Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs LG G6 & Google Pixel!

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  • Maria López
    Maria López 3 hours ago

    Me gusta la cámara principal del G6 y en selfies la del S8. Compraré el G6, no me gustan las pantallas edge. Gracias

  • Γιωργος Αποστολοπουλος

    you have a beautiful smile 👍

  • Shreyash Mahajan
    Shreyash Mahajan 22 hours ago

    Lg g6

  • Red Dino /green dino cousin

    I'm go for pixel

  • Person#4
    Person#4 1 day ago

    Pixel is the young Michael jackson and the lg g6 is like the older one😂

  • zombie Iraqi
    zombie Iraqi 1 day ago

    G6 win

  • Frevell
    Frevell 2 days ago

    the small light with cute face on the right side makes your pillow to look like it says "Hell" instead of "hello

  • Rmabar manche
    Rmabar manche 2 days ago

    no difference

  • беспределу охранников магазинов нет

    симпатичная ведущая

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K 2 days ago

    6:05 for some reason it looks alot worse...
    well duh it has f/2.4 ofc its gonna be worse in low light lol

  • Alexander Ramos
    Alexander Ramos 2 days ago

    Pixel 👍🏽

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma 3 days ago

    paid for lg g6 i think

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 3 days ago

    Pixel, love the natural look of the pictures

  • Rammy Sai Varun
    Rammy Sai Varun 4 days ago

    pixel is better

  • de legacybwoy
    de legacybwoy 4 days ago

    lg g6 is not bad but when it comes selfie low light then pixel is the best and daylight i go lg g6

  • Wolfen Howeller
    Wolfen Howeller 4 days ago

    love the LG G6

  • ThE PooR GuyZ
    ThE PooR GuyZ 4 days ago

    s8 plus is the best

  • sourav mukherjee
    sourav mukherjee 4 days ago

    Sony xperia xz premium is no1 camera in the world now

  • Paul Visco
    Paul Visco 5 days ago

    LG G6 for the win! :D

    AMIR ORTIZ 5 days ago

    Google pixel still he the best

  • Suleman lepcha Suleman lepcha

    nice video

  • One Don
    One Don 6 days ago

    Ugly thot

  • Rysiu Kasztan
    Rysiu Kasztan 6 days ago

    i already have g6 and its great

  • England City
    England City 6 days ago

    oh my lord,everyone is saying 'Pixel'.

    But it did win 😂

    But I also liked the S8

  • TednTin
    TednTin 7 days ago

    Pixel wins hands down

  • planeguy 737max
    planeguy 737max 7 days ago


  • Powtato Fiction
    Powtato Fiction 7 days ago


  • Sara Vanan
    Sara Vanan 8 days ago

    u r so cute

  • royale savaşcilari

    samsung galaxy 8+ winer

  • Rectus Erectus
    Rectus Erectus 8 days ago

    LG G6 has an amazing manual mode

  • namrata pandit
    namrata pandit 8 days ago

    please compare camera for Lg v20 & Samsung Galaxy s8

  • chuck liddell
    chuck liddell 8 days ago

    would bang

  • Timothy Hoskin
    Timothy Hoskin 8 days ago

    S8 plus I got I love my camera so much it's truly awesome for me

  • Jelan Bulger
    Jelan Bulger 8 days ago

    LG for some reason just can not get front facing cameras right smh

  • Кыштобаев Айдар

    pixel is the best.

  • kalindu jananga
    kalindu jananga 10 days ago

    not a fan of LG

  • kalindu jananga
    kalindu jananga 10 days ago

    Samsung galaxy s8

  • Niranjan Pazhani Chamy

    lg is all about manual mode

  • Wisnu Saputra
    Wisnu Saputra 11 days ago

    Iam favorit LG G6

  • Gecci
    Gecci 11 days ago

    S8 all the time

  • MinSweetSuga
    MinSweetSuga 11 days ago

    I prefer S8 but pixel is awesome too, g6 is also amazing

  • StirDaPot
    StirDaPot 12 days ago

    you can't compare these phones. each of their cameras do best in their own job. I own the s8 and I love it so I'm gonna try to not be biased here.

