :oP

Author Lost Day Syndrome ( ago)
"Shaq thinks" lol thats a good one.

Author HitTheStixBRODIE ( ago)
his reasoning behind it is the funniest part

Author lich5164four ( ago)
This boy can't be serious

Author clarkie ( ago)
Shaq is right, the fastest rocket past the moon was 8 hours and 35 mins.

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