Tail Fins and Chrome features: Cars of Dreams

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Jake went to the Cars of Dreams Museum (only open for a couple of charity events) in South Florida to check out this one of a kind collection.

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Author Marie Deuel (1063 years ago)
You have created something magical for all of us who grew up I the era of
some of those cars. How I remember my 1st car a 55' red and white chevy
convertible, which surely you may have on display. Oddly enough years
later when I met my husband (now my ex but we still get along very well
and are good friends) well he had a 55' chevy red & white hardtop during
his school days. He hung out with the popular crowd but I was very quiet
and hung out with a different crowd. My brother purchased a T-bird
the 2-seater with bubble windows it was a hardtop and soft top what fun it
was driving that once in a while. If I wee ever to win the lottery I would
try to tract the 55 chevy convertible down as well as the T-bird.
Hopefully some day your place will be open and I will be able to visit it.
How about a fund raiser for the Alzheimer's foundation? So many people
have had a family member who has endured this dreadful disease. I travel
to Florida in November, January & February to go to "Flywheeler's tractor
and flea Market show in Frostproff, Florida for a week or two at a time but
then stay in Vero Beach or Fort Pierce. Your an Italian icon, a man who
has given back to those who are lucky enough to view your cars of dreams
museum something unforgettable. hank you for doing this and hopefully some
day we will meet.

Author 4HourWorkWeeks ( ago)
Can't wait to see more of these

Author TrabajarDesdeCasaa ( ago)
Come on people, this should have more likes

Author Hunter Mann ( ago)
Thanks to John for this great tour of the collection! U'm hoping to tour
the museum on my trip to Barrett-Jackson 2013. I was in Scottsdale this
year for the auction, great!!

Author Hunter Mann ( ago)
Excuse me, but if you notice, the cars are parked so they can all be driven
outside easily. Also, if you care to watch the entire video, John explains
quite clearly that the museum is open to the public 3 times a year, and
each of those times is a fundraiser for a worthy charity. If you don't want
to give some money to a charity to see this collection in-person, then you
are not really too passionate about cars. John is!

Author OhsheeshTwasadream ( ago)
@aussiecoupes the workd needs more johns? U have no idea who this guy
actually is do you.. I

Author cyclemaster46 ( ago)
I am sorry what a waste. All those car locked up in a tomb. They are all
mine mine mine mine. An no one can see them. Me me me me I am so rich a
greedy. Look at what I have an it is all mine.

Author Anicon2006 ( ago)
amazing video, being a 'boomer' I remember most of these cars & owned a few
2-dr HT Chevys & Vettes myself but they never looked this nice, although
the original MSRP was a lot lower than what John has in these cars now. If
I ever win the lottery I wonder if John would let me spend a weekend there
with a date? (just name your price John!)..LoL

Author brian poppe ( ago)
Such an impressive collection. Such beauty and class in these cars.

Author rig48 ( ago)
Mr. Staluppi is a very very nice man.

Author violet2048 ( ago)
Race car section, Ford GT40, the most beautiful car ever made. Then the

Author Glibzer ( ago)
They should have an american race car section (gt40 boss 302 trans am race
car and superbirds etc

Author 2egypt ( ago)
Loved this. I've worked in the auto body repair business all my life and
noticed that the cars have a high gloss. Tell me, do you use Diamont paint?
And a two stage clear coat for the finish? Love to get my 64 1/2 Mustang
convertible that marvelous finish too. Would love to see this collection
some day.

Author Jack Againski ( ago)
4 people don't have a drivers license....

Author Surflogg ( ago)
Wow!!! Thats amazing!!!

Author 1pt21jigawatt ( ago)

Author Loral Orow ( ago)
I love them all! It makes me sick to think most of us will be driving
around in clown cars before long, because our government has decided we are
putting too much carbon in the air. Besides all the people in clown cars in
Europe are driving them because gas prices are up to about $9 a gallon.
Soon ours will be up there too, as a way of guaranteeing we won't be
driving these sleek impressive automobiles anymore.

Author DtRockstar1 ( ago)
7:15 looks like a jacuzzi!

Author sandrochatlos1 ( ago)
Dear santa......

Author Ray Gettings ( ago)
All the classics I owned and let slip through my hands....brings tears to
my eyes

Author Michael Bk ( ago)
I wouldnt like to be paying the insurance on that warehouse full of
immaculate classics...

Author Kurt Esposito ( ago)
My god mothr barbara e-mailed this to me

Author Moonlight Flower ( ago)
Fantastic video. You captured the cars great! I used to belong to a classic
car association many moons ago. You created a great video to display them.
Thanks for sharing.

Author Bob Warner ( ago)
If I remember correctly, in 1957 I entered the youth Talent Show with some
papers. The Youth Talent Show was sponsored by the Lansing, MI State
Journal and I think, Oldsmobile was a co-sponsor. Olds was to pick the best
design from the Youth Talent Show for its 1958 Oldsmobile. They picked the
winner and I believe that is the design that was seen on the 1958 Olds. I
had a 1957. Both cars were just great.