    S8 - for areas with lots of grass/plants/water/open sky, and also for selfies.

    G6 - for urban areas or any area you want a wide pic. also for people who want a realistic picture taker.

    Pixel - for people who need a happy medium and are just an average photo taker. if all your pictures are different or you travel, use this.

    Now this has nothing to do with the phone itself, just the camera, so don't rely on this. let me know what you disagree with, and don't start a flame war or else I'm deleting this.

  • Hihi Vava
    Hihi Vava 13 days ago

    Compare htc u11

  • Askyle 270
    Askyle 270 13 days ago

    I think Pixel>G6>S8
    because the camera of S7 is the same of the S8

  • Abhishek Sarkar
    Abhishek Sarkar 14 days ago

    LG G6 camera is good and balenced

  • Amirul Taqriz
    Amirul Taqriz 14 days ago

    Pixel looks great camera

  • عاشق الطبيعة

    Pixel 2 is coming to crush all the phones.

  • aman tiwari
    aman tiwari 14 days ago


  • MangyBasilisk50
    MangyBasilisk50 15 days ago

    lg g6 is sthe best i think

  • Michael Jin
    Michael Jin 16 days ago

    LG G6

  • butterbabe21
    butterbabe21 16 days ago

    try the HTC u 11

  • Antonis Adamopomoulos

    Galaxy s8

  • Yuki Mo
    Yuki Mo 16 days ago

    Before I watch the video, I am actually rooting for LG G6, however by the time the video is about to finish, I realized I was wrong. Not because the LG is bad compared to the two, but because the things I am looking for a camera is where the LG G6 is lacking.

  • karan
    karan 18 days ago

    LG G6 is the best for 📷, 🔋, 💰 & durability..So guys what more you expect from a mobile... give thumbs up if you like...

  • Haritha Reddy
    Haritha Reddy 18 days ago

    LG g6 absolutely,💓💓💓💓it is incredible....

  • Eddy Nelson Lopez
    Eddy Nelson Lopez 18 days ago

    Google did a fantastic job with the camera on the pixel it looks amazing can't wait for the pixel 2 I'll definitely be buying it if they reduce the bezels.

  • datnigguh ty
    datnigguh ty 18 days ago


  • datnigguh ty
    datnigguh ty 18 days ago


  • Ankit Mishra
    Ankit Mishra 20 days ago

    i think u should make videos of those skies and clouds....i don't know why u emphasize on skies and blues in every video....if you are focusing on an object....then there is no use of those blues and whites...

  • Teju joshi
    Teju joshi 21 day ago


  • brad h
    brad h 21 day ago

    That purple hue on the G6- is there an app for that?

  • Totosoeharto Soeharto

    Nice to camera LG 6 and Samsung S8. Beautiful camera!!!😊😯

  • amar babu
    amar babu 21 day ago

    lg g6 all the way

  • Jack Doyne
    Jack Doyne 21 day ago

    Hard to say a winner, the pixel has solid colour reproduction and looks good zoomed in, the galaxy works pretty much anywhere and the g6 is good more professional photography


    hi Krystal u look awesome thanks for LG g6 reviews

  • Entertainment Boy Raj


  • Luxif3r
    Luxif3r 22 days ago

    pixel for me :)

  • Farhan Ansari
    Farhan Ansari 23 days ago

    krystal key u are very hot

  • Nizar Noor
    Nizar Noor 24 days ago

    Google Pixel is still the best

  • Rajika Kanungo
    Rajika Kanungo 24 days ago

    S8 rocks

  • brad h
    brad h 24 days ago

    The Pixel really does stand out. At 4:20, the colors just look more real and the buildings in the background aren't whitewashed. I have always been a fan of LG cameras, which is why the comparison at 6:32 of the fountain was a big disappointment with the haziness. The Pixel looks more like you are really there. Being able to see the sky in the background on the Pixel is a big deal.The lack of sharpness with the Pixel is kind of a big deal, though too. Still, it stands out in the same way Bose stands out in sound.

