scania 140 engine

140 v8

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Author SFtruckerWolf ( ago)
Just make it original green.

Author Timo Avikainen ( ago)
hau maz

Author goreziad ( ago)
sounds very nice

Author Draxindustries1 ( ago)
Its no wonder Scania and Volvo wiped the floor with the likes of ERF with
their ancient wheezy old Gardners..

Author Ed Hemarica ( ago)
Just look at the design, headers not plain old cast exhaust manifolds. High
degree cylinder banks, and the intake is also meant for little turbo lag.
Very Nice.

Author elekovo ( ago)
кто так красит ? и коолектора и колеса

Author Timothy Mwangi ( ago)
I just love the TURBO sound

Author TABAGfrancis ( ago)
Please watch: World's Greatest Amount of Compression Ratio Engine

Author Marianna Andrade ( ago)
@77ceda LOL SKANIA .. ---- Scania man !

Author sulbybgidge ( ago)
@royalbrainwave You can't write Dutch, apparently.

Author royalbrainwave ( ago)
@sulbybgidge Als je het niet in het Engels kan zeggen, maak je eigenlijk
alleenmaal stomme geluiden.

Author wdowa94 ( ago)
@pmanson0624 Air compressor

Author Bo94DK ( ago)
@77ceda no thats MAN

Author Paul Michael ( ago)
what is that popping/hissing noise?

Author 87tomify ( ago)
not nearly as cool as those detroit two strokers diesel.

Author 77ceda ( ago)
skania is the best truck in the world..

Author sulbybgidge ( ago)
Overdrukklep op luchtdroger blaast af. Vierkring niet goed , of klepje zelf.

Author Zenon Dorin ( ago)
what's with that blow off ?

Author Ricardo Mascaro ( ago)

Author victima92 ( ago)
what did you expect, its a Scania :D

Author loque3 ( ago)
Caterpillar engine sound in Freightliner Argosy try this... love that sound

Author dieselroarmt875 ( ago)
very balanced engine ,its not even a shake

Author 05clenharth ( ago)

Author yonek2008 ( ago)
Good image. Good sound.

Author sixmagpies (1256 years ago)
Those are torque mounts...engine is trapped elsewhere.

Author Joe Hupp ( ago)
It is a 14 litre (~855 cubic inches) V8 - pre the 16L days (ie. today!)! Joe

Author Nza420 ( ago)
such cute little engine mounts for such a huge engine

Author 30GB ( ago)
giant V8

Author boboandsnakeingrass ( ago)
Nice Engine but I'll stick with Cummins and Cats

Author JGMagoo ( ago)
I'm not from Europe, but I THINK this is a 16-leter, or about 982 cu. in.
and somewhere in the 500 to 620 HP range. It is one of Europe's larger
highway truck engines.

Author Jan W ( ago)
renzezielman wist je dat niet? tip dit is de eerste met 8 celinders ben wel
14 maar ik kan al rijde in z'n auto me vader heeft er een thuis staan dus;)
en we hebben ook een 140,141,111 super en nog een 55 vabus! grt jan

Author Sjanzo ( ago)
ik wist niet dat er een 140 bestond, dacht dat de 141 de eerste V8 serie

Author JensXIII ( ago)
mooi hoor

Author Marco Donk ( ago)

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