Author aussiecoupes ( ago)
the world needs more guys like John!!! Brilliant collection.. and it is
SHARED with the public to boot. Nothing worse that a guy who owns
*everything* and never shares it.

Author scribklu ( ago)
@glasman9 Colombo family..............

Author gloidl ( ago)
Awesome museum and collection and very nicely done video. Thanks - this
made my day!

Author Lawrence Stoen ( ago)
My two daughters and I had the extreme pleasure of visiting this local,
private car museum during the November, 2010 "Shop With A Cop" annual
fundraiser. We spent 4 hours touring this facility. I even got to meet Mr.
Staluppi and thank him for doing this. My favorites: '69 Hurst / Olds and
'69 Indy 500 Pace Car. Though not mentioned in the video, Mr. Staluppi also
has a fantastic model train set that could mesmerize children and adults
alike for hours. Can't wait to go back!! Thanks so much!!!

Author Tony Ruiz ( ago)
No wonder where all the great cars went. Now....THIS is America! I love
these collections; there's one of these in CA besides Leno's but this is
the first I know of this one. Makes me want to chase down my '56 and '57
Vettes, Buick Skylark, Corvair Spyder, that lightning Falcon, the amazing
'55 Bel Air and on and on and on....Thanks for this man; You took me on a
great ride this morning. The 71 Yr Old builder of Buildings of Dreams

Author TBalone ( ago)
@rmcollins3 I'm the Producer of "Tail Fins and Chrome", and John Staluppi
has curators of his collection that take each car out for a drive at least
once a month. I can tell you Cars Of Dreams is jaw-dropping in person!

Author BROZKNOWS ( ago)
'69 hurst olds. Very rare and sweet!

Author Z06Ronald ( ago)
OMG ... this is incredible!!! What a beautiful collection ...

Author Kirk Hargreaves ( ago)
@mikewm9v Robert DiNero

Author Dianne Renick ( ago)
Wow Wow Wow John. My Dad loved cars and that transferred to me. My first
car was a 1964 Rambler convertible. I will probably never have the
opportunity to see it up close, so thanks for sharing in this wonderful
quality video...full of eye candy!!

Author bearntree ( ago)
John if you see this message, I would love to have some pics of the
BATMOBILE, I am a huge Batman fan...

Author TailFinsandChrome ( ago)
@glasman9 John owns 12 car dealerships in the Northeast. Jake

Author TailFinsandChrome ( ago)
@mikewm9v The video is in High Def (as it was shot that way). One can view
it by clicking the option to do so! Thanks for watching! Jake

Author Kevin Daw ( ago)
That is amazing. Thanks.

Author Elisa Martin ( ago)
Thanks Jake for a wonderful video ..some outstanding cars and priceless
memories. I wonder if John owns any 1957 DeSoto autos..push button
automatic transmissions ?

Author TheMickhowes ( ago)
any room for my 79 Vette? Mind you, you'd have to pay the shipping costs
from the UK :-}

Author Maindrian Pace ( ago)
Great collection and love the town hall buildings and props that put the
cars into their natural element, rather than just have them in sterile
space as in most museums. VERY mixed feelings about the Pierce Arrow with
the hot rod big block Chevy engine in it, hope the original drive train was

Author sternumagnum ( ago)
Can he be more from Brooklyn ?

Author Cotronixco ( ago)
@kositchek It is ALL beautiful.

Author Tracy Lee ( ago)
Please adopt me John! I am a 40 year old child who loves old cars and I
need a good home with a very large garage!!!! T. Lee

Author DaveDavis126 ( ago)
Nice collection, funny how everyone with a bunch of cars always has the
same problem , you always want to drive the one in the back and then you
have to move all the cars to get to that one.

Author UJAXMAN ( ago)
Great episode Jake. When is this place open? Are they scheduled dates? I'd
like to find out and bring my Giant Playable Guitars to one of the
children's charity functions. Classic cars and giant guitars go well
together and I've done several local events with them.

Author jalapenowarrior ( ago)
La Cosa Nostra.

Author stot2614 ( ago)
Wow... I am MUCH younger than these cars, but I am still impressed. I'm a
helicopter lover, so maybe one of these days I could have a static display
like this of my favorites...? :D

Author Tina Wickham-Walters ( ago)
where is this located

Author cdbbdcg ( ago)
Where is this museum? What is it's address?

Author Gary Reiff ( ago)
This is the greatest video collection I've ever seen. Thanks for the show.

Author James Horecka ( ago)

Author TailFinsandChrome ( ago)
@zarnock Thanks! Yeah, let me know if you come up with anything! Appreciate
you watching the clip! Have a great weekend. Your Host, Jake

Author Hot Wheels TV ( ago)
Great show Jake! We have a guy with a similar collection here but he won't
let it be on camera.... Not too many people get to see it either. I'm
working on it though. ....wink

Author Lance Armstrong ( ago)
nice to see one guy opens up his collection to the public a couple of
times, Ron Pratte hasnt yet to my knowledge

Author mrgears ( ago)
This reminds me of Peterson's museum in L.A. but this is better...
waaaaaaaay better! I'll bet even Jay Leno would be envious.

