scania 140 engine

140 v8

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Author Paul Michael (4 years)
what is that popping/hissing noise?

Author Nza420 (5 years)
such cute little engine mounts for such a huge engine

Author 05clenharth (5 years)

Author loque3 (5 years)
Caterpillar engine sound in Freightliner Argosy try this... love that sound

Author jorge mena (6 years)
i have mod for 18 wos haulin is this same sound

Author Littlebluetruck1995 (3 years)
Thing sounds like a damn Northstar International V8.

Author royalbrainwave (3 years)
@sulbybgidge Als je het niet in het Engels kan zeggen, maak je eigenlijk
alleenmaal stomme geluiden.

Author Michael6609 (5 years)
I don't know much about trucks, but these Scanias sure sound sweet. I am in
Canada but nothing here sounds like a Scania V8. Cool man.

Author Ricardo Mascaro (5 years)

Author Ed Hemarica (3 years)
Just look at the design, headers not plain old cast exhaust manifolds. High
degree cylinder banks, and the intake is also meant for little turbo lag.
Very Nice.

Author wdowa94 (3 years)
@pmanson0624 Air compressor

Author dieselroarmt875 (5 years)
very balanced engine ,its not even a shake

Author sulbybgidge (4 years)
Overdrukklep op luchtdroger blaast af. Vierkring niet goed , of klepje zelf.

Author kiraiqu (3 years)
I just love the TURBO sound

Author oodled (6 years)
Hello JGMagoo this is a 14 litre V8 circa 1971-1976 and produces 350bhp in
comparison most uk trucks of this period relied on engines pumping out a
miserly 180-240bhp

Author yonek2008 (5 years)
Good image. Good sound.

Author Bamchucknorris (2 years)
@oodled forget the hp, its got some serious torque!

Author victima92 (5 years)
what did you expect, its a Scania :D

Author Draxindustries1 (2 years)
Its no wonder Scania and Volvo wiped the floor with the likes of ERF with
their ancient wheezy old Gardners..

Author 30GB (5 years)
giant V8

Author TABAGfrancis (3 years)
Please watch: World's Greatest Amount of Compression Ratio Engine

Author oodled (6 years)
what about the detroit diesel?

Author 87tomify (4 years)
not nearly as cool as those detroit two strokers diesel.

Author Jan W (6 years)
renzezielman wist je dat niet? tip dit is de eerste met 8 celinders ben wel
14 maar ik kan al rijde in z'n auto me vader heeft er een thuis staan dus;)
en we hebben ook een 140,141,111 super en nog een 55 vabus! grt jan

Author passka (6 years)
yep,and without Turbo it has 285hp or 275hp

Author Bo94DK (4 years)
@77ceda no thats MAN

Author Joe Hupp (5 years)
It is a 14 litre (~855 cubic inches) V8 - pre the 16L days (ie. today!)! Joe

Author djdobby1993 (5 years)
amazing u can hear the turbo nicely whistleing away

Author Zenon Dorin (4 years)
what's with that blow off ?

Author boboandsnakeingrass (6 years)
Nice Engine but I'll stick with Cummins and Cats

Author elekovo (3 years)
кто так красит ? и коолектора и колеса

Author Marco Donk (6 years)

Author RenzeZielman (6 years)
ik wist niet dat er een 140 bestond, dacht dat de 141 de eerste V8 serie

Author JGMagoo (6 years)
I'm not from Europe, but I THINK this is a 16-leter, or about 982 cu. in.
and somewhere in the 500 to 620 HP range. It is one of Europe's larger
highway truck engines.

Author JensXIII (6 years)
mooi hoor

Author Weel Soouza (3 years)
@77ceda LOL SKANIA .. ---- Scania man !

Author sixmagpies (5 years)
Those are torque mounts...engine is trapped elsewhere.

Author sulbybgidge (3 years)
@royalbrainwave You can't write Dutch, apparently.

Author 77ceda (4 years)
skania is the best truck in the world..

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