OPPO N1 - Return to Innovation

With the OPPO N1 we are realizing new possibilities in smartphone photography as it is the world's first smartphone with a rotating camera. The lens will firmly lock in position at any angle from the available 206-degrees while the Pure Image technology will help you capture breathtaking and vividly realistic photos with its six physical lens construction and wide f/2.0 aperture in 13-megapixel resolution. Long exposure photos of up to 8 seconds are also supported.

We've made sure you can still use the 5.9" screen with one hand by implementing the O-Touch Panel on the back of N1. This can be used to scroll, tap or even snap photos - all without your fingers blocking the display.

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Author OPPO (9 months)
OPPO N1 - The world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera. #OPPON1

Author Urban Persson (10 months)
The camera on the Oppo N1 in a video teaser


Author Will GodZson (10 months)
The +OPPO #N1 has been announced, will you be getting onboard.. One word
OPPO N1 - Return to Innovation

Author Kedros Ng (9 months)
i watched over 10 times already.
I love this ad.

Author Adam Mosolygo (10 months)
Meet our most awesome phone to date, the N1. #OPPON1

Author Shaolin Chamber (10 months)
What do you Note 3 buyers think of Oppo's rotating camera? Would you like
to see this implemented in the Note 4?

Author Darrin Rich (10 months)
Now that's something new #android 

Author Alexander Ruiz (10 months)

Author Bruce Achterberg (10 months)
*Rotating camera in the new Oppo smartphone*

+OPPO (a company that makes Android smartphones, among other things) has
created a phone with a rotating camera.

It looks pretty cool.

They also mention they have some sort of touch surface on the back of the
device for scrolling, since the screen is quite large and traditional
one-handed scrolling isn't ideal with large screens. They also say it can
be used to *"tap or even snap photos - all without your fingers blocking
the display."*

I think the next frontier of devices will be innovation. They're pretty
good, but how can they really become useful and sort of "get out of the
way"? Like Google are trying to do with their Glass product, and Motorola
with the Moto X.

I think the Moto X gets major points for having on-device voice recognition
processing and a screen that can selectively turn off black pixels to save
battery. That's clever.

I'd like to see more handy features become part of the stock device
experience (like NFC password unlocking; like "unlock when connected to a
trusted device"--both Moto X features).

Video: OPPO N1 - Return to Innovation

*[Oppo, you may not use things I write about your products as testimonials
on your website. I know you do that sometimes, but I'd prefer you didn't do
that with things I write about your products. Thanks. :) ]*

Author sunny sobhani (10 months)
Oppo n1 .....very nice 

Author TechMantri (5 months)
#Oppo sails into #indianmarket

Oppo Electronics Corp or Oppo announced it's entrance in the already
flooded Indian Mobile market with it's Flagship device N1

Press conference was held in #newdelhi with it's #brandambassador
#hrithikroshan & #sonamkapoor . Oppo CEO mentioned specifically about
#aftersalesservices in order to keep #cutomersatisfaction

Author alex corbier (7 months)
Benchmarks OPPO N1 :
Epic Citadel = 59,8 FPS
Antutu = 26043
Quadrant = 8088


Author Roberto Randazzo (10 months)

Author Nathan Kurien (10 months)
*OPPO do it again*
It's got CynogenMod preinstalled and a swivelling camera.
A swiveling camera...why didn't I think of that.


Author Seba Rodriguez (10 months)
Oppo N1, interesting smartphone from Oppo for a Android; only if it was
available with Stock Android instead of Cynogen:

Author loja babel (3 months)
This is no innovation... Asus had this on their laptops years ago... This
is just transfering tech from one medium to another... kinda like Apple did
on their iPhone... Nothing innovative here... Moving along... 

Author Hafedh KORICHI (10 months)
*New OPPO s officiel*

New features :
- World’s First Rotating Camera Smartphone
- 5.9" screen 1080p
- O-Touch Panel (12 cm² rear touch panel)
- O-Click Control
Capteur photo : 13M f/2.0
RAM : 2G
Battery : 3610 mAh

*Price : 3498Yuan (425€ / 570$)*

Author Andy King (8 months)
Oppo N1

Author Peter Gharib (3 months)
that's gonna get annoying fast when you get a phone call and the ear piece
is turned the wrong way haha

Author Andrei Tamas (8 months)
That's a really cool idea! If it'd only have a big speaker on next to that
camera, I would buy this thing tomorrow.
If #Oppo keeps up it's build quality and great design and innovation they
will be a major player soon.

#oppon1 #android 

Author Steven Farnell (10 months)
The Oppo N1 looks pretty sweet. I would love to see +CyanogenMod running
on it!

Author Omar Latreche (7 months)
I would get that!

Author YO2LDK (7 months)
i like it very much OPPO N1, maybe i buy one but :
you claim this is first roatating camera innovation; i have many years ago
Motorola A920, this is the first rotate camera !

Author Leonardo Zambrano (10 months)
The camera on the Oppo N1 in a video teaser


Author Sivan Rehan (7 months)
The word ’Selfie’ was just selected as the Word of the Year of 2013 by
Oxford Dictionaries. According to a research the use of the word ’selfie’
has increased by over 17,000 percent since the last year. Are you thinking
what we’re thinking? ;) #OPPON1 

Author Roberto Vidoli (9 months)
OPPO N1 - The world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera. #OPPON1

Author Kote Puerto (10 months)

Author Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado (10 months)
I like it!

Author Martín Ramil (10 months)

Author JazzMyApp (10 months)
Oppo N1 shows the world the innovation of smartphone with it's swivel
camera featuring ColorOS and CyanogenMod. Will you consider getting this?

#OppoN1 #ColorOS #CyanogenMod

Author Wagner Dutra (10 months)

Author mydearBunny (9 months)
@bernard231 Heyya time to clean the browser history again :/

Author Lisa UKGirl (10 months)
Hi plz check out my video :)

Author Yeikel Sánchez Alvarado. (9 months)

Author Lunathalia007 (10 months)
@byron191 Heyya nice to see you again...still struggling with my modeling
career actually :(

Author jafood02 (10 months)
yes i can make a space ship out of fudge its innovation but all we get are
some tasty astronaunts

Author Carl Johnson (9 months)
Interesting phone but if i had chance to buy i won't because no sd card...
Shame because looks innovative

Author Alejandro Zambrano (10 months)

Author MrSantiago94 (10 months)
That's it? Sucks

Author thatswhatkurtsaid (9 months)
Yup, they're returning to innovation, or at least to when it started

Author Kostie100 (10 months)

Author alexisdavid2013 (10 months)
@carlos657 Oh time to clean the browser history again :/

Author MrChepMan (10 months)
I can just imagine that thing braking off.

Author Jean Paul Rodriguez (10 months)
We should just go back to the motorola

Author Coonie Waschbär (9 months)
So now when you do a videocall, the speaker is on the back 10/10

Author Hichigo111 (10 months)
it's not an innovation but a nice idea

Author XDzieghart (10 months)
Shut up and take my money

Author iBoYube (10 months)
Cool but is this coming out?

Author Saexism (10 months)
when i saw the moving camera, they lost me

Author Bunnydearno1 (10 months)
@claude507 Hey it's been a long time...yes I'm still modeling part time

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