CARABAO MOD GTA EFLC : Speed Test On Final BETA : My SpeedoIV test full speed Up to 280-300 Km/h

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Author luchadolittle (4 years)
@xGodlike1 it works on eflc and vanilla iv it works on all cars

Author xGodlike1 (4 years)

Author gaylord marthafooker (4 years)
LoL nice CAR

Author Jakobsen G. (3 years)
it should sound like a real ferrari that sounds like a crap cake

Author valkata2222 (4 years)
Taxi city?

Author luchadolittle (4 years)
@xGodlike1 u do know what is a carabao mod right? its a mod similar to a
trainer. needs scripthook, depending on what file it is, its it u
needs net scripthook, it needs dssound and which ver of gta are u using>
eflc or gta 4? and which patch>?

Author Speed1Killer1 (4 years)
please Caraboa mod makers ... TRANSLATE IT TO ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author xGodlike1 (4 years)
1st some questions mate, works it on the actual version of this game? does
this speed mod works on all cars or only in this car in that u are? (sry
bad english)

Author xGodlike1 (4 years)
@luchadolittle hey good timing ^^ can u say me how i can install it and
which programs i'm going to need?

Author ๖ۜKαмзĺзטחĢT™ (3 years)
xD nice :)

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