  • Ahsan Rafaqat
    Ahsan Rafaqat 24 days ago

    waiting for Nokia p1 review

  • brad h
    brad h 24 days ago

    I just found your channel. You do the videos that everyone really wants. Thanks.

  • Richard Valentin
    Richard Valentin 24 days ago

    The Pixel and the S8 colors look more natural

  • Richard Valentin
    Richard Valentin 24 days ago

    Pixel: 1st
    Galaxy S8: 2nd
    G6: 3rd

  • H
    H 24 days ago

    I can't get my eyes off Krystal's chi chi cha cha... So what was this video all about?

  • thomas rodrigues
    thomas rodrigues 25 days ago

    i have watched this video just to see krystal😍😍😍😍

  • Lamar Smith
    Lamar Smith 26 days ago

    1. Pixel - hands down the best camera
    2. LG G6 - low light phones are average at best - Bright light pictures look better than Pixel
    3. Samsung 8 - best low light camera
    My overall preference is the LG G6 - Bright light pictures look awesome and the detail. that wide angle lens makes for some amazing pictures

  • Sebastian Escudero
    Sebastian Escudero 26 days ago

    Google win

  • Swaggy Reak
    Swaggy Reak 26 days ago

    i think ur s8 is fake.thats why its not doing a good job.this is what happens when u buy phone in cheap price

  • Lau Tomato
    Lau Tomato 27 days ago

    I'm still hesitating between the S8+ or waiting for either the Pixel 2 or the Note 8... On a less serious note, WHERE CAN I GET THIS CUTE LITTLE YELLOW LIGHT you have on your table at the end? I'm in love.

  • Emong Wang
    Emong Wang 27 days ago

    G6 is better

  • Shawn Bowen
    Shawn Bowen 27 days ago

    They all look great! I think from now on I am going to look closer at price, build quality, and network features.

  • shuZONE
    shuZONE 27 days ago

    i think kristal key pre-decided the best (may be some Ad tie-up ; low light images of LG G6 is disaster & how we can take a video with having poor stabilization)

  • Aman Roy
    Aman Roy 27 days ago

    love u my friend

  • DonMakaveli Thuglife

    it is only me or this woman is incredibly sexy? :)

  • Marco Rinaldi
    Marco Rinaldi 28 days ago

    LG G6 !!

  • BlackSHO 1
    BlackSHO 1 28 days ago

    lg g6 !!

  • lewris sepeda
    lewris sepeda 28 days ago


  • SanDeep ChaNdu
    SanDeep ChaNdu 28 days ago

    G6 > S8 > Pixel

  • Feger9
    Feger9 28 days ago

    XZ Premium is best

  • Paul Oarga
    Paul Oarga 28 days ago


  • Hoang Vu Nguyen
    Hoang Vu Nguyen 29 days ago

    pixel best camera.. :))

  • sgabil
    sgabil 29 days ago

    You re gorgeous!

  • Anselm Noel
    Anselm Noel 29 days ago

    Great job Hope do the HTC U 11

  • AdrianoathStep
    AdrianoathStep 29 days ago

    background song??

  • BangTtung
    BangTtung 29 days ago

    please do a review on the p10 plus

  • mahbub4747
    mahbub4747 29 days ago

    I tthink Pixel produces more natural photos..

  • ichiban2point0
    ichiban2point0 1 month ago

    For the selfish in low light did you even use the so called flash with the G6?

  • Finesse Kid
    Finesse Kid 1 month ago

    S8 for me. The LG is WAY to saturated for my taste. Pixel defiantly top notch with the HDR plus.

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