Author JDPublicEnemyNo1 ( ago)
my grandpa also has a 1958 oldsmobile thats all original and was never
restored and its fun as hell to ride in

Author beemer396 ( ago)
But only 3 times a year. How sad. I will work for you for free!!!!!!

Author iCH ( ago)
compared to these, todays cars are horrible and boring

Author gonzo ayres ( ago)

Author HUGEBRANE ( ago)
Great video--Thanks! Today's cars are safer and more efficient but lack the
elegance of many of those shown. Nostalgia isn't what it used to
be..........(or something like that).

Author Dorian Bennett ( ago)
Wow! So AWESOME! Cars of everyone's dream! Dorian in New Orleans. Where is
this museum?

Author nlper999 ( ago)
WHere is this and what 3 days is it open?

Author ciderandcysers. ( ago)
Very Kool

Author Matt H ( ago)
Very Cool!!

Author Keith Herzog ( ago)
@glasman9 Who cares, it's a decent collection of classics and good setup.
This is a real collection. Lookup Sultan of Michigan

Author TailFinsandChrome ( ago)
John owns car dealerships and is a VERY nice guy (as one can see!). Your
Host, Jake

Author glasman9 ( ago)
What does this guy do for a living?

Author Dolphindream15 ( ago)
even your phones now good grief,,when I was growing up we used a phone to
make a phone call and a camara to take a picture,,TODAY its in complete days you use a phone to take a picture and a camara to make a
call I dont know what your sosposed to do grab your camara and yell at the
lens HELLO I WANT TO MAKE A Call,,with these cell phone video camara things
they have now,,EEEEEEEEEEEE,,,,life was more simpler back when I was a kid
in the 70s it made more sense

Author Dolphindream15 ( ago)
if some one gave me a car of today in state of the art high tech of today
type of car I WOULDNT WANT IT,,,if some one gave me a car from the 1970s on
back I WOULD TAKE IT IN A HEART BEAT,,,,you dont drive a car today its a
computer system on wheels,,push a button for this and that,,,ok Im old
fashoned but its alot simpler and the old fashoned things make more
sense,,Im only 47 ,,but I would gladly go back to the candle stick phone,

Author Dolphindream15 ( ago)
these are what you call ,,,CARS,,, today you dont even drive a car today
you drive a computer system on wheels,,half the fun of a guy having a car
is to pull it into your garage,,and grab your tool box and wrenches and
tinker around with the engine,,NOW DAYS,,theres so many computer parts you
cant find the engine,,now days instead of grabing your wrench you have to
grab a KEYBOARD,that is if one knows what to do ,I would much rather have
acar from the 1970s on back,

Author shezaschnoodle ( ago)
Absolutely dont fuggetaboutit!

Author Ken Topham ( ago)
What a magnificent collection and I understand why he keeps it so private.
If only there was a way to charge admission like Disneyland people would

Author HongKongFooy1 ( ago)
A true measure of ANY great American made car, when the badges and name
plates were made of metal and secured with some sort of nut! think about

Author deernutOO ( ago)
It was great to go through HS in the 50's. This was a great re-call of our
cars, some of which I owned, and many I serviced working at the local
Standard service station.

Author wlb50 ( ago)
When Detroit was king and we all waited for the October new models...

Author vaughn stolzer ( ago)
holy smokes!

Author Pickinbuddy ( ago)
Yo, Johnny Boy!....Yo BROOOOOKLYN!

Author Shawn Thomas ( ago)
Wow!! Truly amazing...the power of dreams!!

Author louiestoys ( ago)

Author 51COE ( ago)
Awesome. Wow. Even if they are Chevys. I agree with 'winddy', a few more
Mustangs needed.

Author donwood777 ( ago)

Author Winddy BJ ( ago)
maybe I don't see them.... but a few more mustangs would be nice...

Author sckern ( ago)
A freeze-frame of a period in time...America at it's self-confident zenith.
I would respectfully suggest he contact the Smithsonian to possibly move
this collection to Washington D. C. upon his passing so everyone visiting
our nation's capital can see and appreciate this large slice of pure

Author rhanss1 ( ago)
great museum.

Author Don Morgan ( ago)
this is the best i've ever seen, what money it took to buy and build this

Author JP Myrtle ( ago)
Through creative marketing John was able to make this and other gas
stations a success during an unprecedented expansion of service stations in
the United States. With these successes and practical experiences, he was
able to take a risk on a venture called Honda - an unknown name at the
time. John Staluppi was, however, able to see it's potential. Within a
decade of hard work he owned close to 20 dealerships and the Honda name
took off.

Author Barry Young ( ago)
maybe a mechanic that won lotto! Like his watch, btw. A diamond encrusted
Rolex Daytona... about $75,000.00

Author ghoford ( ago)
i am sure he was only a mechanic for a living tongue in cheek

Author XboobtubeX ( ago)
@ericsmusclecars XboobtubeX loves this also

Author ericsmusclecars ( ago)
Eric's Muscle Cars loves this....

Author jan ornsten ( ago)
Hey John, you want to buy my 57 Tbird? It's for sale .......

Author kaylasdream ( ago)
Is this John Staluppi the same as the John Staluppi from West Islip?

Author daybird2 ( ago)

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